Long Lost Enemy

By Marina LeWebb


The stadium is full of fans as the Ducks play against the Manhattan Terrapins. Roy Firestone sits in the skybox.

ROY FIRESTONE: Well it's been one exciting game here at the Anaheim Pond, with the score tied at 2 in the third period. The Mighty Ducks just have not been on their game today, and the Manhattan Terrapins are taking advantage of it. The only thing that's kept the Ducks alive is some unbelievable steals by center Duke L'Orange.


Terrapin right wing, number 16, takes the puck down the side.

FIRESTONE (VO): Mundy has the puck.

DUKE: Nosedive, watch your man!

Nosedive skates to 16 but before he gets there the puck is passed to Terrapin left wing number 20.

FIRESTONE (VO): He passes to Trent.

NOSEDIVE: He's yours, Mal!

20 skates past Mallory.

FIRESTONE (VO): Oh, and Mallory loses him!

MALLORY: Take it, Tanya!

Tanya checks him and he loses the puck, but it's recovered by number 15, the Terrapins' center.

FIRESTONE (VO): And the puck is back with the Terrapins!

Duke steals it from him and passes it to Mallory, who takes it up the side.

FIRESTONE (VO): Duke steals and Mallory takes it up.

She is checked into the boards by 28, who takes the puck.

FIRESTONE (VO): Oh, and Dennison brings her to the boards! That's gotta hurt!

Nosedive gets the puck and takes it up the center.

NOSEDIVE: Woohoo! Hot stuff, comin through!

He is checked roughly in the side and goes down.

FIRESTONE(VO): Nosedive takes it in the side!

Duke steals the puck from 15.

FIRESTONE (VO): And Duke takes it from Byrons again! Unbelievable!

Duke takes it up and circles behind the goal. He passes it to Mallory, who passes it back to him. He scores.

FIRESTONE (VO): Duke scores!

The alarm sounds.


The team undresses.

WILDWING: Those were some nice steals, Duke. You really saved our tails out there.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, way to go, Sticky-Fingers L'Orange!

Duke spins around.

DUKE: What's that supposed to mean?

NOSEDIVE: Hey man, don't get your helmet in a bunch! I was just teasin'!

MALLORY: Relax, Duke, we all know you've gone straight for good.

DUKE: Yeah, well, just lay off the name-calling, okay?

GRIN: Duke, your aura is uncertain. You know that we trust you, but perhaps you do not trust yourself.

DUKE: I trust myself more than anybody!

TANYA: Come on guys, he's in no mood to be talked to!

All exit except Duke, who is still suited up. He picks up his stick.

DUKE: But there's someone else who doesn't trust me.


Siege stands at the console, looking at the image of a stone tablet on the screen. Wraith materializes next to him in a puff of smoke.

WRAITH: You wanted something, Siege?

SIEGE: Check this out. (Gestures to the tablet on screen. Wraith examines it.)

WRAITH: That's written in ancient Saurian! What is it?

SIEGE: It's a tablet. Some humans found it on an island in South Asia, and it's on display in Anaheim. No one's figured out what the language is.

WRAITH: But Saurians, here? Impossible!

DRAGAUNUS (OS): Quite possible, Wraith. (They turn to see Dragaunus in the doorway. He enters.) As possible as you or I being here. Saurian legend tells of an all-powerful weapon, the Nova Ray, found by Saurian ancestors in another galaxy centuries ago. I must have that tablet! It may give the exact location of the weapon!

WRAITH: But what of the Mighty Ducks, Lord Dragaunus?

DRAGAUNUS: I have a little diversion planned for those meddling mallards. One of them, as we know, has an interesting past.

SIEGE: That Duke guy?

WRAITH: But Lord Dragaunus, he has already proved his (shuddering) decency to his teammates. We will never be able to convince them that he has returned to a life of crime.

DRAGAUNUS: We won't have to. Bring Chameleon. This time, (he grates his nails down the console, making Wraith and Siege wince) I'm going to fight fire with fire!


Mallory and Duke sit at opposite ends of a card table, hunched over a chess board, in deep concentration. Grin stands behind Duke, Tanya behind Mallory. Neither player makes a move.

GRIN: Duke, if you-

DUKE: (Silencing him with his hand) Eh!

TANYA: Mallory, just-

MALLORY: Not a word, Tanya, not a word.

Wildwing and Nosedive enter. Nosedive runs over to the table.

NOSEDIVE: Whoa, chess, alright! I got winners, man!

Tanya looks at him.

TANYA: You play chess?

NOSEDIVE: Are you kidding? You're lookin' at the Grand Duckster himself, the feathered king of the black and white! We're talkin stone cold chess playin mayhem, girlfriend!

TANYA: I repeat, you play chess?

NOSEDIVE: Uh, no. What's chess again?

Tanya rolls her eyes.

WILDWING: Whose turn is it?

Mallory and Duke look at each other.

DUKE: Uh...

MALLORY: I knew we forgot something.

DUKE: Wait, we can figure this out.

WILDWING: Don't bother. You're both in checkmate.

Mallory and Duke look at each other. Duke sweeps the chess pieces into the box.

DUKE: Anybody fer Go Fish?

GRIN: Ah. A truly spiritual game.

An alarm sounds.

TANYA: Drake 1's picked up a break-in!

Everyone rushes to the computer.


TANYA: The museum downtown.

MALLORY: The precious jewel wing?

TANYA: It looks like the Ancient Eastern Wing- someone's stealing the artifacts.

DUKE: It's gotta be Dragaunus!

TANYA: There's no way to tell from here.

WILDWING: Let's go.

The siren sounds.


WILDWING: Set torques to maximum traction.

Nosedive presses a button.


The traction adjusts and the Migrator begins to move.


WILDWING: Turbines to speed.

DUKE: (Pushing the turbine lever) Turbines at full power.


The Duck Dog sign opens to let the Migrator pass through into the night.


Dark. Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon are gathered round the upright display case they've just broken. Wraith reaches in and pulls out the tablet.

SIEGE: That oughtta set off a few alarms.

WRAITH: (Examining the tablet) The ducks should arrive any minute.

MALLORY (OS): A little late to be worrying about that, you Saurian Slime!

They turn to see the Ducks arrayed against them.

SIEGE: Right on schedule. (He breaks another display case with his tail, pulls out a vase, and throws it at Duke.) Catch, Bird Brain!

Duke catches it. Chameleon pulls out a grenade-like gadget and morphs into an infomercial spokesman.

CHAMELEON: (As spokesman) It slices, it dices, it makes duck soup! Act now, and it comes complete with our handy-dandy escape feature!

He throws it.

TANYA: Get back! It's a bomb!

The ducks throw themselves flat, except for Duke, as a small explosion covers the teleportation of Wraith, Chameleon, and Siege. The smoke clears and the ducks stand to see Duke in the back of the room, examining the vase.)

WILDWING: Duke, what is it?

DUKE: Ah, just a distraction. We'd better find out what they actually


NOSEDIVE: Hey man, it doesn't take a braniac in a tacky white coat to figure out they took whatever was in that case.

He points at the upright display case.

DUKE: Yeah, jus' lemme put this baby back where she belongs.

Duke walks towards the second display case.

FEMALE VOICE (OS): Hold it right there, L'Orange.

Duke turns, astonished.

DUKE: That can't be-

He turns to see Marina glaring at him. She is a female duck with white feathers and black stripes. Her black hair hangs in a long braid down her back, but a few tendrils escape it around her face. She wears a blue sleeveless unitard, black fingerless gloves, black boots, a black utility belt with a bola hanging from it, and a silver crescent moon pendant on a silver chain. Her twin curved swords are drawn menacingly.

DUKE (con't): Marina?

MARINA: Put the vase down, Duke.

DUKE: Listen, Mari, I-


Duke lowers the vase into the case and raises his hands defensively.

DUKE: Hey, slow down there. I know how this looks.

NOSEDIVE: Um, either of you wanna maybe clue us in here?

Marina lunges for Duke and holds him hostage, a sword at his throat.

MARINA: One move from any of you and your leader'll never need a neck tie again.

DUKE: Leader?

MARINA: Don't play dumb. I know all about your gang's plot, L'Orange. But I want some answers.

DUKE: Whatever you say, Marina. I seem to be at your disposal.

MARINA: Don't be smart, Duke. It's not something you're good at.

NOSEDIVE: (Aside) Feisty critter, ain't she?

MARINA: How did you get to this dimension?

TANYA: We used the dimensional gateway created by the gateway generator on board the Raptor.

MARINA: Ah ha! So you admit you were in league with him! Or rather he was in league with you, from what I've seen!

