The Jewel in the Battlefield

By Calandra Drakeler

Sunset was over Anaheim, California. In the Rec Room of the Pond, the others were all chilling. Jessica Lockheart, in her light blue jeans and green tank, was listening to a Britney Spears CD on her mini CD player and yellow headphones, while Nosedive was reading a comic book of his, being careful not to make eye to eye contact with Jessie. Mallory and Tanya were playing checkers while Grin Hardwing was a farther corner of the Rec Room, meditating. Calandra Drakeler was trying to read a good historical romance novel, but was having a LOT of difficulty, since Duke L'Orange kept kissing her neck.

"Ah; C'MON, sweetheart! What does it take to get a little bit of 'action' from ya?"

"Maybe--if you keep your beak--OFF my neck--it might happen--eventually. Now STOP it!"

With that, Callie grabbed Duke's neck and pushed him to the other side of the couch, stuffing his face in the feathery softness of the cushions. Realizing that she meant what she said, Duke laid off her for the rest of the peaceful moment.

Wildwing Flashblade, Nosedive's older brother and the team's leader, was hiding a look of longing for a lover of his own. Ever since Calandra and Duke called a truce and became an item, he felt a bit jealous. Not of Callie and Duke together, but because he didn't have a girl of his own to do the same things Duke and Cal did together: talk with, cuddle, and make-out half the time they were alone. Mallory McMallard WAS there, but she didn't seem interested in any of the ducks at the moment, and was too temperamental for him. Tanya Vanderflock was already her machine work, that is. What WOULD a girl see in a guy like HIM? Ever since he became the leader of the Mighty Ducks, he tried to remain as serious as possible, but he felt that cold shell he took so long in building would crumble any minute from a longing for a girl of his own.

However, there wasn't much time to worry over that matter at the moment, for the alarm on Drake 1 sounded off again, signalizing grave danger. Tanya quickly scanned the situation with the keyboard panel on Drake 1, scanning for the solution to the problem. The fearless leader glanced at Tanya to try to find out the situation of the problem.

"Well, Tanya? What's the problem?"

"Drake 1 says that it's another power surge at the electric company."

"ANOTHER one?" Nosedive grunted. "This has been going on for the past two WEEKS!"

"What does old lizard-lips want with all of that electricity?" Mallory wondered.

"Maybe he can't pay his electric bills," Jessie suggested.

All of the ducks stared at Jessie. Suddenly, she's been trying to turn into the next best source for comic relief if Dive could never provide it. But not ALL of her jokes made much in the way of sense, and were ALWAYS kind of corny.

"Jessie, that's not VERY funny," Wildwing lectured.

At least I have a sense of humor! Jessie thought to herself as she adjusted the mid-length pony tail of her hip-length cinnamon brown hair. "Well, how about if I come along this time and see if my guess' right or wrong?"

"Nice try, Jessie," Duke noted. "But we made a promise to yer uncle that we would make sure that ya stay outa trouble. And we're gonna keep it, okay kid?"

"I'm NOT a kid, Cyclops-duck. I'm 14, and I can make my own decisions."

"Then stop calling me Cyclops-duck."

"Then stop calling me kid!"

Wildwing rolled his eyes in disbelief. From the way Duke and Jessie argued, you'd think that they were brother and sister.

"Cut it out, you two. We don't have time for this. Sorry, Jess. But we can't let you come for a while. Maybe in 4 years, when we're no longer responsible for your safety."

"," Jessie grunted as she crossed her arms around her chest.

Wildwing rolled his eyes yet again. He was getting TIRED of Jessie calling her dad, although he did start to think of her as his own daughter and everything. Dealing with Jessie was like dealing with a fourteen year old of his own. If it weren't for the fact that she was a human and he was a duck, people WOULD suspect that Jessica Lockheart WAS Wildwing Flashblade's daughter. Realizing that they couldn't waste anymore time, everyone of the ducks loaded up into the Migrator. Onward they sped into battle, the engines spewing flames and pushing the wind in the back of their direction. A while's length of a drive the spent until the electric factory was in their sights. What did Dragaunus want with all the energy THIS time? He already tried to fry Drake 1 before, and he already made a giant energy creature before with all the energy.

