Kiss of the Black Widow

By Calandra Drakeler

(Okay, fellow readers. First off, Sonica Thunderbreak is NOT copyright to me. She is the property of a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless....but you probably already know her if you read Jewel in the Battlefield. I'm using her as a thank-you gift for her. She helped me to create most of my story ideas. If you do not like this fic, tough luck. Second, there ARE some mature themes here and there. I admit it; I've been reading TOO many romance novels! And third, I apologize for the delay in its arrival. My computer deleted the document TWICE, I had several sailing races I had to attend, and then there's SCHOOL. It's hard to concentrate on writing fanfics when you're trying to do at least three hours of homework a day, followed by continuous studying for test after test. >:P. Anyway, on with the story! ~.^)

Wildwing pulled the long barbell over his chest again. Sweat not only dripped down his forehead and underarms, but his arms as well; especially his biceps. Even though he was wearing black fingerless gloves, he was still having a hard time keeping a firm grip on the barbell.

"Fifty-nine," Wildwing grunted through his teeth, pulling the barbell down towards hi chest. One more and he could end his tormenting muscle workout. "S--------i----xt----y!"

With his last ounce of strength, Wing rested the barbell back on the handles of the bench press. He quickly grabbed his water bottle and squirted the clear liquid into his beak, gulping the cold water down his throat, until he had drank over half the bottle.

Wildwing needed a break from the world. He began to believe he should've let Canard resume the roll of leader; it was all too much for him to handle. Making plans on his feet quickly, looking after his little brother Nosedive, and keeping peace between various team members. Even though he had help from everyone else, and now has two new recruits, he was still exhausted from the tiresome task.

Besides, he couldn't afford to have his appearances slack off. His body needed to be in shape for their next game; the Mighty Ducks were going up against the Los Angeles Kings in two days. And he needed something to keep himself occupied for the moment. He couldn't tell anyone about it, or else he would be teased about it all for the rest of his far as he was concerned. His younger brother would love to gloat about any type of problem that came to him. Not that Dive could be blamed. After all, that was a younger sibling's job; to annoy his or her older sibling. Still, Wing didn't want to give Dive the opportunity to do so.

Wildwing kept having a strange dream every night for the past two weeks. A beautiful female figure stood before him, her hair blowing in the wind. Wing didn't know if the figure was a female duck or a female human; the figure was no more than a mere shadow. Hell, the only reason he knew the shadow was a female was because of the physique!

"Wildwing," the shadow whispered. Her voice was so light he couldn't figure out the accent...if his mystery female HAD an accent.

Even though he didn't' know what she looked like, Wildwing could guess she was very a mysterious way. He wanted to come closer to the female shadow, hoping he would then be able to recognize her. But every time he took a step towards the female shadow, she'd hold up her right arm in the air. A ball of red fiery wind would form into her hand, and she'd swirl it around her, disappearing into the light.

"Who are you?!" he kept calling to the shadow.

"I am one you know," the shadow whispered to him. "But I am also one in the form of one you know."

The dream plagued his mind for more than two weeks. At first, Wing ignored the dream, thinking it only came from something he ate. The cheese on the pizza his team mates ordered tasted a bit funny to him. But after three days, Wing started to become worried. The same dream lasted more than two days. It was obvious to Wildwing that the dream DIDN'T come from the odd-tasting cheese on the pizza, OR from any other type of food he ate. But if his late-night vision didn't come from the food he put into his beak, then where DID it come from?

Wing didn't know what to make of his dream. He didn't even know if it WAS a dream. It could've been a sign or a warning of some sort for all he knew. And Wing was too afraid to go to therapy and see a psychiatrist to talk about his vision. Not of the cost, though; he could afford it with his salary. It was what would happen if he entered. Reporters would be all over him, bugging Wing left and right with their cameras, microphones, and recorders. He didn't need anymore people irritating him further; after all, that's where Nosedive and Jessica came in. He had it hard enough, breaking up their fights and keeping them from trying to strangle the life out of each other.

His thoughts were interrupted when Wing suddenly heard a `hi-ya' yelp, followed by a chain rattle. Surprised by the sudden noise, Wildwing turned his head, and was even MORE surprised by what he saw.

Wildwing expected to see either Mallory or Calandra sparring, or Jessica hitting the punching bag over and over to get some steam off her chest. Instead, he saw the female he least expected to find with him. The emerald haired beauty, Sonica Thunderbeak, was practicing her Fireshang, techniques right in front of him. Even though her clothes were simple: a black tank showing a generous portion of her cleavage, gray sweats that were somewhat tight around her legs, and red boxing gloves, her radiance was brighter than the very sun. Even with her hair tied back, she had more beauty than ten beauty queens combined. Every kick she performed dazzled him. He marvelled by the way she lifted her legs forcefully, yet gracefully at he same time. Such a strong woman, yet utterly feminine at the same time. Her kicks were so powerful, that no even Mallory could be able to compete with her.

Wing didn't know how any female could've gained so much strength in seven years. He was also surprised how Sonica could look the way she did; fearsome, yet beautiful. To him, she was the ultimate and only example of perfect beauty. The shape of her eyes were like almonds, his favorite type of nut. Problem was, Wildwing didn't' know which part of Sonica's head glittered the most; her eyes, her sweat drenched forehead, or her hair.

Her eyes were like emeralds; at least a hundred stacked together. For each eye. Her hair wasn't any different from her eyes, yet they were in some way. Not many a woman had green hair. In fact, it was her green hair that made her look so appealing. The color gave her that different and exotic look.

Wildwing also loved admiring her body; every curve and every angle. The firm shape of her arms and legs made her look like an Amazon with feathers. Her stomach curved inwards, with its athletic lines. The black tank did nothing to hide her attractiveness. In fact, her attempts at hiding her beauty were pointless; it only made her more beautiful.

Wing started having trouble stifling his laughter. While Sonica was practicing her Fireshang, she was also practicing some boxing punches as well. She obviously loved to add variety to her training. He finally let out a small chuckle.

"Are you practicing kickboxing, Sonica? Or that a special Tae Kwon Doe of yours from years ago?"

Surprised to hear someone speaking to her, Sonica turned her head just as she attempted to make another punch to the punching bag. When she saw Wildwing's face, her heart skipped a beat. The white bang that flipped over his head gave him that innocent school-boyish appeal. But she was more fascinated by his brown eyes; those chestnut eyes of his staring right through her own eyes.

She couldn't help but star at his sweat drenched chest. His perspiration made his light gray tank cling to his torso, showing off the angles and shapely lines of his chest and abdomen. His chest might as well have been bare; the sweat revealed every chiselled inch.

"Oh; hi, Wildwing," Sonica greeted, her slight Australian accent sending him into a dreamy fantasy. "I didn't see you back there. I hope I didn't disturb your workout."

"Nah; I was just about to leave anyway," Wildwing assured her as he pulled his black fingerless gloves off his hands.

Sonica turned back around and continued her kicks. Wildwing stared in amazement at her martial arts kicks. When he grabbed his towel to wipe off the sweat on the bench press, he heard Sonica's `ki-ya' shriek a lot louder, followed by the sound of a chain breaking and a bag hitting the wall. When he turned his head, he saw the punching bag on the floor, with a hole in it. he turned his head back to Sonica, who's cheeks were red in embarrassment. It turned out that she kicked the bag so hard it went flying off the chain and against the wall, finally sliding onto the floor. Wildwing narrowed his brown eyes at Sonica's face.

"You need to learn to control your strength, Sonica."

"I can't help it, Wildwing," Sonica confessed. "It's not easy to control my urge to use full strength on something."

Even though Wing didn't completely understand Sonica's strength and urge to demonstrate it at its fullest, he had a brief idea about that urge. He heard about it from Jessie's mindless chatter about a race of people called `Saiyans', aliens that looked like humans, except they had monkey-like tails and abnormal powers and strength. Jessie said that it was in their nature to crave fighting and challenging someone with greater strength.

Wildwing never paid much attention to Jessie's comic chat. He considered it to be mindless rubbish; a waste of the brain. Yet her lecture on humans with monkey tails gave Wildwing an idea about Sonica's behavior. Not wanting to make his best friend's sister feel bad, Wildwing continued the conversation in an optimistic tone of voice.

"That was a pretty powerful kick you performed there, Sonica. Did Canard teach you it?"

"Unfortunately, no. He was always busy with his strength training and other stuff to teach me. I learned form my Fireshang teacher, Master Zenfeather. His teachings were very strict, but he's on of the reasons that I'm able to defend myself. Zenfeather was the best and most powerful teacher in the DuCaine metropolis. NO one could beat him. Not even Grin himself!"

"Damn," Wildwing said, followed by a low whistle. "He must've been one hell of a teacher if he made you one of our strongest fighters."

"He was," Sonica sighed, removing her boxing gloves. "Until he died..."

"I'm sorry," Wing apologized. "How did he die? Cancer?"

"Cancer would've been merciful for him," Sonica said in a melancholy voice. "Dragaunus' servant men in our work camps tortured him to death. And don't look so shocked; Dragaunus tortured just about EVERYONE of his slaves and prisoners to death. Master Zenfeather was no exception. He tried to escape the prisons to join the resistance, but he was caught and tortured to death."

"I'm sorry about the death of your teacher," Wing said in a sympathetic tone. "He probably would've made a great ally to us all."

"So true," Sonica agreed, her foot on the benchpress. "And maybe I would've had the chance to see him again. But at least he gave me the skills I need to protect myself."

As Sonica leaned forward to retie her shoe laces, Wildwing leaned forward to get a better view of her body. He knew what he was doing was completely wrong and perverted of him, but he couldn't help himself. Sonica looked so appealing to him, the way her chest was shaped. They looked like cantaloupes, except much smaller. But the shape and ample firmness of her breasts excited him, making him hard. He wanted to grab Sonica's waist and pull her against him, and kiss her feverishly. But Wing didn't dare do such an act. He was far to sensible for such a task. And even if he wasn't, he knew Sonica would pound the tar out of him for such an act. But he couldn't help but imagine Sonica' against hi , running her fingers through his hair as he kissed her.

In thinking over his fantasy, Wing forgot that he was staring at Sonica's bosom. When Sonica looked at Wing's face, thinking he became ill, she began to wonder what he was staring at. When she realized that he was staring at her chest, her cheeks became redder than a bush of strawberries. In embarrassment or anger, she had no idea.

"Wildwing," Sonica said sharply. "Would you please stop peaking down my breasts?"

"Huh? Oh; sorry," Wing blushed heavily. "I didn't mean...are you going to punch me in the face?"

"Nah; I'll just let ya off with a warning for now," Sonica assured him, sitting next to him.

"Thanks," Wildwing thanked, his face redder than a beet. What's gotten into me?! Wildwing thought. I shouldn't be behaving this way! Why did I do that anyway? "I'm glad you didn't decide to get violent on me."

"Well...I WAS surprised by your behavior. But...since you're my big brother's best friend, and it's not in your nature to behave that way with women, I won't inflict any pain on you. But normally I would."

"EVERYONE knows about your flaming temper and you Herculean strength," Wildwing said. He wasn't kidding either. Sonica was the strongest female on the team. Not stronger than him, canard, or Grin, but had more strength than everyone else. "I was afraid you would resort to violence and try to pound the tar out of me."

"You're my brother's best friend," Sonica reminded. "Besides, would he believe me if I told him you were staring at my cleavage? know I have every right to do so, given the circumstances."

"Like the time when you punched Eric McQuack in the stomach when he threw your only hockey stick into that giant paper shredder?"

"He deserved it! He was just being a bad sport because I beat him ten times in a row!"

"Still; it was FUNNY!" Wing chuckled. "I still remember the look on his face after you punched him in the gut. You should've seen the way he was wailing: `Mommy! Mommy! That mean girl hit me!' And he was crying like a little baby!" Wildwing laughed harder then. "Everyone was teasing him about it for an entire week!"

"Got what he deserved," Sonica shrugged. "Oh; remember the time when we were in summer camp?"

"How could I forget? You always got to ride on Thunderbolt, the stable's best horse."

"And I also remember pushing you into a big pile of hose manure when you released him out of the stables. ON PURPOSE!"

"That was over seven years ago!"

"But still! I had to look for Thunderbolt for at least two hours! You realize how many scrapes and bruises I got while searching for him?"

Wildwing had no response to Sonica's question.

"I thought so," Sonica remarked, then started laughing again. "Then when I got back, I pushed you and wrestled you in a big pile of mud. By the time Canard pulled me off you, you were covered from head to toe in the much. Everyone, INCLUDING the counsellors, called you `Mudwing' for the rest of camp!"

Sonica then doubled over in laughter, wrapping her arms around her waist to keep her sides from aching. In a normal circumstance, Wildwing would either blush crimson red, or glare at his teaser for making fun of him. Especially if it were eight years ago, he would've been humiliated by the memory. A girl, at age thirteen, beating up a male, at sixteen, who was older and stronger than her. But for some reason, he didn't find the flashback one bit embarrassing. In fact, he couldn't help but find it humorous as well. Wildwing joined Sonica in laughter.

"Yep; those were the good old days," Wildwing said, folding his arms behind his head. "Too bad they ended so soon."

"I know," Sonica sighed sadly, hanging her head down. "Now everyone we knew and gone. Dead. Like my parents...."