WILDWING: Have you got your story wrong.

DUKE: Marina, I know things weren't too good between us back on Puckworld, but a lot's changed since the invasion. You gotta believe me!

MARINA: Don't even try it. You've betrayed me once before, it's not going to happen again!

She pulls his head back by his hair.

DUKE: Hey! Watch your pocket knife there!

MARINA: Give me one reason why I shouldn't sharpen my 'pocket knife' on your bones. Hey!

Her swords clatter to the floor as Grin grabs her from behind and holds her back.

GRIN: Is this a sufficient reason?

MARINA: (Struggling) Let go of me, you overgrown turkey!

NOSEDIVE: Grin-Meister, how'd ya pull off that super stealth move?

GRIN: Anger has clouded her senses. I was enshrouded in the cloak of her rage.

NOSEDIVE: Whoa, hostage negotiation to the extreme, man!

DUKE: Careful, don't hurt her.

MALLORY: What exactly is going on, Duke?

WILDWING: Let's bring our new friend here back to the Pond so we can get some questions answered.

MARINA: Sorry to disrupt your little discussion group, but I don't negotiate with scum like you.

MALLORY: You don't seem to have much of a choice.

MARINA: (Smiling) Things aren't always as they seem.

She jumps back through Grin's legs, flipping him onto the floor. Thus freed, she scoops up her swords and sheaths them across her back.

MARINA (con't): We'll meet again, L'Orange. And next time, your goons won't be able to save your cowardly hide.

She produces a ball, apparently out of thin air, and smashes it on the floor. A cloud of dark purple smoke appears, and the Ducks begin to cough.

WILDWING: (Coughing) Someone grab her!

The smoke clears and she is gone.

WILDWING (con't): Dive, Mallory, you head out the front entrance. Grin, take Tanya out the back. Duke, you come with me. She can't have gone far.

DUKE: (Shaking his head) Wrong. She'll be long gone by now. She's had, oh, just a little training in this area.

MALLORY: And what area is that? Psychopathic delusions? None of what just happened made any sense!

WILDWING: Let's get back to the Pond. We have a lot of work to do. And you (points at Duke) have a lot of explaining to do.


Duke sits on a chair by Drake 1, his arms crossed. He is essentially surrounded by his teammates, who are obviously annoyed that they are clueless.

WILDWING: Alright, Duke, first things first. Who was that?

DUKE: Marina LeWebb, Private Investigator.

MALLORY: And she's investigating you, I presume.

GRIN: That is an understatement.

DUKE: (Laughing ironically) Yeah. I guess I'm still her nemesis.

WILDWING: That wasn't a professional attack back there. She's holding a personal grudge.

GRIN: To hate you so blindly, she must have cared deeply for you long ago.

DUKE: (Pointing at him angrily) Yeah, well I don't know how deeply she cared for me, but she was the best friend I ever had, so you can stop accusing me any time now. I never meant to hurt her.

Wildwing sighs, realizing that this is a touchy subject, and decides not to point out that no one was accusing him.

WILDWING: Why don't you tell us the whole story?

DUKE: Well, we knew each other back on Puckworld. She was like a sister to me when I was younger, when I was in an underground crime ring, before the Brotherhood of the Blade.



A 20-or-so year old Duke is facing off with a 20-or-so year old Marina, inaudibly playing street hockey together and clearly having fun.

NOSEDIVE (VO): Hey, a color flashback? I thought everything was black and white when you were young, Duke-Man!

DUKE (VO): Hey, I'm doin' the narratin' here!



DUKE (VO): Now, Marina didn't know that I was a thief.

The young Duke cuts a circle through a window near the roof, catching the glass as it falls inwards.

DUKE (VO): After all, I was a good thief. Meaning I never got caught.

Young Duke reaches through the hole and unlatches the window, pushing it aside. He shoots a grappling puck into the museum. It lodges in the ceiling above a large jewel case and pulls taut. Duke swings across the room and lands lightly on top of the case. He cuts a circle in the top of it, pulls out a diamond necklace, and holds it up to the light.



Young Duke opens the door to an excited Young Marina, who eagerly shows him her badge.

DUKE (VO): Right when I was becoming a thief, she was becoming a detective.

The Young Duke hugs the Young Marina and brings her into his apartment. They chatter inaudibly.



DUKE: I pretended to be thrilled. I even bought her a trench coat and fedora. She didn't suspect a thing. I should'a known it wouldn't go on like that.



Night. Young Duke is picking the lock on a jewel case. Another duck pokes his head in.

THIEF: Duke, the cops are comin!

YOUNG DUKE: Man! How did they know we were here? I didn't set off a single alarm!

THIEF: Come on, let's go!

Young Duke pounds his fist angrily, gathers his tools, and runs.


DUKE: The cops were always bustin up my heists. And Marina talked about this crime ring that was always escapin her. I never saw her at the scene, but I put two an' two together. Then, one day, I had to make a choice.


Young Duke opens a letter and reads it to himself.

DUKE (VO): The gang didn't know I knew her. But she was gettin too close. They were plannin a trap for 'er, and I had the blueprints for it. But instead of tellin' her, I figured I could rig the trap.

Young Duke crumples the letter decisively.


Night. Young Duke and several other ducks, wearing masks, hide in the shadows.

DUKE (VO): We'd decided that I was the one who'd get rid of her. I figured if I could get her outta the building, she'd be okay and the gang'd never know.

Young Marina and some other duck cops storm into the museum, finding nothing.

COP 1: There's no one here. Nothing's even missing.

YOUNG MARINA: I don't get it. Who set off the alarm?

The thieves jump out. Young Duke, still masked, grabs Young Marina, holding her hostage.

THIEF 1: We did. One move and your boss gets it.

COP 1: Let her go!

THIEF 2: Let's get outta here.

The thieves exit, Young Duke and Young Marina last.


The thieves gather behind the museum.

THIEF 1: Come on, finish the job.

DUKE (VO): I guess I hadn't really thought the plan through that well.

Young Duke hesitates.

THIEF 2: Come on, Duke.

Young Duke and Marina start simultaneously.

YOUNG DUKE: I told you not to call me-

He stops, realizing his voice has given him away.

YOUNG MARINA: (Aghast) Duke!


She elbows him in the gut. When he releases her, she runs.

THIEF 1: Quick, get her!

Young Duke hesitates.

DUKE (VO): Again I had to choose.

Young Duke chases her.

DUKE (VO): And again I chose wrong.

He catches up with her in a dark street and tackles her. She rips his mask off, and they both stop.

YOUNG MARINA: I don't believe it.


The other thieves find them.

THIEF 3: Come on, let's go!

Thief 2 pulls Young Marina up.


THIEF 1: Come on, before they find us.

Young Duke yields. Thief 2 takes Duke's mask from Young Marina and gives it to him. He looks at Young Marina, who is glaring furiously. Sullenly, he takes the mask. Young Marina snaps.

YOUNG MARINA: You creep!

She flips Thief 2 over her back and onto the ground. She kicks Thief 1 and punches Thief 3. She and Duke lock eyes momentarily.

YOUNG DUKE: I'm sorry.

YOUNG MARINA: Not as sorry as you're gonna be.

She punches him in the jaw and runs away, calling behind her.

YOUNG MARINA (con't): Next time, Duke, it won't end so cleanly.


DUKE: Since then, she devoted her whole career to trackin me down. I knew that she'd make good her promise, so I totally erased my old life. I knew if she ever caught up with me, I'd have to either go to jail or fight her, so I kept a low profile. Once or twice she came close- too close. But I always made sure I gave her the slip. Cost me more than a couple a jewels.

MALLORY: But now she's found you.

TANYA: And ready for some serious retribution!

GRIN: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

DUKE: Yeah, a dish she's gonna force feed me. (He sighs) I deserve it.

Wildwing puts a hand on his shoulder.

WILDWING: You've reformed, Duke. And you've more than made up for anything you may have done on Puckworld.

MALLORY: You're practically our team conscience.

Duke bangs the console with his fist.

DUKE: (Angrily) How many times do I have to pay for my past?

NOSEDIVE: I think it's good for a few more episodes.

Duke leans his elbows on his knees, his head low, and sighs.

MALLORY: You really care about her, don't you?

GRIN: She is a symbol of all that remains unresolved. To truly be free from your past, you must prove yourself to her.

DUKE: It's not just that. You know how much it hurts that she won't trust me? I know she has no reason to believe me, but- (sighs)

WILDWING: But you've come a long way. We'll just have to give her a reason.

DUKE: I can't get you guys involved. This is my business.

