Loss Of One, Loss Of All

By Nyre

"This is nuts! If we place that detonator from the outside the craft will only break up in two. We still can't save Anaheim," Duke reasoned with the others. "The only way we can do this is if someone plants the detonator inside."

"That's suicide Duke! Who would want to take that up?!" Mallory and Dee glared at him.

"Wait." Wildwing suddenly interrupted.

"What's wrong?" Castel asked.

"Nyre's gone."

* * *

Nyre held on tight as she entered the alien craft. Where to put... where to put... There! She heard the click of the snap. Mission accomplished. Now... she checked her watch...



"Nyre! What do you think you're doing?!" Wildwing demanded from her comm.

"Saving the lives of innocent civilians Wing."

"Come BACK! THIS IS SUICIDE!" His eyes pleaded for her to return to the Aerowing. She glanced to her watch and shook her head sadly. "I can't. I'm doing what I have to for the team's sake. One life isn't worth sacrificing the whole of Anaheim. You can carry on without me."

"But Nyre--"

"Stop Dragaunus. I'm doing this for the family I want to deserve. For those I now call brothers and sisters. For my daughter who still needs to live life and make up for what she's missed. For the one person who'll forever keep my heart in his hands. Keep the necklace Wing. Until I return home."

"What necklace?!"

Three... two...

"In my seat. I love you."


* * *

"NYRE!!!" Wing cried out in anguish as the craft exploded. Hot tears fell from his eyes as he stared at the empty space where the craft had once been only seconds before. No. No... "NO!!!!!" He slammed his fists on the nearest wall, his whole body trembling.

"Momma... She c-can-can't!" Castel's voice rang in the background. He could hear the others trying to calm her and other things happening as he shut his eyes in pain. He morphed out of his battle gear and clutched his heart spot. She can't be gone. You can't be gone. He glanced up, praying softly that it wasn't true. I love you... A transparent vision of Nyre appeared before him, he reached out and it vanished.

No... And the bittersweet comfort of darkness and numbness enveloped him.

* * *

The Aerowing landed inside the Pond and the ducks walked out, silent, mournful. Phil greeted the team. "Boobies! Babes! Where's Nyre? I need to talk to her, the record company just called--"

"CAN IT PHIL!" Nosedive slammed the plump human against the wall. Moments passed and Phil finally noticed Grin passing by with Wildwing slung over his shoulder, Dive released him, seeing the confusion entering his eyes.

"W-w-what happened?! Where's my songbird? What's with Wildwing?! Boobie! Speak to me!" He chased after the group. Castel turned around and faced him, eyes swollen from crying. "Babes, what's goin' on? Speak to me! Where's your mom?"

"Sh-sh-she's..." Castel broke down again, falling to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

"She's what?!"

"Gone Phil." All eyes turned to the now conscious Wildwing being lowered by the rather large Grin. The manager paled, and then turned into a fit of hysterical denial. "No... you gotta be pulling my leg here boobie, none of you can die! You told me that!"

"Apparently, we were wrong Phil. Did you see that explosion outside Phillie-boy?" Duke murmured from behind. He let Tanya pass to bring Castel and Dee to the medi-bay. The manager nodded slowly, "she did that. She sacrificed herself for the team... and for everyone else in Anaheim." He laughed bitterly, "funny though, it's ironic to think that by savin' everyone else she saved Draggy..."


"Gives us more reason to kill that creep." Hacker muttered and stormed off to his room.

* * *

Several hours later Wildwing walked out of the medi-bay and passed the closed doors of his comrades. He bent and leaned on the door to listen if Castel was awake. No sound. She must be.

"I'm here, daddy." A soft voice jerked him up to stand straight. He turned to the dark corridor and managed to make out a figure walking slowly towards him in the shadows. Seconds later Castel stood before him, eyes sadder than he could have imagined. The hybrid and her father just stood there for moments until she sank down to her knees, sobbing and breaking down piece by piece. "It can't be! I-I-it c-c-can't be!"

Wing knelt down beside her and hugged her tight. Footsteps caught his attention and he saw Dive and Dee standing before them. Dive leaned on the wall and breathed in as well. "Can't believe she's gone." Dee murmured softly, hiccuping. Seeing the human in evident pain, Wildwing abandoned his position beside Castel and nodded to Nosedive who bent down to pick her up.

"Toffee..." Dive cooed as he cradled his niece and carried her back to her room leaving Dee and Wing in silence.

"How are you taking it Wing?" Dee asked as soon as her friend let her go.

"Can't sleep." He answered back weakly

"Try to, okay?" She patted his arm as she made her way back to her own room.

I hope so Dee. He sighed and shook his head heading back to his quarters.

* * *

Wildwing closed the door as he entered the dark room. He lay on his bed and switched on the lamplight. Nyre... he squeezed his eyes shut and knocked the frame on the table down to the floor. The glass broke as his heart did.


