Ok, this is not a regular fan-fiction. It’s basically a script for an episode, and it’s even got a few little storyboards and character drawings for reference.

Originally, I wrote it in 2000 as a celebration of the Chinese year of the Dragon. Then the computer went haywire and it got wiped… Then I decided to re-write it anyway coz I like the Mighty Ducks a lot, and didn’t want to write something to celebrate the year of the Goat instead (I don’t think there’s a year of the duck either…)

Note: The Manhattan Chillers probably don’t exist, and my knowledge of New York is less than stellar (might have something to do with the fact that I live in the UK, not America!) so be aware that there are lots of mistakes about place names etc. This is me apologizing in advance! Please don’t hurt me if you DO live in New York! (in fact, if you do, tell me if I’m wrong and where!)

Day of the Dragon

By Da Roz

Scene 1:


(Whoooo adrenalin pumpin’ stuff! The Ducks are on the ice polishing off some suckers called the ‘West Road Rangers.’ The crowd’s going completely wild and Nosedive is headed for the goal with the puck, with very little resistance. This could have something to do with the big pile of Rangers around Grin.)

Commentator: And the crowd is on the edge of their seats here in the Mighty Duck’s Stadium as Nosedive heads for the goal! Could this be the deciding move in this epic game?


Nosedive: (to Rangers) Come on! I’ve seen two year olds skate better than you losers!

(Stops sharply and the two rangers go straight past him into the goalkeeper. They crash in a very painful looking heap)

Nosedive: Man… I really HAVE seen two year olds skate better!

(taps puck into goal past the groaning heap of Rangers)

Commentator: And a momentous goal in the last two seconds! Now that’s what I call Ice Hockey! The game goes to the Mighty Ducks with a score of 10-2!

Mallory: (incredulously) Momentous?!! Come ON!!!!

Scene 2:


(Down in the Pond control room. The ducks are winding down after the game. Most of them are sat down or relaxing a little. Only Mallory is standing up looking very ticked off…)

Mallory: That was the worst game in history! I LOVE ice hockey, but that whole thing just bored the beak off me!

Wildwing: It wasn’t that bad. They did score a couple of goals.

Grin: I believe the referee was just sympathising with the Rangers. Their playing style was quite pitiful.

Nosedive: They were doing okay until you mopped the rink with half of them!

Grin: That was reasonable. Henderson disturbed my inner peace by hitting me repeatedly with his stick and the other two got in the way of me swinging him over my head.

Mallory: I can’t believe the referee actually let you get away with that!

Nosedive: The referee had fallen asleep by that part of the game!

Wildwing: Okay, okay! You’re right, it was a terrible match.

Mallory: The standard of teams has really gone down in this area. We need a new challenge.

(Enter Phil waving a piece of paper)

Phil: Hey, hey, hey! You’re wish is my command red!

Tanya: If her wish was a ketchup stained piece of paper, then yeah.

Phil: This, my feathered friends, is a letter from the Manhattan Chillers!

Nosedive: (excited voice) Cool! The Chillers! The main human-dudes! Man this rocks!

Wildwing: You have no idea who they are do you?

Nosedive: Not a clue. Are they ice cream sellers?

Phil: They are the best Hockey team in New York! And they’re challenging you guys to a match!

Tanya: Great! When are they coming?

Phil: They aren’t coming here… you’re going there!

Mallory: We’re going to New York! WOW! That’s so cool!!! I gotta pack!!

Wildwing: Whoa, whoa, whoa! We can’t go to New York!

Nosedive: What?! Bro, do you know what you’re saying???

Wildwing: We have a responsibility here. Or did you guys forget about the eight foot tall lizard down the street?

Nosedive: Oh, yeah. That. Maybe we can put up a post-it saying ‘back in two days’?

Wildwing: (shakes head) There’s no way we can afford to go to New York. Even for one day. Anything could happen!

Mallory: (Mutters) Great. There goes our challenge of a lifetime.

Tanya: (looks around) Hey, where’s Duke?

(Hey yeah… thought it was a bit quiet. That’s coz Duke is no where to be seen. The Ducks look around in puzzlement)

Mallory: He was muttering something about going off for a walk at the end of the game.

Nosedive: Geez! Some people think they can just walk out anytime to do what they want! How irresponsible is that???

(everyone stares at Nosedive in disbelief)

Nosedive: (to camera) Okay, I really need a holiday!

Scene 3:


(Duke is walking down the street with a sad expression on his face. Obviously he wasn’t too pleased about the standard of the game either. People keep looking at him as he walks past, after all it is pretty unusual to have a humanoid duck with an eye patch and a trench coat walking down the street!)

Duke: (Walks past an alleyway and stops suddenly as something catches his eye)

Hello… What have we here?

(moves into the shadows and watches the following scene:)

(An Asian gangster stereotype wearing black leather and sunglasses passes a piece of paper and a false ID to a cowboy holding a briefcase. This cowboy looks alarmingly like the God of western movies, Clint Eastwood.)

Asian: Ok, it’s all there. Tickets, IDs and documents. The others going to be okay getting across?

Cowboy: Well if not then they’d better fly on their own. (sniggers)

Asian: (doesn’t laugh) Right. Sure. And remember, if you get caught you didn’t get it from us.

Cowboy: Just like in the movies! Okay.

Asian: One more thing… is it really necessary to look like Clint Eastwood for this?

Cowboy: Hey! No one’s going to suspect the cowboy right? (off Asian’s look) Oh alright…

(Squints at ID then morphs into a ginger haired business man with little round black glasses)

Chameleon: Great, now I look like a geek!

Asian: (chuckles) Don’t worry. No one’s going to suspect a geek.

(the Asian walks backwards into the shadows and disappears.)

Chameleon: Oh yeah, sure. Don’t bother to say good luck! Not that I need it but then again…

(suitcase starts speaking)

Wraith: Can we please get on with it? This transformation spell is very uncomfortable!

Chameleon: Ah quit whining! At least you get to be carried everywhere!

(They walk past Duke, who is concealed in the shadows, and out onto the street.)

Duke: So… Dragaunus has some new business partners, eh? This looks interesting.

(flips up onto the fire exit and gets onto the roof of the building. As Chameleon and Wraith walk below on the streets, Duke is following them by rooftop. Occasionally he has to jump the odd gap between buildings, but aside from that they haven’t noticed him)

(Chameleon gets onto a bus at the crossroads. Looks like the end of the chase for Duke, however…)

Duke: This is going to be reeaal painful if I mess it up.

(Leaps from rooftop and lands, without a sound, on top of the bus)

Duke: Then again with skill like mine, what’s messing up? (grins)

(The bus stops at the airport, but Duke leaps off the top just before it stops and hides behind some market stalls. Chameleon gets off the bus and disappears inside the airport building)

(Dukes eyes narrow slightly. He quickly grabs a wide brimmed hat from on of the stalls, pays the shopkeeper and continues tailing Chameleon)

(The airport is very crowded today. To save time, we just see cuts of Chameleon checking in baggage, going through the metal detector and towards the terminal. All the time we see a figure with a purple trench coat and wide brimmed hat that barely disguises the fact that he has a beak!)

