Hailey Buchannon
Copyright Melissa M. (Ambassador D’ache Buchannon is also copyright to her.)
NICKNAME(S): Puckshot, Leelee
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 105 lbs
HAIR: Light Blue
EYES: Grey
FEATHERS: Light brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tattoo on left arm, as Grin’s, a triangle with two hockey sticks

HISTORY: Hailey is the daughter of Ambassador D’ache Buchannon of the Puckworld United Allied Forces, kind of their United Nations. It joins the twelve neighboring planets orbiting Puckworld, one of them including D’rakkar, the main planet of the Saurian races.
But when the Saurians rebelled against the PUAF, their world was eliminated from the Force because of their evil dealings with nuclear weapons and plans of universal domination. Furious, the Saurians waged war against the PUAF, especially Puckworld, hence their conquering of that planet.
After Puckworld’s people were enslaved, Hailey’s parents were forced to work as spies and relay important information from the PUAF, and for their betrayal of the organization, were sentenced to life imprisonment. Hailey hated the Saurians after that, more so than ever after the mistreatment of her parents. When she heard about the Resistance, Hailey tried to join but Canard quickly turned her down because he felt she had no combat skills. When she saw them chasing Dragaunus into a dimensional portal, Hailey "borrowed" her father’s Jetstriike aircraft and followed them. Before she could change her mind and turn back, the portal sucked all spacecraft through the hole and out the other side, Earth.
Landing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, she swims back to shore, found unconscious on the Anaheim beach. By sheer luck, the Ducks happened to be hanging out at that very beach at the time, and bring her back to the Pond to recover. They reluctantly allow her to join them, and she quickly gains their trust as a hockey player and ace fighter.

PERSONALITY: Level-headed most of the time, but when it comes to her temper only two words come to mind: Short fuse. Playful and optimistic, she and Nosedive love to play nasty tricks on the other ducks, and Phil occasionally.

FLAWS: Coming from a partially aristocratic background, Hailey can act "holier-than-thou," which irritates the other ducks greatly. The kid means well, though.

BATTLE INFO: Hailey’s battle get-up includes grey shoulder pads, a green tank top with a blue number nine, her green and blue utility belt with a circle in the middle, Comm (of course), and snug blue pants with green stripes up her legs, grey knee pads and finally, blue and green boots.
Though she has very good aim with pucklaunchers, Hailey is old-fashioned and prefers swords over guns, especially the saber. As a young girl she earned a black belt in Karate, and uses those skills on the battlefield.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Hailey loves writing poetry, singing for her band, The Galactic Stars, until she lands on earth and settles for karaoke in bars until Phil hears her (Oh God) and gets her a contract or a huge record label, and (of course) playing hockey.

HOCKEY STATS: Hailey plays goalie, like her hero (and crush) Wildwing. She wears the number nine.

CASUAL WEAR: Laid-back and tomboyish is her style, but with a hint of feminine quality. Her favorite outfit is her number nine shirt, and jeans cut just above her socks, and her brown sneakers. Her signature item of apparel is a gold angel necklace she always wears or carries with her, given to her by Dache when she was very little. ’

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