TANYA: Well as long as she thinks we're your evil henchmen, it's everybody's business. I mean, she can fight! It's not everybody who can, you know, flip Grin.

GRIN: (Hanging his head) The pain of the memory will linger long past the pain of the bruises on my back.

WILDWING: So let's get to it then. How did she know we were at the museum, or even in this dimension?

NOSEDIVE: I'd bet my entire "Spacecats from Venus" comic book collection that ol' Draggy and his scaled stooges had just a teeny tiny bit to do with it.

TANYA: But why?

WILDWING: Well, what's this tablet they stole?

Tanya punches up an image of the tablet, more detailed then the one seen on the Raptor's computer.

TANYA: The museum gave me this replica. The original was found on a small island in Indonesia, and it's written in some ancient language that's only spoken by, well, uh, nobody!

WILDWING: What do you mean, nobody?

TANYA: None of the experts have ever seen anything like it. It's a whole new alphabet, and it's not that easy to decode. I mean, impossible, so far.

MALLORY: Then why does Dragaunus want it?

GRIN: Perhaps because it's written in ancient Saurian.

Everyone turns to look at him.

TANYA: You know Saurian?

GRIN: I am learned in the ways of many of the ancients.

NOSEDIVE: Whoa, then you must know all about Duke, eh Grinster?

DUKE: I'm not in the mood, kid. Pick on Mallory.


WILDWING: Grin, can you translate this?

GRIN: What can be done, shall be done. (Reading) It talks of an all powerful weapon, called the Nova Ray, capable of destroying planets.

NOSEDIVE: Oh, there's a big surprise. Glad we had you around to tell us that shocker.

DUKE: I don't suppose this Nova Ray happens to be in downtown Anaheim?

GRIN: Try the center of Africa.

MALLORY: I don't get it. How did an ancient Saurian text get here?

TANYA: Maybe millions of years ago Saurian ancestors inhabited the Earth and then went extinct.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, sure, giant lizards roaming the planet. I think you've been spending too much time with your test tubes, Taun.

WILDWING: Grin, does it give the coordinates?

GRIN: It includes a map of the area and directions to the site.

MALLORY: Sounds simple enough.

TANYA: Yeah, so Dragaunus is probably there already!

WILDWING: Let's go.


The team is strapped into the upside-down Aerowing as it rotates and takes off.


Wraith, Siege, and Chameleon are standing by a river. The river goes through a rocky quarry, whose walls they are staring at in confusion.

SIEGE: What're the instructions again?

WRAITH: "Follow the river to a hole in the Earth. When the Sun is at its highest, the way will be revealed."

SIEGE: It's almost noon now. Let's wait here.

CHAMELEON: Aw, come on Siege! Can't we bust the place up now?

WRAITH: This quarry must be the hole in the Earth that the tablet refers to. We must continue to follow the instructions word for word.

The Aerowing passes overhead.

SIEGE: The ducks!

WRAITH: Curses! This is most ungratifying. We must notify Lord Dragaunus immediately.

DRAGAUNUS (OS): Notify him of what, Wraith? (He steps into their view.) What have you bungled this time?

SIEGE: Lord Dragaunus, the Mighty Ducks have been sighted!

DRAGAUNUS: What? Impossible!

WRAITH: They must have tracked us, My Lord.

DRAGAUNUS: Then we'll have to put them off track.


The Aerowing lands in the forest, by the river, and the hatch opens. The Ducks walk out, and Wildwing turns to Grin.

WILDWING: Grin, where do we go from here?

GRIN: We must follow the river to a hole in the Earth.

WILDWING: Then let's-

MALLORY: (Stopping him) Shh! (Whispering) Listen!

They listen.

SIEGE (OS): Over this way!

The ducks hide behind some bushes and watch Siege and Chameleon.

CHAMELEON: Keep it down, Siege. Ya want the whole continent to know we're here?

SIEGE: Come on, who're you worried about, the Ducks? They'll never find us by this BIG LAKE.

CHAMELEON: Siege, when you're right you're right. I just hope the Ducks didn't track us. If they were to follow us to the BIG LAKE, well that would just about ruin our whole evil scheme, wouldn't it?

They leave, walking away from the quarry. The Ducks emerge.

NOSEDIVE: I don't like it, Bro. They were yappin just a little too much.

WILDWING: I know. But we can't risk it. Grin, Tanya, come with me. You three, go back the way Siege and Chameleon came. Wraith has to be there somewhere.


Dragaunus and Wraith wait.

WRAITH: The Ducks will not be so easily fooled, Lord Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: It is nearly noon, Wraith. Soon the Ducks will be but a memory, as will the aggravation they have caused us. With the Nova Ray at my command, I will swat the Mighty Ducks like insects!

WRAITH: Unless they prevent us from activating the device.

DRAGAUNUS: I hope you're not disappointed, Wraith, but my advance preparation should extinguish even your pessimistic doubts. I am using the good to fight the good. (Laughing) Their righteousness will destroy each other. And no doubt she is on her way as we speak.


Marina sits at the cockpit console, watching an electronic blip on the computer screen.

MARINA: I've got you now, Duke.


Wildwing, Grin, and Tanya stand by a big lake, under a tree.

WILDWING: This is it?

TANYA: Well, the tablet was written centuries ago. Maybe back then this lake was just a hole in the Earth.

SIEGE (OS): Or maybe you just walked into a trap!

They turn to see Chameleon and Siege, the latter pointing a laser gun at them.

WILDWING: I'm going with Possibility #2.

GRIN: Indeed.

CHAMELEON: Quit the yakkin. You're about to be turned into feather dusters!

Siege shoots a spray of laser bolts, kicking up a screen of dust. When it clears, the ducks are gone.

CHAMELEON (con't): A little thorough there, Siegie?

SIEGE: Where'd they go?


Tanya, Wildwing, and Grin cling to a tree branch.

WILDWING: This branch won't support us much longer.

TANYA: It won't have to, thanks to my Omnitool.

She opens the chainsaw.


Siege and Chameleon search for ducks.

CHAMELEON: Here, Ducky Ducky! (Looks under a rock.) Here, Ducky Ducky Ducky!

A chainsaw is heard.

SIEGE: Do you hear something?

They look up as a shadow falls over them.


Tanya, Wing, and Grin sit on a now substantially shorter tree branch.


Thump. Tanya closes her Omnitool.

WILDWING: That should hold 'em for now. Let's find the others.

GRIN: We must make haste.

WILDWING: Why, is something disturbing your inner tranquillity?

TANYA: Is the wheel of karma about to affect the cosmic balance of the Universe?

GRIN: No, but this episode is already too long.


Mallory, Nosedive, and Duke walk along the river. Duke is in back, his saber drawn. Mallory is in front, her puck blaster in hand. Nosedive is in the middle, reading a comic book.

DUKE: Hey, Mal, ya see anything that looks like a hole in the Earth?

MALLORY: Negative, Duke.

Nosedive looks up at the sky.

NOSEDIVE: Hey, Mal, ya see anything that looks like an alien space ship?

MALLORY: Negative, Dive. (Turning to look at him) Why?

NOSEDIVE: (Pointing) 'Cause there's one flying over us right now!

Duke and Mallory look up to see Marina's ship fly overhead.

DUKE: Uh-oh.


As Wraith and Dragaunus watch, the Sun climbs to the top of the quarry.

DRAGAUNUS: Yes! The Sun is at its peak!

A shadow falls into the quarry, illuminating a cave a quarter of the way up the wall of the quarry.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): There! The key to complete domination is in that cave!

Siege and Chameleon rush in.

SIEGE: Lord Dragaunus, the Ducks are on their way!

DRAGAUNUS: No matter! We must reach that cave.

MARINA (OS) Don't bother!

They turn to see Marina standing in the cave entrance, holding a small stone cylinder with three horizontal sections and symbols carved all around it. Dragaunus growls, flames licking in his nostrils.


Marina shoots a grappling hook up, from her glove. It hooks the top of the rock wall, pulls taut, and pulls her up quickly. She gets to the top, pulls herself over, and runs towards her ship, parked a small distance away. Siege teleports into her path. She gasps and takes an involuntary step back.

SIEGE: Hold it right there, Bird Breath.

MARINA: Catch me if you can, Saurian Slime!

He grabs for her. She ducks under his arm, runs around him, and steps off the cliff. Siege talks into his com.

SIEGE: Heads up, Wraith- one deranged duck comin your way!


Marina, falling, pulls out a sword and thrusts it into the rock. It grates down, stopping her a foot above the cave. She swings into it, pulls out her sword, and runs into the cave.

MARINA: There has to be another exit somewhere!