(As Chameleon enters the terminal, Duke looks at the guards and flight attendants and realises that he can go no further.)

Duke: hmmm… (to flight attendant) Hey you!

(argh, it’s one of those really awful smiley bimbos with half a brain cell. Sorry about this Duke!)

FA: (smile) Good afternoon sir. (sees the eye patch and the beak, the smile fades slightly). Erm… How may I help you?

Duke: Where does that plane go?

FA: New York sir, it leaves in ten minutes. Do you have a ticket?

Duke: Nah, just wondered. Thought I saw someone I knew.

FA: Oh. Well I’m sure they’ll have a nice time. (laughs nervously)

Duke: Not if I can help it.

(Duke takes one last look at the guards and decides against forcing his way through. He turns and leaves, the other ducks will probably want to know this.)

Scene 4:


(The captain and a flight attendant are standing next to the entrance of the plane. The captain is a middle aged man with a black beard with grey streaks either side of it, the flight attendant is a young Chinese woman with a black bob haircut. Both are in uniform)

Capt: Is that everyone Jones?

FA: I think so… No wait, here comes one more.

(Chameleon, still disguised as the geek, rushes to the plane’s entrance and stops, gasping for breath.)

Chameleon: Sorry I’m late.

Capt: Not a problem sir. If you’ll come aboard please…

(They go on board and seal the door shut. As the captain walks to the cockpit he realises something is wrong…)

Capt: what on earth…?

(All of the passengers and crew are in a deep sleep. The captain looks around alarmed. He turns around and comes face to face with Wraith)

Wraith: Not even close to Earth I’m afraid…

(The captain manages to get out a strangled squeak before Wraith grabs him by the throat. His eyes glow and his voice tone changes slightly as he hypnotises the Captain)

Wraith: Listen very carefully. Use the intercom to radio the baggage service. Tell them to pick up two black suitcases and load them onto this plane. Do not load them into the baggage compartment. Put them in the isle of the first class area. Then you will fly the plane as planned, regardless of our existence, do you understand?

Capt: I… understand.

(walks to radio in cockpit and presses a button)

Capt: There are two extra suitcases in the baggage area to be loaded into the isle of flight 143 for New York.

(Cut to the baggage service as they dump the bags in the middle of the isle. One of them throws it down very hard)

Bag: Ouch!

Porter: Did you hear that?

FA: Hear what?

(the baggage porter shrugs and leaves. As the flight attendant seals the door there is an unzipping sound from the bags, which open up to reveal Siege and Dragaunus in each.)

Dragaunus: This is disgraceful! I am a saurian Lord! I should not be forced into a sports bag and tossed around like a piece of common luggage!

FA: I believe there is no better way to smuggle giant alien lizards aboard a plane. Next time, we’ll make sure the bag’s fur lined.

Dragaunus: (seethes) Chameleon, Wraith, start up the plane. We’re going to New York.

Scene 5:


(Pretty much as we left it except Wildwing and Tanya are busy studying data on the console and Nosedive is sitting in a corner with his beak in a comic)

Wildwing: (to Nosedive) You still mad bro?

Nosedive: Hnh.

Tanya: Monosyllabic responses with no real meaning. Nice to know human and duck teenagers have something in common…

Wildwing: (Sighs) Grunting is not going to get you to New York Nosedive. I’m sorry.

Nosedive: (Thinks) Whatever.

Mallory: Hey wow! That had three syllables!

Nosedive: What IS this? Take-it-out-on-Nosedive day???

Grin: Perhaps they need to take out their annoyance out on the younger duck of the team.

Nosedive: They can’t do THAT! It’s my job to annoy THEM!!!

(Duke enters and tosses away the hat as he walks)

Duke: Heads up! We’re going to New York!

Mallory: Since when did YOU start making these decisions?

Duke: Since I saw Chameleon and Wraith heading for the New York terminal at Miami airport.

Mallory: How can you be sure it was them?

Tanya: (watching screen) Uuhhh… This might clear that up…

(Newsflash on the main screen shows a plane crash with video footage of firemen putting out the blaze.)

Newsdude: This just in: A passenger plane has just crashed in Manhattan airport, New York, after the pilot apparently was attacked by a giant lizard who hypnotized him. Could this be a whole new form of alien attack, or has this pilot been at high altitude for too long? We will find out after these messages…

Wildwing: Looks like you’re right Duke. Although it’s a bit of a coincidence…

(Duke grins smugly at Mallory, who just turns away with a ‘humph!’)

Nosedive: (leaps up) Does that mean we’re going?!

Wildwing: Yes, but just to see what Lizard Lips is up to.

Nosedive: (Very excited, hyper dancing around room) Alriiiiggghhht!!!! Big Apple here we come!!!

Scene 6:


(first cut is of the Aerowing flying over the Manhattan skyline)

(Outside at the back there is a big tarmac area where the Aerowing lands (probably a conveniently placed roller-blading ground). There’s a big group of people outside who watch it land with a look of utter amazement on their faces)

(Ducks walk out onto the pitch and a young man with sandy brown hair and a broken nose runs to greet them- His name’s Arty Felwick.)

Arty: Guys! Welcome to New York! I’m Arty, the Chillers goalkeeper.

Wildwing: (Looks at crowd) Good reception.

Arty: Yeah, well everyone was so excited that the Mighty Ducks were gonna be playing us that they all came to see you! Cool huh?

Wildwing: Yeah it is. Look, sorry to disappoint you Arty, but until we’ve looked into this Dragaunus thing the match is going to have to be delayed.

Arty: Hey no problem, I mean saving the world comes first right?

(Several ninjas appear on the roof of the stadium as Arty is speaking. They are all wearing black costumes with masks and a brotherhood symbol on the front They jump/flip down to ground level and draw their weapons)

Ninja1: The only thing you birds will be saving are your body parts in little plastic bags! HYAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

(They attack in true ninja style. <coooolll kung-fu stuff yay!!!>)

Wildwing: This is more of the reception I was expecting… LETS GET ‘EM!!!!

(the ducks pull out their own weapons. Nosedive has two puckshooters, Mallory has a Puckzooka, Tanya is using her Omnitool lazar, Wildwing has that cool wrist-puckshooter, Duke has his sabre and Grin… yeah right like HE needs a weapon!)

(Duke is first on the attack against a Ninja with a pair of Sai)

Duke: (parries attack) Just guessin’ here, but you guys are probably from the same group that gave Dragaunus’ goons a free flight to New York right?

Ninja2: (Parries Duke’s attack by crossing over the sai) You are in no place to start asking about business dealings with our clients!

Duke: (seeing as his sabre is caught, he knocks out the ninja with a punch to the jaw) Okaaayyyy… I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then.

(Mallory and Nosedive are protecting the Aerowing by shooting any Ninja’s that come to close. One gets through the barrage of pucks and swipes at Mallory, cutting a bit off the end of her hair)

Mallory: Okay, that’s it! Eat hot Puck!

(The puckzooka makes a funny clicking sound and doesn’t fire)

Mallory: …Or watch the weapon jam. This is embarrassing!

Ninja3: (charges with axe) Not for long! HYAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!

