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RACE: Human
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Swimmer's build, not too brawny at all
HAIR: Dark Brown, medium length cut (to his chin), wildly messy
EYES: Brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Has two piercings in his left ear and he's slightly tanned

HISTORY: Charlie boy here grew up in New York City with his dad and younger brother, Prince. Charlie got to see the sights, the sounds, and the underground. After his dad died, Charlie and his younger brother made a living out of being a con artists and hired hitmen, forming a small band of close buddies into a gang making forgeries, fake IDs, black mail, hits (people and buildings), and big time thievery. Within time he and his gang of buddies made themselves widely known as the "Merry Men" throughout the underground, with him being their Robin Hood and Prince being their Little Jon, but as time passed on, gang warfare broke out within the underground and the police made in on the scene and the Merry Men were scattered, separating Charlie and Prince leaving each other to fend off the cops for themselves. Charlie searched high and low for Prince, not knowing where he went, his search finally taking him as far as California.
As he reached California, he was tired, half dead, and his spirit nearly broken. First meeting the ducks in a hostile situation and due to a careless act, he nearly got himself killed and arrested. Duke, after hearing Charlie's story, deciding on letting him off easy on the account of him joining the good guys and to reform from his thieving ways. Charlie, with no other choice, agreed.

PERSONALITY: A generally laid back sort of guy, calm collective, thinks things through... most of the time. During times of crisis, he keeps a cool head, unless he's totally under pressure then a short fuse has been lit. During the line of fire and battle, he's as careless as they come when concerning himself, but when it comes to others, he places them into the shelter of safety. On the social side, he pretty much keeps to himself, unless he's being tugged about and has a finger shaken in his face and is forced to be social.

FLAWS: Not too many to mention, his major flaw is his carelessness for himself in battle. Not a heavy smoker, but he still smokes. I'd put this in skills but this is a flaw too, being able to sneak up on people, like that dude from Mr. Deeds.
Phobias? He hates being alone in the dark, it scares him to death, thinking, imagining that someone is creeping in the shadows, after him, coming to finish him off.

BATTLE INFO: Fighting style? Full out street brawl. The type of guy that'll grab a guy by the back of the head and scrape his face back and forth along a brick wall. Weapon of choice? A shotgun, and he's got his eye on the puck-bazooka...

INTERESTS/SKILLS: He's a total fanatic when it comes to Robin Hood and King Arthur, he says it helps him keep his sanity. On his down time he writes music, plays a bit of piano, and sings. (I'm not telling who pressured him to pursue it.) His skills? I like to call him a demolition's expert, you want something gone. Boom, it's gone. No question's asked. Sneaky mutha if I'd ever seen one.

HOCKEY STATS: On the sidelines... "They already let me in, I ain't pushing my luck anymore."

CASUAL WEAR: He wears just about the same thing all the time: white wife beater, jeans, and sneakers. His attire is laid back, nothing special except his trench which is made up of patches of black red and brown.

MISC.: His weakness is coffee and chocolate!

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