Alexandrya IceEmerald
Copyright 2003 A. Anttisdottir

GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: 164 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender
HAIR: Straight auburn that comes half-way down her back and is always pulled into a low ponytail
EYES: Green
FEATHERS: Light tan
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A two-inch scar that goes down her upper arm at slight angle.

HISTORY: Alexandrya's parents died when she was three and she was placed into an orphanage until she was adopted at fourteen by a family called the Blueblades.
It became routine to go to school in the morning, and jewellery stores in the afternoon, where she would shoplift. Alexandrya was often physically and verbally abused. The Blueblade’s real child, Blair, was older than Alexandrya. At one point, Blair tried to force Alexandrya into a dress against her will, but Alexandrya grabbed her blowtorch and set fire to Blair's left arm. Blair maintained third degree burns.
Alexandrya was tried in court, and was told to see a psychiatrist every other day. While Alexandrya never told him anything, tests revealed her affinity for fire.
Half a year later, Alexandrya had enough of the abuse. She waited until the family was asleep and snuck out of the house with her most valuable belongings in a backpack and a flashlight in hand. Before she left, Alexandrya set fire to the house.
She traveled to a city that was twenty miles from her old house. When she arrived, Alexandrya saw a newspaper that had the story of the house fire on the front page. She discovered that while it’s wasn’t know who had set the fire, her adopted family had perished in it.
Not long after, Alexandrya ran into a police officer, who took her the nearest orphanage. The next day, Ally was adopted again. The couple took good care of Alexandrya, but it hurt even more that they did. She felt bad that she repaid by stealing, and them not knowing. After she graduated, Alexandrya paid her foster parents with money she had made gambling and playing poker. Alexandrya then took care of herself stealing whatever she needed and beating up whoever is mean to her.

PERSONALITY: Alexandrya has an explosive personality. Even though she's eighteen, she worries about everybody else's injuries before her own. She cares for her fellow teammates. She has a split personality. At times she can be the most carefree duck anywhere and pull pranks and goof off. At other times she's serious and is planning ten steps ahead, but no matter what she always knows when to be serious and when to lighten up. Her main priority is to cheer people up or calm them down and then help them. Alexandrya hates dresses, and the last person who tried to put one on her got their arm burned with a blowtorch.

FLAWS: She hates dresses and can be very aggressive about it. Alexandrya is also allergic to Pimento cheese. She can't cook.

BATTLE INFO: Alexandrya doesn't have specific uniform. If she did, it would probably be like Mallory's only black and blue instead of white and purple. She fights street style and sword style. She prefers anything that has to do with fire or a sword. Alexandrya has telekinetic abilities.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Playing drums, reading, potatoes, and hockey. She also likes to watch Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. Alexandrya is good with fire and dynamite.

HOCKEY STATS: Defense, second line.

CASUAL WEAR: Alexandrya's casual wear is t-shirts that go down to her knees and baggy blue jeans with one or both the knees out. She also wears tennis shoes with or without socks depending on her mood.

MISC.: Alexandrya has a pet Siberian husky named Magnus. She doesn't have a significant other. Her best friends are Mace and Ivar. She loves to listen to rock and roll. Al's most hated enemy is Xavier, a Saurian who "stole" her cousin, Regina Checkblade.

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