By Marina LeWebb


The Ducks are playing against the New Jersey Mighty Frogs. Roy Firestone is in his skybox.

FIRESTONE: It's the grudge match of the century, folks: The Anaheim Mighty Ducks versus Anaheim's former home team, the New Jersey Mighty Frogs! But center Duke L'Orange has been anything but mighty tonight, and Mallory has just barely been able to keep the game tied at 2 in the third period!

On the ice, Mallory has the puck and is taking it up. Duke has a clear shot at the goal, and Mallory fakes a pass to him. A Frog checks him into the wall.

FIRESTONE (VO): And Duke hits the boards!

DUKE: Thanks for rubbin' it in, pal.

The check creates an opening and Mallory passes to Nosedive. He loses the puck, however, to a Frog.

FIRESTONE (VO): And the puck is back with the Frogs. Duke is really off his game tonight, and Mallory is making the best of it with her patented Decoy maneuver. You gotta hand it to her, she knows how to work with what she's got!

Duke is checked again.

FIRESTONE (con't): On the other hand, Duke is getting checked an awful lot.

Tanya recovers the puck and passes it to the only open Duck. This happens to be Duke. Duke manages to receive the pass and takes it up the middle. He avoids the right defenseman, but soon finds himself lying flat on the ice. He looks up to see who tripped him, and realizes it was Mallory. His eye narrows.

DUKE: If there's one thing I hate, it's a puckhog.

He pulls himself up. Mallory has lost the puck, and Duke is obviously ready to show her a thing or two. He speeds down the ice and circles round the Frogs' center with lightening speed. Before the Frog realizes that he no longer has the puck, Duke is already back up the ice and skating circles around the defense. The Frogs have caught up to him, though, and he finds himself facing both Frog defenders.

MALLORY: Duke, pass!

Duke pauses for a moment as though to ignore her.

FIRESTONE (VO): Uh-oh, it looks like Duke is going to snub his own teammate!

Instead Duke passes the puck in between the Frog defense, and the now vulnerable goal is penetrated by one of Mal's awesome slap shots.

FIRESTONE (con't): Mallory scores!

Mallory looks for Duke to give him a high-four, but he is already facing off. She scurries to get on sides.


The Ducks triumphantly burst in, cheering.

WILDWING: Alright team! Way to come back!

Duke confronts Mallory.

DUKE: (Angrily) Alright, what the heck was that all about!?

MALLORY: You were totally off your game, Duke.

MALLORY (con't): (Shoving him playfully) I thought if I got you a little mad you might have some motivation.

Duke folds his arms.

DUKE: Is that so?

MALLORY: It worked, didn't it?

Duke tries to think of a response.

WILDWING: She's got you there, pal

DUKE: (Throwing up his hands) Great, now they're gangin' up on me!

Mallory pats him on the back.

MALLORY: Don't take it too hard. Everyone has an off day.

DUKE: (Shaking his head) Yeah, well I've been havin more than my fair share lately.

WILDWING: (Concerned) You haven't been yourself, that's for sure. Is something wrong?

Duke shrugs off the question.

DUKE: Ahh, I just got stuff on my mind. That's all.

WILDWING: (Unconvinced) Well, if you're sure...

DUKE: Come on, Wing, I'm fine! Let's go out and celebrate- dinner on me!

Nosedive slaps him on the back.

NOSEDIVE: Can't argue with that, Duke-Man! Am I ever up for some triple-anchovy and pineapple pizza!

Grin looks at him with disgust.

GRIN: I suggest we go for sushi.

TANYA: There's this great Indian place downtown.

Duke ushers them out of the locker room, all arguing about where to eat.


The team is sprawled on the floor, each with their own take out box. Wildwing has a box containing hamburger and French fries, Mallory has moved on to Cherry Garcia ice cream, Grin munches on sushi with a pair of chopsticks, and Tanya has laid various Indian sauces out in front of her, experimenting with dipping combinations. Nosedive lies on his stomach, in front of a pizza box, next to Duke, who is eating jambalaya. Nosedive sticks his beak in Duke's bowl.

NOSEDIVE: Pee-yu! Man, what garbage can did that crawl out of?

Duke shoves him aside.

DUKE: You got no class, Nosedive.

NOSEDIVE: (Snorting) Oh, there's a tear-jerker.

MALLORY: (Around a spoonful of ice cream) Guys, don't you think Dragaunus has been awfully quiet lately?

Tanya shrugs, dipping.

TANYA: There's always about a week in between schemes.

Wildwing flips a French fry into his mouth.

WILDWING: Still, there's nothing keeping us from searching for him. It would be nice to stop whatever he's planning before it starts.

TANYA: Well, I'm almost done restructuring Drake 1's drive system. We could definitely use it to look for the Raptor.

WILDWING: That new power cell working out okay?

TANYA: You bet! The Nova Ray must've had some really powerful functions to use all that energy. I wish I'd had a better look at it.

Nosedive rolls onto his side, propping his head up on his hand.

NOSEDIVE: Hey, I remember that! Wasn't that the episode where Dragaunus brought that babe Marina-

Mallory clamps a hand on his beak and glares at him.

MALLORY: (Whispering) Watch it!

She looks at Duke to see if he heard. He is paying a little too much attention to a piece of shrimp that has fallen out of his bowl, dissecting it with his fork and knife, careful not to look up. His face, evidently trying to be devoid of emotion, has a solemn look of concentration on it, as though the shrimp's innards are a terribly grave matter that require all of his focus. Mallory exchanges meaningful looks with Nosedive.

MALLORY: (Aside) Would you like the honor?

Nosedive grins.

NOSEDIVE: (Aside) Girl, I thought you'd never ask.

He picks up Mallory's soda, stands, and pours it down the back of Duke's shirt. Duke jumps up and spins on Dive.

DUKE: (Angrily) You are gonna severely regret the day you were hatched, kid.

NOSEDIVE: (Goading him) Oh yeah? Well lookin at your ugly mug has done that already, bub!

Duke tackles Dive and begins wrestling him. Mallory shakes her head.

MALLORY: On the ice or off, all Duke needs to get out of a slump is a little antagonizing.

Duke has Nosedive in a headlock and starts rumpling his hair.

NOSEDIVE: No! Not the hair! Helpmehelpmehelpme!

DUKE: Say Uncle!

NOSEDIVE: (Needlessly loud) UNCLE!!!!

Nosedive's volume startles Duke into falling to the floor, releasing Nosedive. They rest for a moment. Mallory shakes her head again.

MALLORY: Is it possible that they're even more juvenile when they're together?

Duke props himself up on an elbow.

DUKE: (Thrusting his thumb at his chest indignantly) Hey, I'm the mature one, remember?

He grabs Nosedive's arm and pulls himself to his feet.

GRIN: Going somewhere?

DUKE: Yeah, to change my shirt!

Duke walks to his room, grumbling the whole way. Wildwing lets himself laugh.

WILDWING: You play him like a hockey puck, Mal.

Mallory sighs happily.

MALLORY: I know. I am good, aren't I?

NOSEDIVE: Hey, what am I, moldy pizza crust?

TANYA: (Laughing) Not even. Moldy pizza crust has potential medicinal value.

NOSEDIVE: (Retaliating) But can it skateboard?

Wildwing shakes his head.

WILDWING: I just wish there was something we could do about setting up a dimensional gateway. Then we could rescue Marina. And Canard.

Tanya stands.

TANYA: Well, I could work on it. Now that I have this new power source, Drake 1 has an unlimited number of possible functions. Maybe I could rig something up. Y'know, a temporary portal to dimensional limbo.

Wildwing sits up.

WILDWING: Could you do that?

TANYA: Well, I mean I could try. (Snorting slightly) No promises, though. I mean, Dragaunus had some serious technology when he created his gateway generator. I'm afraid this is beyond 'Lectric Land.

Wildwing sighed.

WILDWING: Do what you can.

TANYA: I'll get right on it, Wildwing.

Wildwing looks down the hall where Duke has gone.

WILDWING: Don't tell Duke. He took Marina's loss really hard. I don't want to get his hopes up.


Siege is having problems.

SIEGE: (Threatening The Chameleon) I'm gonna choke you so hard you'll be able to use a doughnut fer a hula hoop!

The Chameleon holds up his hands defensively.

CHAMELEON: Siegie, sweetheart, everyone makes mistakes! Heh heh... you wouldn't wanna do anything hasty to your ol' pal Chameleon, would ya?

SIEGE: C'mere you-

DRAGAUNUS (OS): What is going on here?

They turn slowly to see the Overlord standing over them with his arms folded and a sneer on his face.

SIEGE: Lord Dragaunus, someone- (Looking reprovingly at The Chameleon) spilled soda on the computer console and shorted out the gateway generator.


The Chameleon cowers before him.

CHAMELEON: It was all Siege's fault, Lord Dragaunus! I was framed I tell ya! Set up! He arranged the whole scheme so I could take the fall! I swear it!.


The Chameleon becomes silent. Dragaunus leans over him menacingly.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): You'd better get that generator operational. (Flicking The Chameleon in the head with his long fingernail) Because if it's not up and running, you will be.


Dark. Tanya works steadily on Drake 1, a small work light by her side. A digital clock says 1: 23. Mallory enters, wearing a short pink robe.

MALLORY: (Yawning) Tanya? What are you doing up, it's after one o'clock!

Tanya looks up, coming out of her concentration.