(Mallory sidesteps and clubs him round the head as he goes past)

Mallory: That’s better.

(Nosedive is still firing wildly at the Ninjas. We can see Grin in the background tossing them around like rag dolls. One goes flying past Nosedive who ducks out of the way)

Nosedive: Hey watch where you’re throwing those! (talks to Wildwing on comm.) Bro! How you doing over there?

(Wildwing, Arty and Tanya are using some trash cans as a makeshift cover whilst firing at the enemy. This bunch have lazar guns and are returning fire. Arty is cowering next to Wildwing with his hands over his head)

Wildwing: Not good. All the ones with firepower are over here, and we’ve still got Arty!

Tanya: Could do with a little backup here!

Nosedive: We’ve got our hands full right now, but if you leave a message after the tone we’ll get back to you!

(Ninja gets through and grabs Nosedive by the throat)

Nosedive: (Strangled) Beeeeppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

(Grin comes up behind the Ninja and pulls him away from Nosedive, who falls down coughing)

Grin: You must try to learn to make your peace with mother Earth…

(ploughs Ninja’s head into the tarmac)

Grin: There is your first lesson.

(cut back to Wildwing and Tanya)

Wildwing: hey, I think they’re slowing down!

(A ninja on the rooftop draws two swords and leaps down with a cry towards Wildwing and Tanya)

Arty: (Sees Ninja) Look out!

(Tanya whirls round and is about to fire her Omnitool when a massive orange and red blast from the top left of the screen slams into the Ninja and drives him into the wall, where he makes a big ninja-shaped dent)

Wildwing: (looks round in surprise) I didn’t know you’re Omnitool could do that!

Tanya: (babbles) Th-that wasn’t me! It-

(The Ninja’s stop firing)

Ninja: Retreat brotherhood!

(police sirens are heard approaching as the remaining Ninjas vamoose. Lots are left groaning on the floor from the battle)

(Policemen push through the crowd of onlookers and point their guns at the crime scene)

Police1: NYPD! Freeze! You’re surrounded!

Nosedive: Great! Even the police in New York are two seconds late!

(Detective Bryce, a small chubby man with ginger hair, a grumpy expression and a brown trench coat pushes his way through the crowd. He looks almost exactly like Klegghorn apart from a bushy ginger moustache)

Bryce: Men, place these… things under arrest!

Wildwing: WHAT??? Why?

Bryce: (counts on fingers) Damage to public property, disturbing the peace, unlicensed firearms and parking a spaceship in the middle of a roller hockey court!

Arty: They got permission from us!

Bryce: Whatever, you’re still under arrest for the other (a pause while he works out the math) three charges!

Duke: Detective, do you know someone called Captain Klegghorn in Miami?

Bryce: My second cousin, why?

Duke: Just a thought. Oy…

Silver: (off screen) Look for an eight foot tall lizard wearing a robe. These aren’t the ones you want detective.

(a young Chinese woman with a British accent walks out of the crowd. Unlike the policemen she doesn’t have to push through, the people just move out of her way.)

Bryce: Under who’s… (Silver flashes a blue ID badge in front of his eyes, which practically bug out of their sockets) …orders… (gulps) Round up the ninjas and move out men!

(slightly confused, the policemen put away their guns and start picking up the ninjas. Bryce takes a few terrified glances at Silver before he leaves)

Wildwing: Thanks… I think.

Silver: Don’t mention it. (shows ID) I’m Special Agent Silver Dragon from the FBI, and would like to thank you for you’re assistance in protecting these innocents against the Brotherhood’s attack.

Wildwing: (flattered) Hey don’t mention it, we were glad to-

Silver: (interrupts him) However despite this, I want you to immediately stop your investigation into the Saurians recent arrival. The moment they started dealing with the Brotherhood they became my responsibility.

Wildwing: (annoyed) Now wait just a-

Silver: (interrupts him again) Therefore I suggest you enjoy your stay in New York and leave the investigation to me. I’m sure Arty will make preparations for the game and that you can rest in the hotel next door. (bows) It was an honour to meet you, and I hope you will stay a while longer.

(Turns to leave. Mallory steps forward with true redheaded anger and grabs Silver’s shoulder)

Mallory: Just who do you think you are to order us abou-

(Silver turns her head round to face Mallory. Her eyes narrow slightly, but aside from that her expression doesn’t change. Mallory, however is visibly shaken and carefully removes her hand. <Maybe there could be a sound effect like a snake hissing when Silver narrows her eyes>)

Silver: (smiles at Mallory) I understand your annoyance, and I’m truly sorry. I’m sure we will discuss this subject another time.

(Silver exits through the crowd, leaving the Ducks standing there looking shocked. Arty is the one to break the silence)

Arty: Tough break guys. Come inside and we’ll talk.

Mallory: (recovers) Yeah, sounds good. (looks around) Hey where’s Phil?

(Phil walks out of the Aerowing with his cell phone, completely oblivious to what just happened.)

Phil: Forget it! We start the prices at $30 a ticket or the deals off got it? Ok. Yeah, talk to you later, ciao! (turns off cell phone) Hey guys! So what do you think of New York?

(They all stare at Phil in disbelief, then wander off shaking their heads and go into the stadium building)

Phil: What? What’d I miss? Hey come back here!!!

Scene 7:


(Comfy looking place with blue armchairs around a silver coffee table, which is covered in papers. There’s a window looking out onto the ice rink in the background. Arty and another team member, Robert Neil <fuzzy black hair and blue eyes, very well built>, are talking to the ducks about the upcoming game and arrangements. Wildwing doesn’t appear to be listening and is staring into space)

Rob: So, like, we were thinking of making it a free match, y’know so people can just walk in and watch.

Phil: Free??? No way! We charge $10 a ticket!

Arty: Well, I guess we could charge $5 and give the money to charity…

Phil: Charity??? Where’s the profit in that??!!!

Nosedive: (ignores him) Yeah, sounds cool. What do you think bro?

Wildwing: (still staring, mutters) Responsibility…

Nosedive: Bro? Hey, Wildwing you there? (wave his hand in front of Wildwing’s face)

Wildwing: (grabs Nosedive’s hand in mid-wave) I’m fine. Excuse me.

(Lets go of Nosedive’s hand and leaves the room in complete silence.)

Nosedive: Hey! Wait up!

Grin: (stops Nosedive from following) Leave him.

Nosedive: But-

Grin: He knows what he’s doing. And he has to go alone.

Scene 8


(This street is practically deserted apart from some cats digging in a trash can. It’s dark and dingy and the only light is coming from an old street lamp. Silver is walking slowly down the street, looking around carefully for something. The camera follows her as she looks around the area.)

(She stops suddenly as something catches her eye in the alleyway where the cats are. She walks straight past them and focuses her attention on some markings in the grime on the ground. She traces the outline of one of the markings with her finger.)

(Silver mutters something and pinches her fingers and thumb together. A glowing red light engulfs her thumb and forefinger, this lets her see the markings more clearly. It also makes some fragments glisten on the ground with a blue shine)

(Suddenly, she whirls round and throws herself to the ground. As she does, she throws a fireball at the person she’s attacking)

Silver: Hah!