"What do you think old Lizard-lips wants with all that juice?" Dive asked.

"Dunno, little bro. But what-ever it is..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah....," Callie grunted. "Can we just exit and kill?"

"Whoa...calm down, sweetbeak," Duke started. "Don't want YOU turning into a ruthless killer."

"Sorry. It's my blood rising again, I guess, love."

Soul of a soldier, has but the heart of a thief and cutthroat, Duke thought to himself.

"Might as well get this over with," Wildwing said, breathing a heavy sigh. "Everyone; move out!"

All seven ducks exited the Migrator, ready and anxious for battle. Siege, Wraith, and the Chameleon(the three lizard stooges as I like to call them:), loyal servants to Dragaunus(the head stooge), were draining energy from the Anaheim Electricity Power Plants. All employees and guards were tied up, looks of fear deep in their eyes.

"This plan is TOO easy!" Siege shouted in delight as he used a type of giant ray to suck up energy.

"It's also very familiar," Wraith reminded. "Hadn't we done this before?"

"Yeah...and without me!" Chameleon complained.

"Ah, quit yer whinin', ya little twerp, before--"

"We get here to ruin your plans for world domination, Siege?" Wildwing asked behind his back.

"What the--"

The three stooges turned around, only to see the seven Mighty Ducks.

"Remember me, Siege?" Callie cooed, wanting to seduce him so she could stab him with her knife.

"Don't you know when to quit, DeMalard?!" Chameleon shouted at her.

"It's DRAKELER. Calandra Drakeler. NOT Felisha DeMalard. How many times to I need to remind you fricking bastards?!"

"Easy, sweetheart," Duke whispered to Calandra as kissed the base of her neck. "Don't want you to lose your temper...again; that's all they want from you, ya know."

"Sorry, love. I'll remember that in the future."

"Mush," Chameleon muttered. "I think I'm gonna YACK."

Wildwing then gave the signal to attack the Saurian Henchmen. Pucks went flying all over the electricity plant. Calandra didn't have any blasters on her at the moment, so instead she relied on her bullwhip. But no Saurians were in her range. When she turned around, Siege teleported behind her, grabbing her by the arms and pinning her back against his chest. She struggled to get free, but he proved to be a more powerful match than him. Callie tried to jab his stomach with her elbow, but even when the cold silver steel of her elbow pads connected with his scaly flesh, little harm was done to Siege. Noticing the danger to the one he loved, Duke quickly raced to Callie's side and cut a scrape in Siege's back.

"AHHHHH!!!!!" Siege screamed as he quickly clenched his back, trying to stop the bleeding. Using that to her advantage, Calandra did one of her back flip kicks, knocking Siege down flat on his stomach. Callie brushed back a bang with a color of black, as dark as the feathers of a raven. Duke quickly took Calandra into his arms and started to kiss her.

"Are--you--alright--my--sweet?" Duke asked between kisses.

"Yes....I'm fine. Takes more than a giant lizard to harm THIS girl!"

Just as two were about to share yet ANOTHER kiss, Siege ordered a bunch of Hunter Drones to knock out Callie and Duke. The only one of the Ducks left standing was Wildwing. All of his team mates were out cold, thanks to the Hunter Drones. Wraith and Chameleon were draining yet MORE energy from the power plant. Siege smirked as he grabbed his giant blaster out of his waist belt. Wildwing tried to stop Siege, but he used his superior strength to shove the muscular white male duck onto the ground. He pointed it at Wildwing and got ready to pull the trigger. But, before he could, a young female attacked at him from behind, doing a flying turning roundhouse kick. She landed on the ground, her hair in the way of her face, so Wildwing couldn't see what she really looked like. The female took out a grenade and threw it at Siege. However, she accidentally missed and hit a few Hunter Drones, but the blast was enough to knock Siege on the ground. Wildwing looked terribly shocked. Who WAS that girl that rescued him?