Wildwing felt like hitting himself across the face for opening his big beak up. He forgot that Dragaunus killed Sonica's parents nearly eight years ago. She was so young and innocent then. Her parents didn't deserve to die the way Dragaunus killed them; slowly shooting every part of their bodies. They didn't deserve to die at all! And Sonica didn't deserve any of that suffering she went through. Yet she did. Not only was she forced to watch her parents die a painful and undeserving death, but she was thrown into Dimensional Limbo. If luck wasn't upon her side, she probably would've died in there. Wildwing wanted to find the words to soothe Sonica's miserable heart. To erase all of her painful memories and take away all the pain.

Alas, Wildwing couldn't' find the words to comfort Sonica's aching heart. He didn't know COMPLETELY what it was like to lose his family. He and his little brother Nosedive hadn't seen his mom and dad for nearly five years; wasn't sure about their health or if they were able to return to a normal life or not. But he knew deep down that they were still alive. Not just from Calandra's reassurance, but there was a feeling in Wildwing's gut that his folks were still alive.

Not knowing what to say, yet wanting to comfort her, Wildwing cupped Sonica's chin in his hands. Slowly, he leaned forward and with the utter most care and gentleness, he kissed the left side of her face. Sonica blinked in surprise by Wildwing's reaction, but then closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of having a man kiss her. No one as EVER kissed her before. At least, no one that wasn't related to her. She remembered her father used to kiss her on the forehead every night before she went to sleep. Her mother used to kiss her and Canard on the cheek every morning before they left for school. And sometimes when her Uncle David came to visit he'd twirl her around in the air before and after he'd kiss her over and over on her cheeks.

But the way Wildwing kissed her; the way his beak gently brushed against her cheek, made her feel weak in the knees. She just wanted to melt against him. Instead, she just sifted her fingers through his hair, her hand leaving his head when he removed his beak away from her cheek.

Sonica didn't know how to respond to Wildwing's kiss. Her beak trembled slightly. She couldn't figure out anything to say to him. Which came to her as a great surprise. No man had ever been able to make her feel weak and helpless by a mere kiss. Then again, Wildwing was the first male to kiss her after her father died. Other men in her life were either her superiors, partners in combat and training, or the people she had orders to assassinate. The training she went through included a special type of therapy to destroy any interest she had in men. The therapy worked...until now.

Wildwing and Sonica leaned closer and closer until their beaks touched, resulting in a fresh, timid and gentle kiss. A new feeling surged through Sonica's blood. She didn't know how to describe it. Whatever it was, it flowed through her entire body...and it felt so...wonderful to her. When they broke away, they looked into each other's eyes; Wing's chestnut brown eyes staring into Sonica's emerald green eyes. They were still for a few seconds...which seemed like eternity for them. They leaned closer against to each other, preparing for what was going to come eventually.

Their lips touched once more, then again and again, their kisses becoming more and more intense and passionate. Waves of passion and lust filled Wildwing's brain as he pulled himself and Sonica off the bench press and into his arms, deepening the strength of his embrace. Sonica quickly gasped for air, but it was muffled by the swift contact of Wing's beak. Their beaks clung desperately to each other's, and slanted this way and that. As Wing laid a trail of kisses down Sonica's neck, he grabbed the blue bands that kept her hair tied in its ponytail and pulled them out of her hair.

Her hair, which looked like a wave of glistening emeralds, fell down her head like water down a cataract. She was truly a beautiful goddess when her hair was down. A tempting and seductive goddess. Like Aphrodite, except with feathers and a beak.....and green hair. Such beauty in such a fighter. Wildwing was mesmerized so much that he pulled her tighter against him.

His beak nuzzled her neck as his hands gently massaged her shoulders. Sonica swooned in pleasure while running her fingers through his hair and tightly but gently squeezing his shoulder. Wildwing smiled as his hands gently slid down her shoulders, down to her hips. All sensibility in his brain lost, Wing's hands went straight to her firm buns. Sonica blinked in the shock of the feeling. In a normal circumstance, she would beat up the guy. But for some reason, Sonica didn't want to do that. In fact, she was ENJOYING the feeling! It didn't feel dirty like she was trained to believe it felt. It actually felt....right. Like she was wanted; in a way that made her feel loved.

Sonica's hands grabbed the rim of Wildwing's tank and quickly tore it off his body, slightly ripping it in the neckline. When she gazed at his bare chest, Sonica felt like her jaw would drop right to the floor any second. Wildwing's torso was a pure master-piece! Even Michelangelo himself would never be able to sculpt anything that would come CLOSE to being as marvellous as Wildwing's bare torso. His chest was well sculpted; well muscular. Not heavily muscular, but very well-built. His pectorals were as hard as a rock. Then there was his abdomen. The chiselled washboard pattern caught her breath tightly. Sweat dripped down Wildwing's chest, making the dark hairs that grew out of him glisten and sparkle in the light. Sonica ran her fingers through his chest, loving the feel of his soft hairs against her feathers.

Wildwing lifted Sonica high up into the air, her legs intertwining around his waist. Grasping onto his shoulders for support, Sonica planted a passionate kiss on him again. His knees buckling and his legs straining, Wildwing laid Sonica onto the bench press, him on top of her. His hands gently but firmly grasped her waist while her hands wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him down firmly on top of her. His chest was crushed against her breasts, rising and falling with every breath they took. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, then Wildwing started to kiss her neck gently. While Wing kissed her, Sonica ran her hands gently up and down his chest, feeling his chest hairs.

"You HAVE changed," Sonica sighed, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Did you say something?"

"Oh; I'm sorry," Sonica blushed. "When I was younger, I used to spy on you and Canard swimming during summer vacation at the DuCaine lakes. You know; that one summer when I had a severe ear infection and I wasn't allowed in the water?"

"Yeah; I think you were around twelve at that time."

"Yes. Well, anyway, I always spied on you and Canard trying to dunk each other or surfacing for air when you were playing underwater hide-and-seek."

"And when your ear infection FINALLY was cured, you and Dive joined us in the water," Wildwing chuckled. "You were always pretending to be a famous explorer; diving underwater to find sunken treasure or any remains to the first Saurian Invasion." The two laughed for a few seconds, then Wildwing looked into her eyes again, returning to the subject at hand. "So I'm not the same as I was eight years ago?"

"'re VAGUELY the same," Sonica said, staring at his chest again. " than before."

God; this woman is so vulgar!!!!!!!!

Wildwing's face turned beet red again. He knew a woman couldn't be so naive even at Sonica's age. But to talk about matters like that made him feel so...ashamed. He would've expected that type of talk from Mallory and Calandra, since they were both bold and somewhat vulgar women. But not from his best friend's little sister.

"Well, a man DOES grow," Wildwing confessed. "I'm sure a tutor on Earth here would've taught you about mating relations while the military was training you."

"Wildwing!" Sonica laughed. "I wasn't talking about THAT! Although I'm SURE it must've grown." She smirked at the sheepish smile on Wing's lips. "I was referring to your arms and chest. ESPECIALLY your chest...."

Sonica buried her face in Wildwing's chest, and inhaled the manly scent of his sweat on his body. Gently, she kissed the center of his pectorals. She looked up at him, and saw a strange look in Wing's brown eyes. Was it lust? Confusion? Surrender? A mix of all three? She couldn't tell exactly, but it excited her slightly. Even though his facial expression was hard to read, she could tell that he wanted more..

Sonica smirked, then started leading a trail of damp kisses up the base of his neck, then kissed him down to the rim of his pants. Wildwing knew this shouldn't continue on. It wasn't right. Someone could walk in on them at any second. But he couldn't get the words to escape his throat. The feel of Sonica kissing him was too much for him; felt to good to stop. The feeling was too strong for him to call out for mercy. In fact, he felt himself lying down on the bench press to feel more of her seduction.

"Sonica," Wildwing sighed. "I beg of you; stop! I--I won't survive!"

"Please try," Sonica pleaded, giving him a siren's smile.

Wildwing had no choice but to surrender. But it was one battle he was grateful to lose to. The feel of her mouth against his chest felt wonderful; better than a massage. Even though he felt his chest swelling up a bit with every kiss, he didn't' fight it. In fact, all he could do was moan in pleasure and ask Sonica to kiss him more. His pectorals became tighter with every touch of Sonica's lips.

"No more," Wildwing finally said. " more. My body can't take anymore. Please stop Sonica."

Instead of answering Wildwing's plea, Sonica merely lowered her head to Wildwing's, and gently kissed him. To Wing, her kiss was better than an answer. He wrapped his arms around her back and slowly sat up, Sonica still locked up in his embrace. His hands gently moved up her back and entered her hair as they passionately kissed each other again. Even though it was messed up, her green hair still felt soft and silky. He finally moved his beak away from her so he could speak and breathe. He then looked into her eyes, fully amazed at its sparkling green color.

"Did you really meant what you said?"

"About what, Wing?"

"About me being different than from eleven years ago?"

"Yes. You've grown into a big man. And very handsome too."

"Well sweetness, why don't we see how much YOU'VE changed over the years, hmm?" hen Wildwing realized what he said, he felt like slapping himself straight across the face.

Wildwing, what the hell's wrong with you?! you just asked you best friend's sister to strip in front of you!!! Canard'll kill you for what you just asked Sonica to do! If HE doesn't, SHE will!!!!!

But Sonica did no such thing. Instead of throwing him a swift punch to the eye like she normally would, all she did was smirk at him. Wing forgot that Sonica wasn't the type to back down from a dare. He forgot that detail a long time ago. Even though her stubbornness of not turning down dares always got her into trouble all the time, Wing admired her courage.

Sonica grabbed the bottom of her black sweat drenched tank and slowly started to peel it off her body. Wing had to hold her by her hips to keep herself still while she struggled. The sweat made her clothes hug her body tightly, making the tank harder to take off. At last, her struggle ended, and the black tank came off her torso.

All that covered her breasts was a gray sports bra. But covered or not, Wildwing's jaw was ready to drop to the floor...if it could. He was amazed by the size of her breasts. The only thing bigger than them were watermelons! Actually, her breasts weren't THAT huge. They were bigger than cantaloupes, but smaller than watermelons. But Wildwing was more amazed by the SHAPE of Sonica's breasts. They were perfectly well rounded like melons, and by their appearance, very firm. If Wing stared at them anymore, he would start drooling. And that wouldn't have been good.

"You''re gorgeous, Sonica. Ab--absolutely gorgeous."

"You mean me? Or my breasts, which you're still staring at?"

"You; you as a whole person," Wildwing blushed furiously. He felt guilty right now for noticing mostly Sonica's chest. "You're VERY beautiful!"

"So I HAVE changed?" Sonica asked him. Me? Beautiful? Never. I'm not that pretty; not pretty at all. He's only saying that to make me smile.

"Yes. Tremendously."

"Well," Sonica said, leaning closer to him. "Look at you. A full grown man. And VERY handsome too."

Sonica pressed her palms against Wildwing's hairy pectorals to kiss him. As they kissed, Sonica felt herself falling backwards. She then realized that she was back against the seat of the bench press, her arms wrapped around his sweaty and sinewy back. She felt his beak gently massaging hers, capturing her beak and every exhaling breath. Finally, Wing stopped to look into her green eyes. He loved their glistening shine. He cupped her chin in his hand, and smiled in adoration.

"Beautiful," Wildwing complimented, sending goosebumps down Sonica's arms and spine. "So breathtakingly beautiful."

"Daring and dauntless maybe," Sonica said, looking up at his chestnut brown eyes. "But beautiful never."

"Don't be so modest," Wing said, kissing the top of her forehead. "I think you're the only and ultimate example of perfect beauty."

Sonica smiled, rummaging her fingers through the bangs upon his head. Her hand gently slid down his head, resting against his warm cheek. It felt soft and light. She could imagine that cheek against hers if she ever received the opportunity to snuggle up against him someday. Her hand moved away from his cheek and grasped the barbell tightly, Wing's hands covering them. They locked in for another kiss. But this was unlike the kisses Sonica received from Wildwing earlier. Earlier, his kisses were intense and passionate, almost draining the energy from her lungs. This time, they were soft, slow, and gentle. Sonica loved these long and gentle kisses. She felt like she was in heaven.

"I love you," Wing whispered between every kiss. "I love you like the stars and moon love the heavens. Like the ocean waves love the pebbly beach."

"Oh Wildwing," Sonica sighed dreamily. She loved this new side of Wildwing; poetic and romantic. "Wildwing; KISS me!"

"Sonica, I AM kissing you," he laughed.

"Then don't' STOP kissing me!" she begged.

Wildwing needed no further encouragement. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't stop himself. She felt to good to let go of. Her beak tasted so sweet. Like firewood honey; hot and spicy, yet sweet and sugary at the same time. he loved the way her hands massaged his shoulders; it felt so god. Neither of them wanted to stop. They wanted this moment to never end.

However, bad fortune was on their side. A few minutes after Wildwing confessed his love to Sonica, someone walked into the gym. After seeing the two making-out, he started to become enraged; not out of jealousy, but out of feeling betrayed. He gripped his water bottle so tightly that it broke, the water splashing onto his face and oozing down his arm. His rage overflowing the fibers in his brain, he looked at his two targets; eyes burning in a furious rage. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer, and exploded.


