Calista Acarya
Copyright 1997-Present Michelle D. Latta
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'1"
WEIGHT: 108.
HAIR: She has short hair that is longer in the front then the back. She sometimes styles it, but usually wears it the way it falls naturally, givng her a messy look at times. The most interesting thing about her hair is it's color: black at the tips and fades into blonde at the roots. It's assumed it grows that way naturally.
EYES: Violet
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: None visible, other then her eye colour and her hair, which is not dyed.

HISTORY: Calista was brought into the assassin's group known as the 'Tier' as a young infant by her Master/Father figure Kiron. He had been involved with her Mother at an earlier time. A life threatening injury he'd suffered had made her mother come to believe that he was dead. She'd married another to support herself and her young son before he'd finished the long recovery of his near death experience. By the time he could go to her, he could see her with a measure of happiness, and a new daughter a seemingly loving husband, and no place for him in her life.
Kiron remained apart from her life until the day her husband was targeted by another Tier assassin. Calista's mother, thinking that both her husband and infant daughter had been killed, fled with her son... Never knowing that he'd interfered, saving her life, and her daughter's.
Calista was taken by Kiron to the Tier, he wanted to care for her, as she was the last link he had to her mother.. And because he had killed one of his brethren to save her life. He raised her the only way he knew how, in the only life he knew how to live. She took to it well, becoming one of the Tier's more valued members by the time she reached adulthood. However, a few months before the Saurian invasion, her life took a new turn. When she failed to complete an assignment, she became marked by the Tier for death. They having no room for her growing conscience. Kiron helped her escape, endangering his life as well, and they both went into hiding, seperately. She was hunted for roughly a year after the main control tower was destroyed.
The 'chase' came to an end when, Calista had grown tired of running. Out of resources, out of supplies, and without anywhere else to go, she faced her most recent hunter. The Tier had allied itself with the Lord Dragaunus after the invasion, and had remained loyal to him. As had an old rival.. Alara Whitewing. Her mission was to either entice Calista back to the Tier, or destroy her. Then, to go to earth and assist with a little 'problem' the Overlord had been having with a few ducks.
Calista was the better fighter, but she was tired, and had little desire to win. Alara had the advantage in the fight.. But spent too much time goading her prey, secure in her victory. She was taken by suprise by Calista's still strong will to live, and tried to escape, pulling her teleporter that was pre-set to Earth. Cali, not knowing what it was and thinking that it was a weapon, dove for it. She wrenched it from Alara's hands just as it activated...
Arriving on Earth, by saurian teleporter, wearing assassin's gear... She now has to prove her innocence.. And find her place among future friends.

PERSONALITY: Calista, for the most part, keeps to herself. It's not that she's anti-social, it's just that she's non-social. Not quite as bad as when she first arrives on earth, she has opened up with time and forged a few deep friendships, she just prefers to interact with people on a smaller basis. All in all, she's pretty tolerant of everyone, and would probably be one of the first people to defend the 'underdog' in the situation, or defend what she beleives is right, but her patience is not limitless. If someone offends her, or she doesn't like a person, you can usually tell because her personality around said people drops about 20 degrees. Brr.

FLAWS: Afraid of flying, this includes the Aerowing. Oh yeah, taking her on missions is fun sometimes. She's also hyper critical of herself, which leads to second guessing.. Which is something she has to guard against much of the time.

BATTLE INFO: She wears a sleeveless black bodysuit with a diamond shaped opening on her chest, made of a special puckworld material that protects her feathers. All of her accessories are silver, kneepads (sometimes), armbands, wrist cuffs (Which are protective, they can resist a saber strike without being cut in half.) Silver boots with black accents, and a belt with a black stone, in the shape of an inverted triangle. Her fighting technique was learned trhough the Tier and is an integrated system. Any useful techniques that the group had discovered over the years found its way into their style. So you can find, using aspect from Earth martial arts such as the flashy Taekwondo when distance fighting, or the more deadly form of Aikido when up close. She carries a saber having been trained with it, but prefers her bo, which retracts and extends in a manner thats similar. She has a good working knowledge of many weapons, projectile and not. But rarely carries anything else regulary with the exception of the standard pucklauncher and a little used grapple. She has no 'special' abilities other then years of training and her speed. You wouldn't find her purposely trying to fight any of the Saurians head to head, one on one, she works better in that situation when paired wih someone, or trying to take someone out from a distance.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Reading, sketching, learning about Earth's asian cultures. She's also, with help from Tanya and others, expanding the medical knowledge she already has, wanting to be able to help people. She also appreciates listening to all types of music and tries to spend most of her free time being near people she's close to.

HOCKEY STATS: She's a forward, hockey Jersey is 18. Though she is a second line player. She likes to participate in practices, but doesn't like playing in front of crowds.

CASUAL WEAR: Her casual wear IS just that, casual. She won't wear a dress unless she's going out somewhere where she feels she needs to. She prefers loose, comfortable pants, and tank tops. Keeping in mind that a martial artist always like to feel comfortable enough in whatever they're wearing to defend themselves.

MISC.: Calista's first friends when coming to Earth were Duke and Tanya, and she still feels closer to them then anyone else in the Pond. Oh yes, definately feels close to Duke, she's inspired by him to try to redeem herself from her former life. He feels close to her as well and things... develop...

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