Da Roz with Doodlebug

Da Roz
Da Roz and Doodlebug Copyright Da Roz. Anria Lalumin Copyright herself.
NICKNAME(S): Freak of nature
GENDER: Female
RACE: Unknown
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5í5"
WEIGHT: 119 lbs. (59.0kg)
HAIR: Long brown, usually tied back.
EYES: Glowing green, especially when angry or excited.

HISTORY: A little uncertain. Supposedly her father was human and her mother was a dark elf. They had two children. The oldest is Da Roz, who is best described as a Thing. The youngest is her twelve-year-old brother, who is so hairy he is best described as a Yeti.
Currently living in an apartment somewhere in the UK with her psychotic, anime-addicted flatmate Anria Lalumin. Also has a Ďpetí named Doodlebug, who is on her shoulder in the picture. No one even WANTS to know what he is. Itís possible he is just a figment of Da Rozís imagination.
Picked up a pencil when she was five years old and has carried on drawing ever since.

PERSONALITY: Rumoured to have over 502 alternate personalities due to watching too many cartoons. Most of these personalities are characters she has created. This means that Da Roz can switch from serious and intelligent to hyper and insane at any time.
Usually good natured and friendly. Likes to meet new people and talk. Really hates people who think cartoons are stupid, and often gives them a two-hour lecture on why they are very wrong.
Draws constantly, and gets the fidgets when she has nothing to draw on. Likes to tell people about new characters and storylines, which pop into her head roughly every 30 seconds.

FLAWS: Addicted to chocolate, cartoons, and Monosodium Glutamate (found in Chinese takeaways).
Can be very annoying, especially when hyper. Usually gets picked on by bullies for this, and the fact that she looks weird. This means she is not very confident about her appearance or abilities.
Has a terrible fear of Centipedes, great white sharks and killer pink bunnies.

BATTLE INFO: Has a variety of different weapons in her backpack, which seems to hold anything. Also knows a variety of kung fu and Judo moves, as well as some sword tactics.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Watching cartoons, drawing cartoons, reading comics, eating chocolate, watching ice hockey, fencing and martial arts. Can draw anything if she puts her mind to it. She is also the only person in the world who can control Doodlebug.
Listens to a lot of music, mostly rock and heavy metal. Has been known to listen to pop music on occasion, showing that she has very broad musical tastes.

HOCKEY STATS: Loves watching ice hockey, but not much good at playing it. Usually, she is the person sliding across the rink on her nose.

CASUAL WEAR: Often wears a hoody with a smiley face that has the ability to change expressions for her. Also likes trainers, strange jeans and hats.

MISC.: If she sneezes on a drawing, it comes to life. This can be unpredictable and very, very dangerous.

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