The sudden shout of that voice made Sonica and Wildwing stop suddenly, their beaks immediately breaking away from each other. Their hearts beat rapidly in fear. They both hoped, no; PRAYED that the voice wasn't who they thought it was. Wing slowly turned his head around, a nervous tension flying through his stomach. What he saw before him made him feel like screaming and hacking a knife across his face right then.


Canard, Sonica's big brother and Wildwing's best friend, was as furious as a wild bear. If not, more. The veins of his muscles were popping out as he clenched his fist. His breathing was heavy with every breath he took.

"Wildwing, you son of a BITCH!" he screamed as he stormed over to them. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH MY BABY SISTER?!?!"

"Bro, calm down," Sonica pleaded.

"Canard; please," Wildwing said as he stood up. "I can explain. You see--"

But before Wing could explain what happened between him and Sonica, Canard threw a swift punch to his face. Wing fell on his knees, covering his face with his hands. Sonica quickly went to Wing's side to try and comfort him, but Wing gave her the stop signal. Slowly, he rose from the ground. His knees still felt weak from his fall, yet he firmly stood his ground. He removed his hand from his face, and glanced at his palm.

Inside, he found blood. Not a lot of it, but a decent amount was on his palm. When Wildwing touched his cheek, he felt more blood upon his palm. He began to grow furious. He glared at Canard, eyes burning like the fires of hell.

"Canard," Wildwing growled. "If you want a fight with me, you got it."

"Wildwing," Canard said, cracking his knuckles. "I'd like nothing more than that."

"Canard, Wing; don't," Sonica begged. "Please; this isn't necessary."

But Wildwing and canard paid no attention to Sonica's plea of peace. Both stared at each other for a few seconds, which felt like an eternity. Then, without warning, Canard lunged at Wildwing, shoving him to the ground. Both fell as hard as boulders. Wing quickly gave Canard a swift left hook...right after he received an upper cut from him. Wing quickly his jaw, giving him a chance to shove Canard to the ground. Sonica quickly got up from the bench press and tried to pull Wildwing off her brother.

"Wildwing! Canard! Stop it! Now; we shouldn't be fighting each other!"

"Sonica; let me go!" Wildwing commanded. "This' the only way I can get through to him."

"And THIS' the only way I can keep YOU away from MY SISTER!!!!"

With that, Canard threw Wildwing back to the ground, making a large thudding sound on his head. Even though Sonica's efforts were worthless, she was still determined to keep them from fighting each other even more. While she tried to separate them, Nosedive walked in while reading a comic book. He glanced up from his comic; and his blue eyes nearly popped out from their sockets.


As Nosedive grabbed Canard by the throat, he began to try and pull him off Wildwing.

"Get off my bro, Canard!"

"Out of my way, you piece of worthless shit!"

With that, Canard grabbed Nosedive by the scruff of his neck and, using his strength, hurled him against the bench press. Dive fell to the ground with a loud thump. Wing looked at his unconscious little brother in horror. He might've been bleeding to death for all he knew! He quickly scrambled Canard off of him and ran to Dive's side. He turned him over and gently shook him. No movement came. But Wing wouldn't give up.

"Dive! Wake up! C'mon, little bro! Don't give up on me. Please!"

Nosedive gave a small grunt, then finally opened his ocean blue eyes. Wing gave a sigh of relief, yet there was still tension in him.

"Dive? Are you okay?"

"Yea. Except for a little bump on my head. And a major headache."

Oh thank God, Wing thought as he tightly hugged Dive in his embrace.

At first, Dive didn't know what to do; to hug Wing back, or to push himself away from his embrace. Nosedive was almost a full-grown man now; he didn't' want people thinking him to be nothing more than a little baby. But at the same time, he didn't' want to hurt his big brother's feelings. Finally making up his mind, Nosedive shrugged his shoulders and returned Wildwing's hug.

Canard gulped. He opened his beak to say something. But now sound came from his beak. He was so horror-stricken by what he did to be able to speak. His voice box was dry and barren; like a desert. Finally able to get his voice working again, Canard at last spoke.

"I'm so sorry, Nosedive," Canard finally said. "I didn't mean to hurt you. My rage took over me, and I just...reacted."

"No biggie," Dive said, patting his bruised head. "After playing with Jessie for so many months, I've become used to pain in the head. Besides, I've been tossed A LOT harder than that."

Canard smiled, obviously amused by Nosedive's assurance. But it was a weary smile; very faint. He then turned to Wildwing. His face was filled with guilt and shame. Shame in himself for what he did to his best friend...and his baby sister.

"I'm sorry, Wildwing," Canard said, his voice dry and crackly. "I didn't mean to attack you; honestly. It's just that...when I saw you and my sister on the bench press, making out, and your tank tops on the floor--"

"You assumed that she and I were making love."


With that, Sonica slapped her big brother across the back of his head and grabbed her black tank. Canard gently rubbed his injured head. He forgot a while ago that his sister had a very mean slap. And her punches were worse.

"What was THAT for, Sonica?!"

"For assuming that Wildwing and I were going to make love," Sonica growled. "Canard, how could you have ever thought of such a thing?! You know that I'm still a virgin. A sassy one, but a virgin nonetheless. You of all the people in the world should still remember that I vowed not to break my virginity until the day I marry!"

"And you should've remembered I'm no cad or player, Canard. I would NEVER make love to Sonica unless she and I were married and she was willing. And even if we DID decide to make love, we wouldn't be doing so in the gym! It would be in either my room or Sonica's room, where we'd have privacy."

Canard hung his head down in shame. How could he have let his imagination run away with him? he should've known better than to assume that his little sister would toss away her morals and make love with his best friend without being married to him. Horrible guilt ran through his veins as he stood up and walked out of the gym.

"Canard?" Sonica spoke, sounding worried. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah; I'll be okay," Canard assured her, smiling slightly. "I just need some time to think over what I saw."

"I have to get going too," Dive said. "I still have some American Government homework to finish up on."

As Dive tried to snatch up his fallen comic book, Canard grabbed it first to see what `junk' Nosedive was reading now.

"Nosedive?" Canard blinked. "What the hell are you reading THIS time?"

"Huh? Oh; I'm reading Battle Chasers. It's kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, STAR WARS style. It's REALLY cool."

"That's nice. But...who's the red-head?"

"Red Monika. She's a feared bounty hunter in the comic series."

"One more question. Why the hell does she have breasts that are twice the size of my head?!!"

"Ummmm," Dive blushed, grabbing his comic book. "I'll....get back to you on that."

Nosedive took a few steps back, then he ran out of the gymnasium. Canard looked back at Wildwing and Sonica, who were trying to keep themselves from laughing. Canard shrugged his marble hard shoulders, snickering slightly.

"Heh; teenagers," Canard said. "That's all boys that age do these days."

"At this rate, he might become as perverted as Duke," Sonica smirked.

"I'm going to have to talk about that kind of stuff over with Dive later on," Wildwing said.

As Wildwing and Sonica talked it over more, Canard snuck out of the gymnasium. Passing by several doors, he opened the door to his room. He then sat down on the edge of his bed, his knuckles tucked underneath his chin, elbows on his knees.

He had to figure out what was going on; what he had to do. The shock of seeing his baby sister and best friend making out in the gym was too much for his eyes to bear. Despite the shock of seeing them kissing and groping each other, he knew all along that someday they'd fall in love with each other. It was only a matter of time before it happened. Canard remembered that Sonica always had a crush on Wildwing since she was a little girl. Ironically, his parents never minded that important detail; they knew Sonica had a good reason to like Wing. He was kind of a school boyish way. AND he was very trustworthy and very sweet.

But even if Wildwing WAS trustworthy, Canard was still unsure whether or not he should allow Sonica to start dating. She was barely twenty-one. He and her had been separated for nearly ten years, and they were just reunited nearly a year ago. He didn't want their special bond to be bended or broken. To have Sonica falling in love with his best friend not only felt kind of weird, but he was also worried if their bond will break or not. He decided to go and talk with Grin. The tall and bulky, but gentle and humble mediator could help him. Grin was always good at causing people to get along, and having others open up their feelings to him, telling him their problems.

As he left his room, he pulled something out of his pocket; a necklace. A gold necklace, the pendant shaped like a heart. Encrusted in the middle was a silver swan, Sonica's favorite type of bird. He remembered the smile on her face when he gave her the necklace for her tenth birthday. And the sadness the necklace brought to him...


"Canard! Canard!" Mallory shouted, huffing and puffing.

"Slow down, Mallory!" Canard urged, his hands on her shoulders. "Tell me what happened...slowly and calmly."

"Mallory and I have our report about the examination on Dragaunus' headquarters, Commander Thunderbeak," the pink haired Unistanian(Russian) Felisha DeMalard(Calandra Drakeler if none of you have read Betrayer of the Secret Heart yet) said as she dug a recorder-like machine out of her pockets. "We have some good news, and some bad news, sir. The good news is that we downloaded the blueprints of Dragaunus' headquarters into Tanya's microloader. It should be able to locate the master computer...and if we're lucky a weak spot in it."

"Great," Canard complimented, holding the microloader in his hand. "All we need now is to display it on our main computer...and see if we can scrap together some megaexplosives."

"And we found your family," Mallory added.

"My mom, dad and my sister?!" Canard exclaimed. "That's great! I can't wait to see them! Where are they?"

Mallory and Felisha looked at each other. Both were asking each other the same question in their eyes: "Should we tell him?" Canard sensed this, and his happy expression began to drop slightly. He could tell that they were hiding something from him.


"That's...where the bad news comes in, unfortunately. They're...dead," Mallory said, her voice slightly shaky.

"They're WHAT?! can't be."

"I'm afraid it is, sir," Felisha sighed sadly. "You''re joking, right? This' just a trick to get people in the Resistance to see that I have feelings, isn't it?"

Canard nearly had a heart attack when Felisha showed him the heart necklace. He recognized the swan insignia engraved in the middle, along with the chain attached to it. He knew it belonged to his little sister. The golden piece of jewellery slid through Felisha's fingers, right into Canard's hand. Weak from the shock of losing his family, and the horrible sadness tearing his heart into millions of pieces, Canard fell to his knees. Bringing the necklace, and his palms, to his face, Canard began to sob hysterically. Felisha and Mallory looked at Canard's reaction to the sudden outcome. They never expected him to take the sudden outcome so horribly. Felisha nodded to Mallory, and walked off to who knows where; most likely to the weapon room to restock her knife supply.

Mallory was then left all alone with the weeping leader of the Resistance. She didn't' know how to comfort him; she couldn't think of anything to say that would cheer him up or get him to stop crying. His tears were hysterical now; they were followed by hiccupping too. His crying was sounding like the crying of a newborn having a temper tantrum.

Not that canard could be blamed for his immoderate amount of tear shedding. Anyone would be doing the same thing in his position; possibly even more, if they just found out that their family was dead. His reaction to the news was a normal one. Even though Mallory had no idea how to comfort Canard's pain, she wasn't going to allow him to continue crying hysterically. She had to do everything she could to stop him from crying so much. She didn't know how, but she had to try anyway.

"Canard, please calm down..."

"Calm down? Calm down?! CALM DOWN?!" Canard screamed in Mallory's face, standing up now so he was towering over her. "HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN AFTER THIS?! DON'T YOU GET IT?! MY MOM! DAD! BABY SISTER! THEY'RE DEAD! I'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN! EVER!"

Mallory blinked surprisingly at Canard's hysterical behavior. She had never seen him this upset before. It was so surprising to see canard acting this way. But she wouldn't allow him to see the shock in her face. If there was one thing she learned in the military was how to mask her emotions from her superiors.

"I can imagine how you feel," Mallory said, her green eyes glittering from an attempt to keep herself from crying as well as canard. "I may not know what it's like to lose one's family; truth is, I've never had the type of family you had before. My folks died when I was little, and I was forced to move in with my grandparents in a trailer when I was five years old. I spent my entire life in military school, training to become a soldier in the army when I wanted to be a track star. My grandparents forced me into the military when they knew my dream career involved athletics. At least you had a family who loved you and allowed you to follow your dream career!"

Canard was speechless; he didn't' realize that Mallory had been through all of that hardship and pressure to be something she hated. He wiped the remaining tears out of his eyes, but the tear streaks were still staining his cheeks and just underneath his eyelids.

"I'm sorry, Mallory. I didn't mean to explode in your face. It's just that...with the shock of loosing my folks and my sister and all, I just...I couldn't....I..."

"No need to explain to me, Canard. I understand," Mallory assured him as she wrapped her arms around his waist, her head on his shoulder.

As Canard hugged Mallory tightly, rocking side to side with her slightly in their embrace, he still couldn't help but think over what happened. Silent tears still streaked his eyes as he thought about the sudden death of his parents and baby sister. They didn't deserve to die; especially Sonica. He then vowed silently to himself that he would do anything in his power to avenge the death of his family. He wasn't going to allow Dragaunus to get away for what he did to his family, or to any other innocent life.

~Present Day~

Without realizing it, Canard nearly walked past Grin's room. His flashback caused him to daydream. Tucking the necklace back into his pockets, he knocked on Grin's door, waiting for him to respond to the knocking sound.

"Who may I ask is knocking?"

"It's me, Canard. I...I need to talk with you."

"Enter, my friend."