Where are you...?

Why did you leave us...

... Castel...

... Dee...

... me...?

* * *

Calling out your name
Your face is everywhere...

Wildwing stepped onto the ice the next evening. They had a game against the Maine Cohawks. But as he looked up into the stands... into the empty seat where Nyre usually stayed... he paused and turned away for a brief moment, looking back into the locker area, praying silently that it wasn't true.

* * *

I'm reaching out to you to find that you're not there...

"What happened out there?!" Phil Palmfeather squawked, running after his team as they entered the locker area. "You barely got out! That was an almost TIE!" Wildwing spun and glared daggers... no, swords and blades at Phil. "ENOUGH Phil!" He boomed.

The ducks and the rest of the team exchanged concerned glances.

Wing's face softened as he realized his outburst and sighed softly. "Just... back off okay Phil? It's... it's been a rough night." He pressed on the codes to the elevator and left the group, silent, behind him.

Wing, relax, you'll get a heart attack if you don't stop being that way.

Nyre?! He turned to the metal walls of he elevator and saw Nyre shaking her head at him, a tiny smile on her face. He reached out to her and she vanished. No... you're gone. He hung his head and felt the moisture in his eyes. You're gone.

* * *

I wake up every night
To see the state I'm in...

"No! Nyre!" The white drake sat up, cold sweat trickling down the side of his face. He threw his pillow at the opposite end of the wall in frustration and cried out in agony. I couldn't save you... I couldn't even save one of the people who mean the most to me in world!

He got up and made his way to the inner gym.

* * *

It's like an endless fight I never seem to win...

He punched the bag continuously.

Nine. Ten.

* * *

I can't go on
As long as I believe...

I couldn't... I couldn't...

Fourteen. Fifteen.

* * *

I can't let go
I keep wondering...

I couldn't SAVE... YOU! With one last punch the bag fell to the floor, the chain supposedly holding it to the ceiling broken and limp at it's side.

He fell to his knees and felt the chest swell with emotion, his eyes shut in an inner pain.

His shoulders hunched and trembled... and suddenly... he began to cry.

* * *

Where are you now?
What have you found?

As Wildwing entered the hangar bay he climbed up into the Aerowing and traced his hand on the armrest of Nyre's place. A glint of silver caught his eye and a memory was triggered in his mind.

"Keep the necklace Wing. Until I return home."

"What necklace?!"

"In my seat. I love you."

The explosion.

Not even a goodbye. Just... an 'I love you'. You never like saying 'goodbye'... He reached down and picked up the black cord where a silver cross pendant hung. This was... yours... he glanced around, as if his voice... his words could somehow reach her. This was the last remembrance of your mother... you left it... for...me...?

* * *

Where is your heart?
When I'm not around...

He sank into his own chair and shut his eyes, holding the necklace close... It was the last thing he had of her. The last thing to remember her by. The last thing that remained of his shattered heart.

You said until you return home. But... you're not... you aren't coming home.

* * *

Where are you now?
You gotta let me know
Oh baby, so I can let you go...


He opened his eyes and glanced up to see Duke and Mallory slipping into seats near him. "Hi." He smiled weakly. "What're you guys doing awake?"

"Well... we were supposed to sleep. But since I needed to get water to drink..." Duke began and laughed bitterly. "Okay, I admit it... who can get sleep when you know something's missing in yer life?" He glanced up at the younger ducks. "How 'bout you Mal-mal?"

The redhead hung her head and sighed. "well, before I bumped into Duke here... I was feeling flustered and all... I kinda decided to go to the gym..." she managed a tiny smile at Wing, "I heard the bag crash to the floor Wing, one thing's for sure, Phil's gonna freak... as usual." She tried to joke. "I decided to leave you alone... you sounded like you didn't want company."

The goalie sighed and nodded. "Thanks for guessing right." He paused. "Let's get back to bed."

* * *

I can hear your voice
The ring of yesterday...


Nyre?! He rushed to the Rec Room and checked inside. It was empty but a scenario from the past engulfed him.

"Wildwing... don't push yourself too hard. You can't keep blaming yourself as if you hold the responsibility alone." She smiled as she sat beside him and lay her head on his lap.

"I know... but..." She placed a finger gently on his lips then kissed him tenderly. "No buts." She shook her head. "You are gonna have to learn a few things..." She smiled and hugged him, "Like mellowing down that overprotective mother-hen attitude."

"Do you seriously think you can stop me, huh?" A mischievous glint sparkled in his eye. He grinned and started to tickle her. "Huh? Huh?"

