Gosalyn Mallard
Copyright Disney; edited by Noir
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Lean, Lithe, and Athletic
HAIR: Long red hair pulled back into a ponytail.
EYES: Green
FEATHERS: light peach
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None, really. She's frequently mistaken for Mallory, though.

HISTORY: If you've seen Darkwing Duck, you know who this is, except she's older now.
She was wandering through Morgana's house and took a wrong turn, opening up a door into another dimension where strange featherless pink things walk around. As a duck, and so very similiar looking to Mallory, it wasn't hard to find the only other ducks in the area... Which, luckily enough, happened to play one of her favourite sports!

PERSONALITY: Gosalyn is fearless and confident of herself... to a flaw. As far as she's concerned, there's no situation she can't handle, and that'll land her into trouble a whole lot. Luckily she's got the spunk and basic amount of skill to get her out of it... usually.

FLAWS: Aside from overconfidence and melodrama, her major flaw is a difficulty in concentrating on something she considers boring. This includes monitor duty... And she often gets in trouble for playing video games when she's supposed to be watching for crime. No one believes that she can adequately watch a splitscreen monitor except Nosedive, who'll occasionally drop by to help her get through monitor duty with a bout of First Person Shooter video games.

BATTLE INFO: Gosalyn is a student of Quack Foo, and enjoys using a quarterstaff or hockey stick, whichever is handy. She prefers kicking to punching, if fighting barehanded.
Her Mighty Ducks style uniform involves a DBZ-style targetting computer over her right eye, a large shoulderpad on her left shoulder bearing a mask and crosspucks, and a generally purple colour except for the pink trim. A large 1 is on the front of her chestplate, reminiscent of the hockey jersey she wears all the time. Other than a battle stick slung across her back, she only has a puck launcher slung low on her hip, Han-Solo style.
However, she's also the mysterious Quiverwing Quack, Robin Hood-esque longbow expert, and in the rare times she wears that outfit she wears a revealing green leotard, a green mask, and a Robin Hood cap.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Gosalyn's major interests involve sports. When she's not doing sports, she's taking care of her sports equipment or watching sports. In between practicing sports and combat training, she wastes time with reading comics and hanging out at the mall.

HOCKEY STATS: Gosalyn would wear the #1 jersey if it was still available... as is, she'll take whatever the ducks give her. She's a fine offensive player, but needs a bit of work on the defense. One of her favorite techniques is to *ZOOM* past someone at top speed, swiping the puck as she sweeps past, and her fireball slapshot has a deadly accuracy, and is mildly painful to catch, even through the goalie gloves.

CASUAL WEAR: Gosalyn always wears the same outfit: White sneakers, snug blue jeans, and a purple hockey jersey with a white number 1 on the front.

MISC.: She's got the appearance of a young Mallory, and Nosedive, as far as she's concerned, has totally copied her style. Her martial arts and zen can't match Grin's, and she's a little worried she doesn't really have a place in the Ducks, and is little more than someone they took in out of pity. She feels superfluous at times, and will try to do more than her fair share as a result.

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