When Canard opened the door, he blinked at what he saw. It was like a room in a Buddhist temple in China! Meditation crystals, incense candles, oriental music, and a big blue yoga mat gave him the Buddhist feeling in the room. Canard tried to step in, but Grin held out his hand; a signal to stop.

"Shoes off fist," Grin ordered. "One cannot reach the soul with the soul's windows shut tight."

This made no sense to Canard, but he didn't dare argue with Grin. Even though Grin was as gentle as a lamb, his huge size still scared him at times; and at any time, he could rise up and attack him. After taking his shoes off, Canard sat down on the floor, Indian-style; the same style as Grin was sitting in.

"What is troubling you, my friend?"

"It's...something I saw earlier today. I saw my little sister, and my best friend in the gym together. They weren't doing anything naughty, WAS a pretty good shock for me."

"What were Sonica and Wildwing doing that caused you to be so shocked?"

"They were....kissing. Kind of passionately."

"And this is bothering you because?"

"It's just a little unusual to be seeing my baby sister and my best friend making-out. And a gymnasium isn't exactly a good choice to make out in."

"That's not what's troubling you, Canard. Something else is weighing your heart down. Release it from your body; get your worries off your chest."

"Alright," Canard groaned. He forgot how annoying Grin could be at times. "I'm afraid I'll be losing my little sister to some old childhood crush."

"Now I understand your troubles," Grin said. "You are afraid that if Sonica falls in love with your best friend, the special bond that you two share will be broken forever."

"Yes! Exactly!" Canard said. "You read my mind! So...what do I have to do to assure myself that our bond won't break?"

"You must trust her," was Grin's only answer. "Trust that she will make the right decision that will affect us all in a positive way."

~ ~

The warm water fell down Sonica's tan colored body; dripping down her voluptuous curves. As she lathered her hair with the strawberry scented shampoo, the shower head smothered her body with its warm rainfall. The soft warm water reminded her of Wildwing's caresses from earlier.

Wildwing Flashblade. His name was on her mind all day. No matter what she did, she couldn't stop thinking of him. Not that she wanted to forget him. His kisses sent goosebumps down her spines when they left a trail down her neck. His caresses and his words of love were what made Sonica love Wildwing most of all. No man besides her father, brother, or her uncles and grandfathers ever told her he loved her before Wildwing had. And that love wasn't the same as the love Wing gave her; family love was much different than romantic love.

At long last, Sonica's dream of her big brother's best friend falling in love with her was beginning to come true. Even though it was what she always wanted, it felt strange when it blossomed. Probably from her years as an assassin for the Australian military. Throughout her years of growing up in the military on Earth, she was trained to resist a male's charms and seductions; always hitting a guy in the jaw or cheek every time they put the moves on her. All men ever wanted from her was pleasure. They all claimed to have been madly in love with her at first sight, but Sonica was too smart to fall for that trick.

But now, the situation was different with Wildwing. She knew that his whispered words of eternal love were real. She didn't know how she knew, though. What if she was wrong? What if Wing only wanted her for one purpose? She shook her head. Wildwing is not that type of male. After she rinsed the body wash and conditioner off her body and hair, Sonica quickly changed into a white spaghetti strap tank and black jeans. As she walked down the hallway, her head bumped into the something. When she looked up, she saw Wildwing. He looked very handsome in his white windbreaker and green pants, with his `mow-hawk' gelled back.

"Hi Sonica," Wing greeted, his cheeks slightly red. "I was on my way to see you."

"Really?" Sonica asked. "I was on my way to talk to you also."

"Really? What a coincidence."

"I know," Sonica said. "So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Ummm....I was wondering. Would to go out tonight? On a date?"

"A date? You serious?!"

" want to, that is."

Sonica's face beamed with joy as she jumped into Wildwing's embrace, legs wrapped around his waist, and kissed him passionately.

"I'll...take that as a yes."

"You're good at these little guessing games of mine," Sonica giggled "So...what's the plan for our date tonight?"

"Well...I was thinking of a small romantic Mexican dinner tonight at Acapulco."

"Ooo; I LOVE Mexican!"

"I know. I know nearly everything about you."

"Really?" Sonica smirked, leaning her forehead against Wildwing's. "What else do you know about me?"

"I know that you're the greatest thing ever in my life ever since I came to Earth."

Sonica smiled, kissing Wildwing. As the two new love birds kissed, Jessica Lockheart walked down the hallway, a basketball looped underneath her arm. She paused midway when she saw Wildwing and Sonica kissing madly Jessie felt her stomach becoming upset at the very sight. Unless they stopped kissing right now, she would hurl all over the hallway. She crept up to the two lovebirds and spied on the way they were pressing their lips together. No stopping for take breaths. It was as if they were trying to consume each other.

"Unless you guys stop and take a breath," Jessie teased. "You're gonna die from oxygen deprivation."

The moment Sonica and Wildwing heard someone, they immediately stared downwards to look at Jessie. They were pretty much shocked to see Jessie looking at them; like a curious six year old.

"Jessie!" Wildwing gasped. "H--how long have you been standing there?"

"About long enough to wanna vomit," Jessie said, a look of disgust on her face. "Can't you do that in one of the rooms?"

"Can't," was Sonica's only reply. "My bro'll assume that Wing and I can I say it to a fifteen year old girl?"

"Having sex," Jessie said, flat out. "Don't be surprised, guys. I learned about that stuff in seventh grade."

"How MUCH of it?"

"A little; only a week's worth, though. We didn't have a lot of money for sex education booklets."

"Speaking of education," Wing said. "Jessie; shouldn't you be studying for your Geometry test tomorrow?"

"I did, though."

"Doing the homework doesn't count as studying," Wing argued. "Now hit those books. And don't assume that you'll get away with NOT studying your material; I'll be coming by your room in an hour to quiz you."

"But Wing! I wanted to shout some hoops!"

"You can play basketball tomorrow. Right now, your studies are more important. Now get upstairs and study those Geometry problems, young lady."

As Jessie walked back to her room, muttering something about adults being unfair, Sonica couldn't help but feel pity for her. She knew that all teenagers wanted to do was have fun; not study. while she knew that studying was the only guaranteed way to pass a test, she knew that it was also the most BORING way to pass.

"Wing, weren't you being at least a little too strict with Jessie? I mean, she's only fifteen."

"Phil's hassling Jessie to get at least a B- on all her tests. I'm just making sure she can make it past the minimum."

"But still...a little TOO much pressure on her, don't you think?"

"She'll thank me tomorrow when she passes her test."

Sonica didn't dare argue with him further. No one wanted to do anything that would make Wildwing angry. When he gets angry, it's a very, VERY, scary sight.

~ ~

Sonica hummed the song `Kiss Me' while she got ready for her date. Her leopard print high cut tank fitted her like a dream; almost felt like silk rubbing against her body. The same thing went for her tight black pants. While she brushed her jade green hair, Sonica couldn't help but look at the picture of her deceased parents.

Her mother, Cornelia Thunderbeak, was what the people of Puckworld would call her `The Bell of the Ice.' She was very pretty with her green hair, brown eyes, and peach feathers.

Eric Thunderbeak, Sonica's father, looked like a proud old man, even though the picture was taken when he was about nearly forty years of age. Despite all that, he looked very handsome. His feathers were the same tannish brown color as Canard and her; and his eyes were the same green color as hers.

Sonica felt her eyes brimming with tears. Her parents didn't deserve to die so brutally; didn't deserve to die at al. Yet they did. Even though their deaths occurred nearly eight years ago, she could still remember it as though it happened yesterday. Their screams of terror and pain. The fresh, wet sounds of guns blasting through their bodies, ripping straight through their flesh. The sight of their blood oozing through their wounds, like sap oozing out from a maple tree. Sonica also remembered the way Dragaunus laughed when she wept hysterically.

The very bastard! He cared about nothing; only himself being the master of every known universe. The had what Canard called a grandeur complex: will do anything to obtain his goal, even if it meant the death of innocent people in the process. Dragaunus cared for nothing more than universal domination. Anger flowed through Sonica's veins at the very thought of Dragaunus. She would give ANYTHING to take her bazooka and shoot the very life out of him. She knew it would put her on the same level as him; but knew that killing Dragaunus would serve him right for the misery he caused her as well as millions of other innocent lives.

Thoughts of murder vanished when Sonica heard knocking on the door.

Must be Wildwing, Sonica thought as she sprayed on a light scent of White Diamond perfume. A little early, though. Must be excited about tonight; more than me.

Sonica made a few last minute checks to her attire. Something was missing. But what? Her clothes were in perfect condition, her hair was straight and was brushed at least a hundred times. She then remembered she forgot the black belt buckle and her choker. She grabbed her black leather belt with the black circular buckle, with gold swirls around it, and buckled it around her waist. She looked at her choker; black with a golden heart in the center.

Before she went to answer the door, Sonica made one last check in the mirror. She zipped her leopard print tank down a little; low enough so she could breathe, but high enough so her cleavage would be well hidden. The last thing she wanted was men staring down her breasts...or Wing threatening to hurt any pervert that came her way.

Taking a huge deep breath, Sonica opened her door. About a split second after she opened her bedroom door, a huge bouquet of red roses nearly touched her face. Sonica looked up at Wildwing, and smiled at him.

Wildwing looked very handsome in his white long sleeved shirt and beige colored pants. Sonica could tell he put a LOT of effort into getting dressed; especially if he was wearing cologne and hair gel.

"Surprised?" Wing smirked.

"Somewhat; yes," Sonica confessed, holding the big bouquet of red roses against her face. "Thank you for the roses, Wildwing. They're beautiful."

"I'm glad you like them. I'm still surprised I was able to get us both the night off. Ready to go?"

"You bet I am!" Sonica said with eagerness, tossing the roses onto her bed and draping her arm around his, head on his shoulder. "By the way, how DID you get Phil to give us a night off anyway?"

"I told him Jessie's getting an F in Geometry."


"I'm just kidding; jeez," Wing argued, putting his hands up in self defence. "You know how much Phil loves to make deals? Well...I made one with him. He told me that if I tutor Jessie in Geometry, I'd have every other Thursday off. This is one of those Thursdays."

"Ohh...good deal," Sonica complimented. "By the way, IS Jessie REALLY getting an F in Geometry?"

"Yep. She claims it's impossible to understand proofs and remember all of the theories."

"Geometry was ALWAYS my worst subject at her age. I could NEVER understand slopes and parallels OR proofs. It was all `blah blah blah' in my ears. How did your tutoring with Jessie go?"

"Good...but a little frustrating. It took me nearly half an hour to explain to her about the importance of proofs, and ANOTHER hour to have her memorize all of the theorems from line segments quadrilaterals."

"That stuff was always hard in my eyes. No matter how many times I studied that stuff, it NEVER made ANY sense."

"So in other words, Jessie shares the same brain as you."

Sonica laughed at Wildwing's comment. He was always at his funniest when he wasn't attempting to be funny. Without warning, Wing lifted Sonica into his arms; one draped around her shoulders, and the other looped underneath her knees. In order to keep away from the feeling of falling over, Sonica draped her arms around Wing's neck.

"What does this remind you of?" Wing smirked as he continued walking down the hallway.

"The day we re-met," Sonica answered. "I could never forget the day you rescued me from the clutches of Dragaunus. If it weren't for you, I'd have become fried duck a LONG time ago. This was the way you held me when you rescued me."

"I could never forget either," Wing said. "But I was slightly embarrassed when I found out who you were. I couldn't recognize my own best friend's baby sister!"

" HAS been nearly eight years since we last saw each other. One can change in eight years. Physically, mentally AND emotionally."

You got the physical part right, Wing thought to himself. "This also reminds me of when we were younger."

"How so?"

"Well...think. Remember when your thirteenth birthday?"

"Oh yeah! Back down at Old Farmer McDrake's barn! We used to play on his old tire swing every summer we went there. Since it was my birthday, I got to have first dibs on the tire swing."

"How could I forget?" Wing smirked. "You were on there for at least an hour. We all wanted a turn on the swing, but you refused to get off. That is...until Canard pushed Dive against the swing."

"Then I fell flat on my arse and somehow sprained my ankle," Sonica grunted. "Not a pleasant birthday memory."

"But I didn't hear you complaining when I lifted you into my arms," Wing smirked again. "In fact you were encouraging me to carry you. Your exact words were" `Please carry me, Wing'", he said, trying to mimic Sonica's voice as a thirteen year old. " `I can't walk anymore.' Honestly; that showed how greedy you were for my attention."

"Lot's of people at that age are greedy," Sonica argued. "Oh; and remember Canard's reaction when he saw you holding me? He looked so pale and red at the same time. He looked like a blushing clown."

"And did you see the look on his face when I told him you and I eloped? You'd think the guy would've known I was only kidding around with him and would know a joke when he heard one."

"I know. My brother took everything WAY too seriously back then. Then again...from the way I was clinging onto you, anyone would've assumed that we DID elope."

All the talk of eloping made Wing look directly into Sonica's eyes. The deep emerald green pools made him feel as though he'd fall into them at any second. Not that he would mind, of course. Her eyes were the perfect place to fall into. he leaned down to kiss her, but there was no need to; Sonica's beak met Wing halfway there.