When the female turned her face, Wildwing looked even MORE shocked; the female was yet ANOTHER duck! But this one seemed very tall. Almost as tall as Duke himself. She had light brown feathers and a patch on her beak, exactly like the one on Nosedive's beak. Her hair was an emerald green color and so were her eyes. Her hair went down to her rear, and at the top edge of her hips was a blue band around her hair, and the end of her hair separated into two parts. She also had a blue metallic headband underneath her green bangs, and some of her hair were on the base of her shoulders.

The green-haired wonder wore a low-neckline metallic blue sports-bra like tank that ended half-way at her stomach and a blue choker as well. She wore silver shoulder pads that had rods sticking out of them, which, unknown to the naked eye, contained plastic explosives. Across her chest there were grenades strapped around her, the straps starting from her shoulder pads, connecting to her back. She wore silver arm bands that each held to knives on each side, as well as silver elbow pads. Her gloves were gray with golden wrist bands around them. Her gloves covered all of her fingers and had metallic knuckles on them as well as a metallic rectangular patch in the middle of each glove.

Her utility belt contained AT LEAST half a dozen blasters and her thighs were strapped with metallic blue pouches, containing even MORE knives. Her skin-tight pants were a sapphire blue color and also wore silver knee pads. Behind her back was a giant bazooka, with to cutlasses in a criss-cross form underneath the giant blaster. Her left arm, underneath the silver elbow pad, had the same type of tattoo that Grin had. And last, but not least, she wore light brown hiking boots with dark brown shoe-laces with the lace of the socks hanging out and golden ankle bands around her boots. Wildwing was starting to blush deeply under the mask. What was with him? Coming back to reality, Wing quickly scanned her with the very mask on his face, shocked in realizing that the female WAS real. But was she a good guy, or a bad guy? He couldn't be sure, thanks to Lucretia DeCoy's attempt at nearly killing all of them in that tank of water. He quickly accepted Calandra onto the team, but that was because Mallory knew her. He didn't know whether or not any of the other knew her or not.

At that moment, Duke and Nosedive started to regain conscience. When they saw the green haired beauty, they notice Wildwing blushing A LOT, his face turning as red as a cherry.

"Man; who IS she?" Nosedive asked in shock. "Talk about babe material!"

"Tell me about it," Duke said in a low voice, making sure he wouldn't get smacked by Calandra for saying that if she heard him. "But who she is, I don't know. But yer big bro seems REALLY attracted to her."

"Wildwing? MY brother? Actually ATTRACTED to someone?! Yeah right!"

The green haired beauty walked towards Wildwing, her hips swaying and her hair bouncing in a rhythm. She held out her gloved hand to Wing and gave a slight smile at him.

"Need a lift, man?" she asked in an voice pretty similar to Mallory's, except a little deeper and sounded half American, half Australian.

Wildwing quickly accepted the offer and took her hand. The brown-feathered duck quickly pulled him up. Wing was surprised at the girl's strength. Who WAS she? And he felt this strange feeling, being near this girl. What was it? Love? Attraction?

"Uhhh...thanks, I guess."

"No problem. So, uhh...did they, like, give you a name along with those rippling pectorals of yours?" she asked sweetly yet brazenly at the same time.

Wildwing blushed slightly more at the green haired woman's remark. Even Calandra herself was never THIS bold.

"'s Wildwing. Wildwing Flashblade."

"Hmm...Wildwing Flashblade. Sounds name's....DUCK!!!!"

The green haired duck grabbed Wildwing's arm and pulled him down to avoid a blast from one of the Hunter Drones. At that very moment, all of the ducks recovered, noticing the green haired wonder. Siege and Wraith quickly grabbed the girl by both arms. She struggled to get free, but they proved a greater match than her.


But Siege and Wraith paid no attention to her commands.

"Hey; who do you think the green-haired chickie is?" Chameleon asked, smirking at the same time.

"Don't know," Wraith answered. "But I think Lord DRAGAUNUS would."

The duck's emerald green eyes widened in total shock from the name Dragaunus. She was then teleported away with Siege, Wraith, and the Chameleon following behind her. Wildwing was both shocked, curious, and angered. What did she have to do with Dragaunus? WAS she a traitor? She couldn't have been. She looked scared when she heard his name. She couldn't have been a traitor then. But DID she know Dragaunus? The thought weighed heavily on his mind.