Wraith appears, a fireball in hand.

WRAITH: I'm afraid not.

He throws the fireball. Marina crouches as it goes over her head. She falls back onto her sword hand, kicking her legs out and knocking Wraith's legs from under him. She jumps up and runs back the way she came. She hurls herself down, taking the landing in a roll. She sits there a moment, clearing her head.

DRAGAUNUS (OS): Very impressive, Ms. LeWebb.

She sees his legs step in front of her. She looks up at him and gasps.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): But I'm afraid you've come out of the frying pan, (reaching for her) and into the fire! (Grabbing her by the arm and pulling her off the ground) Now-

She holds the cylinder to the side. Dragaunus gasps.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): The Nova Ray!

MARINA: One move and I use this!

DRAGAUNUS: You wouldn't!

MARINA: What've I got to lose?

Reluctantly, he releases her. She picks up her sword and salutes with it.

MARINA (con't): Until next time.

CHAMELEON (OS): (As Gangster) Guess again, Copper!

He jumps her from behind, knocking the Nova Ray from her grasp. Siege appears next to Dragaunus and catches it.

DRAGAUNUS: Well done. (Takes the Nova Ray from Siege and examines it.) Well done indeed.

Wraith appears in smoke.

WRAITH: I suggest we dispose of this one immediately. She is dangerous.

DRAGAUNUS: Agreed. Siege!

Siege lifts her up by her shoulder straps.

SIEGE: With pleasure.

He raises her menacingly.

DUKE (OS): Unhand her, you Reptilian Rogue!

Siege and Marina look up to see Duke standing in the cave mouth, saber drawn. He jumps down, landing in an en garde position. Siege casts Marina aside, stunning her, and turns on Duke. Chameleon, Dragaunus, and Wraith gather around him simultaneously. Duke realizes he's in trouble.

DUKE: Heh heh... Did I say Reptilian Rogue? I meant Amphibian-American!

They close in.

NOSEDIVE (OS): Woohoohoo! Here comes the cavalry!

All turn to see Nosedive and Mallory pointing puck blasters.

MALLORY: Hold it right there.

Marina's head clears. She picks up her sword and runs off. Duke sees her.

DUKE: I got her!

MALLORY: Rendezvous back at the Aerowing!

Duke runs after her. Mallory launches herself at Dragaunus, foot first.

MALLORY (con't): Ducks rock!

Dragaunus takes it square in the chest and staggers back. Mallory lands in a crouch.

DRAGAUNUS: (Regaining his balance) I hope you're ready for defeat, Duck!

MALLORY: One of us had better be.

They fight.

Meanwhile, Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon surround Nosedive.

NOSEDIVE: Let's talk about this, guys. I mean, I'm sure we can work out some kind of-

Siege crushes his blaster.

NOSEDIVE (con't): (Gulping) -compromise?

SIEGE: Looks like the cavalry's gonna need a cavalry.

WILDWING (OS): You called?

He knocks Wraith aside.

NOSEDIVE: Alright Big Bro!

Grin kicks Siege away.

NOSEDIVE (con't): Score one fer the Grinster! (Tackling Chameleon) Yahoo!

Meanwhile, Mallory and Dragaunus circle each other, Dragaunus's tail lashing.

DRAGAUNUS: (Laughing scornfully) You pathetic simpleton! You can't defeat me! You're just one of Wildwing's lackeys. And not a very impressive one, at that. You'll never win.

MALLORY: We'll see about that!

She lunges at him, hitting him, and they fall to the ground. Mallory handsprings off his shoulder and lands behind him. As he stands, she kicks him from behind, sending him off balance. She goes to follow it up with another kick, but his tail catches her full across the chest and sends her into a backwards roll. As she rolls, she pulls her blaster and points it at him. His tail knocks it from her hands.

DRAGAUNUS: Enough of this cat and mouse. I have bigger fish to fry.

He raises his fist, ready to strike. Wildwing pulls it back from behind.

WILDWING: Am I big enough, Dragaunus?

DRAGAUNUS: Not at the moment. How about a rain check? (He pulls the Nova Ray from his belt.) Stand back, Wildwing.

Wildwing releases him. Mallory stands next to Wildwing.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): I'll finish you Ducks later. And you two will get personal attention, rest assured.

He teleports out.

CHAMELEON: (As Dorothy) There's no place like home, there's no place like home!

Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon teleport out. Mallory sighs.

MALLORY: Thanks for the save, Wildwing.

WILDWING: You weren't doing so bad on your own. I'm impressed, Mallory.

She clenches a fist.

MALLORY: Next time... (Sighs.) Where's Tanya?

WILDWING: She's with the Aerowing. Where's Duke?

MALLORY: Duke! I almost forgot!


Duke is stalking through the dense foliage, saber sheathed.

DUKE: (Under his breath) Marina... come out come out wherever yooz are...

A twig snaps. Duke spins around but sees nothing. He relaxes, chagrined.

DUKE (con't): Man, am I jumpy.

Suddenly, he is kicked from behind and sent sprawling. He looks up to see Marina standing over him, twin swords drawn.

MARINA: En garde.

DUKE: Thanks fer the warning. (He springs up and draws his sword.) You're makin a mistake, Marina.

MARINA: Save your breath, L'Orange. (She throws one sword aside) You'll need it.

She lunges. He parries. They fence back and forth.

DUKE: I don't wanna hurt you, Marina.

MARINA: Don't worry.

She disarms him.

DUKE: That ain't good.

She backs him up, the sword pointed at his chest. He trips over a root and falls. He begins to scramble backwards, trying to avoid her blade. He hits a tree.

MARINA: Say good-night, Duke.

DUKE: After all our friendship, you're gonna do this?

MARINA: Friendship? Ha! Tell it to someone who thinks your hair does that on its own! I'll enjoy seeing you rot in jail.

She raises her sword.

MALLORY (OS): Freeze, Sister!

MARINA: (Not looking from Duke) Back off or I'll-

Mallory shoots a knock-out puck. It releases the gas, and both Marina and Duke collapse.

MALLORY: Think again.

Wildwing, Grin, and Nosedive enter the clearing. They see the bodies lying on the ground.

NOSEDIVE: Whoa, touchy aren't we?

WILDWING: Don't you think that was a bit extreme, Mal?

MALLORY: She had a sword to his chest! I had no choice!

GRIN: There are always choices. (Eyes Marina distastefully) I suspect, however, that yours was the most appropriate.

NOSEDIVE: Still sore from that flip, eh Big Guy?

GRIN: Even my aura is bruised.

WILDWING: Come on, let's get these two back to the Pond.

He picks up Marina.


Phil paces.

PHIL: What did I do to deserve these Ducks? They run out to save the world, and do they tell me, call me, fax? No! Ungrateful, that's what they are! I oughtta sell 'em to a petting zoo. I tell ya-

The door opens, admitting the Ducks. Phil turns and sees Grin carrying an unconscious Duke.

PHIL (con't) What did you do to my center?!

Wing is carrying Marina.

WILDWING: He'll be fine. He's just unconscious.

PHIL: Well, wake him up! You guys have a personal appearance at the mall!

WILDWING: Tanya, how long do you think he'll be out?

TANYA: Well, I don't know, I mean taking into account, uh, body mass and the uh proximity of the puck when the gas was released, I'd say, approximately, uh, 3 hours and 17 minutes.

PHIL: You gotta be there in 20!

WILDWING: Grin, put Duke in his room (Lifting Marina slightly) I'll put her in the infirmary for now.

Phil notices Marina.

PHIL: Hey, who's the chick?

MALLORY: (Reproaching) Chick, Phil?

PHIL: (Rolling his eyes) Sorry sweetheart, "duck", don't know what I was thinking.

WILDWING: She's an old friend of Duke's.

PHIL: Old friend? What were they doing, fighting to the death?

NOSEDIVE: Phil, you don't wanna know.

PHIL: Okay, I got it, none a my business, I read ya loud and clear babe. But the rest of you gotta get down to the mall pronto.

MALLORY: We can't leave them alone.

TANYA: I'll stay.

WILDWING: That's nice of you to volunteer, Tanya.

TANYA: Volunteer nothing! Grin's terrified of Marina, and, well, you wanna leave Nosedive here?


MALLORY: I'll stay- you're always left behind.

TANYA: If you stay, then the entire offensive line is represented by him.

She points at Nosedive. He grins.

MALLORY: Point taken.

GRIN: We should go. Quickly.

PHIL: (To Nosedive) What's with him?

NOSEDIVE: (To Phil) The chick flipped him.

Phil whistles.

PHIL: Wait a second boobies. She isn't one of those evil aliens, is she?