His mouth sent her hormones raging in an uncontrollable fire. Nothing would be able to control her raging hormones. Wing briefly tossed Sonica into the air, and when he caught her, his arms enveloped around her waist. Sonica's knees interlocked with his as her arms intertwined around his neck. When their beaks clicked together again, he world around them vanished. All that surrounded them was a white bright light.

In the back of her mind, Sonica felt her body hitting something. Something hard; with metal bars in front. She knew it was the front of Wildwing's jeep, but she didn't pay any attention to what it was that hit her back. The feel of Wildwing's hands roaming up and down her arms was all she wanted to know right now. God; she knew she was not putty in his hands. And she liked that feeling.

Suddenly, Wildwing stopped. Sonica didn't know why, though.

"Wildwing? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry, Sonica. I didn't mean for us to...we can't."

"Can't what?"

God, how naive can she be?! Wildwing thought angrily. " felt like...God; there's no sugar-coated way to say this. We can't make love. Especially in the garage."

"What're you--ohhhhhhhhhh. Just because we were kissing on the top of your car DOESN'T mean that--"

"But we almost DID. My mind realized that when they were roaming your arms. Anymore could've imagined what I would've done to you. It took me all the willpower in my body to stop myself."

"I admire your honest and attempts to control yourself," Sonica complimented, caressing Wing's cheek. "Many a man would just give into his lust and do it."

"Not like it didn't hurt me stopping myself," Wing confessed. "To be honest, my mind was screaming to take you here and now."

"Well...I applaud you for resisting temptation. What's the name of the restaurant we're going to again?"

"Acapulco. You'll love it there; I can promise you that."

~ ~

Sonica looked out into the star filled sky as she took a sip of her soda. The evening looked so beautiful to her. The stars were shining so brightly. As if...they were shining down on her. The cheery fiesta music filled the entire restaurant, even at the outdoor patio Wing and Sonica were at.

"Beautiful night, don't you think so Wildwing?" Sonica asked just before she bit into her shrimp fajita.

"Yeah," Wing said. "But not as pretty as you."

Sonica smiled at Wildwing's compliment. She was not only enjoying the Mexican environment surrounding her and the fiesta music, but the peace as well. Since it was a school night, not many people were at the restaurant. A few little kids came to their table for autographs, but all in all, it was bliss. As Sonica prepared to take another sip of her soda, two little boys came to their table. One had red hair, red freckles, green eyes, and big, thick glasses. The other boy was Hispanic with tan skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Both were about six years old; and very adorable.

"Hello boys," Wing said. "A little late for you to be up, isn't it?"

"Would you both like an autograph?" Sonica asked.

"Yes please," the red haired boy asked.

The two boys both held out hockey pucks, along with their glittery silver pens.

"Who should I make this out to?" Sonica asked as she clicked open a pen.

"Nicky," said the red haired boy.

"Pedro," said the Hispanic kid.

After Sonica and Wildwing signed the boys' hockey pucks, Sonica gave each boy a kiss on the forehead. The Hispanic boy blushed and ran back to his parents, practically screaming: "Mama! Mama! Senorita Thunderbeak kissed me!", while the freckled face Nicky just stood there. He looked very calm, yet looked like he wanted something else.

"Is there anything else you want little one?" Sonica asked him.

"One thing," Nicky said, nodding vigorously. He then laid his head on Sonica's lap, giving her the innocent puppy-eye dog look. "Would you be my mommy?"


Wildwing burst out in laughter in Nicky's question. Sonica gave him a look that either said `It's not funny!' or `Shut up or you'll wish you were never born.' Wildwing then stopped laughing. The last thing he wanted was to have Sonica beat the tar out of him. And she was good at beating up anyone; especially males.

"Kid, I CAN'T be your mom," Sonica told him, brushing a strand of his hair out of his face. "You wouldn't want me for a mommy. I lose my temper easily and I'm always hurting people. Besides, you already HAVE a mommy."

"But I want YOU to be my mommy!" Nicky whined. "My OTHER mommy's mean and she has no time with me. She always way at job. She no love me."

"I--I'm sure that's not true."

"There you are!" a tall man with brown hair and green eyes, obviously the kid's father, said. "You said you were just going to get their autographs. Instead I catch you clinging onto this female?"

"She my new mommy, dada," Nicky said.

"Nice to meet you. C'mon Nicky; time to back to your REAL mommy," the tall man said, pulling his six year old son off Sonica's lap. "Let's go back to OUR table. If you're good, I'll buy you a balloon before we leave."

"Yay! A bawoon!"

As the boy and his father left, Sonica looked back at Wildwing. He was, by the look on his face, trying to keep himself from laughing. Sonica gave him another cold look, yet it did nothing to make him stop.

"I don't see what's so funny Wildwing."

"I'm sorry, Sonica," Wing said, trying to stop laughing. "It's just that it's so funny that...heh." Wildwing took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "You have to admit it IS funny. Having the kid begging you to be his mom, then pretending you were. And you were looking pretty much amused with his behavior. And by the look on your face, you WANTED to be his mother."

"Well...," Sonica flushed. "He WAS very adorable. That I must admit. But...I would never be a good mother."

"Why not? You get along with Jessie, and she's impossible to deal with sometimes."

"That's because I was the same as her at that age. That's the only reason I can handle her better than the others."

"Yeah, but--"

Before Wildwing could finish what he was going to say, dancing music started. And as much as he wanted to keep talking, he also wanted to dance to this song with Sonica. So he rose out of his seat.

"Join me?"

"Would I ever!"

Sonica almost `jumped' out of her seat to go to the dance floor, dragging Wildwing by his arms. The saxophones were almost as loud as the drums as the guitars played their song. Two people, man and woman, were singing a duet together:

"Let's break all the rules

C'mon baby; me and you.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Let's break all the rules

C'mon baby; me and you.

"You turned my love to another level and

For you're so happy I have enough to settle for

Nobody else but you; `cause everything you do

Breaks all the rules.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Let's break all the rules.

C'mon baby; me and you.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Es sabado!

Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

And dance with me.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Just move your feet.

Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

And dance with me.

"Let's break all the rules.

C'mon baby; me and you.

"For you're my destiny

My final ecstasy.

There is no higher place

That I could ever feel.

"A love so strong; so real

The way I feel with you

Breaks all the rules.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Let's break all the rules.

C'mon baby; me and you.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

I don't care what they say.

C'mon baby; dance with me.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

Es sabado!

Baila, c'mon baby; baila

And dance with me.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

Just move your feet

Baila, c'mon baby; baila

And dance with me.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

Es sabado!

Baila, c'mon baby; baila

And dance with me.

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

Just move your feet

Baila, c'mon baby; baila

And dance with me."

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila.

"Baila, c'mon on baby; baila

"Baila, c'mon baby; baila........"

While the music played on, a man in a gray hat, long trench coat, and a camera sat on a table, taking pictures of a certain avian couple. Wildwing twirled Sonica out if his arms, his hand still gripping tightly on hers. CLICK! The photographer's camera went off. Wildwing then twirled Sonica back into her arms. He dipped her to the floor, her green hair touching the ground. CLICK! The camera went off again. The camera kept going `CLICK!' every two minutes on Sonica and Wildwing.

At long last, it was time for the restaurant to close up for the night. As the crowd began to thin, the man in the big overcoat began to sneak out the back door. He hid in the alley way; behind the trash cans. He took off his thick sunglasses, revealing dark red eyes, with green spots underneath his eyelids. His red eyes glowed a bright red as he snickered...and morphed into the Saurian Chameleon.

Chameleon morphed his camera into several floppy disks; each containing either info or pictures of Wildwing and Sonica. He smirked at the thought of what the pictures would be used for. He looked both ways to make sure no one was looking in his direction. When he was sure, Chameleon teleported out of the alley way.

In the Raptor(which was disguised as an old and abandoned mining shaft in the mountains if you readers are curious), Chameleon teleported into the main chamber room. Kirtland, holding his trusty spear in his hand, gave him the usual, cold-blooded look.

"Well? Where are they?!" Kirt demanded.

"Keep your feathers on Quackson! They're right here!" Chameleon shouted as he threw three floppy disks to Kirt.

"They better be in here," Kirt said bitterly, catching the floppy disks between his fingers. "The data in these disks are a vital part of Lord Dragaunus' plan for well as universal domination."

"Don't ya think I already know that?!"

"Quiet!" Wraith commanded. "Dragaunus will be here any minute. And if he hears you two arguing again, I fear chaos will be showered upon us."

"You say that EVERY time these two fight!" Siege complained.

"And it's ALWAYS true. Remember two months ago?"

"No comment," Kirt and Chameleon muttered under their breaths.

"SILENCE!" a loud voice bellowed. "I will NOT tolerate anymore of this rubbish from you incompetent fools!"

The moment Dragaunus entered the chamber, all was silent. The foursome stepped to different sides of the room; Kirtland and Siege on one side, and Chameleon and Wraith on another. Dragaunus walked through, his tail swishing from side to side. His hands were tied behind his back, which was a sign of formality and deep though. Everyone but the Saurian Overlord himself was frozen in fear. They were afraid of what to expect from him. Not that they could be blamed. Dragaunus was a ruthless and heartless beast. The only thing in life which he cared for was nothing but power and expanding it. A complete monster from head to toe; in more ways than just his appearance. He had what the other Saurians knew as a `grandeur complex'; caring only for power, and would do anything to achieve it.

"Is the Dimensional Gateway prepared?" Dragaunus demanded.

"Yes, Lord Dragaunus," Siege answered. "We're prepared to send her through any second."

"Then begin Phase 1 of....`Operation Black Widow.'"

As Kirtland activated the dimensional gateway, many swirled colors began to form; like a type of rainbow-colored tornado. A strong gust of wind blew forward. All of the Saurians struggled to stay on firm ground, except for Dragaunus. He just stood there; firmly, not budging an inch. The gust of wind became even stronger, almost as powerful as a hurricane. Chameleon, with Siege grabbing his wrist to keep him from being sucked in, started flying like a kite in the vortex's wind. Kirtland's long ponytail flew vigorously as he struggled to hold onto something.

"We need to turn the machine off!" Wraith hollered, kneeling down to be kept from being swallowed by the vortex's mouth. "We'll be sucked in at any second if we don't!"

"FOOLS!" Dragaunus laughed. "Afraid of a little gust of wind?! BAH! I should've expected this from you bunch of scale-covered COWARDS!"

The others didn't dare to argue back to Dragaunus. They were either afraid of his wrath...or they were more afraid of the wind of the vortex. Either way, all that mattered to them was trying to survive the vortex. Lightning gushed through the gateway; thunder cracked afterwards. The wind blew harder and harder with every crack of thunder and lightning.

"This isn't a dimensional gateway!" Siege complained, shoved to the floor to keep the force of the wind from sucking him in. "It's a death trap!"

"We'll be sucked in at any second!" Chameleon shouted at the top of his lungs. "Cant' we turn that machine to low power?!"

"It IS on low power!" Kirt shouted. "I can't turn it any lower than this!"

Thunder and lightning continued on as the wind gushed faster and faster. The others fell to the floor to avoid being sucked in. But Dragaunus just stood there, snickering evilly. The only part of his body affected by the wind of the vortex were his purple robes. The evil-minded warlord was an idiot; suicidal!

The lightning hit the floor, yet nothing caught on fire. Sparks flew in certain directions, but that was about it. Another bolt of lightning hit the ground. Then another. And another. And another! The lightning began to take form. Each crack formed part of a body. After what seemed like an hour's worth of time, the lightning began to cease. The bodily form created by the lightning glowed a bright white light; almost as bright as the sun itself. The others shielded their eyes to keep from becoming blind. All except for Dragaunus, of course. He just stood there like a wax mannequin. Silently; emotionlessly. The only parts of his body that twitched and moved were his tail, which was ALWAYS moving, and his mouth, which turned from a slight smirk to an evil grin. All that complete now.

"Quackson! Turn off the dimensional gateway!"

"At once, my lord!" Kirtland gratefully agreed to as he turned off the machine.

The moment Kirtland turned off the dimensional gateway generator, the wind began to cease; from a raging hurricane, to a slight breeze, to no wind at all. The bright light that nearly blinded everyone in the Raptor began to fade away. At last, the light was gone; and morphed into a female physique.

The female, a female duck, was very attractive. With her ankle length pink hair, tied in a ponytail reaching her knees, peach colored feathers, and extremely voluptuous build. She had almond shaped blood-red eyes; and very curly eyelashes, with pink eyeshadow.

Her attire, mostly of metal and purple colored armor, did very little to cover up her body. Her purple choker, from her neck to her shoulder blades, was trimmed with diamonds with a big sapphire in the middle. The chest plate she wore, shaped like a corset with no straps, had a low v-neckline, with the sides curved slightly, also trimmed with diamonds. Her tight purple cat pants, also v-shaped below the navel, were outlined with a black v-shaped utility belt. Her boots, a dark black, touched her knee-caps. Tightly enclosed on her arms were silver arm bands, with specs of diamonds trimming them. The sleeves below her warm bands were a tight dark purple, followed by black gloves with the wrists extremely loose. To complete her attire, besides the two katana blades tied behind her back, was her thick golden tiara. In the center was a big ruby, with the tiara edges trimmed with diamonds. On the sides of the ruby were sapphires, two on each side, with pears in the middle.