"Tanya! Use the Migrator to locate the Raptor! We're going after Dragaunus himself!"

"Yes sir! Or should I say...lover boy?" Tanya teased as she worked the controls on the Migrator to locate Dragaunus' ship.

"What do you mean by 'lover-boy?'" He asked, slightly blushing.

"You don't need to be ashamed of telling us, Wildwing," Duke said. "Dive and I saw the whole thing. You like that green-haired chick. Admit it."

Wildwing blushed even more. WAS he? Was Wildwing Flashblade falling in love? Couldn't have been. He barely knew the girl! Maybe slightly attracted to her, but not LOVE. His face returned to its regular snow-white color as the Migrator drove off to locate the Raptor. Meanwhile, inside the Raptor, Dragaunus was waiting for his minions to return. When they did, he was shocked at the female they brought before him.

"Who the hell is she?!" Dragaunus roared.

"We don't know, boss," Chameleon answered. "She showed up all of a sudden while Siege here tried to destroy the 'fearless leader'."

"She's a very feisty one. Nearly killed me in the process. The leader seemed to have showed a type of affection for her."

"Let me go or I'll tear your arms in half! Don't think I forgot what you did to my folks!!!! Either you let me go right now, or I'll beat you all up SO hard, you'll be lucky if all you need are STITCHES!!!"

Siege then knocked the green haired beauty on the back with the side of his blaster. She immediately fell to the floor, her hands keeping her from crashing all the way down. She then stared up at Dragaunus, looks of fear, shock, and anger mixed together, shining in her emerald green eyes.

"Well, well, well," Dragaunus started to speak in an evil and cruel tone of voice. "It is nice to see you again......Sonica Thunderbeak."

"You KNOW this she-duck, my lord?" Wraith asked in shock.

"It's not a surprise you don't remember Sonica, Wraith. After all, it's been 7 years. But I remember well. I remember her screaming when I fired at the older Thunderbeak people...."

"And then sent me into Dimensional Limbo to have me die a slow and horrible death, Lizard-lips!" Sonica shouted. "It's because of YOU I turned out like this! You killed my parents and separated me from my big brother! I'll never forgive you for it! You ruined my life! You took away everything that I held dear! I swore to myself that if I ever saw you again, I'd make you wish that you were never born. And I'm going to KEEP that promise! Prepare to die, Dino-breath!"

"Still trying to kill me? I'm not sure that it's possible. I alone know how to activate the gate-way generator. I am the only one who holds your ticket to return to your home on Puckworld. don't know where your brother is, do you?"

"What does my big brother Canard have to do with all of this?"

"Four years after I sent you into limbo, I sent him in there as well. But, apparently, you both ended up in different parts. Limbo somehow brought you here on Earth, but where your brother is....Limbo is unknown."

"You....killed my brother?"

"Not KILLED, my dear," Dragaunus corrected. "Merely sent him on a little trip in Dimensional Limbo. Where he is, I don't know. He may be still alive, for all I know. But he has NO WAY of returning. And neither will YOU, where YOU'RE going!"

"Wh--what are you talking about?" Sonica stammered.

"Siege; use some of our 'borrowed' electricity to get rid of this...little vermin."

"You don't mean...."

"Yes, I do, Sonica Thunderbeak. Prepare to die a slow and painful demise."

Two Hunter Drones then dragged Sonica away. She tried desperately not to cry as she was to be prepared for execution. At that very moment, the Migrator approached the Raptor that was disguised as an old run-down warehouse.

"You want me to pick the lock, Wildwing?" Duke asked eagerly.

"We don't have time for finesse, Duke," Wildwing answered as he shot the door open with the Migrator's weapons.

The Ducks sped into the Raptor. At that very second, Sonica was over a hover chair, above a field of electricity(I know it sounds like Wildwing's near fate in the First Face Off, but this was the only plot of death I could think up at the moment). Dragaunus couldn't take any chances, so he had the three stooges remove every single one of her weapons, including her headband and shoulder pads. She tried to tear off the bands around her feet, but they were impossible to remove. The head stooge and the other three lizard stooges(Dragaunus and Wraith, Siege, and the Chameleon to those who hadn't caught on yet :)), were watching the view from another side, where they could not only WATCH Sonica die, but CONTROL the anguish of her fate.

