Adriana Icesapphire
Copyright 2003 A. Anttisdottir
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender, yet healthy
HAIR: Wavy brown hair the comes half-way down her back and is always pulled into a ponytail
EYES: Emerald green
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A tattoo of a blue rose on her upper right arm.

HISTORY: When Adriana's parents were killed during the Saurian invasion, Adriana was placed under the care of by her older cousin Regina Checkblade. However, when Regina was brought to Earth, Adriana took care of herself.
One day while walking home, Adriana was sucked into a dimensional gateway and dropped onto the Pond's parking lot. Adriana met the Mighty Ducks and became a part of them.
Despite their alliances, Adriana and Regina are best friends, but when it's time to do battle, they fight for their respective sides.

PERSONALITY: She's a master prankster and likes to horse around, but she can very serious when she has to be. Adriana cares for all the ducks, even Mallory, and would avenge them if they got hurt.

FLAWS: Adriana is very sarcastic and mentally criticizes herself all the time. She's related to Regina, a Saurian ally, and that makes her hesitant to fight her cousin in hand to hand combat.

BATTLE INFO: Her battle gear is blue and black. Adriana has no specific fighting style. She prefers any type of sword or a bow and arrow over a gun.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: She's a great swordsman and bowman. She loves to play sports, and collects hockey action figurines. She's in love with wolves. She really likes to read books and surf the internet.

HOCKEY STATS: Right defense; number 14

CASUAL WEAR: Adriana likes to wear flared jeans with a hole in the knee, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and sports hats.

MISC.: She has a pet husky named Ally that stays with Regina. Adriana's favorite music is rock and roll. She loves Mexican food. Adrianna has a Norwegian accent that gets thicker, when she's excited or angry. She can't stand it when Mallory becomes a military freak. Adriana can't stand any of the Saurians, except Wraith. She is single and doesn't have a crush. Her hockey idol is Patrick Roy.

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