"Greetings, Lord Dragaunus," the female spoke in a deep, seductive, yet feminine French accent. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"As is here, Roguewing," Dragaunus greeted.

"Roguewing?!" Chameleon was in shock. "As in...SEDUCA Roguewing?!"

"The most feared mercenary on Puckworld?!" Siege choked, his voice shaky slightly."

"SO my reputation HASN'T gone unheard of in the Saurian crowd," Seduca smirked, walking to the foursome.

"Stay back witch!" Wraith commanded, pointing his staff at Seduca. "I know every bit about you! You're that mercenary the Resistance hired to assassinate our kind during the second conquest of Puckworld!"

"One must do all that is necessary to make money," Seduca remarked calmly, tipping Wraith's staff to the side. "Mercenaries like me do what they can to survive."

"You must learn how to be nicer towards our guests Wraith," Kirt mused, taking Seduca's hand and gently kissing it. "Allow me to introduce myself, ma Cherie. I am Lieutenant-Commander Kirtland Quackson. It is a pleasure to have your...acquaintance."

"That will be all Quackson!" Dragaunus ordered. "I did NOT bring Roguewing here for you to seduce. She is a vital element in my plans to rule the universe!"

"F-f-forgive me, m-my lord," Kirt apologized, bowing briefly. "It--it won't happen again; I promise."

"See that it doesn't!" Dragaunus yelled at Kirt. He then smiled at Seduca. "You must forgive Commander Quackson. A great ally and assassin he is for me. But his habits with women need adjusting too."

Kirt hung his head low to avoid exposing his face; red in embarrassment. All Chameleon, Siege, and Wraith did was smirk and try to stifle their laughter. Seduca only rolled her eyes at Kirt as she walked towards the main computer with Dragaunus.

"It is no trouble for me, Lord Dragaunus," Seduca assured him. "I have dealt with men FAR worse than your Lieutenant-Commander. You summoned me for what mission?"

"For years I've been trying to conquer this miserable planet its inhabitants call `Earth'. But," Dragaunus paused, turning on the main computer. "A band of rebellious mallards from Puckworld have been thwarting my plans. They call themselves `The Mighty Ducks'."

"These `Mighty Ducks'," Seduca asked. "Are they the Resistance lead by Canard Thunderbeak?"

"Yes...but now they have a new leader: Wildwing Flashblade."

Dragaunus brought up Wildwing's image on the main computer. Seduca couldn't help but smirk at the image. Wildwing did look very a school boyish way. She loved his Mohawk hair style. And those eyes! A deep and rich chestnut brown color. The same color as Rene...

No! She refused to think about Rene again. He was dead; Seduca had to get over him. Had to forget his seductive voice. Had to forget the way he caressed her in the nights. The way he kissed her... Dammit! Why must EVERYTHING bring back memories of Rene?!

" want me to assassinate this Wildwing Flashblade?"

"Yes...but first, I need you to obtain his mask; the mask of Drake DuCaine."

"That will be a challenge,"

Seduca said. "Although the picture of him makes him look vulnerable, he doesn't seem to be the type to be easy to capture and trick."

"Right you are on that one," Dragaunus complimented. "But, like with any other opponent you faced, Wildwing has a certain weakness."

Dragaunus pointed to Sonica, the green-haired femme fatale. Seduca couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of Sonica's appearance. Her long green locks of hair were very shiny; like the pile of emeralds her father once abducted onto his pirate ship when she was young. She had beautiful tan feathers. Men LOVED women who had tan-colored bodies! And her physique made her jealousy increase. Even though Sonica's body build wasn't as voluptuous as her own, the muscular curves made up for it.

"This is Sonica Thunderbeak," Dragaunus said, pointing to Sonica's face. "The younger sister of Canard Thunderbeak. And...the only one who can let down Wildwing's guard."

"So you want me to find this `Sonica Thunderbeak', capture her, bring her to the Raptor, take her form, and drop Flashblade's guard and steal his mask."

"By all means necessary." Dragaunus then smirked. "And I hope you plan on using `seduction' in your part. I have a special plan to break Thunderbeak's spirit...for good."

~ ~

On the drive home, Wildwing gave Sonica an occasional glance. She looked so peaceful, resting in her seat. The night of dancing wore her out entirely. Wing wanted to reach out and touch a lock of her hair. But he didn't dare move his hand from the steering wheel. The last thing he needed was a policeman coming out of nowhere and giving him a ticket. But it hurt him so much to NOT touch her hair.

Sonica stirred slightly, and then woke up. She gave a small yawn.

"Did I fall asleep?"

"Ten minutes ago; yeah," Wildwing answered, keeping his eyes on the road. "I thought you'd be used to being up late at nights. After all, most of our battles last until 3 a.m."

"For missions, I can handle staying up late. But I'm not used to social events late at night. Oh my God; it's playing! I LOVE this song!"

Wing looked puzzled at first. But when he heard the Everly Brothers sing `Dream', he just smiled and listened to them sing.

"I can make you mine

Taste your lips of wine

Anytime; night or day.

"Only problem is

Jee whiz;

I'm dreaming my life away.

"I need you so

That I could die.

I love you so....

And that is why

"That whenever I want you

All I have to do

Is dream.

Dream, dream, dream......."

"Sonica? You still here?"

"Huh? Oh; sorry Wing. I just got so absorbed in the song that I..."

"Don't worry about it. Nosedive does the same thing when he jams to Kid Rock, Korn and Limp Biskit. Same goes for Jessie and that Ricky Martin guy."

"Actually, his name's Enrique Iglesias."

"What's the difference? They're both Mexican and they BOTH get on my nerves."

Sonica couldn't help but laugh. As was said before, Wildwing was at his funniest when he wasn't making any attempts to be funny at all. She found it to be...very charming in him. One of the many things in him she never saw in him until tonight.

As Wildwing parked his red jeep inside, Sonica reawakened from her daydream again. The night went by so fast in her eyes. Wildwing smiled at her as he turned off the car's ignition.

"Did you have a good time tonight?" Wing asked as he undid his seat belt.

"Oh you bet I did!" Sonica said enthusiastically as she undid her seatbelt. "I LOVED the fiesta music the most. It was so much fun!"

"No; no," Wildwing urged, holding Sonica's hands. "Allow me."

Sonica looked somewhat puzzled at Wing's response. But when he left on his side, then opened the door on HER side, she smiled at him. Then he lifted her into his arms as if she was nothing more than a bag of air. His beak hiked a trail of sensual kisses up her neck, right to the area where she would have ears if she was a human. He kissed that area over and over. Chills of excitement spread all over Sonica's body as she clung onto Wing's body, holding him tightly. She felt her blood becoming enflamed with desire. Desire to feel him...inside her.

She felt something hit her back as Wing pressed his mouth against hers, crushing his body against hers. Sonica knew she was against her bedroom door, but she didn't pay any attention to that. All that mattered to her right now was Wildwing and the waves of pleasure he created in her. Her body was on fire with desire and pleasure. And all she could do was fell his mouth suck wind from her own.

Sonica's hands hiked down Wildwing's neck, enveloping her arms around him. She eagerly returned every kiss he gave her and more. Wildwing chewed on Sonica's neck, chuckling as short briefs screams of pleasure escaped her throat. Sonica's hand banged against her door as she searched for her computer lock. Sonica tried to turn her head, but Wildwing wouldn't allow her to turn away from him. Especially now since he wanted to clamp his mouth hard over hers. Her hand rubbed over the combination key as Wing's beak savagely kissed hers. When she finally found the entrance key, Sonica slammed her fist on the entrance button. The moment the doors slid open, Wildwing and Sonica fell onto the floor, creating a loud `thudding' sound. The moment they fell, Wing stopped what he was doing.

Wing looked at Sonica. Her face was flushed with desire, with sweat falling from her forehead. Her eyes; those sparkling, emerald green eyes. It filled his lust and desire even more. If her eyes weren't enough to make his lust rise, the rise and fall of her breasts would do the truck. But he had to resist his urge to take her now. If not for HIS sake(to save himself from Canard's wrath), then for Sonica's well being at least.

"Wildwing?" Sonica asked in a confusing tone of voice.

"I'm sorry, Sonica?" Wing apologized, leaning against the wall. "But we can't. I don't think I'm ready; WE'RE not ready."

"I'm...sorry. I didn't think that...I...."

"I know. I'm the one that should be blamed; not you."

"I was willing. I started the whole thing. I'm the one that let us in."

"True," Wildwing agreed. "That part IS true. But I'm the one who got the ball rolling."

"Let's just say that we were both responsible for this and leave it at that."

"Deal," Wildwing agreed to. "So...."


"I...guess I'll see you tomorrow morning?"

"I guess you will be. It's my turn to cook breakfast tomorrow, isn't it?" Sonica laughed.

"Yeah; I guess it is," Wing agreed, laughing slightly. "Good night then."


Wing stood still for the longest period of time. Then, as if unexpectedly, Wildwing gave Sonica a small and gentle kiss. Even though it came as no surprise to her, Sonica's body went numb. After Wing gave her one last good-night kiss(on the cheek, of course) and walked out, Sonica kept asking questions to herself as she changed into her gray sweats and black halter tank. What WAS it about Wildwing that made her feel this way? The way he kissed her; caressed her; EVERYTHING about him! It made her feel so...appreciated and wanted. No one had EVER made her feel that way before. Except for her family. In a different sense; but it gave her the same feeling. Even though Wildwing wasn't the cutest male on the team, he was abundantly handsome in her eyes. It was more than his appearance and position that caught her eyes. His formality, his intelligence, his sweetness; the way he was willing to risk his life for anyone, friend or foe. That had to be his most attractive feature.

"I must be the luckiest female in the universe," Sonica sighed dreamily, tying her hair in a flat bun. "Mommy? Daddy?: I did the impossible. Are--are you--proud of me?" she asked to the walls as she fell asleep, pretending that her mom and dad were right with her.

Wildwing smiled at himself as he stared at Sonica's bedroom door for a few seconds. As he turned around he bumped into something. Something hard and...feathery. Wing looked at Canard's hard brown eyes. Even in his pyjamas that consisted of a black muscle tank and gray sweats, he didn't look one bit sleepy. More like...stern and slightly angry. With a bit of concern hiding within him.

"H--hi, Canard," Wing greeted, in a slightly nervous tone.

"Hi Wing," Canard acknowledged, nodding his head slightly. "Where were you and Sonica a while ago?"

"Nothing happened. All I did was take her out to dinner at Acapulco. And we did a little dancing afterwards. That was it."

"That was it?"

"That was it," Wildwing repeated. "Then I drove her back home. Honest to God."

"I believe you," Canard assured. "Look; I was on my way to your room to tell you that...I owe you a grave apology."

"You already apologized earlier today at the gym."

"Yeah. I apologized for trying to pound the crap out of you and knocking your brother out cold. But I didn't apologize for not trusting you with my sister. I didn't think about her feelings....or yours."


"No; let me finish," Canard said. "I thought it over for a while. And here's the conclusion I came up with. Sonica may still be my baby sister, but she's no longer a baby anymore. I have accepted the fact that she's grown-up now and can take care of herself. And besides, you're my best friend. I know you're trustworthy with her. have my permission to date my sister.

"Canard, I--this is--thank you."

"But if you hurt Sonica in any way; and I mean ANY way at all...I'll make sure your life becomes a living nightmare."

"U--understandable," Wildwing agreed to.

"Glad we both agree," Canard said. "Good night then, Wildwing."

"Night, Canard."

Canard and Wildwing went their separate ways then. When Wildwing closed the door to his room, he couldn't help but sink onto his bed. He was tired. Every muscle in his body ached. But it was worth it. He and Sonica had the night of their lives. A night neither of them would forget for a long time. But his muscles; they were so stiff! He barely had the energy to change into his dark sweats and white undershirt before his head plopped against the pillow.

Wing stared at the ceiling for a while. He kept imagining Sonica over and over. It then clicked in his brain. It was her; Sonica was the mysterious shadow girl in his dreams! It HAD to be her; no one else could come close. At last; he figured out the puzzle in his brain. Or at least, the first half. But another part haunted him:

"I am one you know. But I am also one the FORM of the one you know/"

Wing understood the first part. But the final part of the puzzle perplexed him the most. What did it mean? Wildwing tried to solve it, but his mind was too hazy. As he tried to think, Wing fell asleep.

~ ~

The smell of bacon frying and bread being toasted filled the kitchen the next morning. Yawning, Jessie walked into the kitchen, her green sweatshirt wrapped around her waist. Always preferring the tomboy look, she wore a black long sleeved shirt with a white T-shirt over it, encrusted with a picture of a man with purple hair, a big sword, and a small blue jacket, finished off with her favorite pair of blue jeans and sneakers. Jessie noticed Sonica looking strangely happy as she set her backpack onto he floor.

Sonica looked so cheerful that morning as she flipped the bacon over on the frying pan with her spatula. She seemed to have been humming a song. `Stone-aged music' was what Jessie called it. Music that was around since the 50s was awful in her eyes(and ears). Jessie also noticed a strange change in Sonica's appearance. It wasn't the clothes she was wearing. The white v-neck shirt with the green sleeves and blue jeans was what Sonica wore a lot. And it wasn't her hair either. Sonica always had it tied into a bun while she was cooking. Yet Jessie couldn't help but sense something different about her. But what WAS it?