WILDWING: She's not evil.

TANYA: Per se.

WILDWING: She's...confused.

MALLORY: That's putting it mildly.

WILDWING: Come on, Grin. She's getting heavy.

GRIN: Even unconscious she's trouble.

They exit.


Tanya sits at a table and chair outside the infirmary. She's using an arc welder on a puck blaster. Duke walks in wearily. Tanya checks her watch.

TANYA: You're up early.

DUKE: So whack me over the head and I'll sleep another hour.

TANYA: Five hours, you mean.

DUKE: Five hours? Man, what hit me?

TANYA: One of Mallory's knock-out pucks. You and your psychotic friend in there.

DUKE: Marina's here?

TANYA: Out cold.

DUKE: Her swords?

TANYA: I locked up all her weapons in the Ready Room.

DUKE: Good. (Pause.) She's not psychotic.

TANYA: I know. (Pause.) You should eat something.

DUKE: Yeah. Tell me when she wakes up?

TANYA: You got it.

Duke leaves. Tanya stops welding the puck blaster. She turns off the arc welder, puts it down, and picks up the blaster. She aims it down the hall, testing its sighting.

MARINA (OS): If you're aiming for Duke, it'll take more than that to slow him down.

Tanya puts down the blaster. She looks up at the peephole, but can't see Marina's eye through it.

TANYA: You're supposed to be asleep.

MARINA (OS): Asleep? I thought I was 'out cold'.

TANYA: Eavesdropping is not a good way to make friends.

MARINA (OS): Remind me to kick myself.

TANYA: Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the infirmary.

MARINA (OS): Call it a quirk, but I have this crazy grudge against meglomaniacal psychopaths.

TANYA: I don't know how you got here or what you want, (laughing) but boy, have you got your wires crossed!


MARINA (OS): You seem relatively sane. What are you doing here?

TANYA: (Turning on the arc welder) I ask myself the same thing every day.

MARINA (OS): (Sympathetically). It's a shame. The smart one always gets left on guard duty.

TANYA: (Laughs bitterly) You're telling me. (Starts welding the blaster.) And if you're trying to talk your way out of there, (laughs) you're doing a pretty lousy job!

Pause. Marina bangs the door in frustration.

TANYA (con't): Now that's just annoying.

MARINA (OS): Can I at least get something to eat?

TANYA: Why not? Even us super villains feed our prisoners. (Into her com) Your friend's awake, Duke. Bring her some food.

DUKE (VO): Will do, Tanya.

MARINA (OS): His friend? Is that what he calls me? He's got some nerve.

TANYA: He's not the only one. You could cut him some slack, you know. He went straight a long time ago.

MARINA (OS): And why should I believe you?

TANYA: Why should I lie? (No response) You can think about it and get back to me. Wha-

Tanya yells as she is pulled from her chair, dropping the arc welder on the floor. Marina has her in a head lock.

TANYA (con't): Care to explain how you did that?

MARINA: It's amazing what you can do with a syringe needle and a tongue depressor.

TANYA: Impressive.

MARINA: I've got a million of 'em. Let me show you a trick with some medical tape and a roll of gauze.

TANYA: Oh, you don't have to-

Marina stuffs some gauze in her beak.

MARINA: Oh no, it's my pleasure.


Duke rummages through various pantries while munching on an apple.

DUKE: Wheat germ... soy milk... tofu... Alright, that's it! Grin does not do the grocery shopping any more!

He hears the door open behind him and, still rummaging, sticks out his hand.

DUKE (con't): Hey, Tanya, could you toss me some fruit or something?

An apple lands in his hand.

DUKE (con't): Thanks. Man, something about that gas is makin' me starvin'. There ain't much but fruit for Marina- (stops) Tanya wouldn't leave her alone. (stiffens. Nervously,) Phil?

MARINA (OS): Care to make a third guess?

Duke turns to see Marina standing across the room, Tanya's puck blaster pointed at him.

DUKE: I don't suppose Tanya let you out early on good behavior?

MARINA: You're not the only one who can get around a security system.

DUKE: Well, before you do anything you regret, consider one thing.


DUKE: This!

He hurls the apple at her. As she ducks, he tackles her, and the blaster skids aside. They wrestle.

DUKE (con't): You don't have to do this, Marina.

MARINA: I'll keep that in mind.

She kicks him off and he hits the cabinet.

DUKE: This is beginning to lose to its novelty.

He lunges for her.


Tanya, bound with tape and gagged with gauze, struggles. She slithers to the examination table and knocks against it. Nothing. Knocks against it again. A pair of scissors falls off. She uses them to free herself and pulls the gauze from her mouth.

TANYA: Yech! Now let's get out of here!

She goes to the electronic panel on the door, but live wires are sticking out of it, making it extremely dangerous.

TANYA (con't): Well, she sure did a job on this! What a mess. Maybe if I-

She reaches out her hand and gets shocked.

TANYA (con't): Yow! (sighs) Great.

She leans on the door. It opens under her weight and she falls into the hall, landing with a thud. She looks around.

TANYA (con't): Tanya, you're a genius.


Marina and Duke grapple on the floor. Marina grabs the saber off his shoulder, but he knocks it out of her hand, It skids over to the door. She dives for it, but Duke grabs her around the waist and pulls her back, She elbows him in the jaw and he releases her. She crawls towards the saber, hand outstretched, and Duke tackles her. It's almost in her reach, however. She pushes Duke off and stretches for it. A foot steps on the saber, and Marina looks up to find that the foot belongs to Tanya, her arms folded.

TANYA: There's a reason the smart one always gets left on guard duty.

Duke kicks Marina and she slides across the room. She looks next to her hand and sees Tanya's puck blaster.


Tanya helps Duke up.

MARINA (OS): Not so fast.

They turn to see Marina standing, breathing heavily and pointing the blaster at them.

TANYA: Uh-oh.

DUKE (aside): Is that the puck blaster you were fixing?

TANYA (aside): Uh-huh.

DUKE (aside): The one with the explosive puck jammed in it?

TANYA (aside): Uh-huh.

DUKE (aside): Meaning that if she pulls the trigger, we all get blown sky high?

TANYA (aside): Take a wild guess.

MARINA: Shut up, both of you!

DUKE: Listen, Marina-

MARINA: Duke, you know I'm normally a patient duck. At the moment, however, I'm just a little bit edgy. So if you want to live, I suggest you keep your beak shut.

She turns as the door opens behind her and the rest of the ducks enter. Dive is in the middle of a joke.

NOSEDIVE: And so then the mongoose says-

He sees the scene before them and stops. Duke starts towards Marina, but she grabs Mallory and, blaster to her head, backs away from them all.

MARINA: Everyone, stand back!

TANYA: Do what she says!

DUKE: Marina, that blaster's jammed! You shoot and we all get blackened Cajun style.

MARINA: Good one, Duke. I'll have to write that down. The story's pretty lame, though.

DUKE: Y'know, this not-believing-anything-I-say thing is gettin old real fast. I'm tellin the truth!

MARINA: Oh yeah? We'll see about that.

She points the blaster up, ready to shoot into the air. Mallory grabs her arm and flips her over.

MALLORY: Hi-yah!

She karate chops Marina's arm, and Marina drops the gun. Wildwing approaches.

WILDWING: Nice job, Mallory. Now let's straighten this out.

Marina jumps up and, grabbing the puck blaster off Mallory's back, spins on Wildwing.

MARINA: Straighten this you-

She gasps, seeing him for the first time, and stops. She peers at him for a moment, as if to make sure he's really there.

MARINA (con't): (In disbelief) Canard?

MALLORY: (To Duke) She knows Canard?

MARINA: I know the mask of Drake DuCaine. (With reverence) Everyone on Puckworld does.

WILDWING: I'm not Canard.

MARINA: Then what-

WILDWING: I think we all have some explaining to do.


Marina sits at the table, her hands wrapped around a coffee mug. Duke stands just behind her protectively. Wildwing sits across from her, with Grin behind him, arms akimbo. Mallory leans against the wall in the same pose, and Nosedive and Tanya stand on opposite sides of the table.

WILDWING: ...And we've been pursuing Dragaunus ever since we landed here.

MALLORY: So what's your story?

MARINA: Well, you know that when Dragaunus invaded, all the information networks collapsed. We all heard rumors about a Resistance, but no one knew anything for sure. I heard one story- that a guy named Canard had found the mask of Drake DuCaine. Then, when the ruins of Dragaunus's fortress were found and the rest of his army was mopped up, the story spread.

WILDWING: I don't get it. How did you get here?

MARINA: I was hoping you could help me with that.

