Lost On Puckworld: The Military

By Drake Freewind

Breaking Out

"Why didn't you fight back when they started insulting you, Drake?" Mal asked her new friend at the cafeteria the next day. The day had just started and they were eating their breakfast.

"I want them to respect me for me, not because of fear. I want them to respect me like the people in the club." Drake answered her smiling. The three ducks from the other day pulled the chair from under Drake and he fell back first on the ground.

"Stay away from our Mal, you freak." One of the boys said as he spilled soda all over the off-worlder's shirt.

"Get up, wimp." Another said as he carried Drake up from the floor. The one who had carried Drake saw the locket hanging on his neck. He yanked the necklace off as he punched Drake sending him a few feet away.

The off-worlder suddenly felt that something was missing. The feel of cold metal hanging down from his neck. He searched his chest for his locket and saw one of the ducks playing with it.

"Looking for this, freak?" He said as he swung it left and right.

"Give it back." Drake glared at him.

"Stop it you two. Give it back to Drake, Joe." Mal said as she stood up from her chair.

"If he wants it back that badly. He's gonna have to come and get it."

"I repeat. Give me *back* my locket." Drake stood up and clenched his fist so hard his knuckles were turning white.

"Let *me* repeat. Come and get it." The young duck taunted Drake once more. He should have done what Drake said, because the second after he said those words, he was tackled to the floor and was having his face punched continuously.

"Hurting me was bad. Vandalizing my things was bad. But taking special things that were given to me by my parents is too much! Especially when it was from my real parents." Drake shouted in his ears as he kicked the boy in the ribs. "You're pathetic you know that?" His green eyes flashed. "You act this way cause you're afraid. Cause you want to be in control. Well," He cracked his knuckles and glanced murderously at the other two. "Are you?"

The two backed off and the bruised duck tossed Drake back his locket. "Thank you." He replied curtly and turned to Mallory who seemed to be enjoying the scene before her. "Let's go Mal."

She cocked on eyebrow. "So much for respect huh?"

"Whatever." And the two exited the room.


Class had ended. The day passed quickly because everybody seemed to be avoiding him, except for Mallory. Everybody seemed to be afraid of him and that made Drake uncomfortable. He hoped Canard, Wing and Dive had sent him a message.

His prayers were answered.

The three friends had just sent him mail. Thank Drake DuCaine that he had something to get his mind off things, a lot of bad things. But it seemed like someone in the world wanted him to feel terrible that night because as he was about to click the message he got from Dive. The power went dead.

"WHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!!! The day I get messages from the guys, you, you big fat stupid school, decide to have a freaking' black out." Drake screamed at the ceiling wall.

"Mind toning it down in there..." Mal had entered his room with a lamp. "... some people are trying to sleep." She walked up to him, stumbling on a few of his stuff.

"Don't you ever clean up in here." Mal smirked, leaning on the table.

"Please. Don't give me any more wise cracks." Drake raised his hand in front of Mal's face. "Talk to the mighty hand." Drake slapped his forehead with his other hand.

"Sheesh. Touchy." Mal smirked again.

"If you knew what kind of day I had. And if you knew what had just happe--" Mal cut him off by shoving three pieces of paper into his hands. "Accessed your files, your password is *so* easy, boy." She smiled sweetly. "'And once the world leaves us all to fend for our own existence... and when we do give up to loneliness....'" She paused, "'then shall we be... *alone*.'"

Drake stared at her openmouthed. "I've read the book a million times Drake... 'Alone' is memorized in here..." She pointed to her head, "and here." She placed her hand over her heart. "Guess you an' me are alike."

"I seriously doubt that." Drake turned away pretending to be sad, but he couldn't conceal the shadow of a smile on his face. Mal swatted him with a pillow.

"Enough!" Drake laughed as he held his hands up in surrender.

"Read your thing. G'night Wind." And the redhead left, closing the door softly.

Drake knew which letter to read first. Dive's. Why? Because he needed a little cheering up... and there was no better medicine for the blues than a hello from his best friend.

Dear Drake,

HI!!! Man why didn't you e-mail me earlier? Why haven't you snuck out to see us? Why--

>Dive, stop asking so many questions. Hey Drake, this is Wing.<

HEY!!! This is* my* letter. Wait for your turn or else. So as I was saying. I had to e-mail you ‘cause if my impatience had gotten the best of me--

>Again! Yo buddy, it's me! Canard!<

Stop it you two!!! THIS IS *MY* LETTER!!! You sorry excuses for a big brother and best friend you.... *cough* Anyway, I won't be able to make my message long cause the two people here with me want to send their letters too! *crosses arms over chest* Darn it! Well... I'm still praying that the power will shut off on these two.

Drake grimaced and turned his gaze to the ceiling. You got your wish man... but on the wrong person!

All I want to say is if you don't reply, you are going to be the sorriest of your kind... WHY? Why you ask? Let me tell you why.

Because it has already been a week, ONE WEEK! And, have I gotten a letter from you? NOoooooooooooooooooooo. Not even a tiny note... *gets down on knees and begs*

Drake write to me, PLEASE! I'm pathetic aren't I? What's keeping you anyway? Got a girl or something?

Drake blushed deep crimson. If you only knew.

Anyhoo, vavoo!

*me* ~ the Divemaster!

Dive you're hopeless. But I did get what I wanted. I got something that brightens up my stay here, for a while. Wing's next.

Dear Drake,

Hey man. Why don't you send us a message and try that plan you told us? The one where you said you'd dress up as a female duck. But seriously. How are they treating you there? Are there any problems that you need help with? If there are, just send me a message and I'll reply. Hope you get time to sneak out soon cause we really miss you back here. It's not the same without you.

Your friend,


They shouldn't worry. But I do have a few problems that I need help with. Thank Drake that I have friends like those three. There's only on letter left. Canard's. But before Drake could even read the heading, the batteries went dead.

"Not again." Drake slapped his forehead and jumped onto his bed. He fell quickly to sleep knowing that his friends still cared. He was able to sleep peacefully that night with the letters of his friends in his hands.


"Did you have good night?" Mal asked Drake.

"You could say it was nice. But it was terrible. I wasn't able to read one of my friend's letters."

"Then why don't you read it now?"

"With all these people around?!"

"I'll go find something to do. You just read that letter."

"But someone could look over my shoulder and--" Mal stopped Drake from finishing his sentence.

"No one will, Drake. After what happened yesterday. Nobody will try to mess with you." Mal left after saying that.

Maybe she's right. There's no time like the present to do things you really want to do. Drake thought and pulled out Canard's letter out of his pocket.

Dear Drake,

Don't try to hide it from us, man. I know how they've been treating you there. Dad forced me to stay there for one week.

And hey, it was your first week too, and I saw what had happened Drake. But 'cause I respect you, I didn't dare enter in your business. But you have to stand up four your rights, Drake! I know you want respect, not respect through fear. But respect is *still* respect. Once you show that you can stand up for yourself, you will have broken out of that shell of yours.

Your buddy,


Thanks Canard, thanks. Drake hid the letter and stood up from his chair. Not only physically. But also in spirit.

To be continued...

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