TANYA: Huh? Oh- really?

She looks at the clock.

TANYA (con't): Oh, you're right.

She goes back to work. Mallory approaches, peering at the computer screen.

MALLORY: You still working on that gateway generator?

TANYA: Yeah. It would sure be nice to get Marina and Canard out of dimensional limbo.

MALLORY: For the team's sake and for the mental health of our teammates.

TANYA: Teammate, you mean.

MALLORY: Hey, Wildwing took Canard's disappearance hard.

TANYA: He's mostly gotten over it, though. Duke, on the other hand, is still miserable about Marina, and she disappeared months ago!

MALLORY: Well, I wouldn't say-

TANYA: (Typing) He tries to hide it. Does a pretty good job, too, but it's an act.

MALLORY: Well, you'd know. You saw Marina get sucked into the gateway.

TANYA: Yeah, and I saw Duke change the second it happened. Not to mention seeing him tuck Marina's glove into his jersey before every game and back into his shirt afterwards.

MALLORY: (Folding her arms) You could've clued in the rest of us.

Tanya shrugs.

TANYA: I just wanna put a stop to this before Duke does something...

She looks for a word.

MALLORY: Dangerous? Stupid?.TANYA: Well, y'know, something.

She punches in a programming code.

COMPUTER: Invalid Command

TANYA: (Grumbling) Ungrateful pile of scrap. I created these commands, I decide what's invalid!

Tanya crawls under the console and opens the power drill in her Omnitool. Mallory yawns.

MALLORY: Well, I'm goin to bed. And if you're half as smart as you think you are, you'll do the same.

TANYA: In a minute, Mallory. You go ahead.

Mallory leaves. Tanya unscrews a panel and pulls out a programming chip. She holds it up to her work light and examines it, adjusting her eye shield.

TANYA (con't): (Thinking aloud) Maybe if I use the teleportation detector to break down the teleportation process, I can figure out how to teleport, and then-

She shakes her head.

TANYA (con't): And then what? What you need, Tanya, is a clue. What I wouldn't give for a good look at the Raptor's gateway generator.

With another sigh, she attaches a code override to the chip and reinstalls it.

TANYA (con't): (Grumbling) So it's come to this. I'm hacking into my own computer. (Yawning) Well, it's faster than reprogramming the whole thing.

She yawns again and shakes her head to clear it.

TANYA (con't): What time did Mallory say it was...


Siege hunches over the computer console.

SIEGE: (Triumphantly) There! The gateway generator is back on line!

The Chameleon puts a hand on Siege's chest, gently moving him over.

CHAMELEON: Not bad, Siegie. Now step aside and let a pro catch your mistakes.

He types in an apparently random key sequence and nods in approval.

CHAMELEON (con't): Mm hmm, mm hmm. It all checks out.

Siege folds his arms irritably.

SIEGE: Are you done?

CHAMELEON: (Typing in another random sequence) Jus' lemme check one more thing, and then I'll-

The console begins to beep. Siege shoves him aside and quickly begins punching in commands.

SIEGE: You idiot! You just activated the dimensional gateway!

The beeping stops and they wait, not knowing what will appear before them. What does appear surprises them more than anything they could have imagined- nothing. They sigh in relief. Siege turns on The Chameleon.

SIEGE (con't): You're just lucky I aborted in time.

While his back is turned, The Chameleon morphs his head to look like Siege.

CHAMELEON: (As Siege, under his breath)You're just lucky I aborted in time.

By the time Siege turns back on him, he has morphed back into himself and is smiling lovingly. Siege turns back to the computer, grumbling.


Dark. Nosedive, wearing a blue bath robe and fuzzy slippers, his puck blaster in hand, creeps through the hallway leading to the Ready Room.

NOSEDIVE: (Dramatically) It's all up to you, Divey ol' boy. The team is fast asleep, unaware of the peril that lurks all around them, the peril that can only be thwarted by one brave, powerful, brutally handsome duck- Nosedive, Master of Disaster!

As he turns the corner into the Ready Room, the blaster is pulled from his hands. He is flipped onto his back and a foot is placed firmly on his chest. Nosedive squeaks with fright and surprise.

MALLORY: (Turning on the light) Alright you, you'd better-

She stops as she looks down and sees that she has just vanquished Nosedive. He grins up at her.

NOSEDIVE: Hey Mal. Y'know, you don't have to hunt your midnight snacks- we've got plenty of chips in the fridge!

Mallory steps off his chest and tightens the belt on her robe.

MALLORY: What are you doing here?

Nosedive stands.

NOSEDIVE: (Defensively) I heard a noise, okay? I wanted to check it out so you all weren't murdered in your sleep.

MALLORY: I heard it too. But if you-

She is interrupted by a soft snoring coming from behind them. They turn to see Tanya under the computer, asleep in mid-installation. They walk over to her.

NOSEDIVE: Man, hasn't she heard of coffee?

MALLORY: Hasn't she heard of going to bed? (Snorting) I know she has. I introduced the concept to her three hours ago!

Nosedive kneels next to her and peers under the computer. As he fits the computer panel back on, Mallory shakes Tanya gently.

NOSEDIVE: She must've dropped something.

Tanya stirs.

TANYA: Huh, wha- what happened? (Sitting up) The last thing I remember was... Marina!

Mallory looks quizzically at Nosedive. If he has an explanation, he hides it very well.

MALLORY: (Helping her up) You were dreaming, Tanya. You fell asleep under Drake 1. You've gotta start going to bed on time!

Tanya gets her bearings. Suddenly, she gasps.

TANYA: Where's Duke?


Duke is asleep. His door opens, quietly enough not to disturb him. A shade-shrouded intruder enters silently and, equally silently, begins going through his things. Drawers are opened, clothing rummaged through, and furniture noiselessly upturned. Finally, the target of the search is uncovered, a small cloth object in the drawer of Duke's night table. A shadow-covered hand grabs it and holds it for a moment. The next moment finds a sword at Duke's throat.

DUKE: (Eyes closed) If this is my wake-up call, it's pretty shoddy service.

His one eye opens and his eye patch blinks on. As light fills the room he winces, sitting up, and his mouth drops open as he sees who has flipped the switch.

DUKE (con't): Marina!

Marina in ripped, dirty clothing, her braid dishevelled and coming loose. Marina with one glove missing and a hollow, desperate look to her. But Marina nonetheless. She sheaths her sword.

MARINA: (Disoriented) I'm sorry, I didn't know how you'd react. I- I was looking. I didn't know- it could've been anything- I'll clean it up. (She turns to him suddenly, her desperation showing) Please be real, Duke!

As she pleads with him incoherently, Duke gets up and sits her down on his bed, kneeling in front of her. He is wearing faded blue boxers.

DUKE: (Calming her) Mari, Mari, slow down! It's okay. I'm real. See?

He touches her face. She holds his hand to her cheek, as though she can't let herself believe her own senses. She throws her arms around him, clutching him with relief. When she pulls away she looks decidedly more calm.

MARINA: I'm sorry about the mess. And about the sword. I didn't want you to attack me, thinking I was a thief or a kidnapper. And as for the room-

She holds up her right glove. The glove she had lost when sucked into Dragaunus's dimensional gateway. The glove Duke has kept with him always.

MARINA (con't): I wanted to be sure you had this.

DUKE: (Confused) Why?

MARINA: I didn't know where I was. I had to find some kind of dimensional ID. For some reason, this did it..

DUKE: I don't get it. How'd you get here? I thought you were in dimensional limbo.

Marina shuts her eyes as though trying to repress a memory. She opens them and tries to speak.


Her breathing gets heavy, and it's clear that she's scared. This surprises Duke.

DUKE: (Attempting to soothe her) It's okay, it's okay. It doesn't matter.

He sits on the bed and puts his arm around her.

DUKE (con't): You hurt?

She shakes her head. She breathes deeply, visibly trying to calm herself. She grips Duke's arm.

DUKE (con't): (In pain) Uh, Mari, ya mind layin off the muscle there?

MARINA: (Releasing him) Sorry. I'm kind of edgy.

DUKE: (Gently) You jus tell me whatever you wanna tell me.

His door flies open and reveals Tanya. Nosedive and Mallory, behind her, visibly go from mildly confused to completely shocked. None speak. Duke breaks the dumbfounded silence.

DUKE (con't): You remember Marina.

MALLORY: (Finding her tongue) What the heck is going on?

DUKE: Well y'see-

NOSEDIVE: (Stepping in) Um, dude and dudettes? I love exposition as much as the next duck, but this is a half-hour show. So let's just cut to the Ready Room so we don't have to go through this twice, 'k?


Everyone is awake by now, grudgingly so. All except Tanya are in their sleepwear, though Duke has put on a T-shirt. Their attention is on Marina. Duke's bath robe has been draped around her shoulders, her swords are on the table, and she is sipping from a mug. She wears both gloves, and Duke stands with a protective hand on her shoulder. She still looks a little frazzled, but a good deal calmer. Duke is finishing up his explanation.

DUKE: And that's right about when these three showed up.

He jerks an indicating thumb at Mallory, Nosedive, and Tanya.

TANYA: (To Marina) But, how did you get here?

Marina pulls Duke's robe around her.

MARINA: I don't know. One minute- (Pause) There was a blue light all around me, and suddenly I was here.

GRIN: Here, in the Pond?

Marina laughs sheepishly.

MARINA: Well, no. On the street outside. By the way, you kind of have a hole in your door.