She pulls a computer disk from a belt pouch.

MARINA (con't): I was sent this one day, with a time and place attached. I watched the video that's on it, and when I brought my ship to where the note directed me, a gateway appeared. When I got here I saw the tablet in the newspaper and showed up on a hunch, looking for an evil duck gang. The last thing I expected to find was Canard's missing strike force.

TANYA: But who sent you the video?

MARINA: (Offering the disk) You tell me.

Tanya takes it.

DUKE: This I can't wait to see.

Tanya puts the disk in Drake 1. An image of Dragaunus and "Duke", on the Raptor, pops up.

DUKE (con't): What the-?

VIDEO DUKE: Listen, Lord Dragaunus. You and your scaly thugs can argue all you want, but I ain't makin' any deal.

DRAGAUNUS: You're making a serious mistake, Duke.

VIDEO DUKE: You ain't exactly in the position to make threats. My gang can take yours any day, super weapon or no super weapon.

DRAGAUNUS: (Leaning in menacingly) If it's war you're suggesting, you'll find me more than willing. You've crossed me one time too many, L'Orange! Consider this partnership dissolved.

VIDEO DUKE: Oh, you're breakin my heart, Dragaunus. (Laughs) Like I need you or your goons.

DRAGAUNUS: We'll just see who gets the Nova Ray first- me and my goons, or you and your puck-shooting pigeons!

VIDEO DUKE: I've had enough a' this! Now you're the one makin the mistake. When I get that Ray, you'll be beggin fer forgiveness on your claws an' knees.

DRAGAUNUS: Your positive thinking is on the verge of delusional. (He turns away dismissively) Wraith, dispose of Mr. L'Orange.

Wraith appears behind Video Duke and puts his hand on his shoulder. Video Duke kicks him, sending him into the wall, and brushes off his arms.

VIDEO DUKE: I'll see myself out. (Turns to Dragaunus, a finger pointed in warning) I'll tell ya this much, Dragaunus. The next time you see this face, it'll be the last thing you ever see.

He walks off as the video ends.

NOSEDIVE: Man, what lousy dialogue. I'd ask for my money back if I'd paid anything!

DUKE: The old boy's clever, I'll give him that.

MALLORY: I'll say. Not only did he set you up for a major fall-

GRIN: -But he also explained our little "gang war".

DUKE: I wonder why he didn't just send this to the authorities.

NOSEDIVE: Yeah, Klegghorn'd love to get his doughnut-crumbed hands on us.

TANYA: But the authorities know about Chameleon.

MARINA: Chameleon? Who's Chameleon?

Duke points at the screen image of himself.

DUKE: The good-lookin one.

MARINA: I don't understand.

WILDWING: He's a shape shifter. He can make himself look and sound like anyone.

TANYA: You pretty much have to see it to believe it.

MARINA: Don't worry. I plan to.

She rubs her sore shoulder. Duke notices and reaches out as though to touch her, concerned.

DUKE: You okay, Mari? I didn't hurt you, did I?

Marina pulls her arm away.

MARINA: (Angrily) I'm fine.

Duke folds his arms and wanders away from the table.

WILDWING: Now that you trust us-

DUKE: (Under his breath) Most of us, anyways.

WILDWING: -We'd better work on getting that Ray from Dragaunus.

Marina looks up, startled.

MARINA: You mean, you haven't been looking for it?

TANYA: (Smiling) Oh, come on. You don't have to pretend.

Marina, confused, looks in one of her belt pouches. Mallory holds up an oddly shaped power cell.

MALLORY: Looking for this?

Marina narrows her eyes.

MARINA: How did you know I had the Nova Ray's power cell?

TANYA: An electrical charge like that doesn't get past Drake 1!

MALLORY: As soon as we got to the Aerowing we knew that you had it.

WILDWING: And that what Dragaunus has is about as useful as an unloaded puck blaster.

NOSEDIVE: I wish I could see the look on old Scaly-Tail's face when he finds out!


Dragaunus roars.


The view widens. Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon cower before him, a pedestal bearing the cylinder standing by the window.

CHAMELEON: (Trembling) The Nova Ray isn't working, Lord Dragaunus.

Dragaunus leans over him menacingly.

DRAGAUNUS: I tell you to fire a simple warning shot at Los Angeles, and you break the super weapon?!

WRAITH: He didn't break it, Lord Dragaunus. It is incomplete.

DRAGAUNUS: What do you mean, incomplete?

SIEGE: It looks like there's some kind of power cell that's missing.

Dragaunus pounds the console.

DRAGAUNUS: An empty shell! After all this, I am left with an empty shell!

SIEGE: Ye get three guesses who's got the cell.

WRAITH: (With a snort) Do you really need that many?

DRAGAUNUS: That dupe of a duck I brought from Puckworld- Marina!

SIEGE: It's gonna be a lot of fun takin it back!

DRAGAUNUS: Indeed, Siege. For both of us.


Marina walks down the hallway. Duke is behind her, trying to catch up.

DUKE: Hey, Marina, wait up!

She looks over her shoulder at him but doesn't slow. He catches up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She shrugs his hand off, but stops.

MARINA: What do you want?

DUKE: I wanna talk.

MARINA: Talk all you want. But I have to fix my gear, so you'll be talking to the wall.

She starts to walk away. Duke bursts.

DUKE: Don't you trust me?

MARINA: About as far as I can throw you.

DUKE: Well you proved more than once that you can throw me pretty far.

Marina turns back.

MARINA: You want me to prove it again?

DUKE: Marina, I'm tellin you, there's this guy named Chameleon-

MARINA: I know. I believe Tanya and Wildwing. But it doesn't mean you've reformed.

Duke shakes his head incredulously.

DUKE: I don't get you. You trust all the other guys- ya think they'd let me hang around if I was a crook?

MARINA: People can be fooled. I should know.

DUKE: Whaddya want from me, Marina? If I can't convince you, whaddya want me to do, fade outta existence again? Disappear so you can't find me?

MARINA: Don't give yourself so much credit, Duke.

She reaches behind his neck and pulls a tracking device from under his hair. She holds it up as evidence. Duke takes it from her.

DUKE: You put a tracking device on me at the museum.

MARINA: I lost you once. I wasn't about to lose you again.

DUKE: Wasn't. You just said wasn't.


DUKE: Not I'm not about to lose you again. I wasn't.

MARINA: What are you getting at, L'Orange?

DUKE: Part of you believes me.

MARINA: (Turning to leave) You're reading a little too much into this.

He pulls her back by her arm.

DUKE: Am I? Or is it that you wanna trust me?

MARINA: I want to-

DUKE: How come you still wear the necklace I gave you?

Marina's hand goes protectively to the pendant around her neck, and she cannot produce an answer.

DUKE (con't): You wanna be able to go back to how it was. I hurt you, and you-

MARINA: Hurt? You intentionally deceived me and almost got me killed!

DUKE: Yeah, and I ruined everything, I remember. I was there. But that's in the past. And part a you wants to put it behind us as much as I do.

MARINA: Whatever that means.

Duke is obviously frustrated.

DUKE: Fine! Deny it, put me down, lock me up. I ain't gonna fight you no more. So take one a those kabob skewers a yours and punch some holes in me if you want. I'm tired of havin to run from someone I care about just so I don't hurt her.

He turns to leave.

MARINA: That's why you ran?

He turns back.

DUKE: Yeah, that's why I ran. What ja think?

Marina starts to talk, but he stops her..

DUKE (con't): Oh, wait, I got it. I ran to save my own feathers, right? Fine. Whatever.

He starts to walk away. Marina looks conflicted.

MARINA: Duke, wait!

He stops and looks at her questioningly.

MARINA (con't): I- (She stops.) Tell Tanya not to worry about me- I'll set up my bed myself.

Duke glares momentarily and then walks away. Marina watches him for a moment and then goes off in the other direction.


Siege labors over the ship's computer while Dragaunus stands over him. Wraith and Chameleon skulk in the corners.

DRAGAUNUS: Can't you even get this bucket of bolts in the air?!

SIEGE: We drained the auxiliary power when we tried to energize the Nova Ray. We're lucky the cloaking device still works!

Dragaunus pounds the console.

WRAITH: No doubt the 'diversion' has given the power cell to the Mighty Ducks. Your deceit cannot have lasted, Lord Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: It was not built to last, Wraith. It was meant to keep the Ducks busy while we obtained the Nova Ray. I didn't expect her to possess the key to my plot when she realized the truth.

WRAITH: By now the power cell has most likely been destroyed.

DRAGAUNUS: Blast that infernal duck! I'll get her no matter what it takes!

