Lydia DuCaine
Copyright A. E. Weisblatt
NICKNAME(S): Hotshot
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 130 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Lydia is not very big chested. She is very flexible and has very deep curves. Her legs are slender but with some muscle for jumps in figure skating.
HAIR: Strawberry blonde hair that reaches down to her knees and bangs. When figure skating or in battle, she will wear it in a bun, other times in a pony tail or long braid. When she is preparing for any foreign affair, she will have it styled a certain way.
EYES: Hazel bluish brown (When she draws out her power, remembers something from her past, or feels deep love, her eyes will become completely blue)
FEATHERS: White (Close to ivory but a very white ivory)
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Her only distinguishing marks are her eyes.

HISTORY: Fifty years ago, Drake DuCaine became the first King of Puckworld and had four children. Two of them we already know, Duke (L'Orange) and Canard (Thunderbeak), and a younger brother, Winger. Lydia was the third child. (Duke is two years older than Canard, who is 8 years older than Lydia who is 4 years older than Winger)
Drake found that neither Duke nor Canard had his power to unlock the full potential of his legendary mask. So he wished for one that could, for he knew that the Saurian Overlords were not finished with the universe yet. So, it came to be that a young female was born and had obtained her father's powers and an ability to one day control a bond with ice.
Drake died when Lydia was five, leading her mother and her brothers to flea their home Iceberg, but for Lydia's safety, she was separated from her family and left is a dark ally to be found by someone who would care for her. A spell was cast over all of Puckworld so that all would believe that Drake DuCaine lived hundreds of years ago and never had any children.
Never revealing herself to her foster parents, Lydia got into an accident at the age of seven when she hit her head on the ice during a hockey Compton. Even though she had not real physical injuries, she had forgotten her royal past. With that, she took on her foster parents last name, Hotshot.
At the age of 15, Iceberg was not attacked by Dragaunus, because she was there to protect it from being seen. The Mighty Ducks were assembled in DuCaine Metropolis, where Duke and Canard found each other and retrieved their father's mask. Then, The Ducks drove Dragaunus out of Puckworld and into our dimension. Lydia never knew about this either.
At the age of 16, Lydia had moved on with her life continuing to figure skate, which she found far more enjoyable than hockey. When she was kicked off her team, she met Duke who told her she was her lost brother. Not believing him at first, Lydia fled to find help. Only to discover, after a large headache, that he was.
Escaping through a dimensional star generator that Duke used to get her away from Dragaunus, who found out her existence through Wraith.
Now on Earth, Lydia deals with her own fears of leading her people, and hoping to remember who she is. Despite the fact she no longer remembers her father, her only guide to truly understanding leadership is through Wildwing's eyes, and her love for all of the Ducks.

PERSONALITY: Lydia doesn't take things lightly, she is very self driven and independent for someone her age. She is always observant when she goes on any mission with Wildwing. At first, both her and Nosedive have a very rocky relationship, both hate the others guts until Nosedive and her go to a figure skating competition and Lydia must find a skating partner after she has a freak accident with her powers. Lydia however finds her own personal qualities in many of the ducks, even spiritual balance when she is with Grin.

FLAWS: Lydia is constantly unsure of herself. She doesn't believe she has the ability to lead her people or even make them believe she exists. Her heart is also a major weakness, which Dragaunus uses against her in the end when she must chose between her people's future, or Nosedive's. She also will never listen to one command which Wildwing gives to her constantly, "Stay here!"

BATTLE INFO: Since Lydia is royalty, she is heavily armored and armed. Since she doesn't have complete control over her powers in the beginning, she manages to control enough of it to make ice shields form in her hand. Her armor looks like a lot like a cross between Wing and Mal's, but it is in the color of her father's royal seal (Black, silver, and purple). She always wears her silver metal band around her forehead which serves as both her royal crown and a devise to control her ice power. Besides her powers, her only weapon is a puck launcher.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Building ships becomes a sudden hobby as Lydia and Tanya become friends, and soon the two develop the Puck Fighters (Two pilot battle ships made for air battle; playfully picking on Nosedive after they become friends; and sharing chats with Wildwing about their responsibilities as leaders.
Her greatest talent in figure skating is her quadruple axial (Four spins instead of three) which she can only achieve when she feels a complete bond with the ice beneath her skates.

HOCKEY STATS: Left wing offense, and her number is 34. Unfortunately, Lydia is not interested in hockey, but she serves as a great half time show. Only in one occasion is Lydia forced to get on the ice and play after Dive gets injured. Even though she does well, she does not like playing the game.

CASUAL WEAR: Well, Lydia wears a lot of things besides her armor. During practice, a black body suit with an old one sleeve sweat shirt and pulled neckline serves her purpose. A blue, long sleeved, figure skating dress with silver trim when in competition. Her everyday clothing in usually a white tee, shorts and tennis shoes, and when Nosedive and her start to have feelings for each other, and the weather gets colder at night, she starts to wear Nosedive's sports jacket.

MISC.: As you may have guessed, Nosedive and Lydia do end up falling for one another (which for the Ducks is a blessing because she seems to make him settle down more and focus on not being a "Hot-dogging duck" in Mal's words. Through her relationship with Dive, Lydia gains her own inner strength and love for who she is.
Canard makes a come back however, and finds this relationship a threat to Lydia's own weaknesses. Without Wing's permission, he drives Dive to quit the team for a short amount of time. This only causes a scare in his relationship with his sister, and he faces the silent treatment for a long period of time. Soon, however, Canard sees that their disagreement can lead the team to become divided, and is thankful for Dive's presence later on.
Lucretia DeCoy also makes a come back, and becomes a rouge in Anaheim. However, she finds that Lydia can offer her forgiveness and trust, something that baffles the duck for sometime before she finally submits to protecting her and fighting Dragaunus.
Her relationship with Wildwing is most unique however, because their friendship is almost father-daughter-like. She learns most of her leadership qualities from him rather than Canard. When Canard comes back, the mask is given back to him and the mission could have almost been a failure if Lydia hadn't given the mask back to Wildwing. This act is what helps Wildwing finally get over his inner fear of not living up to be a good enough leader for the team.
Though Lydia is independent, she depends on the team for protection in heightened battle. However, nothing can save her from a photo shoot. Phil almost always will have her in a swimsuit shoot, but her defining moment in modeling was when Victoria Secret asked her to do a photo shoot. Lucky for her, it was only for the clothing section (Nosedive wasn't too happy about that)

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