Emily L'Orange
Copyright Shannon Fowler
NICKNAME(S): Emerly, Em, El
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 31 currently, 25 at the beginning of the show (born 12/08/71/)
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
BODY TYPE: Toned Athletic...
HAIR: Blond, waist length, wild and annoying
EYES: Light Blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: The scars across the neck, typical military mark on the beak, band on her upper left leg.

HISTORY: Grew up east of DuCane Metropolis, was left behind with her parents by her older brother Duke when she was six (considerable nine-year age difference between them). Went into the military after an unremarkable completion of the 14 mandatory years of school on Puckworld. Here she's earned the rank of General in the Puckworld Special Forces (which, it must be noted, really doesn't mean anything to anyone anymore, as the Puckworld military has been a big joke over the last 70 years. If it wasn't, no one that young would be in such high position). Was one of the less noticable members of the Resistance during the Saurian invasion, and is believed now to be dead.

PERSONALITY: Is known to ignore or deny the uselessness of her rank, unlike everyone else, and insists on letting everyone know she's important by wearing a band around her left leg (a well-known symbol of her status on Puckworld). Luckily for those who have to spend their time around her, she doesn't like leading people or for that matter being with people at all, and doesn't use her rank to force other to follow her. She enjoys most types of humor and violence, and is willing to try her hand (with varied success) on any weapon. She hates more feminine things such as dresses, mall crawling, and makeup, loudly says so, and prefers to be around men over women. Tollerant of most things, but extremly hard to calm down when she's upset and suffers from bouts of depression... has a strong dislike towards Mallory and Duke. Basically sees herself as putting up with everyone else.

FLAWS: Insists on wearing her band all the time, anti-social, very emotional

BATTLE INFO: Uniform consists of a pink tank top, gold belt with holster and clip, gold gauntet on her rightarm (with wrist comm), dark blue spandex pants with black band on upper left thigh, and the usualwhite boots with purple trim. Hair's usually up in a pony tail.
Prefers a puck launcher over everything else, because it's long range and light, but will carrypuck bazookas/puck cannons if they're more practical for a mission. Carries a duck saber gifted from Duke that clips onto her belt, but isn't very skilled with it, and finds it too heavy forher to use.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Enjoys biology, challenges to her mind, and reading fantasy and science fiction books, and spends dangerous amounts of time on the computer.

HOCKEY STATS: Has been unable to skate ever since breaking her leg when she was young. General theory is the muscles in her leg never got back to full strength. Can't even stand up with skates on.... so she prefers just to watch.

CASUAL WEAR: Wears something similar to her battle outfit, weapons excluded, with a leather or other sort of jacket

MISC.: This *REALLY* doesn't explain the whole magical sparkly thing, does it? In fact it looks the exact opposite of the basic magical sparkly profile, in that she's not perfect and she's not good at anything! :D

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