Nosedive glances down at her sharp swords and gives a low whistle.

MARINA (con't): (Apologetically) I guess I could have broken in with more finesse, but I wasn't really thinking.

TANYA: It sounds like some instability was created in the fabric of the dimensional barrier. Not that I really have any idea.

WILDWING: What's it like there? In dimensional limbo?

Marina lowers her eyes quickly, staring into her mug. She opens her beak to talk, but then closes it again, shutting her eyes.

DUKE: (Conclusively) I'd say it's about bedtime, guys. We can finish this tomorrow.

TANYA: You can stay in my room. (Rising) I'd better go fix that door.

Wildwing puts a hand on her shoulder.

WILDWING: You'd better go to sleep, you mean. I'll fix the door.



Tanya goes. Duke follows her, leading Marina. Wildwing shakes his head.

WILDWING (con't): Whatever happened to her, she obviously doesn't want to talk about it.

He looks to Grin, Mallory, and Dive.

WILDWING (con't): I suggest we respect that.

Nosedive gives him a thumbs-up sign.

NOSEDIVE: Got it Bro. Ix nay on the Imbo lay.

Mallory glances in the direction Duke has gone.

MALLORY: Duke should be glad to have her back.

GRIN: Perhaps he can find peace now that she is safe.

Nosedive snorts slightly.

NOSEDIVE: And now that she's not trying to lock him up.


Tanya opens her door and lets Duke and Marina in.

TANYA: You set up a cot, Duke. I'm gonna, um, ah, y'know, find some pillows.

Her excuse finished, she leaves them alone. Duke pulls a cot from Tanya's closet and begins to unfold it. Marina stands, watching him.

MARINA: How long was I gone?

DUKE: (Fitting on the sheets) Coupla months.

MARINA: That's all?

DUKE: Yeah.

MARINA: It felt like longer.

DUKE: (Under his breath) Yeah.

He straightens, finished.

DUKE (con't): That should do ya for the night.

Marina takes off his robe and puts it around his shoulders.

MARINA: Thanks. Good night.

DUKE: If you need anything, I don't care what time it is, you come get me, okay? You got that?.Marina nods and gives him a hug.

DUKE (con't): It's good to have you back, Marina.

MARINA: It's good to be back.


Dragaunus bellows as the Sun rises in the cockpit window.

DRAGAUNUS: What is the meaning of this!?!

Siege looks at the computer screen. In green letters is written "Gateway transmission completed: 4:22 AM".

DRAGAUNUS (con't): "Gateway transmission completed". What do you suppose that means, Siege?

Siege gulps.

SIEGE: It- it must be some kind of mistake, Lord Dragaunus.

The Saurian Overlord turns on his henchman.

DRAGAUNUS: It had better be. If you released our guest into the outside world, we are all in considerable trouble.

He pauses, turning.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): We will open the gateway as scheduled. If he's still there, we may need him more than ever. Who knows what you've let into this dimension.


The next morning. Marina is outside Duke's room. She is wearing a far too tight, skinny-strapped, white tank top that stops well above her navel, and a sarong skirt that comes halfway between her knee and ankle. She can breath, but it is obviously after some practice. She tugs on the shirt as she knocks on the door.

DUKE (VO): Come in.

She opens the door to find Duke going over some hockey plays with Wildwing.

MARINA: Duke, where can I get some clothes? Mine are practically torn to shreds, and this is the best fit I could get from Mallory's closet.

Duke looks at her.

DUKE: Yikes! Didn't Tanya have anything?

Marina tugs at the shirt.

MARINA: Jumpsuits are less accommodating.

WILDWING: There's a mall not far from here. Do you have any money?

MARINA: No. Do they take this? She produces a green credit card. Duke and Wildwing peer at it.

DUKE: (Surprised) Actually... they do.

WILDWING: Where did you get that?

MARINA: I got it in the mail back on Puckworld.

DUKE: Why'd ya bring it here?

MARINA: Someone told me not to leave home without it.

Duke and Wildwing look at each other and shrug. Wildwing looks at Marina thoughtfully.

WILDWING: You might be around here for awhile, and you're going to need a job. Do you play hockey?

DUKE: Does she play hockey! You should see this girl's offense! She'd bench any one of us.

WILDWING: Maybe you could join our professional hockey team. When you get back we'll see if you live up to Duke's praise.

DUKE: Forget living up to it- she surpasses it.

Marina smiles and leaves. Duke watches her go. Wildwing nudges him.


Duke snaps out of it.

DUKE: Huh? Oh, what?

Wildwing smiles.

WILDWING: Glad to see you're back to your old self.


The Saurians gather in the cockpit of the Raptor, anxious. Dragaunus drums his claws on the console impatiently while Siege makes some final adjustments. A gateway forms, and a tall, imposing, reptilian silhouette becomes visible. Everyone straightens. The figure steps from the portal.

Ophidian is taller and broader than Dragaunus, and his scales are more brown, but the similarity is obvious. He sees his fellow Overlord and folds his arms.

OPHIDIAN: So, Dragaunus. You've come crawling to me for help in one of your half-baked, ill-fated schemes.

Dragaunus sneers sardonically.

DRAGAUNUS: Something like that.

Wraith flings a green cloud of dust at Ophidian, and the newcomer finds himself pinned against the wall. Siege claps chains around his wrists, holding him there.

OPHIDIAN: You're a fool, Dragaunus. My powers are ten times more powerful then any of your lackeys'. And far more powerful than yours.

DRAGAUNUS: That is debatable, Ophidian. And also irrelevant. These chains are no magic charms. They are technological restraints that the most powerful magic in this dimension or any other couldn't break.

OPHIDIAN: You've brought me from one prison to trap me in another?

DRAGAUNUS: (Gesturing to Wraith) A temporary one.

Wraith steps up to Ophidian and puts mechanical wristbands on his arms. The Overlord squirms in his bonds, trying to retaliate. When Wraith finishes, the chains open. With a roar, Ophidian thrusts his hand at Dragaunus, apparently trying to cast a spell. Nothing happens.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): As you see, magic has been defeated by technology. These bands keep you from using your powers against us.

OPHIDIAN: (Furiously) You'll pay for this, Runt!

DRAGAUNUS: (Bored) Not by your hands. Don't worry, I have targets on whom you can redirect your rage. And I suggest you cooperate if you want to stay out of dimensional limbo, not to mention alive.

Ophidian growls, but Dragaunus continues.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): Your title as Saurian Overlord no longer has any meaning. You are under my control.

He grins.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): So good to see you again, Father.


Duke and Wildwing run into the Ready Room while Drake 1's alarm sounds around them.

WILDWING: Tanya, what's up?

TANYA: There's teleportation downtown. But get this- Drake 1 counts five teleporters.


Nosedive counts on his fingers.

NOSEDIVE: But that's like, one too many, isn't it?

WILDWING: They're up to something. Something big. I can taste it.

MALLORY: We'd better get down there pronto!

DUKE: Marina's still out. We can't just leave!

WILDWING: We don't have time to worry about her. Let's move!

They run to the Hangar.


Marina walks through the mall, wearing jeans, a blue T-shirt, her gloves, and her boots. She carries a shopping bag. Everyone around her is gasping, whispering, and pointing at her.

MARINA: (Under her breath) I didn't realize how crowded this planet was.

Some young children run up to her, one of them waving an autograph book.

GIRL: Hey! Are you a new Mighty Duck?

BOY: Sign my autograph book!

MARINA: (Under her breath) Looks like my new friends are pretty famous.

Marina hastily signs the book and runs into a nearby clothing store.


Marina sighs with relief as the door closes behind her. At the counter, a salesman and saleswoman see her.

SALESWOMAN: (Excitedly) It's a Mighty Duck!

They glide over to her.

SALESMAN: Hello Miss. How can I help you?

The Saleswoman eclipses him.

SALESWOMAN: Can I show you an evening dress? Something black and sequined!

The Salesman pushes her aside.

SALESMAN: We have an extensive swimwear selection. Any number of our styles would compliment your stripes perfectly!

Marina backs up.

MARINA: Listen, I'm not much of a shopper-

SALESWOMAN: Of course, I'll help you with every single decision!

They pull her further into the store.

MARINA: (Under her breath) I'm beginning to miss dimensional limbo.


On the street in front of the International Embassy, Siege and The Chameleon fire laser shots in the air. Wraith and Dragaunus stand behind them menacingly, Wraith wielding a fireball. While the humans flee in terror, The Chameleon laughs gleefully.

CHAMELEON: I love the smell of panic in the morning!

DUKE (OS): Why don't ya pick on someone yer own IQ?

The Chameleon turns to find the Ducks arranged in front of the Migrator.

DUKE (con't): Or can't you find anybody that dumb?

He parries the blaster bolt that comes shooting at him. The fighting begins. Wildwing lunges at Dragaunus and begins grappling with him. Grin faces off with Siege while Nosedive and The Chameleon take turns shoving each other. Mallory tries to wrestle Wraith's quarterstaff from his grasp.

TANYA: (Pointing at the Embassy) Duke, whatever they're after is in that building.

DUKE: I'm right behind ya!

They run around the side of the building.


They are in a side alley. In the shadow, they see a bulky, threatening, Saurian form. They stop, shocked.

DUKE: Dragaunus! But how-

Ophidian steps from the darkness and grabs the front of Duke's shirt, lifting him off the ground.