(The person happens to be Wildwing, he stands calmly as the fireball harmlessly dissipates on the Titanium armour.)

Wildwing: Surprised you?

Silver: (gets to her feet and brushes away dust) Sorry. Thought you were someone else.

(silence, they try to stare each other out)

Silver: Was there something you wanted?

Wildwing: For you to mind your own business! Despite what you say the Saurians are our responsibility. We’ve been chasing them since we left Puckworld, and we are the guys who are going to bring them down! I don’t care about any stupid vendetta you have with this Brotherhood, but so long as their with the Saurians right now, we’ll treat them the same! Bottom line is: leave Dragaunus and his goons to us! It’s not your case anymore! (Wildwing gets steadily angrier as this speech progresses, until he’s practically shouting at the end)

Silver: (very calm, nods) Okay.

Wildwing: (surprised) What?!

Silver: I said ‘ok’. You’re right, I shouldn’t have told you to stay out of this. It is your responsibility.

Wildwing: You’re agreeing with me?

Silver: Yes. Why?

Wildwing: (embarrassed) It kind of takes the point out of the hero-hero confrontation thing…

Silver: (Laughs) I’m sure you spent ages on that speech.

Wildwing: About two minutes actually. (pause) You’re not really a regular cop are you?

Silver: What tipped you off, the fireball or the lack of argument? (gives him a tiny crystal fragment) Recognise this?

Wildwing: Not sure… (scans it with mask) …but whatever it is, it’s giving off quite a high energy reading.

Silver: This is what the Brotherhood are trading with other organisations at the moment. It’s some sort of energy crystal that they produce chemically. It’s not perfect though. It shatters and crumbles easily and the supply of energy isn’t endless.

Wildwing: How long would it last?

Silver: A metre long crystal could power a the whole of New York for about five days. There’s more. (motions to markings on ground) About five hours ago, a Brotherhood businessman gave about two bagfuls of the crystal to a small lizard, which morphed into a six foot tall beggar and left the alleyway that way (points).

Wildwing: Sounds like Chameleon. That must have happened just after the plane crash.

Silver: Any idea what they would want energy crystals for?

Wildwing: I’ve got a hunch…

Siege: (behind Wildwing) Not for long!

(Siege is standing at the entrance to the alleyway with five battle-drones. They don’t look friendly…)

Siege: Well waddaya know? I was sent to take out the little girl, and I get a Duck as a bonus. Must be my lucky day!

Wildwing: I don’t think so. (to Silver) Ready?

Silver: (gets into Kung-fu stance) Lets do it.

Siege: Whatever… ATTACK!!!!!

(The drones charge towards Silver and Wildwing. He targets two of them with his puckshooter and she disintegrates one with an orange and red beam <same one that knocked the ninja into the wall in scene 6>. One of the drones has his head knocked backwards by Wildwing’s Puck and the other loses his arm. This doesn’t matter, as Wildwing grabs it and crushes it’s head against the wall.)

(This is quite a confined space, so not many weapons are fired in this battle scene. One of the three remaining drones is dealt with quickly by Wildwing, who shoots a puck through it’s torso. He’s about to go help out Silver, who is up against the other two drones, when Siege knocks him against the wall with his tail.)

Siege: Hah! Gotcha duck! Lets see how good that mask makes you now!

(he takes another swing at Wildwing, only this time Wildwing grabs his tail and slams Siege into the ground.)

Wildwing: Good enough I think! (aims at Siege’s head with the puckshooter.) Now start talking lizard! First subject: energy crystals.

(The final two drones are ganging up on Silver. Ordinarily, she fights Ninjas, which aren’t hard enough to leave bruises on her hands when she hits them. She focuses her attention on one of them <the one with the head on backwards> , and spin kicks it. This is enough to finally make the head come off. The one behind her manages to hit her in the back with a lazar blast, which knocks her across to the end of the alley.)

Silver: (skids across alley from blast) Argh!

Wildwing: Silver? (Siege takes his chance while Wildwing’s distracted and leaps up to face him)

(Silver is not a happy girl. She slowly, painfully gets to her feet. She looks about ten times more powerful and very annoyed.)

Silver: Now… You’ve (starts glowing red/orange, especially round the hands)… made… me… (pulls back hands slightly, getting ready for a big blast) MAD!!!!!!

(The ‘mad’ echoes around the alley and a huge beam of bright, fiery light shoots from her hands. <the beam is taller than her and orange lightning kind of twists around it.> It completely destroys the drone, but continues going down the alley towards Siege and Wildwing!)

Wildwing: Whoa!!! (leaps out of the way just in time, Siege also appears to move, but in the opposite direction so we can’t see him.)

(everything goes quiet, and Wildwing looks up from the ground to see if it’s all clear)

Wildwing: What was THAT????

Silver: (On her knees gasping for breath) Just a little spell I picked up in Hong Kong.

Wildwing: (helps her up) I’m not even going to ask.

Silver: Where’s the big lizard?

Wildwing: He vamoosed when you used that ‘little spell’. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have got anything out of him.

Silver: You might’ve, he’s a cartoon villain, they love to brag.

Wildwing: Too late now anyway. Lets go.

Silver: (as they start to walk out of the alley) what did he mean when he said ‘lets see how good that mask makes you?’

Wildwing: long story. And not something I like to talk about.

Silver: (Pauses, then takes out a medallion of a dragon from her pocket) See this?

Wildwing: What is it?

Silver: It detects magical surges, power signatures, dimensional rifts and other creatures in an area.

Wildwing: Wow. Sounds good.

Silver: It is. But I don’t use it.

Wildwing: (shock) What? But surely-

Silver: I can do enough without it to do well in my job. It may have special powers, but I know that my own gifts can do ten times better than this. (puts it away).

Wildwing: Then why keep it?

Silver: (shrugs) It reminds me of who I am. Why do you keep your mask?

Wildwing: It’s the mask of Drake DuCaine! It’s a sign of leadership, I can’t just get rid of it!

Silver: (smiles) I understand. So long as you understand this: The mask does not affect your leadership qualities in any way, it just helps to make the job easy. Great leaders are forged by their courage and devotion, not their symbol.

Wildwing: (thinks) You sure you’re not a philosopher?

Silver: Pretty sure, I just know good pep talk.

Scene 9:


(the guys are still discussing game preparations, only now some of them are looking a bit tired. Nosedive is asleep with a comic book over his face, Grin is meditating, Tanya keeps half closing her eyes then jerking herself awake and Duke is almost falling asleep into his coffee. Even Robert is dozing a bit. Mallory is the only duck who looks vaguely awake, she’s listening to the argument that Phil and Arty are having, which has obviously been going on for hours.)

Arty: I’m TELLING you! We didn’t call you guys over to make a profit!

Phil: But Arty… think of the killing we’d be making on the merchandise!

Arty: (sighs) For the last time: We are not selling plushies, lunchboxes, trading cars or any other type of themed trash! We’re going for the basic hats, banners and whistles only!

Phil: (thinks) What about action figures?