MARINA (OS): Let me save you some trouble.

They all turn, aghast, to see Marina standing there with a sword drawn.

DRAGAUNUS: You! How did you get in here?

She twirls her sword.

MARINA: I cut myself a door.

DRAGAUNUS: (Bewildered) How did you find the Raptor?

Marina walks up to him brazenly.

MARINA: (Arrogantly) What, you mean I wasn't invited?

She spears the tracking device off the back of his neck with her sword and shows it to him.

MARINA (con't): When you didn't deactivate my little homing device, I thought you wanted me here. (Smiles) I didn't realize you were just sloppy.

DRAGAUNUS: (Furious) Sloppy, am I? Then allow me to clean up my mess. Siege!

SIEGE: C'mere, girlie. I'm gonna enjoy this.

MARINA: I think you'll enjoy this more:

She produces the power cell.

WRAITH: The Nova Ray's power cell!

MARINA: I brought you a gift.

Dragaunus considers her for a moment.


MARINA: Look at my options. I'm caught in the middle of a war between two crime gangs.

CHAMELEON: But the Ducks ain't really-

Siege smacks him into silence.

DRAGAUNUS: Continue, my dear.

Marina raises an eyebrow at the endearment and Dragaunus flashes her an oh-so-sincere smile.

MARINA: Who would you cooperate with- the gang with your arch-enemy for a leader, or the gang with the gateway generator that can get you back home?

DRAGAUNUS: I presume this means you've chosen the latter.

MARINA: Either that or I'm suicidal.

Dragaunus scratches his face pensively.

DRAGAUNUS: Why on Earth should I trust you?

MARINA: (Sweet-talking) Well, I'm not stupid! I wouldn't try to trick you- no one's that clever!

Dragaunus raises an eyebrow at the flattery and Marina flashes him an oh-so-sincere smile. Dragaunus laughs.

DRAGAUNUS: I like your style, Ms. LeWebb.

MARINA: Do we have a deal, then?

DRAGAUNUS: You give us the power cell and we use the generator to send you home.

MARINA: I'll set up the Nova Ray.

DRAGAUNUS: (Aside, to Siege) Do we have enough power left to use the gateway generator?

SIEGE: (Aside, to Dragaunus) To Puckworld? If we use that power cell. Without the cell, it depends.

DRAGAUNUS: (Aside, to Siege) Ready a gateway to Dimensional Limbo.

SIEGE: (Chuckling, to Dragaunus) With pleasure.


Tanya walks down the hallway to her quarters, carrying a pillow and some blankets. She comes to her door and, shifting her load to one arm, punches in the appropriate key sequence.

TANYA: (As the door opens) Duke said you'd set yourself up, but I thought you might need-

She stops, seeing that no one is in her room. A cot is laid out on the floor, but it is empty. Above her own bed, a note is taped. She puts down the blankets and pulls off the note.

TANYA: (Reading aloud) 'Sorry to fight and run, but I had to finish this, one way or another. M.' (Tanya pauses, digesting what she's just read) W'uh-oh.

DUKE (OS): Care to share that 'w'uh-oh' with the rest of us?

Tanya turns to see him leaning on the door frame. She hands him the note, and he reads it to himself. He looks up at her.

DUKE (con't): W'uh-oh.


While Wraith, Chameleon, and Siege watch, Marina makes some final adjustments on whatever she's been doing to the Nova Ray. She straightens with a triumphant smile.


Dragaunus approaches.

DRAGAUNUS: Excellent.

MARINA: You can test it while I get my ship.

DRAGAUNUS: (Suspiciously) You're not going to watch us triumph over your enemies?

MARINA: I'd rather get home. And with all due respect, I'm not terribly fond of you, either.

DRAGAUNUS: Good. I wouldn't want to get too attached to you.

MARINA: What's that supposed to mean?

Dragaunus considers her for a moment.

DRAGAUNUS: I would appreciate your company for this little demonstration.


DRAGAUNUS: (Taking hold of her arm) I'm afraid I'll have to insist. In fact, why don't you test the Nova Ray yourself? How about a harmless target- the Nevada desert.


She stops, realizing she is trapped in her own scheme. Trembling, she reaches her hand out to activate the Nova Ray.

WILDWING (OS): Let's hold it right there.

All turn to see the Ducks pointing weapons at them.

MALLORY: The party's over, Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: On the contrary, my fine feathered friend. The party has just begun. For you see, (He picks up Siege's blaster and points it at Marina) our friend here was just about to activate the Nova Ray. Unless of course you're going to shoot her.

There is a heavy silence.

MARINA: You shouldn't have come.

DUKE: Too late now.

MARINA: How'd you find the Raptor?

DRAGAUNUS: No doubt they tracked you, you fool!

He picks a homing device from under her shoulder strap and crushes it with his fingernails. Marina shoots an accusatory glare at Duke. He shrugs.

DUKE: I know you too well. Like you wouldn't be up to something.

DRAGAUNUS: Enough stalling! The Ray, Ms. LeWebb.

Marina turns to the Nova Ray.

DUKE: Don't do it, Marina.

MARINA: Stay out of this, Duke.

She puts her hands around the middle section of the Ray and, decisively, turns it to the left. A bolt of electricity runs up it and into her body. She shudders with the current and then falls to the floor.

DUKE: (Furiously) What did you do to her?

DRAGAUNUS: She did it to herself. Now which one of you has the real power cell?

No one responds.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): She's not dead yet. I'll remedy that if you don't hand over the power cell NOW!

Duke sighs and pulls the power cell out of his shirt front.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): I'm glad you decided to see reason.

Duke walks over towards Dragaunus and sees Chameleon.

DUKE: (To Chameleon) You caused me a lot of trouble, y'know.

CHAMELEON: (As Bugs Bunny) Ain't I a stinker?

Duke glares, then presents the power cell to Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: (Reaching for it) At last, it's mine!

The power cell is kicked out of Duke's hand. He and Dragaunus turn to see an exhausted Marina, just barely on her feet, seething.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): You demented fool. It'll take more than that to stop me now.

He is kicked from behind and sent to the floor. Duke stands over him.

DUKE: Is that enough?

DRAGAUNUS: Get them!

Chameleon engages Duke, Siege approaches Grin and Wildwing, and Wraith approaches Mallory and Nosedive. Tanya rushes to Marina's side. Marina collapses onto her, throwing an arm around her shoulder for support.

MARINA: (Surprised) Duke- he gave up the power cell.

TANYA: We gotta get you outta here.

Marina shakes her head.

MARINA: Turn the Ray to the right. (Cough) It'll explode. Might take part of the Raptor with it.

Tanya eases Marina to the floor and goes towards the Ray. Dragaunus steps into her path.

DRAGAUNUS: Where do you think you're going?

TANYA: (Backing up) Heh heh... Well you see the meter's running out on the Aerowing so I just thought I'd go put a coin in it and-

He grips her collar and she laughs nervously.

Meanwhile, Marina gasps as Chameleon morphs into Duke and draws his saber.

CHAMELEON: (As Duke) En garde, you cretin.

DUKE: (Circling him, saber drawn) Y'know Chameleon, I never noticed what a handsome guy you are.

They fight. Tanya lands next to Marina, apparently having been thrown. She adjusts her eye shield.

MARINA: Did you detonate the Ray?

TANYA: Mind if I get to it first?

They duck as someone's blaster fires over them.

TANYA (con't): You help Duke!

Marina looks at the dueling Dukes.

MARINA: Which one?

Meanwhile, as Grin fights Siege, Dragaunus has made his way to Wildwing.

WILDWING: Ready to cash in that rain check, Dragaunus?

DRAGAUNUS: I'm afraid that debt will have to remain unpaid.

He presses a button on the wall and a net falls on Nosedive, Grin, Mallory, and Wildwing.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): Make yourselves comfortable.

Meanwhile, the Dukes fight as Marina tries to figure out who's who.

TANYA: Wildwing, which one's Duke?

DUKES 1 & 2: I am!

TANYA: Thanks guys.

The Dukes are in close combat, moving too much for Wildwing to point out which one's real.

WILDWING: Duke's the one on the right...the left...no, wait...

MARINA: You're not helping!

DUKE 1: Marina, it's me!

DUKE 2: Don't listen to him!

While Duke 2's attention is on Marina, Duke 1 trips him, knocking him to the floor and disarming him.

DUKE 1: Let's cut this impostor down to size!

He raises his saber to strike.

MARINA: Oh no you don't!

She throws her bola at Duke 1. It wraps around his legs and knocks him down. As he hits, he morphs back into Chameleon. Duke sheaths his sword and Marina helps him up.

