The Past Catches Up (part 3)




Small hands trembled as a figure approached the gates.  The chill of the evening wind wrapped around her and she heard the echo of her sister’s voice in her mind.

Don’t think about it Dee. Don’t talk to Darien.


I can’t Nyre. She sadly mused.

I can’t forget about this chance.  She sighed and raised a finger to the doorbell.

I need to know Nyre.  You can’t hide these things from me forever.

A painful sigh.  We’re sisters.  You’re my best friend.

The security guard nodded and opened the gates three minutes later.

I’m sorry.  I just hope you’ll forgive me after.

And Dee Kerse stepped onto the ground of the Alastair Estate.


* * *


“Hello.” Darien eyed the young lavender-eyed girl he’d met only days before at the park.  Dee nodded and smiled softly, following him into a very large living room.  The dark-haired, brown-eyed youth motioned for her to sit down.  “Thank you for coming.” He smiled weakly at her and sat down on the opposite couch.

“I know what a risk this is for you.” He paused and glanced down at his hands.  “And I appreciate your coming here.  But… but you could go back now… you could back out of this… then you wouldn’t have to feel guilty of…”

“Nyre’s my sister by the law… but I want to be her *sister*.” Her eyes showed determination.  “I can’t very well be that if…” she paused and bit her lip softly, “if I don’t know anything from her past.  Anything that could show me more of who she is.” A sad look came to her eyes.

“I know about her mother–her *real* mother… I met her… before… before she had to leave again.”  She glanced up at Darien.  “But I don’t know about the other missing pieces of her life.”  She held his gaze for a moment before speaking again.

“You have some of those missing pieces Darien Alastair.  You are a key to a door of her past.  I need to do this.” She paused.  “If not for me… for her.”

Darien nodded and found the irony of the situation.  He shook his head.  They were both close to Nyre.  Two people who cared for her so much, loved her so deeply… but knew nothing of the morbid past that was hers.  Sympathy tugged at his heartstrings and he glanced back at the smaller girl.

Yes.  She deserves to know.

“Dee… I met Nyre in Boston, but not as Nyre Leviste… as Sade Elise Mackenzie….”


* * *


Nyre peered into Dee’s room and closed the door softly.  She frowned.  Where could she be? The ebony-haired teen skipped over to Hacker and Ace’s room and rapped her fingers on the door.

The door slid open and Hacker peered out, wearing a pair of jeans, barefoot, bare-chested and with his hair slicked back.  There were marks of water droplets on the carpet beneath his feet.  He’d just finished changing – and bathing.

“Hey ‘gel.  Whadya need?” He flashed a grin at her and acted like a model.

“Oh puh-lease Hacker.  I know you’re gorgeous,” she smiled back, “but *pft*, sorry babe, I’m taken.” She laughed softly.

“Eh, whatever!” He ruffled her hair and she swatted his hand away.  “So seriously, what do you need?” He put on a serious look.

She put her hands on her hips.  “Have you seen Dee?”

The tall blond crossed his arms over his chest and frowned.  “No, last I saw her she was with Cassie and Dive.  Go ask them.”  He leaned on the doorframe.

“When was this?” Nyre shifted her weight to her other foot.

“This morning.”

“It’s seven in the evening.” She cocked one eyebrow.

“That’s why go ask *Dive* and Cas.”

“Whatever… thanks.” And she trotted off.


* * *


Dive glanced to Drake and Duke as they grinned at him.  Oh man… why’d I have to get so air-headed and challenge these two? He glanced down at the billiards table and checked how he could get the seventh ball into a pocket.

“We’re a-waitin’ oh *great* Divemaster.” Drake joked and leaned on the table.

“Yeah kid, get movin’!”

“Shaddup both o’ ya!” Dive raised both hands and breathed in softly, his hands going with the motion.  “You’re ruinin’ my con-cen-trey-syun!” A paper cup was thrown at his head seconds later.


Castel rolled her eyes and plopped herself down on the couch.  She glanced idly at her watch.  “It’s been five minutes Dive, get a move on!”

“Guys…?” All eyes turned to the new entry in the room.

“Mommy!!!” Castel jumped off the couch and gave Nyre a soft peck on the cheek.