Arty: (calmly places a hand on Phil’s shoulder) Phil… We have been arguing about this for two hours. If I hear one more word about merchandise, I will personally shove a puck down your throat.

Phil: (gulps) I like whistles. Whistles are good.

(Mallory’s eyes start to close as she dozes off. They suddenly pop open and she grabs a photo from the pile of papers.)

Mallory: (taps Rob on shoulder) Who’s this?

Rob: (snorts as he wakes up) eh? What?

Mallory: This person here (points at photo)

Rob: Oh right. That’s a friend of the team. Sometimes she does some, like, far out figure skating to rock music to get the crowds warmed up before we play. Her name’s Silver, I think.

Mallory: AH-HAH!

(she shouts this so suddenly that everyone jumps. Duke ends up spilling coffee on himself and Nosedive falls off the couch.)

Duke: YEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!! Mallory!

Nosedive: Yeah! Did you have to shout like that?!!!

Mallory: (on her feet pushing the photo into Arty’s face) Alright buster, game over! Tell me who this ‘Silver Dragon’ really is!

Arty: (thinks quickly) uuhhh… that’s a different Silver… yeah, she’s called …err… Silver Dramario. Italian, yeah…

Mallory: Then why is she obviously an oriental girl?

Arty: (struggling now) uuhhh… bad cartoon artist?

Mallory: She’s not really from the FBI is she?

Arty: (gives up) No.

Mallory: Hah! I knew it! She’s working for those Ninjas isn’t she?! That’s why she told us to stay out of it!

Arty: Hey wait! You got it all wrong! She’s the one who asked for you guys to come over here in the first- (realises this is a bad move and shuts up)

Mallory: Really?! Is that because she thought she could help Dragaunus take us out?!

Grin: Be calm Mallory. I’m sure an honourable human would not betray her own kind.

Mallory: (screams) SHE ISN’T HUMAN!!!! No human can look at someone who has had years of military training and suddenly make them feel like some terrified kid!!!! She’s against us and we HAVE to stop her now!

(The silence that follows is interrupted by a slow clapping sound from the back of the room. Silver is standing there with Wildwing giving a single applaud to Mallory)

Silver: Very good. Incredible deduction, great interrogation, well spoken. But sadly, almost completely wrong.

Mallory: Almost?

Silver: You’re right. Special Agents are not part of the FBI. I’m not permitted to say which organisation I really work for, but it certainly isn’t the feds. I don’t work for the brotherhood either. (her expression flinches slightly, showing a clear loathing) No, I would never even consider it.

I called you here for a reason. I need your… expertise in dealing with the Saurians. Just as you would need my expertise in handling Ninjas.

Duke: Then why tell us to back off?

Silver: (smiles) People tend to work better when they disobey commands.

Wildwing: Hate to interrupt the conversation, but we’ve got a big problem. The Saurians are buying energy crystals, and there’s only one possible reason they would want them.

Tanya: Well, it can’t be for the Raptor, that thing’s still in Miami somewhere.

Silver: True, but think about this. A building company got permission five months ago to start work on a new research lab in Manhattan. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t look into it, but the company was so edgy about having our inspectors look over the place that we started to suspect something.

Nosedive: let me guess… they were working for the Brotherhood right?

Silver: How’d you work that out?

Nosedive: Predictable plot. The writers kind of ran out of ideas at this point.

Silver: Another thing: despite the hundreds of workers, the amount of progress on the surface is next to none. They’re building something under the ground.

Tanya: (eyes widen) Another battleship??? But that’s impossible!

Silver: Evidently not, and if they are getting the power crystals now, I’d say it was almost ready.

Wildwing: No time to lose then. Come on Ducks! Lets go!

(they get to their feet slowly and drowsily, Nosedive falls back on the sofa and Duke has to lean on Grin for support.)

Wildwing: What’s up with you guys?

Silver: You can’t be serious about taking them into battle when they’re this tired! (looks at watch) It’s nearly 3’oclock in the morning! No wonder they look exhausted

Wildwing: Okay. Everyone get some sleep. We go to the building site at 0800 hours.

(Gratefully, everyone goes off to get some sleep. Well, almost. Mallory lags behind until Silver is about to leave)

Mallory: Dragon?

Silver: (stops) Call me Silver.

Mallory: Whatever. I wanted to apologise. I guess I must have been really tired to jump to conclusions like that.

Silver: Don’t worry. I wont hold it against you. (turns to leave again)

Mallory: (shifts slightly) By the way. I was right about the other thing wasn’t I.

Silver: (stops again, only this time a bit more suddenly) Which one?

Mallory: that last one. About you being- (hesitates)

Silver: (nods, almost unnoticeably) I suggest you get some rest Mallory. Goodnight.

(Silver leaves the room, leaving Mallory standing there looking shocked)

Mallory: (disbelief) No way… (thinks) nah. Couldn’t be. Trick of the light.

(She leaves the room yawning and turns off the light)

Scene 10:


(The Migrator pulls up outside an incomplete building. It’s mostly scaffolding and girders. There are only about five workers visible, and they look very puzzled when the Ducks come out and walk towards them.)

Mallory: I see what you mean now. It’s practically deserted.

Builder: (Goes to greet them) Agent Dragon right? The agency didn’t say you’d be checking this place over today.

Silver: A surprise visit, do you think we could have a look around?

Builder: I’m not sure… we’re a bit busy right-

Nosedive: Yeah! Bet you’re real busy… making illegal alien technology!

(The builder starts looking very edgy…)

Builder: I’ll …err… just go check if you can … I’ll just… excuse me.

(he hurries off to the building site)

Silver: (glares at Nosedive) What do you think you’re doing???

Nosedive: Your way’s too slow. Rule one of cartoon action: don’t let the audience wait, they’ll get bored.

Silver: (icily) Do you know what the second rule is?

Nosedive: There’s a second rule??

Silver: Don’t give the heroes away too soon or they get slaughtered!

Nosedive: Oh that rule! (off Silver’s look) Chill out! They probably don’t suspect a thing.

Scene 11:


(This looks slightly different to the original Raptor. The décor on the inside is far more stylish, it’s all curves and sharp points. It’s coloured blood red and purple, with a few black highlights. It’s more like a palace than a battleship. In the centre of the room is a big blue, glowing crystal nestled in a complicated looking pedestal.)

(the builder from outside comes rushing in and stands in a total panic in front of Dragaunus and an Asian businessman <same one in scene 3>.)

Builder: They know! The Ducks are here and they know! We’re finished! They’ll wreck everything!!!!

(Dragaunus reaches out and punches the builder, knocking him out)

Dragaunus: Don’t interrupt. (to Asian) You were saying?

Asian: Work is finished on the new Raptor, but I warn you that the crystal will only power this ship for a few days, you’ll have to get your other one working by then.

Dragaunus: No problem! When we get rid of those meddling Ducks, this invasion will be a walkover.

Wraith: If we can get rid of those meddling ducks.

Dragaunus: (to wraith) You’re worrying about a few measly birds defeating this??? Relax. (speaks into comm. On control panel) Activate the drones.

Scene 12:


(outside, Wildwing and Grin are holding back Silver, who looks like she is about to strangle Nosedive. The ground starts shaking suddenly, and everyone stops what they are doing to see what’s going on.)