"We're ready to begin the execution, Lord Dragaunus," Siege said.

"Excellent," Dragaunus laughed evilly. "Lower her into the pool of electricity. I will ENJOY seeing the younger sister of Canard Thunderbeak die miserably."

"You'll pay in the end, Lord Scale-Tail!" Sonica shouted through the other side of the execution room.

Dragaunus only laughed more as Sonica was lowered into the pool of electricity at a miserably slow rate. Sonica was now desperate to make an escape. She started to try yanking off the bands around her feet, but they were stuck to the hover board, being lowered in the pond of sparks. Just then, an explosion was heard on Sonica's side. Was it a rescue?

"What the blazes?!" Dragaunus shouted. "What's going on?!"

"Someone's broke in!" Siege promptly answered.

"Yes, I KNOW that," Dragaunus growled. "But I want to is WHO broke in!"

"I feared this would happen eventually...." Wraith sighed heavily.

Just then, Wildwing broke through the other side of the torture chamber.

"WILDWING?!?!?!?!?!" Dragaunus shouted in shock. "HE'S here?!"

"If the LEADER'S there," Chameleon started. "Then where are the OTHERS?"

"Why don't you look behind you to find out, scale-brain," a female voice asked huskily.

The foursome turned around, and all of the ducks were there, except for Wildwing.

"The DUCKS!" Siege shouted.

"Were you expecting....the Justice League of America, pally?" Nosedive asked teasingly.

Dragaunus only growled. Callie pulled out a razor-sharp dagger from her left Resistance boot and tied a part of her bullwhip to it, and handed it to Tanya. Taking her hint, Tanya grabbed the bullwhip and flung it at Dragaunusí arm. The knife easily entered Dragaunus' arm, cutting through his scaly flesh, releasing some of his of his blood.

"OWWWWWWW!!!!" Dragaunus shouted in pain.

"Believe me, Lizard-lips," Callie started to speak. "We could have done WORSE."

Tanya then handed Nosedive the whip and he threw it around Dragaunus and his 3 minions. They were all stuck together, with no hope of escaping. The rope was so tight, they could barely breathe. To make matters worse for the evil Saurians, Duke and Mallory shot pucks into their mouths, making it impossible for them to speak.

At the same time the others were battling Dragaunus and the others, Wildwing was trying to rescue Sonica. Without a second thought, Wildwing shot a puck whip at the wall and swung down. However, he didn't have a sword on him. Then again, he wasn't a swordsman; that was Duke's job. He launched two ice pucks at the bands around her ankles. The liquidness of the ice caused the electric bands to malfunction. Sonica was now free from the bands around her ankles.

"Quick; grab on to me!" Wildwing shouted to her.

"First of all, you don't have to shout; I can hear you perfectly. Second, how can you carry me? I'm almost your height for crying out loud!"

"Trust me, miss! Now grab hold of me before you fry us BOTH!"

Sonica wasn't sure whether or not to listen to Wildwing. What if he was only rescuing her for one specific purpose BESIDES to keep her breathing? She would worry about that later, because this man was trying to save her life! Sonica quickly wrapped her arms around Wildwing's thick white neck. Keeping one arm around her back, he grabbed the hanging wire above him and climbed up before the hover chair could sink into the pool of voltages. Wing climbed up and swung himself and Sonica to the bridge. Landing on the bridge, he took his free arm and placed it under Sonica's legs, holding her in a sitting position. His gaze met her emerald green eyes and he started to blush yet again.

"Uhhh...can I have your name now, miss?"

"It's Sonica, and that's all you need to know at the moment, Flashblade."

Wildwing gave a low whistle when Sonica told him that. What caused her to be so ruthless all of a sudden? Not only was she a brazen beauty, but a RUTHLESS and sassy one at that matter. Something about her seemed very familiar to him. The patch on her beak, her brown feathers, and her tattoo looked much like his old best friend, Canard. But they COULDN'T have been related, could they? I mean, it was probably just a coincidence.