“Hey sweetie.  Uh Dive…?” the petite human turned her attention to the blonde duck.  “Where’s Dee?”

“Eh?” Dive shot her a look.  “How am I s’posed to know? I’m not her keeper! Geez!” He got a bop on the noggin for that retort.  “Aw man, Duke! Watch the head!”

“And you, tape your beak.” Duke moved closer, sensing the growing concern in Nyre.  “What’s wrong angela?”

Nyre paused and her thoughts seemed to wander.  Finally, after a nudge from the older duck she smiled weakly at them and shook her head.  “I was just worried… barely saw her all day… and it’s nearly dinner time.  Wait, what time’s Wing, Mal and Tanya coming back?”

Drake checked his watched shrugged.  “Dunno kid, but considering what Phil’s cooked up since he came back from that trip to Hawaii… I’d estimate that they’d be back around eight or so.”

Nyre nodded.  “Okay, that works for me.” She glanced to the couch where her denim jacket had been lying since lunch and donned it.  “I’ll be back by then… Grin’s cooked up something… you guys eat ahead.” She turned to the door.


“Yeah Cassy?”

“Where are you going?”

Nyre sighed and turned to walk.  “Need to go for a walk… erm, drive on my cycle.  Be back soon.  Uhm, if Wing gets back early, just tell him to contact me via comm.” She shook her wristcomm for them to see and left.


* * *


“… and that’s how it happened.  Next thing I knew… she was gone.  I waited for her at school, looked for her at her friends’ houses and basically turned the whole neighborhood upside-down,” Darien sighed and glanced into his glass of water.  “She never even left an address.  No phone number, no way to contact her or keep in touch.  No nothing.” He smiled weakly, reminiscing and feeling the pain yet again.

“That was the price I had to pay for being less empathic about the situation.” He shook his head slowly.  “I could’ve tried a better approach… but anything that hits me like that, “ he snapped his fingers and sighed.  “I go nuts.  Change doesn’t come easy.”

Dee nodded and gave him a sympathetic smile.  “I guess it was the same with her…”

“What do you mean?” He shot her a quizzical look.

Dee smiled and blinked her lavender eyes.  “When I first met her… she was a loner.  She was so defensive… for a kid anyway.  So cynical at first… so morbid.” A wistful look came to her face.  “So clammed-up and afraid to be hurt again.”

Darien gave her a disbelieving smile.  “That’s hard to imagine you know.”

Dee grinned.  “I know.  But I… we… we’d had to work her out, show her that we could be trusted.  That we could be called friends.” She breathed softly.  “And eventually that time did come.  And it was a blessing for us both when my parents decided to adopt her.”

“Adopted? Then why doesn’t she use your last name?”

“To honor her mom and dad.  The family she never had the chance to live with for the past ten years or so.”

“And… the group you go with? Aren’t they…”

“Oh, the team? We spend a *lot* of time together.  The ducks and Drake go way back.” Darien raised one eyebrow.  “Long story.” Dee laughed.  “Hacker, Ace, Marri, Mel and myself have been together since our ‘Center’ days.” She paused.  “To Nyre… Drake, Duke, Dive, Hack and Ace are like older brothers.  Mal and Tanya are like older sisters.  Mar and Mel… their ages are closer so it’s like having another set of sisters you age to fool around with.  Me… you know my story.”

“Wait… there were the other two ducks.  Wildwing… right?” Dee nodded.  “And the youngest of the females… dare I say that she—”

“Looks like Nyre?” Dee smiled.  “I know, I mean, she *is* Nyre’s daughter.”



* * *


Where could she be? Nyre felt the wind blow against her face.  Driving through Anaheim on Sunday evenings was the best time one could choose.

No traffic, minimal noise… and the cool breeze blowing against your face.

She slowed the duckcycle down as she neared the Anaheim Teen Nightclub and saw Tish, the owner of the club, Levi, Ace and the twins step out for a moment.  “Hey!” She waved to her friends and was greeted by smiles and hugs.

Tish grinned, violet eyes sparkling and ran a hand through her natural, black-fade-to-blond-hair.  “You, my dear have not been coming lately.  The people in the club miss ya gal.”

