Christé DuCaine
Copyright Christé DuCaine
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 158 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Muscular, built with long legs like a runner.
HAIR: Red on the bottom, fading up to blonde. It’s a grown out dye job that she thought looked cool.
EYES: Emerald Green.
FEATHERS: Pale Peach.

HISTORY: Christé devoted all her time to hockey. Hockey was her life. A competent player in both defense and forward, her real skills were in front of the net. Able to catch any puck thrown her way, she wasn’t prepared for her little sister to suddenly drop out of everything that had meant anything to her before, and start hanging out with a rough crowd. At a loss, Christé ignored her parents worries, and threw herself harder into hockey. She was at a game when the Saurians attacked, and was cut off from her family and friends. When she found someone she knew among all the pandemonium of post-attack, she went with her friend, and from there, straight to the Resistance.
It was when she was there that she stumbled upon a plot being created by a certain purple-haired duck named Lucretia DeCoy, a plot involving a certain blonde, Tanya. When she tried, foolishly, to stop her herself, Christé found herself a hunted duck. She managed to stay hidden until nearly a year after Dragaunus was defeated, until a bounty-hunter Saurian with the visions of rewards in mind caught her – and decided to personally deliver her to the Overlord.

PERSONALITY: Christé weighs all the options before she does anything. Serious, she can have her light-hearted, goofball moments, but she never snaps back, and she never questions orders. She would have done well in the military.

FLAWS: She can be super-serious, and she has some odd quirks. Like sugar rushes. And Trix with diet Pepsi for breakfast.

BATTLE INFO: Christé’s fighting style consists of 1) hit them hard 2) run away. She also likes puckguns, because they’re non-lethal.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Christé is a dynamite hockey player, and loves computers. She can’t really help Tanya though – she’s more into applications than the insides. She loves comics, eating, and skating.

HOCKEY STATS: Jersey 15. It’s her lucky number. She’s a reserve player, mostly, the backup goalie.

CASUAL WEAR: Cropped shirts – not really short, just kinda above her belly-button. Fitted pants.

MISC.: Surprisingly, Christé thinks that Chameleon is cute – in a repulsive kind of way. She’s working on him.

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