Jessica Fientia
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NICKNAME(S): Jessie, Scourge
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human/Fientian
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender, slim, athletic
HAIR: Red, long, quite thick. Think Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ but with bangs
EYES: Green
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: When using her Fientian powers, her eyes turn white, and two "M" shape marks appear underneath her eyes running down her cheeks .

HISTORY: Jessie's father abandoned her at birth when the Saurian’s pledged a earlier attack. Dragaunus found the baby and decided to make her his own. Growing up, she realised she was very much different to the other Saurians and wondered about her place in the world. As soon she found out what really happened to her, she was determined to find out who her real father was. She ran away only to find herself in deep trouble. Luckily, Nosedive and Grin were there to save her.
Knowing that the Saurians were enemies with the Ducks, she lied about herself so she would have someplace to stay, along with a orange baby Triceratops named Cuppy.
After a long complicated battle, Jessie became a member of the Mighty Ducks, accepting Phil as a foster father, although they both really didn't get along with each other.
A few years later, Jessie was kidnapped by a strange alien queen who revealed herself to be Jessie's real mother. She wanted Jessie to assume her true place on the Fientian throne but Jessie refused. Unfortunately, her mother blessed her with Fientian powers, and not really knowing how to control them, Jessie returned to earth with her friends and her family. They continue to have many adventures with the Mighty Ducks.

PERSONALITY: Jessie is a very determined young woman, always following her heart, and never giving up in the worst situations. She cares very much for Nosedive, as he was the one who first saved her when she befriended the Mighty Ducks

FLAWS: Unfortunately, Jessie hasn't truly learned how to control her powers, and fears she'll become as insane as Dragaunus and her mother are.

BATTLE INFO: Jessie has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Also able to form Ki-blasts. Her armour is purple, very much the same design as Storm's from the X-men.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: In her spare time Jessie likes nothing more than figure skating, tormenting Phil, and being with her friends. She usually confides to Wildwing if she has a problem because she thinks of him as an older brother.


CASUAL WEAR: Usually Jessie like to wear whatever she feels comfortable in, but never wears skirts. Usually just jeans and a green shirt or vest of some type.

MISC.: Jessie’s best friend is a baby orange coloured triceratops named Cuppy who she found when she lived with the Saurians. Yes, Dragaunus brought her up, but her father figure was another Saurian named Barbados, who cared a lot about her and wanted her to know the truth about her past.

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