"Good morning Jessie," Sonica said cheerfully, piling a small but generous portion of bacon on a plate.

"Morning," Jessie returned, grabbing a small bottle of Sunny Delight from the fridge. "Where are all the Cokes and Sprites?"

"Hidden from your vision," Sonica answered, closing the refrigerator door. "The last thing this building needs is you on a sugar high. Go pile up on some fruit salad. Your breakfast'll be ready in a minute," she ordered as she cracked two eggs on another frying pan. "And don't make that face!"

How'd she know? Jessie thought as she scooped a big helping of pineapples, apples, strawberries, grapes, kiwis, bananas, tangerines, oranges, pears, and cherries into a small bowl.

As Jessie took her first bite of grapes and pears, Nosedive walked into the kitchen. Dressed in a beige shirt, white jeans vest, and brown jeans, he looked like a cute but messy surfer rat. Jessie tried to stifle her laughter as she looked at Dive's hair. All messed up from not being properly brushed.

"My hair would be neater if a certain brown haired tomboy didn't replace my hair moose with whipped cream," Dive grimaced, staring into Jessie's green eyes.

"That's what you get for taking my Enrique Iglesias CD and replacing it with some stupid Barney song; which was BADLY out of key, I might add."

"Jessie! Nosedive! That'll be enough," Sonica commanded, piling another plate with bacon. "You two need to learn how to stop arguing with each other every five seconds. You go rinse your hair, Dive. Your breakfast won't be ready for another two minutes anyway."

Dive walked out of the kitchen, then came back two minutes later. His blonde hair was slightly damp, tied back in a ponytail. He was better looking than before(even though Jessie still thought of him as dog-ugly). When Dive sat down, Sonica had just prepared the final touches to breakfast; bacon, eggs, has brown, and toast.

"Here's your breakfast," Sonica announced, putting the plates in front of them. "Better hurry up and eat it. You have to leave for school in twenty minutes."

No sooner had Sonica finished speaking did Jessie and Dive began to dig in. Sonica rolled her eyes. She forgot how much teenagers liked to eat. IF they kept it up, they would each turn into Rolly-Polly.

"This' DELICIOUS, Sonica!" Jessie complimented.

"Thank you. Just do me one favor; don't talk with your mouth full. It's rude and disgusting. Nosedive; don't chew with your mouth open."

"Sorry mom," Dive and Jessie teased at the same time.

Jessie was scooping up the remainder of the egg yolk with her toast while Nosedive was swallowing the last of his hash browns. As Jessie gulped down some of her Sunny Delight, she glanced at the clock.

"Jeez!" Jessie exclaimed. She stuffed the last bit of bacon into a piece of toast, and jammed it into her mouth. After swallowing, Jessie gulped down the remainder of her orange juice, then grabbed her backpack. "Almost time to leave!"

"You're right!" Dive agreed, stuffing the last two slices of bacon into his beak, only chewing it slightly before swallowing. "Can't afford to be late; my French teacher is a BEAR on tardiness!"

Sonica gave a loud whistle seconds before Nosedive and Jessica left the kitchen. They stopped instantly.

"Aren't you two forgetting something?" Sonica reminded, her hands on her hips.

"We'll do the dishes when we get home; PROMISE!" Jessie said!

"Good girl," Sonica complimented. "But that's not it."

"Huh?" Dive and Jessie asked at the same time.

"Jessie; you forgot your report on the Aztecs for History and your essay for English," Sonica said, handing Jessie the separate thin folders. "And Dive; you forgot your re-write of the Constitution for American Government, and your French homework."

"Thank you Sonica!" Dive and Jessie said in unison, running out of the kitchen.

Sonica rolled her eyes and smiled as she made herself a cup of coffee. Those two were very energetic; always caused a great deal of trouble. But they're what made the lives that lived I the Anaheim Pond so interesting. She had to give them credit for that. Sonica opened the fridge door again and pulled out four eggs, along with cheese, mushrooms, and onions. She was so hungry she could eat a whole elephant! After she made herself a mushroom and cheese omelette, she added some of the leftover bacon and hash browns still left on the frying pan. There wasn't much of the two left. Dive and Jessie made sure of that. Sonica rolled her green eyes again.

Those two have black holes for stomachs. I just know it.

As Sonica took her first bite of omelette, Wildwing walked into the kitchen. Sonica acknowledged his `pyjamas' as she sipped her coffee. He gave a slight yawn, then walked to the bread cabinet and grabbed a salt bagel. When he reached into the ridge to pull out the cream cheese and lox(a type of salmon), Sonica faked a small cough.

"Is that anyway to treat your own girlfriend, Wildwing?"

"Huh?" Wing asked, turning his head just as he finished slicing his salt bagel in half. "Oh; Sonica! I...I didn't see you when I walked in. My mind gets pretty foggy during the morning."

"That's good. For a moment there, I thought you were ignoring me."

"Now why would I ignore my girlfriend?" Wildwing teased, kissing her cheek. Sonica giggled in response.

"Would you like me to cook you breakfast? It may be a while, but--"

"--No need," Wing assured. "I'll be content with my salt bagel, cream cheese, and lox."

"I don't mind cooking," Sonica smiled, pulling more eggs and bacon out of the fridge. "Besides, the others'll be waking up any minute. Saves time preparation in cooking."

"I'm content," Wing assured again, spreading the cream cheese over his bagel. "So there's no need to cook for me."

As soon as Wing sat down and began to eat his lox and cream cheese, Calandra walked into the kitchen. Even though she was freshly dressed in a white, turtleneck cashmere sweater and tight light blue jeans, her hair was tied in an extremely messy French bun. Her face looked flushed, with sweat dripping down her forehead. Sonica looked somewhat surprised at Callie's appearance.

"What happened to YOU?!" Sonica asked as she cracked two eggs into the frying pan.

" A bad hair day and bad dream" Callie answered in a sleepy tone, yawning as she pulled a mug and medium sized bowl out of the cabinet.

"Well, THIS'll make you feel better," Sonica smiled as she piled hash browns onto another frying pan. "I'm making has browns, eggs, and bacon for breakfast."

"That sounds sradoste," Callie complimented, pouring hot water into her mug. Sonica gave her a confused look. "Oh; sorry. It means `delicious' in my home country."

"Ahhh...," Sonica remarked. "Please try not to say stuff in Russian so much. No one here can translate your home country's language."

"Sorry," Callie apologized again, dunking a tea bag into her mug of hot water. "I'll remember that in the future."

Calandra had just sat down to her raspberry tea and fruit salad at the very moment Duke walked into he kitchen. He too looked very messy in his black pants and dark maroon tank; with his hair do all messed up. He yawned a good morning to the three already in the kitchen.

"Morning love," Callie said, gently kissing his cheek. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Sure did," Duke said, playing with a loose strand of Calandra's hair. When he moved in to kiss the area where her ear would've grown(if ducks could ever HAVE ears. ;), he seductively whispered into her ear so slightly that only she could ear it....barely. "Next to you, who WOULDN'T have a good night's sleep?"

Callie's blushing increased when Duke gave her a gentle yet passionate kiss on her lips. One by one, the others woke up at the smell of frying bacon and hash browns. A small conversation broke out while everyone was eating their breakfast. Wildwing announced that he and Sonica were now officially dating. At first, everyone but Canard laughed, thinking Wing was only joking around. But it turned out that Wing was serious. Canard assured everyone that Wildwing was telling the truth; he and Sonica WERE actually dating. From the shock of the situation, Mallory spat her coffee onto the floor at the same time Tanya almost choked on her bacon strips. The only four people that remained calm about the whole ordeal were Wildwing, Sonica, Canard, and Grin.

"You? And Sonica? DATING?!"

"It's not that big of a surprise Duke," Wing muttered, sipping his coffee.

"Wh-when did this, uh, ya know; happen?"

"Yesterday," Sonica told Tanya. "It's not like we've been hiding it for years or anything."

Calandra was about to give her congratulations to Wildwing and Sonica. But before she could open her beak, the alarm on Drake 1 went off. Conversation would have to wait. Dishes clattered around the table as the seven ducks raced to their super computer. The siren on Drake 1's alarm whaled louder and louder with each passing second. Tanya quickly started typing frantically on Drake 1's keyboard.

"What's happening NOW, Tanya? Where's the signal coming from?"

"I'll have the results in a minute! Stuff like this isn't easy ya know!" Tanya complained. "Signal's traced at the Anaheim Broadcasting Tower."

"A TV station?" Duke was in slight shock.

"That's where they broadcast the Orange County news and some of ESPN," Mallory acknowledged.

"Dragaunus wants to announce to the world that he's going to become its new ruler! I just know it!"

"Well, we're not letting him," Wildwing promised, silently wishing that Dive didn't leave for school. "Everyone; to the Migrator!"

"Ummm....Wildwing?" Callie said.

"What is it now, Calandra?"

"Aren't you forgetting two things, Komendant(Leader)?"

"What do you mean?" Wing questioned. "I don't--" Wing looked down, realizing he was still in his sweats, and didn't have his magical mask with him. "Oh."

Everyone else looked down, and everyone else but Sonica and Callie, who were in their regular every-day clothes, and realized they were still in their pyjamas. They quickly morphed into their battle gear. The moment Wing inserted the mask of Drake DuCaine on his face, they were FINALLY on their way. As the Migrator sped off, Grin realized something.

"I sense something wrong with this mission," Grin said.

"Dragaunus is involved with this," Mallory reminded. "Of COURSE there would be something wrong."

"No. There's more to it than that."

"What d'ya mean, Grin?" Duke asked.

"I sense another life form with Dragaunus. More than the usual henchmen he sends."

"Grin," Canard spoke. "No offence, but I think you drank one herbal tea too many."

As the Migrator parked right at the Anaheim Broadcasting Company, they noticed many people running out from the building. Every man and woman in there were screaming their heads off. When Wildwing opened the door, the screaming was even louder. FAR above the decibel scale. The others tried to ask the running crowd what was going on, but he couldn't get a response out of them. Only ear-burning scream of terror. Unable to try any other options, Grin grabbed a female with curly shoulder length hair and green eyes. She struggled to free herself, but it was no use. Grin was much too strong for her puny body to handle.

"Let me go! Let me go!" the woman screamed. "Help! Help me! HEELLLP!!!"

"Calm down, madam," Grin urged gently, loosening his grip upon her. "Reach deep inside yourself. Calm your frightened spirit, and tell us as calmly as possible what happened."

"Well," the woman breathed, trying to calm herself down. "We were working on a new up-coming TV series when...when...we were attacked!"

"Attacked? By who, ma'am?" Canard asked.

"By....a....three giant lizards! And....a....." Before the lady could finish her sentence, she fainted; right into Grin's arms.

"Gee; THAT went well," Duke said sarcastically.

"Who was the other person the lady tried to tell us before she fainted?" Callie wondered.

"I, um, well, dunno," Tanya shrugged.

"We'll worry about that later," Wildwing snapped. "There're lizards in the building; move in!"

As the ducks ran into the building, the lady that fainted, smirk.

"Oh, and DO be careful," the lady silently smirked in a French accent, her eyes glowing a bright red..........

~ ~

Inside, small fires were around several corners of a TV set. Siege hurled a giant lighting lamp against a TV camera, sending multicolored sparks everywhere. Several sparks got into more studio equipment, causing MORE fires to appear. Wraith hurled fireballs at the TV sets' drapes, flames engulfing the fabric. Then he formed another fireball at the sounds equipment, causing a gigantic explosion.

"Pheh," Wraith spat on the floor. "And they say magic and sorcery are inferior to technology."

Chameleon blasted more TV cameras with his spaced-aged laser gun. The fires only increased. Smoke started to rise from the fires. The thick gray fog filled the entire studio as the ducks entered. All seven were thrown into a fit of coughing. The smoke burned their eyes as it entered their throats, suffocating them.

"Duke! Grin!" Wildwing coughed. "Find the fire extinguishers and put out these fires!"

As Duke and Grin extinguished the fires with the while foam erupting from the fire extinguishers, Calandra cornered Chameleon against a prop table. She pulled out one of her knives out of her golden armbands, allowing the remaining light from the fire to bathe the blade part in an orange-reddish light. She pulled the blade out slowly, as if to torture him with a promise of agonizing death. Revenge for the suffering she endured many years ago. She smirked as she saw the look of a coward on Chameleon's face.

"Any last requests, trooslevy(coward)?"

"Yeah; one last one," Chameleon said, hi look of fear turning into an evil smirk. "An old friend of yours wants to see you again."

"Old friend?" Callie asked in an irritated manner. "Who are you--"

""--Turn around and see for yourself, ma Cherie."

That voice. The accent. Its depth. No. I couldn't be. It just couldn't be!....Or COULD it? Callie turned her head slightly, one of her violet eyes looking back. It saw what she feared most: Kirtland Quackson, alive!

"K--k--kir--Kirtland!" Callie stammered. "But--but HOW?! You died! I saw you die myself!"

"You of all people should've been able to tell that ANYONE can overcome death. Especially when their death do I put it in terms in where your feeble female brain can understand?......FAKE!"