" I owe you anything for saving my life?" Sonica asked more politely.

How about your lips against mine? Wildwing thought to himself. But he couldn't bring himself to say the words. She would probably slap him across the face for that...or worse. "Well...I, think we're even now. You saved me, I saved you. Fair deal. But only if you tell me how you got to Earth and why Dragaunus is trying to kill you."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Sonica said to him.

"Try me."

"Trust me; you wouldn't."

"Miss...I've seen PLENTY of strange things around here. So many you wouldn't believe, even if I had solid proof right in front of your beak."

'Who cares about........that?" Sonica started to question, but then a realization came to her.

Wildwing realized the same thing. There lips were SO close to touching. Wildwing's wild side told him to go in for the kill, but his brain told him that it would be wrong to do so. That's not how the REAL Wildwing Flashblade would react, anyways. But the urge inside of him was trying to over cloud his better judgment. Sonica felt the same around Wildwing as she felt her beak coming closer to his. Even though she was still a little bit angry at him for snapping at her earlier, she felt this strange arousal, telling her to go for it. When Wildwing's and Sonica's beaks were within a fraction of touching Nosedive arrogantly peeked through, unaware of the strange attraction that was going on between his older brother and the strange green-haired femme fatale.

"Yo, bro! What--oops! Ehhh...sorry,"

Sonica then realized what almost happened and immediately broke her beak away from Wildwing's, barely INCHES from touching his. Suddenly returning to reality, Wildwing reluctantly lowered Sonica onto firm ground. She rubbed her arms together to get the warmth of Wildwing's touch off her body. If Wing's little bro hadn't barged in so suddenly, who KNOWS what would've happened between the twosome. Later on, Mallory, Calandra, and the others followed, wanting to know what happened.

"Hey; what's going on?" Cal asked.

"I was going to ask the same thing," Tanya responded.

"Well....uhh..." Wildwing stammered.

"I...think we get an idea of what's going on," Duke chuckled.

Wildwing's face started to turn into a cherry again while Sonica rolled her emerald green eyes.

"You...need a place to stay?" Wildwing suddenly blurted out without thinking straight.

"I, uh, that is..." Sonica started to speak. She wasn't sure whether or not she should accept his offer or not. The proposition sounded too good to be true. A place to stay....was she dreaming? Wildwing's remark made Mallory explode.

"Are you NUTS, Wildwing?! We can't trust her! What if this' a plan Dragaunus came up with to kill us?!"

"Dragaunus tried to kill her, Mallory," Wildwing argued. "Why would he want to kill one of his loyal soldiers?"

"Because he's a crazy overlord and maybe he set this up as a trap for us," Tanya answered.

Sonica felt hurt deep inside, even though she wouldn't show it to anyone. To admit her feelings to be the same as admitting defeat or pusillanimity, she believed. Instead, she just folded her arms across her chest, looking like she wasn't offended one bit. Then again, they didn't know her. It would be hard to put your trust in someone you barely knew, not knowing what they were capable of.

"TANYA!" Wildwing exclaimed in anger. "You shouldn't judge someone that you barely know without solid evidence. I'm sure that someone with your abundant intelligence could figure that out."

Tanya only growled slightly and turned her head away, her blond hair flowing slightly in its upward style.

"Umm...does anyone know where all my weapons are? Dragaunus took all of mine before he tried to kill me..."

"You mean all of THESE?" Calandra asked as Grin gently set down a HUGE pile of weapons.

"Yes! Those are them!" Sonica exclaimed as she re-mounted them across her body in the same position they were before.

"Geez, girl!" Dive exclaimed while Sonica was installed her weapons back on her attractive figure. "You're armed to the TEETH!"

"You have to be, when you're family's a military family," Sonica said.

That's a lotta weight on a girl like her, Duke thought to himself.

"Listen, uhhh..." Wildwing started to speak. "You need a place to stay or anything?"

"I...don't want to oppose or anything," Sonica started to speak.

"Then don't come back with us," Mallory snapped.