OPHIDIAN: How dare you call me by that weakling's name, you feathered simpleton!

He shakes Duke until the saber falls from his grasp. Meanwhile, Tanya has picked up a nearby garbage lid, and is now hurling it straight at Ophidian's head. He gestures, and the cover freezes in mid air.

TANYA: Uh oh.


The good guys are winning. Nosedive has The Chameleon in a headlock, and though he squirms and morphs into all kinds of shapes, Nosedive holds on. Mallory wrests the staff from Wraith's hands and fights him with it. Grin swings Siege around by his tail. Dragaunus and Wildwing grapple tirelessly, neither giving the other an inch. Ophidian emerges, holding Tanya and Duke aloft.

OPHIDIAN: Cease this scrambling!

The scrambling ceases.

OPHIDIAN (con't): If you wish for your friends to live another minute, release those lizards!.The lizards are released. Dragaunus chuckles.

DRAGAUNUS: I see you two have already met my Father.

DUKE: (Squirming) Yeah. The resemblance is staggering.

NOSEDIVE: You're Dragaunus's dad? Did he like, wet his bed when he was a kid?

DUKE: I bet he still does.

OPHIDIAN: (Shaking him) Silence, worthless maggot!

NOSEDIVE: He even speaks the same lingo! Daddy's about as good lookin' too. Man, I wonder what his mother must have-

Ophidian turns to Nosedive with a glare. Dive's hands leap to his throat as his power of speech is removed.

OPHIDIAN: Really, Dragaunus. Are these pathetic parakeets what have kept you from global domination? You really are a disgrace. They are not only feeble, but noble besides.

WILDWING: (Indicating Duke and Tanya) You said you'd let them go.

OPHIDIAN: I said that you should stop if you wanted them to live. You did, and your request was noted. And then denied!

He throws the two ducks to the ground.

OPHIDIAN (con't): I see you are stupid as well. Now you can watch them die!

As he speaks, Tanya and Duke begin to emanate with a red light. Their bodies convulse. Mallory jumps up and lunges for the Overlord. He freezes her in mid air.


Marina escapes the shop, another bag in her hand, and sighs. Suddenly, the mall is teeming with screaming humans having run from the street. A woman runs straight into Marina and grabs her arms, shaking her.

WOMAN: You have to do something! We're being attacked by giant lizards!

MARINA: Dragaunus! What I wouldn't do for a sword. (Looking around) No time to go back to the Pond...

She runs in the direction of the screams, fighting the throng. She goes down a side alley and trips over a hard, gleaming object.

MARINA (con't): (Picking it up) Duke's saber! (Opening the blade) This is more like it.

She runs out into the street.


Duke and Tanya are on the ground, shaking. Mallory is in a contorted paralysis, with Wildwing and Grin just behind her. Nosedive grasps his throat desperately, apparently unable to breathe.

OPHIDIAN: Now do you see, Dragaunus? With my Saurian powers, I accomplish easily what has plagued you for so long.

DRAGAUNUS: Then finish them already.


Marina silently runs into the street and sees Ophidian controlling the spasms of Tanya and Duke. She runs up behind him.

MARINA: I don't think so, you overgrown suitcase!

As Ophidian turns, she dives forward, thrusting the sword blade into the ground. Holding onto the grip, she swings herself around, hitting the lizard with both of her feet, knocking him off his own. As he hits the ground, Tanya and Duke stop quaking, Nosedive's throat opens, and the living statues move once again. The brawl begins anew. Marina tosses Duke his sword.

DUKE: (Catching it) What'll you use, Mari?

MARINA: I'll improvise.

She pounces on the fallen Ophidian as Duke parries Wraith's staff.

DUKE: (Casually, blocking) How was the mall?

Marina straddles Ophidian, twisting his arm behind him.

MARINA: (Between grunts) It's no Puckworld, that's for sure. But you've got a pretty nice planet here.

DUKE: Yeah, we like it.

His saber lodges in the wood of Wraith's staff. The two stop for a moment, trying to think of what to do next. They start a kind of tug-of-war as the combat rages around them. Meanwhile, Tanya grabs Mallory by the wrist and pulls her into the Embassy.

TANYA: Come on, we gotta figure out what they're up to!

Mallory kicks open the door.


The Embassy is empty.

MALLORY: The commotion outside must've scared off all the diplomats.

TANYA: There's probably some kind of complicated technical device that's been activated upstairs. We'd better get to it before who-knows-what happens!

She runs upstairs, followed by a dubious Mallory, puck blaster drawn.

MALLORY: Oh, why do you always bring me along on these mechanical missions?


Ophidian, thoroughly annoyed, flings Marina off of him with the arm she was attempting to pin him down by. She lands a few feet away and jumps to her feet, taking a defensive stance. Ophidian flips a finger at her and she begins rising in the air.

MARINA: Hey! Don't they have gravity on this planet!?!

She struggles, but to no avail. She continues to rise until she is about seventy feet in the air, and then remains there, pinned to the nothingness around her. Ophidian gets to his feet and surveys the chaos that surrounds him. He raises his fist in the air and opens it. The street begins to shake, casting Ducks and Saurians alike to the ground.

OPHIDIAN: Dragaunus! Let us leave this place!

He clicks the button on his specialized teleporter and disappears. The others follow him.


Mallory and Tanya collapse as the building begins to shake.

MALLORY: They've started some kind of earthquake!

TANYA: Did anyone ever tell you you have a firm grasp on the obvious?

The shaking stops. They sit on the floor and look around. There is nothing there.

TANYA (con't): No sonic earth shaker, no hydraulic drills, no nothing! How did they do it?

MALLORY: I bet Dragaunus's dad could have done it with his magic.

TANYA: But why?

Mallory has no answer.


As Mallory and Tanya exit the Embassy, the Ducks pick themselves up. The Saurians are gone.

MALLORY: Hey, where's Marina?

Everyone looks up. As they do, Marina plummets down towards them, limbs flailing. Grin catches her easily.

MARINA: (Dizzily) I think... I need to lie down.

Grin lowers her to her feet.

DUKE: You okay, Mari?

Marina nods.

MARINA: Give me a second while my stomach catches up with the rest of me.

She catches her breath.

MARINA (con't): Now, who was that?

WILDWING: We don't exactly know. Dragaunus said he was his father.

Marina looks at him, shocked.

MARINA: Dragaunus's father? Ophidian the Bloody?

The Ducks look at each other.

NOSEDIVE: How much you wanna bet he lives up to his name?

DUKE: You know about him?

MARINA: Oh yeah. After the invasion was mopped up, everyone went around rewriting the history books. Dragaunus, and his ancestry, had more than key roles. Ophidian the Bloody is one of the most powerful Saurian sorcerers there is.

MALLORY: But Dragaunus never uses his powers.

MARINA: He doesn't like to. He prefers technology. It was kind of a touchy subject between him and his father.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, I bet Dragaunus made a great rebellious teen.

DUKE: Those two have definitely got some unresolved issues.

MALLORY: But what were they doing? They didn't take anything or set anything up or even get any information!

MARINA: Ophidian's new here. Maybe they were just giving him a tour.

WILDWING: (Gravely) Not to mention a good look at the enemy.

Grin gestures at the cracked streets around them and the buildings charred by blaster shots.

GRIN: If this is how they 'look', I would not want to witness their actual plot.

A police car pulls up. The Ducks turn, six out of the seven rolling their eyes in anticipation of what will step out. They are not disappointed. The door swings open and a typically grumpy Klegghorn steps out, ready to accuse.

KLEGGHORN: (Walking up to them) What a surprise. Ducks.

DUKE: (Folding his arms) What a surprise. You show up after the Saurians take a powder.

KLEGGHORN: Yeah yeah, Cyclops. Give me one reason why I shouldn't haul the bunch of you in on account a disturbing the peace and causing general MAYHEM!

MARINA (OS): Well for one thing, you don't have a shred of evidence.

Klegghorn turns to see her with her arms folded, standing in an arrogant slouch, smiling ever so slightly. He takes the same posture, minus the smile.

KLEGGHORN: And exactly who in Sam Hill are you?

MARINA: Marina LeWebb, Private Investigator.

Klegghorn raises an eyebrow. They circle each other as though appraising a worthy opponent.

KLEGGHORN: A bonafide gumshoe, eh?

MARINA: As bonafide as they get.

KLEGGHORN: Let's see some ID, hotshot.

Marina pulls her badge and identification from her pocket. Though the leather of the case is beaten and weathered, the golden puck symbol has lost none of its gleam.

MARINA: Puckworld PI. Specializing in criminal psychology and martial arts.

Klegghorn examines the ID, impressed in spite of himself.

KLEGGHORN: Those're some hefty claims. You live up to 'em?

MARINA: Forget about living up to them.

She smiles at Duke.

MARINA (con't): I surpass them.

KLEGGHORN: Modest, too.

He turns to Wildwing.

KLEGGHORN (con't): You hold on to this one, Wildwing. Might just keep you out of trouble.

MARINA: (Putting her badge away) Klegghorn, I presume?

Klegghorn smiles knowingly at the other Ducks.

KLEGGHORN: My reputation proceeds me, I'm guessin.

MARINA: (Smiling) Well, last time I was here I heard mention of a Klegghorn who'd love to get his doughnut-crumbed hands on us. Seems apt enough.

Klegghorn chuckles and turns to go.

KLEGGHORN: (Over his shoulder) Make sure they keep their beaks clean.

