Adara Starr Tealwing
Copyright 2003 Emerald L'Orange
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'3"
WEIGHT:108 lbs.
HAIR: White, just past shoulder length, bangs reaching to just above her eyes
EYES: Green
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Crippled since hatching, Adara is always on crutches (similar to those used by cerebral palsy and polio victims, with arm braces) or in a wheelchair.

HISTORY: Hatched with a crippling disease, Adara was always an outsider, kept out of public view by her parents, who viewed her as a blemish on their 'perfect' family. They took care of her but otherwise spent little time with her.
Home-schooled throughout her life, Adara excelled far beyond others her age. She began college level work at the age of thirteen, making outstanding grades in nearly every subject. However, her social skills never had much chance for development, and any contact with other ducks was often very awkward for her.
Adara's solitary lifestyle did not generally bother her, as she always had time to pursue her own interests, and consequently kept herself very busy. She became particularly interested in computers, which she discovered could serve as her 'portal' to the outside world, and she devoted a great deal of time to learning everything she could about the subject. She also became interested in exercise, despite her obvious limitations in such an activity. Through this, she built significant upper-body strength, which allowed her to have at least some measure of independence.
During the Saurian invasion, Adara was separated from her parents, both of whom later died in the work camps. Adara struggled to survive during this time, working as hard as she could considering her handicap, which she was all to aware posed a threat to her very life. She eventually attempted an escape from the work camps, and she was found, collapsed from exhaustion, by a 24-year-old drake by the name of Raiffe Blackfeather. Raiffe helped her hide from the Saurians and regain her strength, and the two became inseparable, sticking together long after Puckworld had begun to rebuild.*

PERSONALITY: Adara has, overall, a fairly pleasant personality. She is generally patient with her friends' shortcomings, but gets easily frustrated with her own limitations. She often refuses help, even when she needs it.

FLAWS: Due to her isolated childhood, Adara often had a difficult time around others, and does not trust easily.

BATTLE INFO: Though rarely involved in physical battles, Adara is fairly skilled with a pucklauncher, and was never without one during the invasion. Since the invasion, Adara has traded her pucklauncher for a simple dagger, which she keeps hidden in her wheelchair within easy reach. She rarely takes it out, however -- it is more of a 'security blanket' than anything.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Once Adara discovered the possibilities her computer opened up to her, it quickly became her favorite activity. She is capable of doing just about anything with a computer, from designing her own video games to hacking into computer systems thought to be 'un-hackable'.


CASUAL WEAR: Never having to worry about being 'fashionable' while growing up, Adara never bothers to impress anyone, generally dressing for comfort. Her outfit most often consists of jeans or sports pants, a t-shirt and/or sweatshirt, and sneakers. She also wears a headband to keep her hair out of her face, and fingerless gloves to protect her hands from receiving blisters from her wheelchair.

MISC.: Adara has a portable computer that she takes everywhere she goes. When she's not using it, she stores it in a pouch in the back of her wheelchair.
*While Adara and Raiffe are very close friends, they are not romantically involved. Their relationship is more akin to that of a brother and sister than to that of a boyfriend and girlfriend.

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