"MALLORY!" Wildwing shouted at her. "Don't mind, Mall, Sonica. She's VERY temperamental. Takes time for someone to earn her trust. You'll get used to her exploding temper after a while."

Sonica smiled slightly, but was still feeling unsure of herself a bit.

What are you doing, Sonica? she thought to herself. You're going to be moving in with people who you don't know, and who don't know you. What if they throw you out on the streets after a few days? The red-head doesn't trust you at ALL, and the blond with the glasses doesn't either. Will they accept you? And are there MORE of there kind at this so-called Pond of theirs?

These questions kept swirling around Sonica's brain as they drove her back to the Anaheim Pond. In parking the Migrator in the garage, Dive heard bouncing sounds of sort. When he got out, he saw Jessie, shooting a few hoops, pretending that she was going up against someone in a game that determined whether or not one of them would be entered in the Championship finals. She changed her clothes again. This time, in semi-baggy jeans and a plain white T-shirt with a giant red Nike symbol in the middle. Her hip-length cinnamon brown hair was tied in a mid-length pony tail, the bangs going down to her shoulders. Every ball the shot into the basket made it. It wasn't a REAL basketball hoop, though. Just an old giant ring that Tanya nailed to a wall for an old experiment of hers. Hadn't been used in years, Jessica decided to use it for a basketball court. As Jessie was pretending that the game was tied and there was only a few seconds left until the final buzzard sounded, she shot the ball to the basket. However, before she could have the ball make it into the basket, Dive grabbed the ball from mid-air.

"And the buzzer sounds, with Nosedive Flashblade, winning by a whooping 1 point."

"Only because you cheated, you feathered phoney!" Jessie snapped at him.

"Phoney?! Take that back, ya little tomboy!"

"Only when ya give me back the basketball, ya feathered phoney!"

"That does it! Yer dead, ya little tommy!"

Dive then threw the ball onto the ground and started to chase Jessie around the basketball hoop. She ran around in circles from him until she jumped on his back, almost as if Dive was giving the tomboy a piggy-back ride. Jessie laughed while Dive was struggling to throw her off his back and onto the ground, where he could wrestle her then. Everyone but Wildwing, Grin, and Sonica were laughing. Grin just tried to ignore the two teenagers as he walked past them, possibly into HIS own room to meditate, to deepen his inner peace and tranquillity. Wildwing just lifted the street-tough tomboy off of his kid brother with his arms and brought her feet down on the floor. Jessie looked a bit peeved at Wildwing.

"Hey! Why'd ya do that, Wing? I almost had him at my mercy 4 crying out loud!!!"

"And you were about to break his bones along with yours. You have to learn not be so street-tough, Jessie. AND start acting more like a lady instead of a boy. You're not in Chicago anymore; you're in Anaheim. Act mature."

"Geez Louise, Wildwing. Dive and I were just having a little bit of fun, that's all. Lighten up, man."

Wildwing only growled as Sonica giggled. Jessie reminded Sonica of herself when she was a teenager. Jessie noticed Sonica then and stared funny.

"Hey. Who's the green-haired newcomer?" Jessie asked.

"Huh? Ohh...someone trying to escape from Dragaunus. Her name's Sonica."

"Sonica what, Wing?"

"She wouldn't tell me," Wing answered.

"Yet you trust her enough for her to be here?"

Wildwing rolled his chestnut brown eyes as he took the mask off his face and put it into a pouch on his left side. Mallory and Tanya left also. Soon, all that was left in the hangar were Calandra, Duke, Dive, Jessie, Wing, and Sonica.

"You mind telling us yer last name and how Dragaunus knew ya, kiddo?" Duke asked.

"I.....prefer not to talk about it. Too painful."

"We know what it's like to confront Dragaunus," Calandra said, trying to comfort Sonica enough so she could admit why she was so afraid of the Head Stooge. "We all confronted him time and time again. Don't be afraid to tell us."

"Promise you won't try to shoot me on sight for telling you all?"

"We don't kill unless we have to," Dive promised.

"Liar, liar, beak on fire," Jessie teased.

"Watch it, tommy," Dive gritted through his teeth.

