By Drake Freewind

Drake lay on his bed, it was his birthday and he should have been going crazy, but the only thing he could feel was depression. He looked once more at the picture in his hand that had been haunting him for the past weeks.

"Mike, Alex, Gary, Chris, Jess...." A tear slid down his cheek. "What I would give for just one game and song with you guys."

The only things in his mind were the memories of him and his old gang. All he could think about was the old Wolverines and their band, Heat Streak that he couldn't even hear the racket the Ducks and STROBE were making outside.

Suddenly Nyre barged in through the door and Drake immediately hid the picture and wiped the tears off his face.

"Drake. Get up 'cause we got a surprise for you." Nyre said and the rest of the new Wolverines came in.

"Why can't you guys just give it to me here?" Drake asked.

"Cause it's too big to keep here." Dee answered as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Then where is it?"

"At Hard Rock." Hacker smiled slyly, his blue eyes twinkling with that mischievous light.

"Where a party is waiting for us." Mel said.

"Aren't you guys having a party out there already?"

"What we're having outside Drake, is *NO* party." Marri added.

"You guys go without me. I'm not in the mood to go out." Drake said to them.

"That's a new one on us." Ace said and they all laughed, all except for Drake who just gave him an irritated look. "But boss, it's your birthday. You should be in more of a *pah-tee-in'* mood." Ace said, dancing around somewhat like a lunatic for a few seconds. The girls raised uniformed eyebrows at him and Hacker covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

"Nah. Don't let me spoil your fun." Drake said looking at each of them.

"Get outta *MY* way 'cause I'm comin' through." Mal said as she shoved her way through the six teens. "C'mon babe." Mal smiled, touching Drake's cheek. "Don't be so glum."

"Mal... please...." He gave her a look. She pursed her lips and then turned her face in the most pleading it could possibly get. Man, am I going out of character for this guy. "Free... puh-lease...?!"

Drake sighed and stood up. "Okay, enough! Get outta my room! I can't get changed with all of you starin' your eyes out at me! Move, move, move!" He heard the laughter as he shut the door and headed for the shower.


"I'm ready to rumba!!!!!"

"You just said the words, my man!" Dive and Ace pumped both their fists up in the air and laughed.

"Keep it down you two!"

"Whatever Wing!" The two laughed back.

And suddenly, Grin grabbed the necks of their shirts at the same time and narrowed his eyes at the two excited teens. "Wildwing requested that you clamp your beaks... so do it! Or I'll tape them shut for you."

"Okay!" The two squeaked, sending Nyre and the other girls laughing and giggling like crazy.

Duke and Hacker slapped their foreheads, "at this rate I'm gonna wish we'd stayed home."

"That's a good idea Duke." Came Drake's irritated tone.

"Ah, shut up babe, I swear, you're gonna love this."

"Get back to sleep."

"Yes sir." Mal smiled as she lay her head on his shoulder to doze again. He sighed and stared at the Migrator's ceiling. I hope so Mal.

Minutes later, the Migrator came to a stop and the whole team jumped down. Drake was still on the down side when Wing and Nyre approached him.

"From here on, we're gonna have to blindfold you Drake." Wing said as Nyre pushed the tall human down so she could reach.

"Doesn't help being smallest eh, Nyre?" Drake chuckled.

She hissed. "I'm not small you lamp post, I'm *petite*."

"Oh yeah, where have we heard that before?!" Dee teased, poking her sister in the ribs.


And Drake's vision was enclosed in darkness.


"You sure he'll like it?" Definitely Mel.

"Course! That's the only thing he's been mopin' about for weeks." Marri.

"Shhh!" Hacker hissed.

"Sari!" the twins replied.

Man, they'd better lead me straight. Never thought going up an escalator could be so unnerving. He thought. Well, I am blindfolded.

Seconds later, he felt the cool feel of the café's air conditioner. Definitely Hard Rock. The music played into his ears. But no voices could be heard.

"We're here Drake!" He felt himself go up a few steps led by a hand.

"Time to get rid of this thing!" Dive's voice sounded and he felt the fold remove itself from his face. But he wasn't sure of where he was, because of the darkness still surrounding him, then suddenly the white light enveloped him from above. What the?!

Mallory handed him his precious white guitar from the front row. My... guitar....

A blue light streamed over a figure on his far right. Drake's eyes widened as a golden-brown haired man about his age smiled back at him. A blue guitar rested in his hands. Michael.

"Yo, my man! Long time no see amigo!"

Next a red light came to his far left. In the center of it was a blond female with bright blue eyes twinkling back at him, a red guitar in her hands. Chris...!

"Long time no play is more of it." She laughed.

Three consecutive lights: yellow, green then violet followed from behind, revealing three more familiar faces. Jess with her keyboard, "Happy day Drake!" She flipped her brown hair over her shoulder and smiled her trademark lopsided grin. Alex with his own saxophone glinting in the violet light, and Gary, drumsticks in hand surrounded by the green light.

"Man, if I wasn't tough I'd be crying right now. So let's get this show on the road!!!" He began the beat.

"YES! I'm still sizzling!" Alex began his own music to blend in and once more Heat Streak was playing strong. It was then Drake realized he was standing on center stage and that the crowd was shouting and cheering for him and his band once more.

This was what I wanted.... His hand shot up to silence his band mates. He smiled slyly and glance to each one. "I want to do a special number, for my friends, with my friends." He glanced to Michael. "I dare ya, if you still got the habit of finding the chords and notes to the recent tunes like I do, let's play, 'Crash and Burn'."

"Are ya kiddin'?" Michael smirked, "That's easy, let's do it!" And they began to play Savage Garden's latest song.

"When you feel all alone and the world is crashing down on you... give me a moment please...."

They sang and Drake turned his gaze upward. Thank you. I wanted one song, one time, I got one whole wonderful night instead.

The End
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