Lucus Drakestone Jr.
Copyright Lee Shapiro
RACE: Duck
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 195, due to cybernetic arm
BODY TYPE: Slender
HAIR: Same as feathers, kept short, like a crew-cut.
EYES: Brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Right arm is cybernetic, all the way up to where it connects with the shoulder.

HISTORY: Lucus grew up with his foster mother. At an early age he achieved a degree (PhD) in robotics and was about to complete is first year of medical school when the Saurians attacks. This shattered his dream of being a cybernetics doctor, even tough he was smart enough to make his own arm. He has grown rather cold when it comes to fighting the Saurians, preferring to kill rather then capture.

PERSONALITY: He tends to be quiet and despondent, he approaches everything with a very flat out, no-nonsense view of things. For example if the ducks where arguing how to get in to a Saurian fortified warehouse, he would just listen, then flat out say the obvious thing to make both sides of the argument happy.
Publicly he tends to be rather distant, and will only speak up when he knows he is being spoken to. In private he can be a bit bold at times with someone he likes, like Tanya. In combat however, he is rather cold hearted. Having lived through the Saurian camps and seeing how they treat the ducks kept there, he has no qualms about killing any Saurian he comes across, he is also unused to team work in combat.

FLAWS: Lucus has to recharge his arm once every week at the least to keep it going, also he tends to be overconfident about his abilities when it comes to upgrading things, it never really turns out for the best in the long run. Another interesting flaw is that hockey pucks that are hit near him seem attracted to his face, like some lead to a super magnet.

BATTLE INFO: In battle he wears a black exoskeleton suit of armor, which has neural links in the helmet to help with the response time. The thing is a full suit that covers him from head to two and has a large jet pack in the back to allow flight as well as folding wings on the shoulders. He also carries the equivalent of a .50 caliber machine gun (puck launcher rifle) and a grenade launcher over the left wrist, both are belt fed from a ammo pack on the back.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: He likes to read about computers, robotics, and about everything in a electrical and mechanical nature. He is very skilled in robotics and helps Tanya with the workload in that degree. He also finds himself very attracted to Tanya, although he does not show this in public and does his best to avoid the subject.

HOCKEY STATS: Second Goalie, number 66, if anyone ever talked him into it. Due to a certain flaw, he hates hockey.

CASUAL WEAR: Black jumpsuit when working around the pond, complete with gloves, and normal black shoes. In public is more akin to wear black slacks and shirt, with a overcoat and a full glove over his cyber hand while the other has a palm glove.

MISC.: Lucus built himself a companion back on Puckworld, using some old notes he found for a automated deep space probe design in his fathers lab. Automated Robotic Compiling Explorer (A.R.C.E, or Archie) has since been upgraded in to a security unit to help out with security around the Pond in areas the ducks can not normally patrol, like the air ducts, or the cooling vents for there fusion generator. Lucus also carries with him a modified PDA that allows him to make notes and draw up tech schematics on the fly.

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