DUKE: How'd you know it was me?

MARINA: You're much too noble to actually cut someone with your sword.

DUKE: (In mock surprise) Noble? I thought I was a scoundrel and a crook.

MARINA: I stand corrected.

She loops his arm around his waist in a half hug.

CHAMELEON: Aw, how touching.

Dragaunus steps up behind him.

DRAGAUNUS: Indeed. Consider it your fond farewell.

Dragaunus grabs Marina and lifts her off the ground.

DRAGAUNUS: And now I will take care of that mess you mentioned.

DUKE: Let her go, Dragaunus. I'm the one you want.

Dragaunus looks at him.

DRAGAUNUS: Actually, she is.

Duke shrugs.

DUKE: Hey, ya can't blame a guy fer tryin.

He draws his saber. Dragaunus turns away from him and, almost effortlessly, knocks him down with his tail.

DRAGAUNUS: Siege! Open the gateway generator!

A gateway appears.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): You're going to enjoy Dimensional Limbo. And if you don't, well, I'll have enjoyed putting you there.

MARINA: You won't win, Dragaunus.

DRAGAUNUS: And what's to stop me? You seem to be out of options.

TANYA (OS): And you seem to have trouble with arithmetic!

Dragaunus turns to see Tanya juggling the identical power cells.

DRAGAUNUS: Hand it over, Bird Girl.

Tanya does not take her eyes off the oddly shaped cells she is juggling.

TANYA: But which one? Even I don't know. And the wrong one won't turn into Chameleon when it hits the ground. It might explode, though.

Dragaunus drops Marina and turns on Tanya.

DRAGAUNUS: What did you do with the Ray?

TANYA: You mean this?

She steps aside, still juggling, to reveal the Ray.

DRAGAUNUS: Give it to me.

He takes a step towards her.

TANYA: But what if you pick wrong? You wouldn't want to blow this whole place up, would you? I mean, it's kind of a neat ship. It'd be a shame to lose it. Not to mention all our lives. (With a short laugh) Even you couldn't transport out in time.

Duke crawls over to Marina.

DUKE: (Whispering) You okay?

MARINA: (Whispering) I'll be fine. How long d'you think that gateway'll stay open on its own?

DUKE: (Whispering) I dunno, another minute. Why?

MARINA: (Whispering) It might come in handy.

They watch Tanya.

TANYA: How 'bout a game of Saurian Roulette?

She catches the power cells. She picks up the Ray and inserts the power cell from her right hand into the hole in the top.

DRAGAUNUS: What are you going to do?

NOSEDIVE: Hey, could you fill us Good Guys in, too?

TANYA: Well I don't know. Either I'm going to send lethal lasers out of every carving in the Ray, or I'm going to blow us all up. Doesn't sound like much fun either way, actually.

DRAGAUNUS: (Hostage negotiation) Why don't you just put it down, then?

TANYA: I have an even better idea. Why don't you and your pals throw down your teleporters, sit on the floor, and fold your hands politely until the police get here.

Wraith appears behind her and grabs her by the shoulders.

TANYA (con't): Uh, I can negotiate on the hand-folding!

MARINA: Tanya!

Tanya throws the Nova Ray in her general direction. Marina runs, dives, and catches it.

MARINA (con't): Get down!

She turns the middle section to the right. It starts to swell with a blue light, and the Raptor begins to shake.

SIEGE: It's gonna blow!

TANYA: Do something!

Marina throws it into the dimensional gateway.


He picks up Marina.

DRAGAUNUS (con't): Follow it, then!

He throws her in. Duke dives for her and catches her hand. The others have freed themselves from the net.

NOSEDIVE: Du-ucks Rock!

The fighting begins again. Meanwhile, the gateway is sucking Marina in, and Duke is getting pulled with her. Tanya grabs onto his feet, and they stop moving.

DUKE: I won't let you go!

MARINA: I'm sorry I doubted you, Duke!

Mallory faces off with Dragaunus.

MALLORY: Ready for a rematch, Dragaunus?

DRAGAUNUS: Ready, willing, and able.

He swipes at her.

Duke reaches out his other hand.

DUKE: Marina, take both hands!

Marina tries and fails, her limbs being sucked into the vortex of the gateway.

MARINA: I- I can't!

DUKE: Don't worry, you ain't goin nowhere!

Marina realizes she's not going to make it.

MARINA: Duke, you're the best friend I ever knew.

DUKE: Stop it! I almost got ya- Tanya, pull harder!

TANYA: I can't! Grin!

Grin is busy being thrown against a wall.

MARINA: You've meant more to me than anything, Duke. I'm glad I was wrong about you. I forgive you.

DUKE: I'm not gonna let you go!

Marina's glove starts to pull off her hand.

MARINA: Good-bye, Duke!

The glove comes off in his hand and Marina is sucked out of sight. Duke and Tanya fall back.


He frantically goes as if to jump after her, but Tanya pulls him back. The gateway closes. Duke turns to see Dragaunus fighting with Mallory. His eye narrows with contempt and he pushes Tanya off.

Mallory does a front handspring into a flip and plants both of her feet firmly in Dragaunus's stomach. The force of the blow sends him staggering back. He growls and stalks forward. Mallory is in a defensive stance. He strikes her in the face with the back of his hand, sending her flying. She ends up on her hands and knees, trying to clear her head. Dragaunus approaches her. He hears a yell from behind him and turns his head. He is kicked to the ground, and before he knows what's happening Duke is on top of him.

DUKE: You'll pay for this, Dragaunus!

Duke's rage gives him incredible power, and at first he overwhelms Dragaunus. His emotions render him clumsy, however, and the substantially larger Saurian soon has him pinned to the floor, by his neck, under a massive claw.

DRAGAUNUS: You gnats are becoming quite bothersome. Pardon my swatting.

He raises a fist. He is kicked aside, and Wildwing plants a foot on his chest.

WILDWING: About that debt. It's payback time.

DRAGAUNUS: Send me a postcard, Wildwing. This dialogue is getting dreadfully stale.

He teleports out. Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon follow. Wildwing stumbles as he finds his foot is placed firmly on thin air. Mallory steadies him.

NOSEDIVE: (Annoyed) Well that was a complete and total floparooni!

MALLORY: (Quietly) For some of us more than others.

They follow her gaze. Duke sits on the floor, bereft. The Raptor starts shaking.

TANYA: Uh, guys?

GRIN: Now what?

TANYA: Um, I think there's some kind of self-destruct mechanism on this thing!

The shaking increases.

WILDWING: And I'm guessing it's been activated?

TANYA: Either that or this earthquake has a real sense of humor!

MALLORY: Let's get out of here!

Tanya scoops up the remaining power cell. Wildwing pulls Duke to his feet. They all exit the Raptor.


Night. They run out onto the hill on which the Raptor is situated. The tremors spread to the forest floor.

TANYA: It's gonna blow!

They throw themselves to the ground. The Raptor rises from the ground and flies away.

NOSEDIVE: Okay, now that was a complete and total floparooni!

TANYA: It must've been on remote control.

MALLORY: How'd they get enough power to pull that off?..

TANYA: It could've been the explosive charge of the Nova Ray reacting to the gateway generator, or an electric impulse created in the vortex, or, well y'know, stuff happens.

Wildwing looks at Duke. He is standing against a tree, gaze down, holding Marina's glove. Wildwing walks up to him and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.

WILDWING: I know how you feel.

Duke looks up at him, his one eye expressing more pain than even his next words.

DUKE: (Softly) Do you Wildwing? Do you really?

Wildwing says nothing, no longer sure that he does. Tanya looks at the power cell.

TANYA: Y'know, this is the real power cell. With it I might be able to figure out how to open a dimensional gateway of our own. If I boosted the fusion generator, or maybe spliced its power into Drake 1, maybe...

She trails off, knowing that it's not terribly likely. Duke catches her doubt.

DUKE: Yeah, maybe...

Grin approaches him.

GRIN: Duke, your wound was torn open just as it had begun to heal. Thus the pain is magnified.

DUKE: So what's your prescription, Doc?

GRIN: Time heals everything.

DUKE: I'll keep that in mind.

Mallory comes up to him and gives him a hug. Duke allows it for a moment, and then pulls away. Mallory tries to say something, to comfort him, but Grin puts a gentle hand on her shoulder, stopping her. Duke looks briefly out into the night sky. He turns back and sees his teammates watching him with true concern. He looks down at Marina's glove for a second, and then tucks it into his shirt front. He walks back to his friends and puts an arm each around Mallory and Nosedive.

DUKE: Let's go home.

The End
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