Celeste Flockard
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GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 135 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Thin but has curvy hips and chest.
HAIR: Long Golden Brown hair down to just above her butt.
EYES: Bright Green
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A tattoo on the lower small of her back. A small blue butterfly that is encased in a black thin heart. She got it at the age of 17 when her older brother teased her about being the perfect goody-two-shoes daughter.

HISTORY: Celeste had a pretty tame childhood, living with her Parents and her older brother, Keegan. She had been outside at her favourite childhood playground when the Saurian attacked and was taken to on of the camps. After this event, her history gets sketchy and she doesn't remember much that happened, just stepping it a dome of blue light then waking up at the Pond in Anaheim.

PERSONALITY: Celeste is usually pretty happy and outgoing. She has enough patience to deal with her teammates, which is a good thing, though sometimes, stress gets to be too much and she snaps. She can get hyper sometimes, as most people do, causing others to get irritated with her. When she's hyper, she tends to speak very rapidly meaning others have to ask for her to repeat herself a lot. She's a very caring duck and probably couldn't kill someone or something unless it was extremely needed.

FLAWS: She's an arachnophobic and also has an extreme fear of being left alone. Not the alone as in by yourself for the day, but alone as in everyone has died and left you alone. Because of the fact she's such a caring person, she doesn't make the best fighter but can and will fight if the time asks for it.
She couldn't cook if her life depended on it but hopes that some day someone will have the patience to teach her how too.

BATTLE INFO: Celeste's battle uniform consists of a full body light green battle suit without arms. She has two grey wristbands, a silver collar band around her neck, and a silver belt. She has two puck launchers holstered with black bands and a white holster to the sides of her thighs. She has white and black boots. She can also have a white and silver chest plate but she usually doesn't wear that. She usually fights with her puck launcher but she does know some self-defence and incorporates that into her fighting.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Reading novels, shopping, playing sports, singing.

HOCKEY STATS: She'd play, if they ever needed her too, but they haven't so she doesn't have a number or any stats.

CASUAL WEAR: Celeste wears a wide range of clothing but usually ops for comfortable, prep-like clothing.

MISC.: She loves animals. Her favourite music is usually alternative examples being, Avril Lavigne, Our Lady Peace etc, stuff she can sing too. She's in love with a mallard named Deus, who is the captain of a team of ex-assassins.

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