Soldier of Darkness, Man of Light

By Stephen Strange

Author's Foreword

Who are these Ducks, and how come they're so darn Mighty???

That's an interesting question. Why have these six Ducks captured the imaginations of so many people? There is something magical about them, to be sure, these strange refugees pursuing reptilian war criminals to our planet, contending against not only them but a number of other villains, human prejudice, and a feisty hockey league while trying to establish a home on an alien world. Besides being beautifully drawn, I think it can be summed up thusly: The stories are imaginative, with sufficiently complex plots and suspense to keep you in your chair and out of the fridge, even with reruns (me anyway), humor that was corny but cool, some of the best lines on TV, a typical Disney universe that seemed consistent and organic and real somehow, great villains, right and wrong- and wrong always lost, and heroes that were wonderfully mythical but down to Earth at the same time, with marvellous complex "human" personalities. They cared and did the right thing. They overcame. You could count on them. They were people that you would die to have as friends!

Besides, they ROCK!!

Regardless, whatever charisma these four guys and two girls have, it seems to have created a sizable cult following and given rise to an amazing body of fan fiction. Being a member of this ancient and sacred order, I was commanded one day by the Prime Drake to craft a tale of such magnitude... Well, okay, I've been a fan for two years like everyone else and got addicted to this fan fic. One day I met a wonderful young woman who was an author of her own fiction, and it was some of the best out there. In the course of chats and letters, she requested that I do a story featuring her character and one of me. At first I resisted, but one day I sat down to my computer and this is what happened. After several months, anyway...

This first chapter will undoubtedly set a fan fic record for going on as long as it has while covering the shortest period of time! Enjoy this labor of love. Comments are welcome, but flames will result in your utter annihilation. I took lessons from Dragaunus, you see... ;-)

Now for the ever essential Disclaimer, done in legal type because I think it's about time they got squinty eyed themselves! Those of you reading the text version, pretend to squint!

The Mighty Ducks and related characters are the property of The Walt Disney Corporation, copyright 1998, and are used without permission, but more love and respect than I have ever given a group of beings. Although those people in charge of MDTAS should have their fingers twisted for cancelling the best darn show they ever produced!

NHL is registered trademark of the National Hockey League and is used without permission.

The Stanley Cup and the phrase "The Coolest Game On Earth" are property of the NHL and are used without permission. NHLPA is a registered trademark of the National Hockey League Players Association and is used without permission. All NHL teams and players mentioned in this work are used without permission but with love and buckets of respect for playing National League Hockey and making it The Coolest Game On Earth! Except for the "Eric" Lindross' and "Clod" Lemieux's of the league. You KNOW who you are!! Bullies! Jerks!! ;-p

SEGA Saturn and all related games mentioned in this work are copyright 1998 SEGA Corp and the game companies which produced the games, and are used without permission, although you're a total DWEEB not to have about the best game system on the market, especially as cheap as it is now! Saturn ROCKS!! I heavily endorse it and it's library of games. Okay, this is running on a bit... ANY OTHER product, service, character or organization mentioned in this work is property of their respective organization and copyright 1998 their respective company or organization, and are used without permission but in most cases are endorsed by the author.

The character Juliet Drake is the property of Joanna Capello and is handled with loving care. Read her stories too! If you don't, her character may not make a lot of sense. Briefly, she's a childhood friend of Wing and Dive who just happens to have INCREDIBLE psionic powers she's still finding out about, and is still dealing with the deaths of her parents and a spiritual tormentor. Her stories can be a little depressing too...

Whew! This story and ALL other characters contained herein are copyright Aug. 1998 by Stephen Strange,, and may not be used without permission, misused even with permission, altered, disfigured, distributed altered or disfigured, distributed under false pretenses, sold (how!), enslaved, made fun of, refurbished, re-engineered, renamed, recycled, bicycled, bi-pedaled, mo-pedaled, peddled period... Oh heck, this is my story! If you do anything naughty with it, Pinky will eat your modem ;-)

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