"Dive! Jessie! Stop it you to!" Wildwing lectured. "Go on and tell us...Sonica...uhh..."

"Thunderbeak. Sonica Thunderbeak," the green-haired wonder finally said.

"Thunderbeak?!" Calandra asked in shock. "That's the same last name as....

"Canard!" Wildwing finished.

"Yes. I'm his little sister. I was one of Dragaunus' slaves during the conquest of Puckworld, unfortunately. And what's even more shocking, and upset to me, is that....well...I, used to work for Dragaunus."

"You WORKED for that slimy lizard?!" Wildwing asked in shock.

"Canard's own sister....against Puckworld...I don't' believe it," Callie muttered under her breath.

Canard's little sister started to grow even more furious when everyone believed she was still with Dragaunus because she used to work for him as a child. Controlling her rage, she stared at them, her emerald green eyes shining.

"Look," Sonica defended. "I didn't work for him because I WANTED to. I did because I HAD to. I didn't have a choice in the matter. On Puckworld, Dragaunus captured my parents. Unless I did what he told me to do, he would've killed them all. So I had no choice but to help build all of those hunter drones and monitor tower robots, in hopes that he would free me and my family. But," Sonica started to speak, tears brimming in her green eyes. "Even though I kept my end of the bargain, Dragaunus broke his, and murdered them both, right in front of my eyes."

The ducks and Jessie looked shocked at this. They knew Dragaunus was a ruthless monster, but to murder an innocent life's parents was just way too low, even for someone like him.

"That no good, sleazy, chicken-legged, snaggle-toothed, cross-eyed, lying, son of a--," Jessie started to say.

"Jessie!" Wildwing snapped at her. "Sorry about that, Sonica. Jessie can be like that once in a while. You don't have to go on if you don't want to."

"No, it's okay," Sonica said while she wiped away the tears in her eyes. "I'll be fine. After he murdered my folks, he opened up the dimensional gate-way portal and zapped me into dimensional limbo, expecting me to die a slow and miserable death. However, two days later after I was zapped into that portal, I somehow landed in Australia, or as other call it, the Land Down Under. There, I was taken in by a family called the Jonastins, who turned out to be a military family in Australia. They taught me military stealth and combat, helped increase my know-how of martial arts, and not only deepened my ingenuity in repairing vehicles, but also in how to repair weapons. Four years later, you all showed up. But I didn't decide to join you until another 3 years past by here on Earth. I think you all know the rest of the story now."

"Yeah, I think we do," Wildwing answered. "You saw us in trouble at the electric plant, so you decided to lend us a hand. Look...Sonica. I'm sorry for your loss and all. Dive and I aren't sure whether or not OUR parents are still alive or not."

"They are, Wildwing," Calandra answered. " I know. I helped free them during the rebellion. I'm just sorry I couldn't help to rescue YOURS, Sonica Thunderbeak. If I knew...I would've helped to prevent their death."

"It's alright," Sonica replied, starting to smile.

"You're always welcome among us," Wildwing said as he placed a hand on her shoulder, her shoulder pads now off her shoulders. "We'll be here for ya until the end."

"Thanks, Wildwing," Sonica answered.

Jessie only turned her head away to play some more basketball. She expected there was going to be yet ANOTHER mush scene. Even though there was no apparent spark between Sonica and Wildwing, Jessie wanted to have as little do with it as possible. Besides, basketball was a better way to relax instead of watching the birds talk. Now the Mighty Ducks had a new comrade among them: Sonica Thunderbeak, the younger sister of Canard Thunderbeak, the former leader of the ducks. They would need all the help they could get in their long war against Dragaunus. Maybe now, there would be a greater chance of them winning the battle and returning to Puckworld. Would they win or not? They weren't sure at the moment, but with a new team mate now, they stood a fighting chance at winning a long battle, which will probably have no end in sight.

Sonica Thunderbeak-property of SyberMouse

Calandra Drakeler and Jessica Lockheart-property of ChampG7573

Wildwing, Nosedive, Mallory, Duke, Grin, Tanya, Dragaunus, Wraith, Siege, and Chameleon-property of Disney. Nothing may be taken without permission.

The End
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