Asteroid Cantina

By Da Roz

*Scene 1:*


(eeeuuuucckkk!!! Scum! Not just the disgusting green froth on the beer type of scum, but criminal scum that would rob their own grandmother. Not the sort of place for a family meal.)

(The cantina only has a few customers at the moment. The bartender is watching them carefully. He's a green octopus-like alien, which helps when he's cleaning glasses. There's an ugly saurian guy in the corner talking to a cat-girl. There's a few little red midgets clustered around a blue drink, which is taller than them (they're drinking out of straws). There's even a wrinkly old dwarf in the corner talking to a big brown gorilla like creature (`Star Wars' spoof anyone?). Finally, in the centre of a group of tables, there's Dontae Kincaid.)

(He's a young looking duck, with tanned brown feathers to match his hair colour. Part of his hair flops down over his left eye and most of that part of his face. His visible eye is very dark, almost black. He's wearing a torn red t-shirt, green trousers and big black boots with silver buckles. He also has some black gloves on, which come up to the elbow. On his left glove is a sabre handle, which is sort of bat-shaped with a large red crystal on it. He's looking pretty relaxed, with his eyes (or eye)closed, his feet up on the table and a fizzy drink in his hand. He looks like he's expecting company.)

(And here it comes. In walk about five ducks, wearing black and red uniforms and a little `K' symbol on their belts. The style of clothing is a bit like what Don's wearing, only much neater. They're being led by a big falcon, who looks heavily armed with ammo clips, guns and swords. His names Dunn Avow. He's dark brown and has a scar running down the length of his beak. Mostly he's wearing black and gold clothing.)

(They surround the table which Don's sitting at. He doesn't even flinch or open his eyes. Avow stands directly behind him and taps him on the shoulder.)

DON: Hey Dunn. Right on time as usual. Can I get you a drink.

AVOW: You were expecting us?

DON: You are the most predictable creature in the galaxy Dunn. Sit down won't you.

AVOW: I'll stand.

DON: (sips drink) Suit yourself. Brought company did you?

AVOW: Enough small talk Dontae. You’re coming with us.

DON: To where exactly?

AVOW: Home. Your Papa wants you back.

DON: (opens eye) But it's not really ME he wants is it?

AVOW: What?

DON: I'm not going.

(There's a clicking sound, and Avow holds one of his lazar guns at Don's head)

AVOW: You don't have a choice Dontae. I'm sorry.

DON: (smiles) Me too.

(Don reaches behind him and grabs Avow's arm. Before Avow knows what's happening, Don throws him onto the table and aims at his head with the lazar, which somehow found it's way into his hand.)

DON: Like I said. Predictable.

AVOW: Not quite.

(There are a lot more clicking sounds and the other five ducks aim their weapons at Don's head.)

DON: (looks at guns out of the corner of his eye) Ah. This is annoying.

(Avow grins at him and starts laughing. After a couple of seconds Don starts laughing too. The duck soldiers looks at each other, very confused. Suddenly Don stops laughing and grins evilly)

AVOW: (eyes widen in terror) No.

(Bit of a Matrix rip off next. Don leaps up above the heads of the soldiers and lands about ten feet away from them. As he's flying backwards, the camera does the circular pan around him and everything goes slow motion.)

AVOW: Get him!

(The soldiers open fire. Don draws his sabre, to reflect the pucks and lazar blasts. The sabre is a huge two handed one, which is as red as the crystal on the handle)

(One of the reflected bolts knocks over the table next to Don. He Kicks it, and it goes flying into the soldiers, splintering into pieces and knocking them down)

(Don puts away his sabre and walks over to the bar, past all of the groaning ducks. Most of the other occupants in the bar are hiding under the tables, but the bartender is as calm as ever as if this sort of thing happens every day)

(gives bartender wad of money) Here. That should cover the cost of the damage. (sees a reflection of Avow running towards door) Hold on a minute.

(A knife from the bar floats into Don's hand and he throws it towards Avow. It pins the falcon against the doorframe by the top of his shirt)

AVOW: (looks at Don and tries to keep a brave face) What are you doing? Kill me. It's more than I deserve.

DON: (walks up to Avow) No. (grabs him by collar of shirt) Tell my father that if he wants me back that bad, he can come and get me himself. Because I will take down any man he sends after me.

(He lets go of Avow and starts to leave)

AVOW: (Calls after Don) He'll kill you Dontae.

DON: (laughs as he exits) You mean he'll try.


The End
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