MARINA: (Wryly) I'll keep 'em in line.

Klegghorn gets back in the police car and leans out the open window.

KLEGGHORN: Welcome to Earth. Avoid New Jersey.

He drives away.

MARINA: Nice guy. Remind me to join his fan club.

MALLORY: You sure know how to handle him.

MARINA: Hey, I used to be him.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, but a lot better lookin!

WILDWING: Let's get back to the Pond. We have work to do.

TANYA: Yeah. And we should introduce her to Phil while she still remembers Klegghorn.


Dragaunus sits high on his throne, trying with all of his energy to ignore his father. It is not easy.

OPHIDIAN: Disgrace! That this snivelling, incompetent, cowardly, witless pip-squeak is my son!

As the tirade reaches its peak, Dragaunus slams his fist onto a button on the arm of his throne. An electrical current runs through the metal bands on Ophidian's wrists. He lets it silence him, but refuses to even flinch as he stares at his son with an intense loathing.

DRAGAUNUS: They're quite ingenious, these wristbands I designed. Not only do they prevent you from using your magic against us, but I can choose where you teleport, monitor your every move, and (he smiles) keep you in line. And all using the technology that you know nothing about. As for the Ducks, I couldn't help but notice that you weren't exactly smearing them against the pavement yourself. You know as well as I do that they are a force to be reckoned with. That was the whole purpose of that street skirmish I arranged.

Ophidian paces thoughtfully, tail lashing.

OPHIDIAN: They are annoying pests, that much is certain. I must find a way to succeed where you, my inferior, have failed: in crushing them!

DRAGAUNUS: You will have your chance, rest assured. But until then, I have an actual use for you and your antiquated abilities.

OPHIDIAN: (Sarcastically) What? You mean you are resorting to the obsolete powers that are the very essence of your bloodline?

DRAGAUNUS: (Dryly) Think of it as making use of something old and formerly useless. Originally I was going to have you steal a Top Secret Government Super Weapon, but I have postponed that for now.

OPHIDIAN: (Blandly) What a pity. It was such a novel idea.

DRAGAUNUS: The Duck you fought today- do you remember her, old man?

Ophidian sneers and waves his hand. A holographic image of Marina appears.


DRAGAUNUS: Yes. She is new to this dimension. You are to destroy her.

OPHIDIAN: I hadn't thought it possible, but your second plan is even less imaginative than your first.

DRAGAUNUS: Do you have a point, you senile old codger?

OPHIDIAN: Why destroy her when we can make her one of us?

Dragaunus looks at him skeptically.

DRAGAUNUS: A mind-control spell? How trite.

OPHIDIAN: Not a mind-control spell, my cranially disadvantaged son. A transformation spell.

WRAITH: (Aghast) You're going to turn her into a Saurian!?!

Dragaunus considers this.

DRAGAUNUS: An interesting concept. Her current skills combined with Saurian powers and (he smiles) philosophies will make her indispensable.

WRAITH: It is a very difficult spell, Lord Ophidian.

OPHIDIAN: And also one that I am quite capable of. Tidy up, Gentlemen. We will soon have a lady in our midst.


Marina, in her repaired battle gear, is sitting with her legs crossed, frozen in mid sentence. Her hand is poised in the air, its gesture long forgotten, as she stares, stunned.

PHIL: Boobies, where did she come from?

The ducks are silent, waiting. Marina sits there like a deer in the headlights while Phil paces around her, appraising the goods. Just when she looks like she is about to say something, he pounces.

PHIL (con't): Sweetheart, we can make a fortune together!

As the assault begins, Marina is dumbfounded, almost terrified.

PHIL: (Quickly) I tell ya babe, you can trust me, I'll never steer ya wrong! (Pulling a contract from his inside jacket pocket) Just put yer John Hancock on the dotted line, it's smooth sailing from there, boobie. You'll never have another worry, all your problems will be solved, you can do whatever you want. You interested in modeling? I-

Marina snaps. The next moment finds her standing, gripping a startled Phil by his jacket lapels, seething.

MARINA: Do I look like I'm interested in modeling?

PHIL: Do I look like I'm a good judge of character?

MALLORY: Don't take it personally, Marina. Phil offers a modeling contract to anything that crosses its legs.

MARINA: And what does he offer if I break his?

PHIL: A subpoena.

Marina thinks a moment.

MARINA: Touché.

She releases him. He brushes himself off and takes a new strategy.

PHIL: Listen, babe, you're self-conscious. I respect that! You're obviously not cut out for the fashion business. But try this on for size: Action movies! You'll break new ground- a female, alien, duck action star! You'll be up there with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Jackie Chan!

MARINA: (Completely confused) Is this guy for real?

DUKE: Sadly, yes.

He steps up in her defense.

DUKE (con't): May I?

MARINA: Please.

DUKE: Phil Pomfether, meet Marina LeWebb. Marina, this is Phil, our manager. There is one very important thing to remember with him: He has no power.

Phil crosses his arms and hmphes a little, but says nothing.

DUKE (con't): Now Phil, Marina is a sensitive, solitary, reclusive duck.

MARINA: And if you cross me I'll shred you like a federal document.

Phil puts an arm around Duke and pulls him aside.

PHIL: (Shmoozing) Duke, sweetheart, listen to me. No offense, but you guys are old news. You've lost your novelty. Now this one, (indicating Marina) this one is new, exotic, mysterious. This one I can do something with.

TANYA: (Aside) Now we know why she's here- to boost the ratings.

PHIL: I'll make ya a deal. You just put her in my oh-so-loving hands, and the rest of you never have to do another publicity stunt or photo shoot again.

Nosedive has apparently overheard, and is at Marina's side in an instant.

NOSEDIVE: You're gonna love action movies, girl! You get free doughnuts, some seriously rippin' scars, and man, do you hang out with some hot movie stars! Woohoo, I'll tell ya!

Mallory smacks him in the arm.

MALLORY: Just don't sign anything. He'd sell your soul to Piscataway, New Jersey, if he thought it'd be good publicity.

WILDWING: I'm glad you're here, Phil.

PHIL: (Huffily) Well, it's about time somebody was!

WILDWING: Marina is the newest member of our team. She plays offense.

PHIL: A mid-season addition!?! Do you know how much money that's gonna cost me?

He thinks a moment.

PHIL (con't) There's gotta be some way I can make this pay... (snapping his fingers) Do you write romance novels?

She shakes her head.

PHIL (con't): Play electric guitar?

She shakes her head.

PHIL (con't): Can we put you on a hospital drama?

DUKE: Phil...

PHIL: Alright, alright, what do you do?

MARINA: (Flatly) I paint.

Phil throws up his hands.

PHIL: Great! I get an artist. What else can go wrong today?

NOSEDIVE: Weeeell... did I tell you what I did to your car?

Phil smears his hand across his face in exasperation.

PHIL: I better go call my insurance agent.

He walks out, trying to think of a way to capitalize on Marina.

PHIL (con't): (Exiting) I got it! 'Comatose Duck Makes Miracle Recovery!' We'll make millions!

MARINA: (Sarcastically) This is one great planet you've got. There's meglomaniacal giant lizards, grumpy cops with a prejudice against Ducks, and then there's Phil.

DUKE: Hey, this place ain't all bad.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, they got some gear stuff here!

GRIN: Like Gregorian chants.

TANYA: And pastrami on rye!

NOSEDIVE: And Albuquerque!

They look at him.

MALLORY: What's so great about Albuquerque?

NOSEDIVE: Just listen to it, man! "Albuquerque"!

Mallory shakes her head and turns to Marina, patting her on the back.

MALLORY: Look at it this way. That went a lot better than the last time you met Phil.

Marina furrowed her brow.

MARINA: When was that?

MALLORY: You were unconscious at the time.

TANYA: Oh yeah, I remember that....The room began to waver.

NOSEDIVE: I don't think so! We've come this far without a flashback, we don't need one now!

The room stops wavering. Nosedive sighs with relief.

NOSEDIVE (con't): Man, I hate those dissolves! They make me like, totally nauseous!

DUKE: Anyway, you like art and classical music, right?

MARINA: Of course.

NOSEDIVE: Culture, eh? Yeah, I suppose we could scrounge up some of that. Might take some lookin', though.

WILDWING: What were you saying, Marina, before Phil came in?

MARINA: I was only going to point out that since Dragaunus hasn't given us anything to go on, all we can do is wait.

WILDWING: Unfortunately, I think you're right.

NOSEDIVE: Man, we could sure use a good Drake 1 alert right about now.

The alarm sounds.

TANYA: It's a Drake 1 alert!

NOSEDIVE: Well, that was convenient.

WILDWING: What's going on?

TANYA: Teleportation uptown, near a federal weapons laboratory!

WILDWING: Let's go, team!

They run into the hangar.


The Migrator pulls up to the curb and the team pours out. Mallory and Nosedive, in front, duck as a blaster shot whizzes over their heads. The Saurians, of course, are shooting them. Ophidian and Dragaunus stand slightly behind the others.

TANYA: Haven't you guys had enough for one day?

CHAMELEON: Whadda you think?

TANYA: A lot more than you do!

The brawl begins. As Marina grapples with Wraith, she is grabbed from behind. Ophidian lifts her up by the back of her shirt and pulls her into a side alley.

30 INT. ALLEY 30

MARINA: Let me go, you chronic case of dry skin!