(Drone hands break through the tarmac and they crawl out. A bit like zombies or mummies coming out of the grave. They even stagger a bit when they get to the surface! <there’s about fifteen on first sight, but there are probably more>)

Silver: (sarcastically) Yes Nosedive, you’re right. They don’t suspect a thing.

Nosedive: Less sarcasm more butt-kicking! (fires puckshooter at drones)

(The ducks and Silver fire various weapons at the drones, who are still staggering a bit. Lots of them are destroyed, and the remaining ones return fire. There are far more drones than there are Ducks, and some more are coming up through the holes in the ground.)

Silver: There’s too many, there’s no way we’ll get through!

Wildwing: Keep trying!

Silver: Just a second…

(mutters some words and waves her arms in a circular motion. A big , round shield appears around them and absorbs the fire from the drones.)

Silver: That should buy us some time.

Mallory: How much?

Silver: The way they’re firing, about five minutes. (to rest of team) If anyone’s got any bright ideas, now would be the time to speak up.

Grin: Could you generate a similar shield around one person?

Silver: Yes, but this one would destabilize as soon as I did. What’s your plan?

Grin: A little something we call… bowling.

Silver: (wicked smile) I get it. I need a distraction though.

Duke: Don’t sweat it. One distraction coming up!

(Before anyone can stop him, Duke leaps out of the bubble and draws his sabre.)

Duke: (shouts at drones) Hey, metal-heads! Over here!

(The drones all start firing at him. None of the shots actually hit Duke, as he’s bobbing, weaving and reflecting some of the shots with his sabre)

Silver: (amazed) Is he crazy?!

All: Yes.

Wildwing: okay Grin, get ready.

(Silver makes a personal force bubble around Grin. As soon as she does, the force field around the rest of them fades.)

Wildwing: GO!

(Grin charges headlong into the Drones, sending them flying in every direction. The ones left standing are taken out by the barrage of pucks that follow and Grin’s fists.)

Scene 13:


(Wraith and Dragaunus watch the view screen, which shows the Ducks beating their battle drones)

Wraith: Can I say ‘I told you so’ yet, my lord?

Dragaunus: No, not yet. (into comm.) Take off now!

Scene 14:


(A big crack in the ground appears beneath Grin’s feet.)

Wildwing: Grin! Duke! Get out of there!

Duke: Don’t have to tell me twice!

(As they run off, the nosecone of the Raptor smashes through the tarmac, missing them by inches. They manage to get clear before the rest of it follows, raining grit, stones and debris onto the streets below.)

Wildwing: Well, this is a disappointing turn of events…

Tanya: They took off early! I’m guessing we’ve got about two minutes before their weapons are fully charged.

Nosedive: What??? Oh man, this could NOT get any worse!

(A hatch on the bottom of the raptor opens and more drones parachute down to the streets.)

Mallory: (Glares at Nosedive) You had to open your big beak didn’t you?!

Nosedive: (To camera) Great, the writers have discovered the magic of irony.

(Silver is hanging back a bit from the rest of the group. She watches the Raptor fly overhead and nods her head determinedly. She takes a couple of steps back and closes her eyes)

(meanwhile, the drones land and begin their assault)

Mallory: (shooting at the drones from behind a car) Silver, we could use some of that magic right now. (no answer) Silver?

(Mallory takes a few more shots at the drones with some explosive pucks and runs over to Silver, who is standing very still with her eyes closed)

Mallory: This is not a good time to be meditating!

Silver: (starts glowing) I’m not.

Mallory: Then quit fooling around and give us a hand!

Silver: I am. Stand back a bit. (Mallory takes a few steps back) Mallory?

Mallory: (a little confused) What?

Silver: You were right. (Smiles and opens her eyes. As she does, the pupils narrow like a cat’s.)

(Silver looks up and starts glowing really bright like a solar flare. Blue smoke starts to twist around her and a faint outline of wings and a tail is all that can be seen behind it. After a while she glows so brightly she cannot be seen at all. There’s a cry that sounds similar to a very large bird of prey, and a column of smoke and white light shoots up into the sky.)

(Mallory, who was knocked down by the final blast, stares at a little wisp of smoke which is where Silver was standing.)

Mallory: Whoa… (looks around) Silver?

(Mallory’s so shocked, that doesn’t notice the drone sneaking up behind her until it’s too late. It raises it’s hand to slash her to pieces.)

(An even bigger claw grabs the drone and lifts it up before it can even lay a finger on Mallory. There’s a crunching sound, and lots of pieces of it fall at her feet)

Mallory: (looks up, then speaks into comm.) Wildwing, I wouldn’t worry about the Raptor too much. Silver’s on it.

Wildwing: (comm. Voice) What? Does she need a hand?

Mallory: Nah, I think she’ll do fine…

(A shadow passes over the top of the Raptor, heading for the front section.)

Scene 15:


(Dragaunus and the Asian businessman are talking in front of the main window. Chameleon is at the controls)

Dragaunus: Then it’s settled, as soon as we conquer the world, you get the eastern countries and Australia.

Asian: yes that should do it.

Chameleon: (eyes widen as he looks out of window) Uh… Dragaunus?

Dragaunus: (looks carefully at Asian)There’s more to this isn’t there…what are you people planning?

Asian: Nothing that

Chameleon: Dragaunus!

Dragaunus: You do realise that as soon as the deal is over, we’ll consider you as enemies and take the countries back.

Asian: Of course. That’s what simple minded cartoon villains do.

Chameleon: DRAGAUNUS!!!!

Dragaunus: What are you squealing abou- (looks out of window in shock)

(A massive Silver dragon is perched on the nose cone of the Raptor glaring straight into the cockpit.)

Wraith: Incredible!

Siege: What is it?

Dragaunus: (muses) Perhaps it is one of our saurian gods, come to congratulate us.

Wraith: I don’t think so…

Chameleon: Cool! Maybe it’s on our side!

(The dragon spits fire at the cockpit, leaving a charred black and red spot on the windscreen.)

All: (scream) AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Chameleon presses a button, the closes the blast screen on the windshield. A radar map pops up to help him see where to steer.)

Siege: (grabs chameleon and starts to strangle him) ‘maybe it’s on our side…’ You just HAD to say it didn’t you?!!!

Asian: (to Dragaunus) Well, I think that concludes our business.

Dragaunus: What??? But the deal-

Asian: Is off. The Brotherhood no longer takes responsibility for any misfortune on your part.

Dragaunus: (Seethes) Why you- (lunges at the Asian, who teleports away) No matter. We still have the ship. Chameleon!

Chameleon: Aaaccckkk!!!!! Yes sir? Aaaccckkk!!!!!!

Dragaunus: oh for heaven’s sake! Siege, strangle him later! Activate the defence weapons.

Scene 16:


(Silver looks angrily at the blast screen and growls. She takes off again and flies towards the wing of the Raptor.)

(A defence lazar comes out of a hatch and starts firing at Silver. She shrieks like a bird of prey again and flies out of the way.)

