Andrea Egrets
Copyright 2003 T. Johnson
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender. Her legs and neck are a little bit longer than average.
HAIR: Long and straight; light blue. It's at her hips when it hangs loose, but she likes to wear it up in a high pony tail almost all the time. Will also wear a headband-ponytail combo sometimes. Her bangs come to about the middle of her forehead and hang on either side.
EYES: Jade green without pupils.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A jade green marking on her forehead which glows whenever she uses her powers.

HISTORY: Andrea's mother died while giving birth to her because Andrea sucked up all her energy and power. Her father loved her but eventually took his own life when Andrea was three by crashing his car into a tree. Heartbroken, she took to the streets before police had a chance to take her to an orphanage.
She lived on the streets for a few months before meeting up with a group of homeless kids who took in orphans and housed them until they were ready to go out into the real world. Andrea lived with them in an abandoned warehouse until she was seventeen, when the police finally found and raided the warehouse.
Andrea was able to escape but soon found herself homeless again. That's when the Saurians invaded and started taking over. She managed to keep a low profile but was eventually caught by a woman called Mistress Nine, who always wore a crown of blood that constantly dripped down her face.
Andrea was brainwashed and Mistress Nine took her to earth, where the Mighty Ducks were said to have chased Lord Dragaunus to. Mistress Nine was a friend and loyal servant to Dragaunus, so she set the task before Andrea of killing the Mighty Ducks. Her battles were always vicious and Andrea took pleasure out of torturing them.
But during one battle, the control necklace she wore malfunctioned and caused Andrea to turn on her mistress and finally destroy her. From then one she has only fought with the ducks against Lord Dragaunus.

PERSONALITY: She is a very kind and caring person, and hates to see people get hurt. Andrea rarely gets mad but when she does, chances of survival go from slim to none. But that's only on rare occasions she ever gets that mad. Peeved every once in a while, yes but mad, very rare. She is known to be quiet and shy around a person she doesn't know, but when around her friends, she becomes extremely sarcastic and brutally honest. It's all good fun, though, and she loves to lend an ear whenever someone needs help with a problem.

FLAWS: Afraid of heights. She doesn't mind flying but hates heights. Her anger can also get so bad that it begins to cloud her judgment, and she'll accidentally do irrational things without thinking.

BATTLE INFO: Her battle outfit consists of a dark blue tube top and dark blue cargo pants with a black belt. Her shoes are white with black trimming and she has black, lace up gauntlets (wrist bands that go half way up the lower arm). She also has a home-made laser gun that straps on to her belt. She uses a variety of fighting techniques, such as karate and Tae-kwon-do, as well as her powers and an ancient Grecian Amazonian technique of fighting.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Andrea enjoys writing, drawing, reading, training, swimming, roller blading, and making weapons. She prefers to make or reconstruct her own weapons. She also enjoys music but has no specific taste in any particular kind


CASUAL WEAR: Just about anything if it doesn't consist of a skirt or dress. She doesn't like wearing them unless it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, anything else suits her. She'll even wear a bikini when she goes swimming. Her main casual outfit consists of a lime green tank top, denim blue shorts or pants, and the occasional leather jacket.

MISC.: Her powers include telekinesis, shimmering(similar to teleportation except shimmers in and out of existence), controlling elements, gathering energy into a mass, moving things with the wave of her hand, and healing.

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