Ophidian drops her to the ground. She starts to scramble away, but he freezes her, half-standing, with a gesture. He passes his hand over her, mumbling under his breath, and she starts to writhe in pain.

MARINA (con't): What are me!?!


The Ducks are behind the Migrator, exchanging shots with the Saurians. Duke realizes something.

DUKE: Hey! Marina's gone!

MALLORY: Yeah, and so's Ophidian!

WILDWING: Duke, Tanya, go around the back and find them.

TANYA: You got it!

They go.

32 INT. ALLEY 32

As Ophidian watches, Marina begins to grow, ripping the straps on her unitard. Her clothing morphs into purple and black armor and her feathers start to turn red. She yells in agony. Duke and Tanya rush in.

DUKE: What the-

They are too late. Marina's feathers are now red scales with green stripes, her long tail lashes behind her, and her beak has receded into a flat, stubby nose. Her braid remains. As the spell releases its grip on her she collapses to the ground and looks at them with yellow eyes.

TANYA: (Gasping) Marina!

From behind them, Ophidian laughs. Tanya turns. He is kneeling on the ground, exhausted.

OPHIDIAN: (Breathlessly) Marina is no more, you fools! She is now Mortia, a Saurian heart and soul!

Duke rushes to Mortia to help her up. She slashes at him with her arm, sending him flying into Tanya. They lie on the ground, stunned.

WILDWING (OS): They went into that alley!

Quickly, Mortia grabs the haggard Ophidian by the arm and presses the button on his teleporter. They disappear as the Ducks enter.

NOSEDIVE: Man, we missed 'im!

MALLORY: But, where's Marina?


Dragaunus paces.

DRAGAUNUS: Where are they? It shouldn't have taken him so long!

Mortia and a worn out Ophidian teleport in, Mortia supporting Ophidian. She is still smaller than the Overlords, but larger than she was as Marina.

OPHIDIAN: Dragaunus, bring me a chair.

Mortia waves her hand and a small throne appears. Ophidian lowers himself into it.

OPHIDIAN (con't): Very good. I see you are already mastering your newfound powers.

Mortia nods and glances around. The Saurians look at her, taken aback.

DRAGAUNUS: This is Marina?

OPHIDIAN: Her name is Mortia.

DRAGAUNUS: And she obeys you, I suppose?

OPHIDIAN: She is my creation.

Dragaunus looks at her a moment, thinking.

DRAGAUNUS: Does that make her my sister?

OPHIDIAN: Heavens no! How would I explain that to your mother?

Dragaunus smiles.

DRAGAUNUS: Good. I must say, Father, you did very well. She is exquisite.

The Chameleon approaches her.

CHAMELEON: You can say that again! Hey baby, the name's Chameleon, but you can call me-

Mortia, with one hand, throws him into the wall. He slides down to the floor.

CHAMELEON (con't): -Wallpaper.

DRAGAUNUS: And she has spunk.

He circles Mortia, examining her. He pauses and looks at Ophidian.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): Really Father, you've outdone yourself.

Mortia grabs Dragaunus by his armor front and pulls him closer, her tail lashing angrily.

MORTIA: Listen, you sorry excuse for a snakeskin belt, let's get a few things straight. First off, if you compliment your father on me one more time, I'll shove your scrawny tail down your throat. I am a Saurian Overlord like you, not some chemistry project.


MORTIA: And secondly, if you ever so much as touch me without my permission, I'll make you wish I was still one of those pathetic Ducks.

DRAGAUNUS: Ophidian, did you hear that?

Ophidian clasps his hands in joy.

OPHIDIAN: She's just like your mother was at her age!

Mortia releases Dragaunus and folds her arms.

DRAGAUNUS: This could not have had a better result. Now, we must get that Super Weapon.

MORTIA: And take control of this wretched planet once and for all!


There is a long, uneasy silence as they drive. Tanya glances at Duke, who is sitting with his arms folded, silently fuming. Pause..

DUKE: I am going to have to kill somebody.


The team gathers around Drake 1, Tanya turned around in her chair, facing the group.

WILDWING: Alright, how did this happen?

DUKE: We told you, Ophidian cast a spell on her.

WILDWING: Is it permanent?

TANYA: Do you expect any of us to be able to answer that?

MALLORY: This doesn't make any sense! Why Marina?

WILDWING: Yeah, why not all of us?

TANYA: Or at least you, Wildwing.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, I mean you're the head honcho, bro.

GRIN: Cut off the head and the body will die.

DUKE: Okay, I think we all agree it woulda been a better move to turn Wildwing into a Saurian, but could we pay attention to the plot here?

MALLORY: You call this a plot?

DUKE: We hafta get to Marina.

TANYA: But what'll we do when we get her? We don't have any way to reverse the spell!

GRIN: With her Saurian powers, perhaps she can do it herself.

MALLORY: And what if she can't? What if she won't? She has a Saurian mind, remember?

DUKE: She does not! Ophidian just told us that so we wouldn't try anything!

TANYA: Duke, you don't know that.

WILDWING: You're fooling yourself.

DUKE: Yeah, I know. But we have to do something!

MALLORY: We should return to the scene of the crime. They're going to hit that weapons lab again.

DUKE: Yeah, and then we can grab Marina and bring her back here.

MALLORY: If we can be sure that's safe.

DUKE: Whadda ya mean, 'if'?

MALLORY: She's a Saurian, Duke! If we bring her here she'll let all of her cold-blooded buddies in after her!

WILDWING: Mallory's right. It's too dangerous.

DUKE: But she's our teammate!

NOSEDIVE: (Sarcastically) Yeah, for two seconds!

DUKE: So whatta we do?

WILDWING: We stakeout the lab and see what happens.

Duke folds his arms.

DUKE: Great. Very heroic.

WILDWING: No rescues until we know we can change her back. And that's final.


WILDWING: Adjust torques to maximum traction.

Nosedive presses a button.


The torques adjust and the Migrator drives off.


The Billboard opens and the Migrator drives off into the night.


A darkened, empty lab. Mortia, Siege, Wraith, and The Chameleon teleport in. They look around.

MORTIA: Find the laser, and do it quietly!

CHAMELEON: (To Siege) One day on the job and she's bossin us around already.

SIEGE: (To The Chameleon) Just goes to show ya- all ya need to get ahead around here is a pretty face.

CHAMELEON: (To Siege) I got plenty of faces!

He is yanked from behind. Mortia glares down at him, gripping his shirt.

MORTIA: Get to it, you mindless Gecko!

She pushes him into Siege. They stumble backwards.

MORTIA (con't): I'll do it myself.

WRAITH: I have found the safe, Lady Mortia.

She walks over to the large safe and examines the lock. A red electronic keypad controls the door. She pulls a round container from her utility belt and unscrews the top, revealing a black powder. She blows it onto the keypad. It sticks to fingerprints on four of the keys. She presses them and the safe opens.

MORTIA (con't): Child's play.

She reaches in. Before she can lay her hands on anything, however, a bola puck wraps around her, constraining her. The Saurians look in the doorway. Mallory points a puck blaster at Mortia, flanked by Nosedive and Grin.

MALLORY: Hold it right there, Marina.

Mortia snaps the bola easily.

MORTIA: The name is Mortia!

She draws her swords, whose blades are now twisted in a cruel-looking spiral, the hilt resembling a claw. She advances on them slowly, blocking the pucks they shoot at her.

NOSEDIVE: Uh, guys! This isn't working!

GRIN: (Sarcastically) An enlightening statement.

Mortia reaches them and slashes their blasters into pieces with one stroke.

MALLORY: I didn't want to have to do this...

She tackles Mortia and they wrestle for a moment before Mortia overpowers her. Duke, Wildwing, and Tanya rush in.

TANYA: They're not downstairs-

She stops, looking at the scene before them.

TANYA (con't): I guess you know that, huh?

DUKE: Marina!

Mortia turns on them, furious, holding Mallory aloft.

MORTIA: My name is Mortia, you feathered fool!

She points a blade at Mallory's throat.

MORTIA (con't): Say my name!

Duke looks to the other Saurians. They stand on the side, cowering behind a counter. Duke lunges and grabs The Chameleon, putting his own blade to his neck.

DUKE: Let her go.

Mortia looks at him.

MORTIA: So kill him. He's of no use to me.


Ophidian and Dragaunus teleport in.

DRAGAUNUS: What is going on here!?!

In lieu of answering Mortia hurls Mallory at the other Ducks. She grabs The Chameleon and reaches for her teleporter.

MORTIA: Meet back at the Raptor!

Duke checks her. The three of them teleport out together.


Wildwing turns angrily to the Overlords, pointing an armored finger.

WILDWING: Tell us how to change her back, Ophidian!

OPHIDIAN: And why should I do that?

DRAGAUNUS: She is of far more use as a Saurian than she ever was or ever would be as a Duck.

MALLORY: Of use to who?

DRAGAUNUS: Well that's the whole point, isn't it?

WILDWING: I'm going to ask you again: How do we change her back?

DRAGAUNUS: I grow weary of this, Duck. Mourn Marina as dead. That should bring you some comfort, as you'll be joining her very soon!

He reaches into the safe and pulls out a complicated looking ray gun.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): So long, feathered rabble.

He and Ophidian teleport out.

SIEGE: Come on, let's get outta here!

The other Saurians teleport out.


Mortia, Duke, and The Chameleon teleport into the dark, empty street. Mortia angrily grabs Duke by the shirt.

