Jackie Diego
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FULL NAME: Jacquelynn Anne Diego
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
AGE: She was about 14 when she met the ducks, I usually roleplay her being around 16 or 17
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 120 lbs.
BODY TYPE: A petite build with lean muscles, more muscle definition on her legs, due to her skating.
HAIR: Raven hair cut short, with some unruly bangs.
EYES: Almond shaped hazel-brown
FEATHERS: N/A, but she has fair skin
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: There's a small birthmark above her right knee, the tips of the feathers down her back are outlined with dark brown coloring

HISTORY: Jackie was born in LA, but grew up on the streets of Anaheim. Having no father to speak of, her mother couldn't support them both, except by the lowest means. It wasn't long before Jackie turned to a local gang for companionship.
The same people who professed themselves to be her "family" left her on the curb after a robbery when she didn't get to the car in time. That was when she first glimpsed the Ducks. It was also when she met Captain Klegghorn, and found herself in jail.
Wildwing apparently saw something in her that no one else did, because the next morning he went to Klegghorn and bailed her out. She's been living with the Ducks since then, looking up to Wildwing especially as a kind of big brother she never had.

PERSONALITY:"Bright-eyed and bushy tailed" as the saying goes. Jackie is optimistic and sunny, although she sometimes wears her smile as a mask. She never misses an opportunity for fun, which sometimes lands her in hot water. However, her light smile and happy exuberance never fails. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and hates to disappoint. She is prone to a gung-ho way of acting which gets her in trouble sometimes and frustrates others around her. She may not laugh in the face of danger, but she won't surrender easily, either.

FLAWS:Well, she's not very good at mathematics. And she tends to put things off. It is also very difficult for her to be up front about her more troubling emotions.

BATTLE INFO: N/A As much as she'd like to help out, without training she is usually pushed aside.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: She has a passion for figure skating, which was introduced to her by the ducks. She also likes shopping, comics, music, Spanish, and Oreos.


CASUAL WEAR: Jackie likes to wear light, delicate clothing that flatters. Comfort is also important. When she's just hanging around the Pond, you'll most likely find her in jean shorts, a tank, and her favorite boots.

MISC.: It was Mallory who taught Jackie how to skate. Even from the beginning, Jackie showed a great amount of grace in her movement. She trains every day and has become quite a good skater. She dreams of someday being one of the pros. She already participates in local competitions, and has been known to do a routine during half-time at some of the Duck's games.
Also, she and Nosedive are pretty much best friends. Jackie's the only one yet to beat him in a water fight, something she doesn't let him forget. She has a major crush on him that is common knowledge to just about everyone in the Pond, except Nosedive.

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