"STOP IT!" Nyre burst into a fit of laughter and in a defense reaction, accidentally sent her knee to his stomach. Wing rolled on his side and moaned. Nyre realizing her error passed a hand over the 'sore' spot and whispering apologies, failing to notice the look in his eye and suddenly found herself lying on her back, wrists held down by his hands and a smug smile on his face as he bent down to kiss her.

She turned her head to the side and Wing made a face. "You're mean."

"It's good that you know." She smirked back.

* * *

You seem so close to me and yet so far away...

The alarm went off and roused him from his sleep. Darn. Forgot to switch that off last night. He stumbled off of his bed and made his way to the kitchen. Passing the sound studio Drake and the others had installed he heard a familiar song... and voice.

He peered in and saw the others seated before the screen watching a tape made not so long ago on Nyre's first big performance. That's the one that impressed the talent scouts. He sighed and closed the door.

* * *

I should let it out
To save what's left of me

Wildwing walked out of the Pond several nights later. He shoved his hands in his pockets and sighed, pulling his jacket closer to keep himself warm. The sky was overcast with clouds, and he sensed in the air that rain was not far off.

Why can't I just move on... everyone else is... to an extent. Of course... Dee, Hacker and Ace don't want to hear Nyre's name mentioned. Drake spends most of his time back at his firm. Tanya's spending more time in the lab, just as Duke is in the training room...

Dive's hardly home anymore... Grin, well... quieter than usual... Mal? Escaping to Mall with Dive... and Castel...

He sighed. Locked up in her room more often than usual.

And me?

* * *

And close the doors of time revive my dignity

I'm still moping and feeling as defeated as anyone could be.

Maybe... I should forget... He leaned on the lamppost and pulled the hood over his head as the rain began to fall. And the tears of heaven cry for you and I...

He smiled bitterly as he remembered the song she'd written a while back. So where do I go from here angel? What would you do if you were me? The wind blew slightly, running through his feathers. He sighed. You would be like this, I guess. He shut his eyes and made his way to a bench underneath a tree.

* * *

But I can't go on
As long as I believe
I can't let go
I keep wondering...

Lying in the darkness of the room Wildwing spoke softly to the still air. "Why did you have to do this, angel?" he asked. "I know you meant well... but you already deserved this family. You didn't need to sacrifice... your life. I just want to know... why?"

He let his hand move to where his CD player sat and clicked it on a radio station. A familiar song began to play... the words reaching his aching heart. Please... not this... His fingers closed on the pendant in his hand.

Where are you now?

What have you found?

Where is your heart?

When I'm not around,

Tell me, where are you now?

You gotta let me know,

Oh baby, so I can let you go

A little past two months later...

A fork fell noisily on the floor.

"You're going where?!"

"Florida." Wing answered softly. He dared not look up as to see the hurt looks in their eyes. "It's just for awhile. I need... I need to get away from here," he explained simply.

"Why...?" He glanced up at the whisper that escaped Castel's lips. Her eyes accused him as harshly as her words did. "You want to forget don't you?" her voice was soft, with no hint of emotion. She didn't shout, she didn't scream.

She didn't need to.

Wing just sighed and turned away. "Tell Phil that Ace will be sitting in for goalie until I get back." Nosedive glanced around then left the table, following his brother.

* * *

"You really mean to go huh?" the teenager leaned on the doorframe and watched as his brother packed. He's hurting. He's hurting real bad. And I can't do a thing.

"Yeah baby bro."


Wing glanced up and Nosedive shrugged, "just take care okay? We'll hold up the fort here."

"Thanks. And if Draggy comes calling, comm me and I'll get back ASAP." He patted his brother and walked out the door.

"He's really gonna leave huh?"

"You guys should stop doing that y'know." Dive turned to face the two figures in the shadows. Drake and Duke came out into the light and dismissed his comment. "Yup, he's going. Can't blame him. Can you?"

"No actually."

* * *

I should let it out
It's time to let you go
Oh baby, I just wanna know

Wing glanced up as his flight was called. Time to go. He stood and stepped through the doors and headed to the plane.

Settling into his seat minutes later he opened his wallet and stole a glance at the pictures he kept there. Those were the days. He thought sadly as he sighed, looking down on the picture he treasured the most. It had been their first complete group picture.

He traced a finger on the next picture. You were so small... so tiny in my arms. He smiled wistfully. His arms were around her waist, he'd hugged her from behind. She was laughing, so happy. And so was he. Dive and the others were in the background, though captured as a background.

The final lines of the song he'd heard before came to mind as the plane lifted off the ground.

Where are you now?

How do I move on, Nyre?

What have you found?

Are you happy where you are...? Do... do you even think of me?

Where is your heart?
When I'm not around...

Do you still love me...? Or am I... completely, utterly... hopeless...?

Where are you now?
Gotta let me know
Oh baby, so I can let you go...

And as the plane flew off into the sky, the sun set on Anaheim.

The End
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