(Dodging lazar blasts, she breathes fire on a large section of the raptor’s hull. It sizzles, but does no lasting damage to the metal)

(as a last resort, Silver yanks a large piece of metal plating off the main body of the ship. An even bigger defence gun pops out and shoots her out of the sky.)

Silver: (whilst falling) Oh come ON! This is just getting stupid!

Scene 17:


(Wildwing has his hands full blasting Drones when he hears Silver cry from above.)

Wildwing: Huh? (looks up) What the-???

(Silver straightens out and flies along the street. She breathes fire on a huge group of drones firing at the ducks, totally incinerating them.)

Wildwing: SILVER??? Is that you?

Silver: Sure ain’t the luck dragon. That thing’s impossible to get at! Every time I rip it apart I expose more weaponry.

Wildwing: Right. Take me up there, I’ve got an idea.

Silver: (grabs him and puts him on her back.) Fasten safety belts, hold tight and kiss the ground goodbye!

(they fly upwards toward the raptor)

Scene 18:


(Dodging fire from the lazars, Silver takes Wildwing up above the Raptor and circles it)

Silver: See. There’s too many weapons on this thing!

Wildwing: Just trust me. I know what I’m doing. (scans the hull of the raptor with his mask) If you take out the guns on the right you should be clear of fire along the middle sector.

Silver: Got it. (Spits fireballs at the lazar guns, which explode instantly)

Wildwing: (points) There! Punch through that bit of plating.

Silver: (Lands and digs claws in) Around here? (raises right arm to strike)

Wildwing: That’s the spot.

Silver: (Slams her fist through the plating) Knock, knock… (Wrenches out a handful of wires and circuits)

Wildwing: (watches wires spark) That should make them panic a bit.

Scene 19:


(The lights flicker slightly)

Dragaunus: Chameleon. Stop playing with the light switch.

Chameleon: That wasn’t me…

(The crystal on the pedestal starts glowing incredibly bright. It shudders and then shatters into thousands of shards)

Chameleon: (morphs into Scotty from Star Trek) She’s breakin’ up captain!

Dragaunus: No! Impossible!

Wraith: Now would be a good time to run away my lord.

Dragaunus: Quick! Get to the escape pod!

Scene 20:


(Silver and Wildwing see the escape pod fly away from the ship)

Silver: Should we follow?

Wildwing: I think we’d better concentrate on THAT first!

(The raptor is heading straight for the statue of liberty)

Silver: Great. How do we steer this?!

Wildwing: I’ve got it! Quick, grab the right wing.

(Silver crawls over to the wing, with no resistance, seeing as there’s no power supply to the guns anymore. She digs her claws into the plating)

Wildwing: Now pull!

(Silver flaps her wings as hard as she can. As she does, the Raptor steers to the left, narrowly missing Lady Liberty.)

Silver: Hold on! (lets go and flies backwards away from the Raptor)

(The Raptor crashes into the sea. There’s a short pause and a few bubbles before a final explosion which sprays water everywhere.)

Wildwing: That ought to do it… Okay, lets get back to the others.

Silver: (as they fly away) do you end every battle scene with an explosion?

Wildwing: Yeah, but we don’t usually get soaked to the feathers afterwards.

Scene 21


(The rest of the team are polishing off the last of the droids, they are still heavily outnumbered)

Mallory: (crouched behind car, shouting to Tanya over the noise) Where are they?!

Tanya: I think they did it!

Mallory: Why?

Tanya: We’re not dead yet! That means the bad guys didn’t win!

Mallory: You’re not very comforting Tanya…

(Nosedive rolls over the top of the car and lands on Mallory. After scrambling back to his feet and backing away from the seething redhead, he dives down to avoid the lazar blasts from the drones firing at him)

Tanya: Having fun?

Nosedive: Total blast! Is there supposed to be a giant, scaly, silver bird heading straight for us?

Mallory: Yeah, don’t worry it’s (hesitates)-I mean she’s- on our side.

Nosedive: (sarcastic) Oh right. Know this dragon well huh?

Mallory: Well duh! It’s Silver, micro-brain!

Nosedive: Yeah, I can imagine you two having a fire breathing contest…

Tanya: (stops Mallory from attacking Nosedive) Save it for the drones! He’s not worth it!

Mallory: (thinks) Yes he is!!!

(Meanwhile, Duke and Grin are taking out the drones in close combat)

Duke: (stabs drone behind him) Doing okay over there?

Grin: (head-buts drone) As well as could be expected.

Duke: Good… Now GET DOWN!!!

(They both duck as Silver’s claw decapitates several drones. Another one of them looks up after the claw missed it and is smashed into little pieces by her tail instead)

Wildwing: That all of them?

Silver: I hope so! Doesn’t look like the street can take any more damage!

(Silver swoops down and lands next to the rest of the team. She extends he wing to the ground so that Wildwing can slide down it.)

Nosedive: Big Bro! Cool entrance!

Wildwing: Thanks. You want to ride next?

Silver: Hey! I am NOT a fairground ride!

(Morphs back into human form. She basically glows blue and white and shrinks down to a normal size. )

Silver: (looks at street) Oh boy… the mayor’s going to have a fit when he sees this. (Flips out mobile phone) This is Agent Dragon. I need a cleanup team in sector 12a. (takes second look and winces at damage) And a really big bulldozer. Dragon out. (puts down mobile)

Wildwing: Anything we can do?

Silver: (Turns to leave) You can go back to the stadium for the ice hockey game. I believe it starts in two hours.

Wildwing: Oh yeah… We’d better go then. Phil’s probably tearing his hair out by now.

Mallory: (laughs) That would be quite a sight!

Silver: (smiles) I’d better go too. There’s going to be a very long report for me to write…

Nosedive: You mean you won’t even be there to watch the match?!

Silver: I’ll do what I can. Good luck.

(She walks away from them. None of the ducks try to stop her.)

Duke: Well, THAT was a brief goodbye!

Mallory: (to Wildwing as they head back to the Migrator) Why didn’t you stop her?

Wildwing: She’s got a tough job, I didn’t want to make it worse by making her choose between it and her friends.

(Silver overhears him as she walks away and hesitates for a second. Conflicting thoughts whiz through her head for a minute before she shakes them off and continues walking)

Scene 22:


(The Ducks are just waiting to go out on to the ice. The Chillers are already out there skating around, which can be seen through the door)

Phil: Alright! It’s Showtime! Go out there and show them what ducks are made of!

Mallory: Alright! This is gonna rock!

Nosedive: I’ve been waiting for this game since we set foot in New York!

Wildwing: (looks out of door) Looks like a tough crowd.

Tanya: So long as they’re not throwing stuff… are they throwing stuff?

Wildwing: (looks out again) Only at the cheerleaders.

Nosedive: (nudges him) Any of them twenty foot tall and bright silver?

Wildwing: (glares) Knock it off! She said she would be busy, so she won’t show.

Nosedive: Bro, the way this plot’s been going, I bet you a Twinkie bar she shows up half way through the match.

Wildwing: (nods) Okay, you’re on!

Nosedive: Cool! (leafs through script as they go out, making sure no one notices. There’s an evil glint in his eye) Kiss bye-bye to the Twinkie!

