Crystal DeCoy
Copyright 2002-Present Kewie K.
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck/Cat
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender
HAIR: Light lavender, with dark violet bangs (slightly like NoseDive's), down to her middle-back, curvy.
EYES: Silver
FEATHERS: Very pale peach. Almost white.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scar shaped like a ~ down her left eye. Has a cats tail about five feet long and cat ears, both the same color as her feathers.

HISTORY: At the age of three, Crystal's father, Louis, was killed by a female saurian. Since her mother, Rikau, had died giving birth, her older cousin Duke introduced her to The Brotherhood of the Blade. During the ten years she spent there she met three friends who would later meet her again on Earth. Darque Midnight, a black male duck with black hair, who later became her boyfriend. And a pair of twins named Taro and Tira. On her thirteenth birthday, the same saurian who had killed her father returned after her. The saurian, Tikaura, drove seven pencil shaped crystals down the alignment of Crystal's back before the both of them was captured and thrown into a void. At fifteen Crystal appeared on Earth and reunited with some of her own kind. Them being the Mighty Ducks of course.

PERSONALITY: Usually calm, and easygoing. Has a nack for making trouble, and enjoys playing creepy tricks on her teammates. Has a mysterious side and doesn't enjoy being social. Is very loyal to her true friends. When angered, Crystal gets defencive and quite deadly. When sad, Crystal refuses to talk to anyone about anything.

FLAWS: Not very trusting. Agues at least once a day with her friends. Can be quite the troublemaker.

BATTLE INFO: Fights using a katana with a garnet incrested handle. Crimson sleeveless shirt, black fingerless gloves going to her elbows, deep violet pants, black belt with a garnet in the middle, black boots going to her knees. Crystal enjoys fighting a little too much and usually gets carried away.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Watching/Reading scary movies/books. Sitting with a cat in her lap, reading poetry. Likes sitting on rooftops under the moonlight. Loves sleeping to the sound of the rain. Enjoys karate.


CASUAL WEAR: Black turtleneck sleevless. Black jeans, a gray belt and gray boots.

MISC.: Has one an albino hampster named Crimson. Usually goes off without notice.

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