Duçula DeCoy
Copyright Missie DuCaine
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck-Saurian Hybrid
AGE: 23 in limbo years, but actually about 3
HEIGHT: 5’6"
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
BODY TYPE: Tiny, tiny waist, and otherwise the perfect hourglass figure. That’d be Duçula to a tee.
HAIR: Ebony, chin length, poker straight.
EYES: Black and very cold.
FEATHERS: Pure white.

HISTORY: Limbo is not so much a place as an absence of a place, and yet, you are still able to live a life there, albeit one that changes and slows and speeds up depending on where you step. It was here that Lucretia found herself, and the only place she could find anything but total confusion was in the arms of Saurian shape shifter Kaleidoscope. Because he took on a duck form, temporarily their DNA was of the same type – though when Lucretia became pregnant and had a child, Duçula was anything but 100% duck.
A shape shifter, Duçula inherited her father’s Saurian senses, attitudes, magic – and malice towards anything duck. She grew rapidly in the skewed time of Limbo, and left – headed to Puckworld with dreams of domination.
And those dreams are coming true. Detained temporarily by a Saurian work-camp, she was chosen as one of the Overlord’s personal slaves by Dragaunus himself, and within 24 hours, he was wrapped around her little finger. Many have wondered who now holds the reigns of the Saurian empire, and if it’s really the Overlord himself that’s trying to conquer the universe – or if he’s doing it out of *ahem* love for his consort.

PERSONALITY: Duçula is sexy, suave, cool as a cucumber, and incredibly sure of herself. She could charm a monk. It has been said that she is incapable of love. Add to that ego-maniac and wanting to rule the universe, and you’ve got a dangerous combination.

FLAWS: Perhaps just a little too sure of herself, Duçula should remind herself that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

BATTLE INFO: Duçula does not fight. Her lackeys do that for her.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Ruling the world. Ruling the Universe. Charming the pants off anything and anyone she wants to.

HOCKEY STATS: Oh, no. Skate?

CASUAL WEAR: Skimpy, sultry, and always black.

MISC.: She hates anything that gets in her way. And that happens to be anything duck.

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