MORTIA: You idiot! You disrupted the teleportation!

DUKE: Don't do this Mari! Come back with me!

MORTIA: (Livid) For the last time, you thick-skulled half-wit, my name is Mortia, and I am a Saurian!

CHAMELEON: Y'know , if you really wanna prove you're a Saurian through and through, you'll finish off this Duck. Go ahead, wipe 'im out, waste 'im, liquidate the do-gooder!

Mortia hesitates for an instant, and Duke sees something vaguely resembling conflict cross her face, then disappear.

MORTIA: No. We'll bring him to the Raptor, and use him as bait for his friends.

The Chameleon shrugs.

CHAMELEON: You're da boss. (Mumbling) Or at least you seem to think so.

They teleport out.


Team meeting.

TANYA: Now whadda we do?

WILDWING: We have to get Duke back!

GRIN: But how?

MALLORY: Can't we find him on the Auto-Tracker?

WILDWING: Good idea.

Tanya types in a key sequence. A city grid comes up, a blinking red light near one of the corners.

TANYA: Well, there's the Raptor. But what if they're waiting for us?

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, them and their Super Weapon!

WILDWING: We have to risk it. We've got a teammate in there. .He turns away from Drake 1.

WILDWING (con't): Two teammates.


Duke stands bound, held back by Siege. Mortia glares at Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: Why did you bring him here!?! If he escapes he'll ruin everything!

MORTIA: He'll draw the Ducks right to us!

OPHIDIAN: Why should we want the Ducks here!?!

DRAGAUNUS: Soon my new Super Weapon will have destroyed them all!

MORTIA: (Scornfully) You idiots! If you don't get them out of the way in advance, they'll foil your little scheme and still have time for a commercial break!

Dragaunus advances on her.

DRAGAUNUS: You watch who you're insulting or I'll have you turned back into a Duck!

MORTIA: You couldn't do that if you had the guts! None of you could!

OPHIDIAN: That is quite untrue, and you know it! With a wave of his hand, even Wraith could create the elixir to turn you back!

MORTIA: (Menacingly) But just try pouring it down my throat!

DRAGAUNUS: (Angrily, to Ophidian) You handle this abomination! You're responsible for her!

OPHIDIAN: As if you could have done any better!

DUKE: Uh, Saurians? If I could intervene here?

The three Overlords turn on him, seething.

DUKE (con't): Uh, never mind.

SIEGE: Can we get back to the Super Weapon already?

Dragaunus turns away from Duke and walks towards his throne.

DRAGAUNUS: Throw him in a detainment cage. When the Ducks come to rescue him, (Sitting) we shall dispose of them. And then (To Duke) of him.

Mortia stiffens, but joins in the laughter of the other Overlords.


The Migrator pulls up in front of a large factory. The Ducks get out, and Wildwing points up at the building.

WILDWING: That's the Raptor.

NOSEDIVE: So let's go kick some scale!

WILDWING: Uh-uh, Baby Bro. You and Grin stay back and cover us.

GRIN: Our vigilance shall be unwavering.

NOSEDIVE: (Grumpily) Save the Zen-talk for the bench, Buddy-boy- that's where we're headed!

Tanya and Mallory cock their blasters and follow Wildwing to the door, cautiously. They stand back from it, and Mallory tries the knob.

MALLORY: Locked.

Tanya shoots a puck at the door knob. The door opens.

TANYA: Unlocked.

They enter carefully.


Dark. They enter and look around and see nothing.

MALLORY: I guess they weren't expecting us.

The Chameleon materializes behind her, grabbing her.

CHAMELEON: Guess again, Feather Face!

MALLORY: Hi-yah!

She flips him over her head. Wraith and Siege teleport in.

WRAITH: Prepare to be pulverized, Ducks!

The brawl begins. Tanya exchanges shots with The Chameleon, Wraith grapples with Mallory, and Wildwing fights Siege. No one seems to be winning.

WILDWING: Switch it up!

Tanya turns her blaster from The Chameleon to Siege, binding him with a bola puck. Mallory does a back handspring into The Chameleon, kicking him in the back and sending him sprawling. His blaster drops and Mallory destroys it with a foot. Wildwing grabs Wraith from behind and holds him, struggling.

WILDWING (con't): Good maneuvering, team.

Two large Saurian silhouettes appear as Dragaunus and Ophidian teleport in between the Ducks and the door. Dragaunus holds the Super Weapon.

DRAGAUNUS: And yet not quite good enough.

TANYA: The Super Weapon!

MALLORY: Where are Marina and Duke?

DRAGAUNUS: Your teammate is bound securely in the cockpit.

OPHIDIAN: And the Saurian you so pathetically refer to as Marina is most likely disposing of him as we speak.

WILDWING: You're lying!

DRAGAUNUS: If you ever want to find out, you'll release my henchmen.

Reluctantly. they release the henchmen.

WILDWING: Now will you free our friends?

DRAGAUNUS: What do you think?

He hoists the Super Weapon and aims it at them.

TANYA: Let me guess- is it a two-letter word beginning with 'n' and ending with 'o'?

DRAGAUNUS: Very good.

He goes to fire the Weapon. As he does the door is knocked off its hinges and falls flat. The Overlords turn to see Grin at the door, flanked by Nosedive.

GRIN: Can we interest you in some Girl Scout Cookies?

Dragaunus points the Weapon at him, but he pulls it from his grasp and smashes it.

GRIN (con't): Or perhaps just a knuckle sandwich.

He advances upon him.


Mortia watches the loss of the Super Weapon on the computer screen. She bangs the console in fury.

MORTIA: If only those fools had let me go with them!

DUKE (OS): Ya got benched, eh?

She turns to him, her eyes narrow. He stands in an electromagnetic cage, his arms folded.

MORTIA: This is all your fault.

DUKE: Hey, I'm not the one who brought me here.

She approaches the cage angrily.

MORTIA: But you haven't tried to escape yet. I know you too well, L'Orange. What're you up to?

DUKE: Nothing. I'm just gonna turn you back into a Duck, that's all.

Mortia laughs scornfully.

MORTIA: You? What do you know about Saurian magic?

DUKE: I know that there's an elixir to turn you back.

MORTIA: And who's going to make you that magic elixir?

DUKE: You are.

MORTIA: I!?! What gives you that demented idea?

DUKE: You're still Marina.

Steam seeps out of her nostrils.

MORTIA: I am not.

DUKE: Sure, you're hidden under a lot of scale and magic and hate, but underneath it all, you're still there. I saw you, outside, when The Chameleon wanted you to rub me out. You wouldn't.

MORTIA: I wanted to use you as bait!

DUKE: No! You couldn't kill me. You can't.

MORTIA: (Dangerously) You're deluding yourself, Duck.

DUKE: Oh yeah, well where's that necklace I gave ya, huh?

MORTIA: You don't see it, do you?

DUKE: So where is it, Marina?

In rage, Mortia extends a scaly hand. A button on the wall depresses and Duke's cage vanishes. She draws her swords.

MORTIA: Now I hope you realize your mistake. Draw your weapon.

Duke pulls his saber from his shoulder and casts it aside.

DUKE: Consider it drawn.

MORTIA: Pick it up.

DUKE: And if I don't?

MORTIA: You're a fool, Duke!

DUKE: (Goading her) So? Whadda you care? You're just gonna kill me, right? You're a Saurian Overlord! A ruthless, heartless conqueror! So punch some holes in me already!

He spreads his arms wide, indicating his chest.

DUKE (con't): Perforate me!

Mortia hesitates. Her swords clatter to the floor. She drops into a crouch, her head in her claws. Duke kneels across from her.

DUKE (con't): You okay, Mari?

She looks up at him, dazed.

MARINA: Duke, I- I'm a Saurian!

He smiles at her fondly.

DUKE: Just on the outside, Doll Face.

He offers his hand. She takes it, and he helps her up.

DUKE (con't): Can you make that elixir?

MARINA: (Shaking her head) Not for myself. Someone else has to do it.

DUKE: You mean Ophidian?

MARINA: Or Wraith. They'll be back any minute.

Duke grins, an idea coming to him.

DUKE: You in the mood for a little Divide & Conquer?

Marina smiles.

MARINA: I thought you'd never ask.

DUKE: You'd better lock me up again.

Marina extends her hand, magically depressing a different button. The cage forms around him.

MARINA: We'll be out of this soon.

She turns away, and then back again.

MARINA (con't): Oh, and Duke?

She reaches into her utility belt and holds up the necklace.


Duke is in his cage. Marina stands at the computer, not looking at him. Ophidian and Dragaunus teleport in. Marina turns.

MARINA: Where are the others?

DRAGAUNUS: Still grappling with the Ducks. We must relocate the Raptor as soon as possible.

OPHIDIAN: Do you know how long it'll take to build up enough auxiliary power!?!

Dragaunus storms over to the computer, shoving Marina aside. She falls to the floor.

DRAGAUNUS: That's why I'm initiating the accumulation sequence now, you imbecile! By the time the others have returned, we'll be prepared for lift-off! Why must I constantly be surrounded by idiots!?!

Marina stands and narrows her eyes angrily. She turns to Duke. He nods. Meanwhile, Ophidian has approached his son, a claw pointed at him.

OPHIDIAN: You're surrounded by idiots! How do you think I feel!?! One moment I'm in dimensional limbo, and the next I'm here with a foolhardy son, his incompetent henchmen, and a creation gone haywire, all who are incapable of defeating six measly MALLARDS!!!!

