Cloud Rider
Copyright Jen Foster
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck/Human halfling with a little Unicorn blood
AGE: 20
BODY TYPE: She's not skinny, but she's not fat. She's a nice happy medium with a bit of flab in her thighs and waist. She doesn't have a large chest, she's a bit on the small side; a 36B.
HAIR: Her hair comes down to her mid back. It's light brown with several rose streaks. It's mostly straight, with a slight wave toward the bottom.
EYES: Aqua-green
FEATHER COLOR: Peach, but because she's a halfling, she has the ability to tan.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has a rose tattoo on her right shoulder blade that covers a scar. She is branded with the word "slut" on her right thigh from a run in with the Unicorn Hunters. There is a scar just above her heart, one on the small of her back, one on her abdomen, one on her left thigh, and several between her legs. Her ears are double pierced. Her eye color also gives her away as a halfling.

HISTORY: She was born on April 25, 1982. Her mother was forced away from her true father and married Matrix. When she was five, Matrix found out about Cloud's true parentage and a life of abuse began. At 12, the abuse turned to rape. Right before she turned 16, she was raped after school and finally ran away from home. She became a dancer at a night club where she was also "dating" the owner. She left at the age of 17 after breaking her ankle on the cross country course of a three-day event and became an assassin. She became engaged to Stargon, an engagement that was later called off. At 18, she went home to kill Matrix, but was ambushed by a friend of his and stabbed. Not much later, she met DeadShot and the two were married on August 1, 2000.

PERSONALITY: She gets paranoid at times, especially when there is a serious tone in someone's voice. She can be a flirt, but is possibly the most dedicated wife you could know. She is normally headstrong and stubborn, but memories of her past can quickly turn her soft and fragile. She enjoys having a good time. She is somewhat a perfectionist in her riding, though she sets such high standards for herself that she is often disappointed.

FLAWS: She has a fear of men that she doesn't know, and sometimes ones that she knows when they seem threatening. She hates silence. It freaks her out.

BATTLE INFO: She doesn't really have "battle gear" so to speak. She'll fight in whatever she's wearing at the time. Her fighting style is whatever works, though she's rarely one to make the first move. She perfers blades to guns and keeps a small black Scottish dirk tucked away in her left boot. She also carries a silver, retractable saber. She only really has one special ability; the ability to change into a Unicorn at will.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: She's a skilled horse trainer and rider, excelling in the three-day event. She spends as much time at the barn as her life allows. She also enjoys spending time with her family and husband.


CASUAL WEAR: Cloud tends to wear jeans and t-shirts along with her black paddock boots. They're good clothes to work with horses in and they don't show off her legs. Shorts and bathing suits are a rarity because of the brand on her leg and few but her husband and some close friends have seen her in them.

MISC.: Out of a whole barn of horses, she has three favorites; Hurricane Rain, Sky's The Limit, and Tahki. She listens to rock-n-roll and country. She and her husband, DeadShot, have five kids with another on the way. Two are adoptive; Creep and Shadow. Four are natural; Sky, Clay, Dustin, and Nicolette on the way.

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