Nyre grinned.  “I know Tish.  But Phil’s been keeping me busy a lot.”

“He should be ashamed of himself y’know?” A smile and a wink, “just send me a page or whatever okay? Now, what can we do for you?” Tish motioned to Levi and Ace (evidently out on a date), and the twins.

“Just one question: have you guys seen Dee?” Several shaking heads and ‘no’s’ were her immediate reply.

Mel paused and shushed the rest.  “Actually… I kind of saw her about an hour or two ago… but she couldn’t be there now.”

Nyre frowned and reached over, giving her friend’s hand a slight squeeze.  “Where?”

“The Mall.  She was hanging with Mook and Thrash.”

“Thanks!” Nyre quickly went back to her cycle and donned her helmet.  “Thanks again!” She waved as she drove off.


* * *


“Waitasecond… Nyre’s sixteen.”

Dee tried to stifle her amusement.

“How can that girl be her daughter? Besides… she’s—she’s—”


“A duck!”

Dee rolled her eyes.  “I just said that.”


Dee laughed softly and launched into the story of Castel’s life.  Darien was quiet the whole time, hands in a triangle position that covered his lips, his elbows balanced by his knees.

“So, Wing’s Castel’s father…?” the lavender-eyed girl nodded.  He paused and seemed absorbed in something.

“Darien?” Dee leaned forward and caught his attention.  “Something wrong?”

He smiled and shook his head.  “No,” he paused again.  “Nothing.  Really.  Uhm, Dee?”


“Are Nyre and Wing…”

“An item?”

A nod.

“Yes.  For some time now.”  She shot him a questioning look.  “Why?” He shook his head at her question.

“Just wanted to know….”


* * *


“Mook! Thrash! Wait up!”

The two teens turned and greeted Nyre gaily.  “Heya Nyrene! Wow! You look, like, great in that outfit!” Mook smiled and pointed to her get-up.

“Oh…? Thanks.  Oh yeah, uhm, I’m sorry… I’m in a rush.  Where’s Dee? Mel told me she was with you.” Nyre took deep breaths.

Thrash grinned, “oh yeah, she was!”

Nyre smiled thankfully.  “Great, do you know where she went?”

“To the house of some guy named Darien.”

Mook’s eyes went wide and she elbowed him in the ribs.  She laughed weakly, glancing back to Nyre, eyes pleading forgiveness.

The color had now drained from the smaller girl’s face.

“Nyre…? Angel…? You o… oh my.” Thrash grimaced remembering.  He scratched the back of his head.  “Uhm… yeah, I, uh, I forgot… you weren’t supposed to know.”

Nyre sighed, disappointment showing.  “It’s okay.” She whispered.  She reached for their hands and clasp them in her own.  “Thank you.” And turned to go to her bike.

“I’m sorry Nyre! She said she had something to do!”

Nyre continued to walk.

“When she told us not to tell you we tried to talk her out of it!”

She turned and smiled weakly.  “Thanks!” She called to the two as she got on the cycle and sped towards the mansion on the far side of town.

Dee… how could you…?


* * *


Dee walked quietly to the gate, Darien at her side.

“Uhm…” she searched for the words.  “Uhm… thank you.  For taking time to talk Darien… you’ve helped me a lot… concerning Nyre.”

The youth simply smiled sadly and nodded, digging his hands into his pockets.  “Actually… I should thank you.” He sighed.  “I really shouldn’t have asked you to come.  Especially when erm… Nyre doesn’t want you to find out about stuff like this…” He smiled again.  “Well, I guess you should go.” He paused and glanced into the dark street.  “I could have a cab called, if you like… it’s pretty dark out there.”

Dee began to nod, “she won’t need one.” Came a voice form the darkness.

The shadows shifted and Nyre approached.  Dee blanched in the process. “I brought a duckcycle.  We can both ride home that way.” Ebony eyes turned to Darien.  “How much have you told her…?” there was a slight tremble in her voice.

“All she wanted to know.” He replied.

A pause.

“Let’s go Nyre…” Dee reached for her sister’s hand, but the look that she was given stopped her.  “Aa… Nyre….”