MARINA: Haywire!?! Who are you to call me anything of the sort!?! I got the Weapon, I brought the Duck here, I gave you the chance to be rid of the rest of them! It was not I who ruined this scheme!

OPHIDIAN: How dare you speak that way to your creator!

Dragaunus chuckles.

DRAGAUNUS: You made her a Saurian, father. It's your own fault that she has the spirit of one.

DUKE: Hey, could I get a glass of water over here?


MARINA: Will you go shut him up, Ophidian?

Ophidian growls, but approaches the cage. Dragaunus turns back to the computer and begins typing in some key sequences. Marina stands next to him.

MARINA (con't): The Old Man is a detriment to this entire operation, Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: He serves his purposes.

MARINA: Like what? Wraith and I, our magic combined, are at least as powerful as he is. And with my (mockingly) creator out of the way, I would be completely loyal to you.

DRAGAUNUS: (Skeptically) Is that so?

Marina leans on the console, her tail swishing behind her.

MARINA: Completely.

Dragaunus pauses in his work to look at her, then turns back to the computer.

DRAGAUNUS: And exactly what would you like me to do about him?

MARINA: Send him back where he came from.

DRAGAUNUS: He is my father.

MARINA: And loathe to admit it! He refuses to see how ingenious you are. He has confined himself within the limits of his Dark Powers, and doesn't realize the necessity of technology. He is a doddering old fool- you've said as much yourself!

DRAGAUNUS: You are quite correct.

He turns, looking at his father.

MARINA: He's called you a disgrace! A coward! A weakling!

DRAGAUNUS: (Angrily) You are quite correct!!!

He storms off to confront his father.


Meanwhile, Ophidian has irritably approached Duke.

OPHIDIAN: What do you want, Duck?

DUKE: Well, y'know, a little TV would be nice, maybe a back rub...

Ophidian turns to leave.

DUKE (con't): Wait! I- uh- I have a question!

Ophidian turns back.

OPHIDIAN: (Annoyed) What?

DUKE: Is Dragaunus really your son?

OPHIDIAN: Regrettably, yes.

DUKE: I was just wonderin', 'cause you're nothin' alike.

OPHIDIAN: You think I do not know that?

DUKE: I mean, you're powerful, and cunning, and a much better dresser.

Ophidian considers him for a moment.


DUKE: Seein' as I ain't got much to do over here, I got to thinkin': Why is Dragaunus the one in charge around here, when it's obvious that Ophidian is the brains behind the operation? I mean, you're the mature one, right? Who's more experienced?


DUKE: Who's more powerful?


DUKE: Who's sensible enough to use the powers he was given?

OPHIDIAN: (Turning towards Dragaunus) I am!

He storms off to confront his son.

DUKE: Now that was just too easy.


Dragaunus and Ophidian confront each other.

OPHIDIAN: It's time some changes were made, Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: I could not agree more.

OPHIDIAN: You are a disgrace to your bloodline.

DRAGAUNUS: You are an old-fashioned simpleton.

OPHIDIAN: You are a poor, unimaginative leader.

DRAGAUNUS: You are a disrespectful fool who is too blinded by his own power to see its weaknesses.

OPHIDIAN: You never write, you never call, and you never come home for the holidays!

DRAGAUNUS: Well maybe I would if you and mother would stop nagging me! (Imitating his parents) "When will you conquer a planet, Dragaunus?" "Why don't you hire some real henchmen, Dragaunus?" "You're a disgrace to your bloodline, Dragaunus." All you ever do is criticize!

OPHIDIAN: Perhaps I would do something else if you gave me another option! You could have come to work for me, but oh no! You had to be your own Saurian, you had to prove that you knew better! And where has it gotten you? You're a deadbeat throwing yourself into half-baked plans as fast as you can think them up!

DRAGAUNUS: Well you try working with a weekly deadline!

OPHIDIAN: (Low) I don't know why I'm fooling myself. The truth is you were always an underachiever. And that's what you always will be.

DRAGAUNUS: Well at least I'll have achieved this!

He presses a button on his wrist and a dimensional gateway opens up. Dragaunus holds onto the wall and Marina grabs the console. Ophidian falls, digging his claws into the floor. The pull of the vortex is too great, however, and he is drawn slowly towards it.

DRAGAUNUS: Give my regards to Mother.

OPHIDIAN: You'll pay for this, Dragaunus! I'll make you pay!

He mumbles an incantation and lifts a hand in a magical gesture. As he does, he loses his grip and is sucked into the portal with a yell.

OPHIDIAN (con't): Disgrace!

The portal closes. Dragaunus turns to Marina.

DRAGAUNUS: Mortia! Now that you are fully under my command, I order you to finish what you've begun!

He points a claw at Duke.

MARINA: Yes Master.

She extends a hand, magically dropping the electromagnetic cage. He pulls his saber from his shoulder and ignites it.

DRAGAUNUS: What in blazes are you doing!?!

MARINA: Finishing what Duke and I began.

She draws her own swords. They close in on Dragaunus.

DUKE: Surrender, Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: (Laughing scornfully) Do you honestly think you've won? You should be familiar with the concept of Home Court Advantage.

He presses a button on his wrist and a net falls from the ceiling, enveloping Duke and Marina, knocking Marina's swords from her hands. He approaches and picks up one of them.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): There is only one way to wrap up this disastrous plan of my father's- and that's to erase his mistakes.

He holds the sword above Marina, ready to strike. As he brings it down it is hooked by a retractable grappling puck and pulled from his grasp. He looks in the direction it came from, aghast. Wildwing holds it.

WILDWING: I think this belongs to someone else, Lizard Lips.

The other Ducks stand behind him, pointing blasters. Dragaunus slaps a button on the computer console.

DRAGAUNUS: Just try and get out of here before the ship takes off. Once we're airborne, you'll have no escape, and my henchmen will destroy these two.

He gestures at Duke and Marina.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): Think about it.

He teleports out as the Raptor begins to shake.

TANYA: It's operating on impulse power!

MALLORY: Let's go!

Mallory and Nosedive rush to Duke and Marina. Duke has already slashed open the net, and they quickly help them off with it. All exit.


Our heroes spill out onto the street. The Raptor's cloaking shield drops and it slowly takes off, going towards who-knows-where. The team pauses to collect itself, and Mallory puts her hand on a dejected Marina's shoulder.

MALLORY: Don't worry. We'll find some way to turn you back into a Duck.

WILDWING: Wraith must have an antidote. We'll get it from him, Marina.

DUKE: Don't bother.

All turn to look at him.

TANYA: What do you mean?

Duke reaches in his shirt front and produces a dark green vial.

DUKE: I got the stuff right here!

Marina gasps.

MARINA: How did you get that!?!

DUKE: (Holding the vial up to examine it) Ophidian's last spell, remember? He told Dragaunus he'd make 'im pay, and this is how. He gave me the antidote.

He places it in Marina's hands. The team looks at it.

TANYA: How much are you supposed to take?

MARINA: All of it. In one swallow.


MALLORY: What if it's a trick?

GRIN: It could be poison.

NOSEDIVE: Or it could turn you into something worse!

MARINA: Nothing's worse than being a Saurian. Nothing.

Pause. Marina pulls out the stopper. She looks at the team for a moment, then back at the vial. Then, decisively, she pours its contents down her throat. The team gasps as her claws leap to her throat. The vial drops and shatters on the ground.

TANYA: Marina!

She falls to her hands and knees, crying out in choked agony. The team watches in horror.

DUKE: Somebody do something!

Tanya steps forward, but as she does, Marina begins to transform. It starts in her claws, which become white feathered hands wearing black fingerless gloves. It travels up her arms and down her chest. Her black and purple armor morphs into a blue, un-torn, unitard. Her green stripes turn black, and her red scales become white feathers. Her tail disappears and her nose grows into a beak. Last of all, white creeps into her eyes, ending in a blue-ringed black center. Her head jerks back.

MARINA: (In pain) Ah!

She collapses, the transformation complete, unconscious. Carefully, Duke picks her up.

DUKE: Come on. Let's go home.


Day. Marina, Duke, Mallory, and Nosedive stand on a stone bridge over a pond, Nosedive holding a soda. Marina wears her necklace.

MARINA: Y'know, Earth can be a really beautiful place.

DUKE: I feel like a lousy host- I mean, you had a pretty rough first day here.

MARINA: Are you kidding? I got a hot shower, a change of clothes, and a happy ending. That's a heck of a lot more than I had in dimensional limbo.

Wildwing, Tanya, and Grin approach, holding two sodas each. They pass them out.

TANYA: So, do you think we'll ever see Ophidian again?

DUKE: Ah, I doubt it. Dragaunus is the only one who could bring 'im back, and they're not exactly on the best of terms.

MARINA: I hope you're right.

WILDWING: We've got a game tonight. We should get back to the Pond for some practice.

MARINA: Sounds good to me.

She turns around to take one last look at the park, leaning on the bridge. Her face falls.

MARINA (con't): Tell me again about the Pastrami on Rye.

Mallory turns.

MALLORY: That is the most depressing thing I've ever seen.

The others turn. On the edge of the pond, an old lady scatters crumbs for a group of loud, wing-flapping, ducks. Pause. They lead Marina away, trying to comfort her.

TANYA: Pastrami on Rye!

GRIN: Gregorian chants!

NOSEDIVE: Albuquerque!

The End
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