Scene 23:


(Yay! More Hockey! The teams are pretty much evenly matched, with only a couple of goals scored each. Possibly one of the toughest matches the Ducks have ever had <not including the space hockey match from the series!>)

Commentator: And Tussler has the puck and is heading for the blue line, (Duke shoves Tussler and takes the puck) A brilliant intercept by Duke! This game is twisting and turning more than a python with ants in it’s skin!

Duke: Mallory! (passes to her)

Mallory: Got it! (she gets attacked by one of the Chillers, but manages to pass to Grin)

Commentator: And Grin is over the blue line! Can Felwick stop him from scoring?!

Grin: Unlikely. (hits the puck so hard it sounds like a gunshot, then he suddenly stops and stands there astonished)

Commentator: (there a shot of Arty holding a smoking puck in his hand) Amazing! Felwick has actually stopped the puck?! This is incredible!

(Arty painfully waves his hand and mimes for ‘timeout’)

Commentator: The chillers request a time out for two minutes, that should give all of us a breather!

Nosedive: (skates up to Grin) Dude! Did you see that?!

Grin: I was standing right in front of him Nosedive.

Tanya: You hit that thing hard enough to make it go through a wall!!!

Nosedive: Ok, I’m putting it lightly when I say… These guys are tough!!!!

(cut to the Chillers, who are giving congratulations to Arty)

Rob: That was awesome!

Baz: (Jamaican accent) Yeah! How did you catch that?!

Arty: Ah.. No problem. (pause) Are they looking this way?

Rob: (checks) don’t think so?

Arty: Can they see me?

Rob: Not unless they can see through Baz and me.

Arty: Good. (howls in pain clutching his hand)

(The referee blows the whistle to carry on the game)

Nosedive: Okay, break time’s over kiddies! Back to the game! (looks up at crowd) Huh?! (grins, then shouts to Wildwing) Hey Bro! You just lost your last Twinkie!!!

Wildwing: What do you- (Looks at crowd) oh.

(Silver is standing in the middle of the crowd. <She looks a little different right now coz she isn’t in uniform, she’s wearing a red jacket, blue t-shirt and black trousers>. She notices Wildwing and smiles at him)

Wildwing: (grins, then shouts to Nosedive) Have you been reading the script again?

Nosedive: Yeah, but at least I got candy out of it!

(everyone gets back into position, Mallory and Baz are in the centre)

Commentator: And here we go again! Three… two…one… GO! (Mallory takes the puck first)

And Mallory has the Puck, can she get it to the goal. (Mallory passes to Grin, who passes to Nosedive. Grin gets rammed by one of the Chillers just after, who bounces off him and falls over) And an excellent pass from Grin there, and Nosedive takes it over the line! The pace is quick in this game!

And Nosedive goes for it… he shoots…

(We see a puck’s-eye-view shot as it speeds towards the goal and then we cut to…)

Scene 24:


(Back at the place where the roller hockey court is and the Aerowing is parked. The Ducks are just about to leave, there’s a bunch of people holding banners and stuff saying goodbye.)

Arty: That was a great match! We’ve got to play you again sometime.

Wildwing: Come over to Miami whenever you want, we’ll be ready!

Nosedive: (Holding a tower of comics, staggers into Aerowing) Alright! This ought to keep me going for at least two weeks!

Mallory: Sure you’ve got enough there?

Nosedive: Dunno, maybe I should have go the ‘Chaos extreme’ set… as WEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! (Mallory just taps him a little and he falls into the Aerowing, there’s a crashing sound) … ow… I’m okay…

Wildwing: Better get going. We’ll keep in touch.

Arty: Sure, look I’m sorry about Silver, but she told me to tell you that-

Silver: (Hurriedly pushes her way through crowd) Wait! Hey wait! (Puffed out a bit, she grins and hands Wildwing a little package) Here, sorry I missed half the game.

Wildwing: That’s okay, so long as you were there. (looks at package) what is it?

Silver: Open it later. Just a little leaving present. Look, if you ever need any information or a friend to talk to.. well…

Wildwing: (Grins) Don’t worry, I’ll know who to call.

(The Aerowing takes off and heads off into the distance. The people on the ground wave and cheer like crazy)

Scene 25:


(There’s some bluesy harmonica music coming from inside a large Fed Ex crate in the cargo bay. It’s cut short by the sound of someone hitting the player over the head)

Dragaunus: Stop that infernal racket Chameleon!

Chameleon: Some people have no sense of music.

Siege: Yeah, people like you.

Wraith: Will everyone please calm down…

Siege: CALM DOWN??!!! I’m in a box, inside a cargo bay, and we don’t even have a ‘this way up’ sticker on the outside!!!

Wraith: This is what happens when you do business dealings with other villains.

Dragaunus: (seethes) There’s one thing I can say about this…

Wraith: What’s that?

Dragaunus: I hate ducks.

Chameleon: What about giant Silver dragons?

Dragaunus: (pause) I’ll have to think about that one.

Scene 26:


(Nosedive is reading one of his new comics, with the rest of them in a pile next to him. Grin is behind him attempting to read over his shoulder. Tanya and Duke are at the controls and Mallory and Wildwing are talking in the corner.)

Wildwing: Where did he get all of those comics?

Mallory: There was a comic store across the road, he practically bought it out of stock.

Wildwing: Where did he get that kind of money?

Phil: (walks into room with sad expression)

Mallory: What’s with you?

Phil: Half the money from the merchandising went missing! You just can’t trust those New York yuppies!

(Nosedive looks edgy and buries his face deeper into the comic)

Mallory: It was a free match Phil, we weren’t supposed to get profit.

Phil: I know… but a match without profit.. that’s just not business!

Wildwing: Give up. Some people never change.

Mallory: Tell me about it. Aren’t you going to open that? (points at package)

Wildwing: Oh yeah, almost forgot…

Mallory: (laughs) You’d better hope Silver doesn’t find out!

Wildwing: (opens package) Whoa…

Mallory: (strains neck to see) What is it?

(Wildwing holds up the Dragon medallion, it shimmers slightly as the light catches it. Everyone looks at it in awe)

Nosedive: Cool!

Grin: A most appropriate gift.

Mallory: Hey, there’s a note too.

Nosedive: Maybe it’s a goodbye letter. Girls like that.

Mallory: Yeah right, like you know anything about girls!

Nosedive: True, I’ve been hanging around you too long.

(As Mallory attacks Nosedive, Wildwing reads the note)


Wildwing: (Smiles) I think we’ll see her again. (realises they aren’t listening) Hey! Stop that guys! Mallory, quit strangling him. Give me a hand Grin.

(As he moves to break up the fight, the Medallion swings into the camera, which disappears into the glowing blue eye of the dragon)

(Just when you think it’s all over Nosedive walks onscreen in the blackness)

Nosedive: Bet you’re all wondering what the match score was huh? Well, the final score was-


So what did you think? If you liked it, tell me, if you hated it… well, tell me anyway and I’ll apologise. If I get enough good comments, I might stop lazing around and write another one like it or a sequel!

Hmmm… a sequel… that could be interesting (rubs hands together and cackles manically).

The End
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