The teen shook her head and turned to the cycle.  “I don’t want to talk right now Dee.”

Lavender eyes dropped to the ground.  “I only did it because of how much you mean to me.”

A sigh.

“Let’s go.”




What the hell?!

“Nyre!” came a soft cry.

The teen got up, feeling her whole world shaking.

She glanced sharply to the direction of the shout.  Dee pushed herself up slowly, a cut forming just above her brow.

The duckcycle was in flames.

Nyre frowned and felt her chest begin to tighten and her fists tense as shimmering green appeared right across the street.

“DEE!!! MOVE!!!” She screamed and shifted into her battle gear.

Why now?

Nyre slung out her blaster and shot several pucks at the approaching drones.

“DARIEN! GET IN THE HOUSE!!!” The youth blanched and rushed in the gate.

“NYRE!!!” came a shriek.  She spun to see Chameleon shift into a python and wrap himself around her sister.

“GET AWAY FROM HER YOU FREAK!!!” She drew out her saber and charged the Saurian, but fell short as a violet blast knocked her to the wall.

“Tsk, tsk, child.  Careless aren’t we?”

Nyre shook her head and glanced up to see Wraith looking down on her.

“Seige, you handle the little wench.”

Wing…. Guys…. Nyre clicked on the emergency button on her comm.  “Easy now Dee… Don’t move too much.” She whispered softly to the other girl at her side.


* * *


Gotta help them.

Darien rushed into the manor and quickly grabbed the phone.

Gotta call for help.

He shakily dialed 911.

“Hello, 911…”


What would he say? Those things… outside….


He coughed, clearing his throat.  “Hello, this is Darien Alastair, I need help now! Two of my friends are outside and these… these *things*…. Big, ugly looking lizard men…” He breathed.

No, that wouldn’t work.  They wouldn’t believe him.

He slammed down the receiver.

What to do?

He glanced up to see the glass casing where his father kept the family rifle.

Not bothering to look for the keys, he broke the glass and grabbed it along with the bullets.


* * *


“There!” Tanya pointed to where Nyre and Dee were being dragged off.

“I’m out!” Dive opened the Migrator’s door and jumped out.

“Dive! What the hell—”

“Sorry Wing!” the blond Avian tumbled out and raced towards his needing friends.  “Hey! Blubberball!” He called to Seige.  “Take this!” He shot a gas-puck in the oversized lizard’s direction.


He heard footsteps come from behind him.  No time to wait.  He rushed into the fray.

“Nyre! Dee!” He called into the smoke.

“Gotcha there buddy!”

“Argh!” Dive hit the pavement.

“Dive!” Came the sound of Mallory’s voice as she kicked Chameleon from behind.  “You okay kiddo?” She asked as she helped him up.

“Never better Mally.” He grinned weakly.  “Where’s Wing?”

“Went after Nyre.”


* * *


He could see her struggling as Wraith kept her hands behind her.

Dee was unconscious.



Wing dropped flat on the ground as a natural reaction to the gunshot.

Who on Earth?!

“Let her go.”

A youth holding a shotgun came into view through the smoke.

“Darien…” came Nyre’s soft gasp.  “Dar! No! Go away! You can’t handle this!”

“Let her go…” a cringe.  “Whatever you are.”

“Psh… foolish human.  You really don’t know what you’re dealing with.”

Gives me time.  Wing pushed himself off the ground and raised his launched a puck at the sorcerer who, startled, somehow managed to dodge in time.  “Wraith… let Nyre go.”  The Avian’s eyes narrowed and took aim.

“Oh, so it’s you Wildwing.” The emaciated Saurian narrowed his fathomless eyes.  A cruel smile came to what could be said as his lips.  “You mean this girl…?” He levitated Nyre five feet in the air.

A small shriek escaped her.

“I don’t think so.” A laugh escaped him.  “Lord Dragaunus wants her… and I must oblige.”


A second shot was fired, sending the staff the wizard held to clatter on the cement.

Rage filled the saurian, and a violet blast was sent towards the youth.

“DARIEN!!!!” came Nyre’s warning cry…

A little too late.





To Be Continued…