Krackers Boulevard L'Orange
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NICKNAME(S): Cheese 'n Krackers, Wench (don't ask)
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human-Duck mutant
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 142 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Broad shoulders, short, rather plump torso
HAIR: Light brown with blonde highlights, goes about an inch past her shoulders, usually down and wavy.
EYES: Hazel
FEATHERS: Pale brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: There's a small birthmark above her right knee, the tips of the feathers down her back are outlined with dark brown coloring

HISTORY: She and her younger sister Guseguse were branded as abandoned by the police when they were six and one years old, respectively. However, Krackers personally does not believe this. The sisters went from foster home to foster home throughout the beginning of their lives, but most often stayed at St. Mary's Orphanage for Girls.
Nearing the time when Guseguse was a preteen they were sent to a run down orphanage that they decided wasn't worth staying at. They sneaked out during dinner and ended up living in a dumpster for a few weeks on a gang's turf. They only allowed them to stay because of their leader, Merit.
The oldest gang member, Bruce, got fed up with the girls. He kidnapped Guseguse and, while in a fistfight with Merit over it, ran into the Ducks. Wanting to retain a low profile, being as they were in another dimension, the Ducks allowed the local authorities to handle it--for about an hour. The only reason they couldn't just let things be was because
Krackers had run off with Merit to find her sister and the Ducks, being the heroes that they are, had to go after them.
As it turned out, the two did find out where Bruce was keeping Guseguse but, unfortunately, found him, too. As you can imagine, they got in a bit of trouble and the Ducks came to save them and Guseguse.
Of course, Gusey, being the tricky little changeling she is, had already escaped.
So, when everyone was finally safe and the criminal apprehended, Duke suddenly decided that Guseguse had great potential and, to everyone else's great dismay, adopted her and brought her back to Anaheim.
Obviously, she missed her sister and belly-ached about it every waking hour until Duke gave in and dragged her all the way back to the other dimension and, to Nosedive's sheer horror, adopted Krackers, too. But then there was the problem with Merit being left behind, because during the time that he and Krackers had been together, they fell in some sort of juvenile love.
Having already been nagged enough for one lifetime, the poor sap-uh, I mean Duke, got
permission to take Merit away from his lowlife father and put him in Phil's custody. Yes, from one horror to another I know but Duke wasn't dumb enough to let Krackers' boyfriend sleep in the same building as her.
And that pretty much brings us up to the present--aside from all the stuff that happened between now and then but going through that would be ridiculous.

PERSONALITY: Krackers uses her happy-go-lucky mood any time she can manage, but can switch to serious whenever need be. She can normally tolerate annoyance for a limited period of time depending on her mood, but usually loses her temper and screams at whatever is annoying her. When in a playful mood, she is actually quite abusive, slapping--and slapping hard--being one of her favorite past times. When in danger, she's not one to stand around and do nothing. She either finds a way to stop the danger or runs.
A few things she absolutely hates is when people bother her while she is concentrating on something and that not-so-secretive glance men give each other when they think she's too weak and pathetic to do anything for herself. If these events ever occur she will either gives them a threatening glare or, of course, yells at them. However, she is also very sensitive and cries when someone yells back at her, when someone insults her, when someone blames her for something, true or not, or tells her a hurtful truth, and anything else a girl cries about.
But she also has a brain behind all this, does very well in school, and can be clever and confusing all at the same time. For example, when she strides--she almost never walks so not many people can keep up with her on a normal basis--and isn't being distracted by anything, she counts her steps or breathes. The only problem is, she sometimes just starts counting without thinking and can start from anywhere, going from the 30's straight to the 70's or even back to the teens. Sometimes she starts counting backwards while trying to count forwards. She finds it, like her fast talking and perfectionism, hilarious.

FLAWS:She has a phobia of being around people and speaking to them most of the time, roller coasters that go upside-down, pool vacuums, balls and any sport concerning balls, and any dark water whatsoever. However, that does not mean she won't enter it if she's gathered up enough nerve. An unfortunate thing about her is that she can often become obsessed with perfection and high standards so much that she begins to dislike people that do not live up to the high expectations she has set for herself as well as the fact that, sometimes, she forgets to eat any one of the three meals of the day, which causes her to feel sick and wonder why.

BATTLE INFO: Her battle uniform is a dark turquoise jumper similar to Duke's with black boots and usually wears her amber framed glasses during battle so she can aim. She keeps a Puck Blaster on her right upper leg and a black saber on the left side of her utility belt. Having never fought before joining the Ducks, she depends on her Puck Blaster far too much and hardly ever uses her saber. But when it does come to hand-to-hand combat she kicks more often than hits.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Krackers usually locks herself up in her room and listens to music, reads, or writes, although, she does leave her room to be with Merit, eat, or go to the movies. The only talents she really has are with computers and creative writing. She does not do any kind of sport but whenever she has to she rides her purple and black mountain bike.


CASUAL WEAR: She normally wears flare, hip-hugging jeans, any semi-tight shirts although she does own a few long-sleeved shirts that are completely tight, and her black sneakers with the white, 1-inch high soles.

MISC.: She has a dark blue beta named Diego whom she loves and adores even though he is just a fish, her favorite music is anything sung by Creed and some classical music, her boyfriend's name is Merit(a.k.a. Mear Bear), and her one true enemy is Puss the gray tabby cat! She is also obsessed with anything sci-fi, fantasy/medieval, Dr. Pepper, and, as a random afterthought, loves tacos, too.

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