Calandra tried to say something to counter Kirtland's insult. But when the Russian beauty had barely opened her beak, Chameleon morphed into a big green sumo wrestler. He grabbed Calandra from behind, leaving her at Kirt's mercy. She struggled to become free, but it was no use. Chameleon in his sumo wrestling form was just too much for her. The sight of his ex-fiancé struggling for freedom made Kirtland excited. The sight of her struggling sent rivers of sweat dripping down her forehead. Her bangs stuck to the sides of her neck. And her face and body from the neck down was completely flushed. Her ragged breathing and gasps excited him the most. Unfortunately, there was no time to admire her ragged state of appearance. Duty called. Remembering his orders, Kirtland erased all lust-filled thoughts on Callie, pulled his right arm back, and began to repeatedly punch her in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Sonica was in the struggle of a life. At least six hunter drones circled around her, Tanya, and Mallory. If divided evenly, each could take on two at a time. The drones' arms morphed into guns; each pointed at the threesome's heads. Before the first drone could draw its first blast, Sonica made the first attack. Using a special technique learned the Australian military, Sonica created a special cartwheel, combining her cartwheel with her favorite karate attack; the jumping back spin kick. When the lower part of her leg formed a hook, it locked around the drone's neck. Sonica dropped to the ground, her hands firmly planted on the floor. Throwing her waist to the ground, Sonica used her leg to throw the drone against another drone, causing them to crash against the wall, falling to the floor like old scraps of metal.

Mallory's technique wasn't as fancy as Sonica's, but did the trick nonetheless. She went into a fighting stance, her hands in the form of blades. When a hunter drone attempted to punch Mallory, she drew her hands back, performing a double knife-hand middle block; one palm out, blocking the punch, while the under formed a blade under her chest. Then, after a split-second of relaxation, Mallory quickly turned her waist around, jumped into the air for a brief moment, and side-kicked the drone before her feet landed on firm ground. The drone crashed against the wall, falling to pieces. Two seconds after Mallory landed on the ground, she hurled another Hunter Drone against the fallen hunter drone with her bare hands, adding to the scraps of metal already laid upon the ground.

Tanya, on the other hand, had no martial arts skills. Then again, she didn't NEED any karate skills. For she possessed a muscle FAR stronger than any kick or punch could hope to surpass. That muscle was....her brain. Tanya unleashed a magnetic magnifying glass from her Omnitool on the eyes of one hunter drone. Reflecting the light of the last fire, its bright light entered the drones circuits through its lenses, melting and short-circuiting its internal wires and circuits. The drone then fell apart on its own accord.

"Pheh. WAY too easy," Tanya complained.

"That's what worries me," Sonica muttered, pulling out a big bazooka from behind her back. "An easy battle guarantees only one thing: a trap."

"It is time," Wraith said, a magical ball of a bright white light forming in the palm of his hand. "I summon the dark powers of our Saurian ancestors. Imprison this accursed wench!"

As Wraith spoke, the bright white light began to surround Sonica. The light encircled her body, turning into solid metal chains. They were enveloped around her entire body; from ankles to neck, squeezing her tightly. So tightly, that the bazooka in her hands crumbled to pieces. She struggled to get free, but it was no use. The chains were too tightly wrapped around her body. The shackles began to spark slightly, then, without warning, sent waves of electricity through her. Sonica screamed out as the pain engulfed her entire body, wave after wave of electricity shocking her.

"SONICA!!!!" Wildwing screamed, trying to run to her aid, but Siege grabbed him and managed to hold him back.

"LET MY SISTER GO!!!" Canard commanded as he desperately struggled to free himself from the grasp of the Hunter Drones.

The others tried to come to Sonica's aid, but their efforts proved worthless. Wraith had added around Sonica a giant and invisible force field bubble, shocking anyone that touched it. All felt helpless to aid their green haired comrade. Suddenly, the force field that surrounded Sonica generated more electricity, electrocuting her even more. Her screams and cries of agony and pain grew louder with very wave of electricity. Without warning, the chains turned to a bright light, enveloping Sonica with its hideously bright radiance. It flashed so brightly that the entire studio was bathed in light and smoke. When the light finally disappeared, Sonica's screams of pain were gone as well, along with the forcefield...and Sonica herself.

"We did our job; now let's get out of here!"

With Siege's command, the foursome disappeared; along with Sonica herself.

Canard fell to the ground on his knees as the drones disappeared. He felt them form. The tears in his eyes. The tears of pain he hadn't shed in a long, long while. He pounded the floor with his bare fists, crying and cursing with every hit.

Wildwing couldn't blame Canard for his immature behavior. He was also tempted to join him. But he couldn't. As leader, he had to keep a strong and calm image. It was painful to do so, but he had no other choice. He knew he had to keep his cool. If not for HIS sake, then for the sake of his team members.

"What the hell are we doing just standing around here?!" Calandra demanded, her hands enveloped around her wait ward off its pain. "I say we go look for Sonica!"

"You're in no condition to go anywhere, sweetheart," Duke reminded, gesturing to Callie's stomach. "Not after what that guy did your gut."

"I'll heal," Callie assured her boyfriend. "We Unistanians were built to withstand all kinds of pain."

You Unistanians were also born as stubborn as mules, Duke thought.

"No,' Wildwing ordered. "That's not a good idea."

"And you call yourself Sonica's boyfriend?!" Mallory yelled.

"Yeah! They just grabbed her out of, you know, nowhere! You're just going to let them get AWAY with it?!" Tanya yelled as well.

"I didn't SAY that," Wing corrected.

"I believe what our leader is trying to say is," Grin calmly spoke in his usual meditation voice. "That we shouldn't just charge into another fight without a plan. We need to form a strategy if we are to successfully rescue our comrade."

"Thank you Grin," Wildwing thanked, nodding his head briefly. "We can't just charge in without a plan; like a pack of wolves. First we need to figure out where Sonica is."

"She's right near the outskirts of Anaheim," Canard said, showing Wing the signal on his communicator.

"O--------kay," Wing nodded. "Now we need to form a plan. There's bound to be a decent amount of security where she's being kept. Then we'll have Siege, Wraith, Chameleon, and Kirtland to deal with afterwards."

"Quackson ya don't hafta worry `bout," Duke assured. "I'll deal with that overgrown pack of feathered muscles."

"You better let me help you with him, dooshamoya(darling)," Calandra said. "I know more about my ex-fiancé than you do. Know his battle tactics and strategies."

"That leaves out one henchman of Dragaunus' to deal with," Wildwing said. "That leaves--"

"Grin and I'll deal with Siege, since we're the stronger ones of the team," Canard informed.

"And Tanya and I'll breach security and fight Wraith."

"Why don't you let ME breach the security alarms?" Duke asked. "I AM, after all, an expert at picking locks and dodging alarms. Let MALLORY go near that technical stuff, and we'll be running for our lives."

"Are you implying--"

"Enough!" Wildwing yelled. Soon there was complete silence in the studio. "Better. Duke; you're in charge of breaching the security. The rest of us know what to do next, right?"


"Let's move, team!"

~ ~

Silence. Darkness. Those two elements surrounded Sonica as she woke up. From the way she felt her body being crushed, she knew that the Saurians chained her wrists and ankles to the ground. And judging by how light her body felt, Sonica knew that they removed all of her weapons as well as her communicator. From their previous encounters with her, Sonica knew that Dragaunus wouldn't take any chances with her. She didn't know whether to feel good about others thinking her as dangerous; or, feel angry for having no defences to get her free.

Just then, the dark room was filled with light. As Sonica adjusted her eyes to become adjusted to the sudden brightness, she recognized the area where she was being held prisoner. It was an old underground prison. The place smelled of foul water and rotting corpses; though none ere in sight. Rats scampered around the underground prison. Sonica gave a look of disgust as she cringed her body in repugnance, despite the chains locked around her.

Footsteps were then heard. Sonica's breathing deepened as her pulse became quicker. She then felt the chains pinning her down rattling slightly, their grasp upon her beginning to loosen. Without warning, someone grabbed her by her choker. The feeling made her struggle to breathe. Air. She needed air.

Then, unexpectedly, Sonica was released; fell on her back. When she recovered from her back pain, she looked into a pair of eyes. Evil yellow eyes. Eyes that promised any victim no sympathy. No mercy. Just pain. Torture. And death. Sonica knew those eyes from anywhere.

"Dragaunus!" Sonica gasped.

"Glad to see me again, Thunderbeak?" Dragaunus smirked.

"Whatever you want from me, you won't get it!" Sonica yelled, springing up suddenly and going into a fighting stance.

"Oh, I doubt that VERY much," Dragaunus said. "How can you fight me without your weapons? You know that on your own you are no match for me. So why even bother?" Dragaunus then grabbed Sonica by the throat, squeezing precious air out of her lungs. Sonica tried to say something, but she couldn't. Dragaunus squeezed her neck so tightly that trying to BREATHE was a struggle; let alone talking. "For years, you wretched water fowl have interfered with my plans for complete universal domination. I have put up with you long enough. As of today, you and your feathered friends are no more."

Dragaunus, his hand still gripped tightly on her neck, slammed Sonica's head against the wall. She wanted to feel the back of her head; to make sure it wasn't bleeding. But her arms were too numb to move.

"You're probably wondering what's making me so sure I'll win this time, aren't you," the evil red Saurian snickered, obviously enjoying the pain he was inflicting on her. "Well then, I believe it's time I showed you. ROGUEWING!"

ROGUEWING?! Sonica thought over in her brain. He couldn't mean `Seduca Roguewing', could he?!

The moment Dragaunus yelled, a cloud of swirling gray smoke emerged in the center of the room. When the smoke cleared, the shadowed form of a female physique was replaced. The physique stepped out of its shadowed prison, and her sulky attire, pink hair, and red eyes were revealed.

"I'm sure you've heard of Seduca Roguewing, no?" Dragaunus snickered, enjoying the look of horror on Sonica's face. "The most feared assassin and mercenary on Puckworld. As you may remember, that human friend of yours Rebecca--"

"--Jessica!" Sonica corrected.

"Fine! As you many remember, that human friend of yours JESSICA Lockheart tore apart my Gateway Generator nearly a year ago. And without the Gateway Generator, there would be no way to summon any of my allies to this wretched human-infested world. Then, when our hopes seemed to have looked bleak, a miracle was bestowed upon us. A dimensional storm broke in, and our Army's general, Lieutenant-Commander Quackson, was brought to us. After weeks of thievery and months of hard labor, we were able to rebuild our Dimensional Gateway."

"And as I can tell, you used it to bring this pink haired whore here--"

"WATCH who you call a whore!" Seduca growled, pulling out her katana blade.

"Relax, Ms. Roguewing," Dragaunus smirked, pulling Sonica away from the wall. "Your desire to kill will be fulfilled eventually."

Just then, Kirtland teleported in.

"Lord Dragaunus," Kirt informed in a formal tone of voice, bowing down with his left arm crossing his chest. "The Mighty Ducks have approached our outskirts."

"Excellent," Dragaunus smirked, rubbing his hands together. "Wait for them to arrive inside before you begin the attack. Harm them in anyway you want them to, but no killing. That pat will come in the last phase of my plan."

"I don't get it," Seduca said. "You have them where you want them, Lord Dragaunus. SO why not kill them now?"

"The timing isn't right," Dragaunus said. "They'd be expecting us to do so. NEVER do what your enemy expects you to do. Besides, I prefer to torture my victims before I kill them. It's so much more invigorating to hear the cries of pain from my prey and listen to them beg for mercy and death." Dragaunus then released Sonica from his deadly grasp; only to wrap his tail around her waist, squeezing her body.

Why do Saurians insist on choking or squeezing others?

"You understand your assignment t then, Roguewing?"

"But of course, my Lord," Seduca said, giving Sonica an evil smile. Pressing the black diamond button in the middle of her belt, Seduca's body glowed a bright white light. When the light vanished, Seduca Sonica's form.

"WHA--" Sonica tried to shout. But before she could finish, Dragaunus used his tail to slam Sonica flat onto the floor. When she tried to push herself up, Dragaunus used the spikes on his tail to hit her in the neck, knocking her out cold.

"How pathetic," Seduca insulted, kicking the REAL Sonica out of her way. "I would've expected the sister of Canard Thunderbeak to be stronger than this."

"Don't underestimate those ducks," Dragaunus ordered. "They may have hidden strengths of which you may be unaware of." Dragaunus used his wrist blaster to create a yellow light net around Sonica. "I'll be taking Miss Thunderbeak back to the Raptor with me. And Roguewing...," Dragaunus tossed `Seduca' a small satchel of gold coins. "Half of the eighteen thousand in gold coins you requested. You'll receive the remaining half when you finish the other half of your assignment."

Dragaunus then teleported out, with an unconscious Sonica in his yellow light net. Seduca, in Sonica's form, tossed the coin sack slightly in her hands. A small snicker escaped her throat.

"Time for Phase 2....."

~ ~

The Mighty Ducks were having the fight of their lives...or so it would seem. While Duke managed o breach the security successfully, Mallory(a.k.a., the Queen of Machine Klutzes ;) tripped over an infa red beam. Sirens whaled loudly inside the underground prison. The ducks quickly pulled out their weapons; all on complete guard. Two dozen hunter drones surrounded them on each side, along with Chameleon, Wraith, Siege, and Kirtland.

"A trap," Wildwing growled, firmly grasping his puck bazooka. "I thought as much."

"Pity you didn't see it coming," Wraith snickered, holding his staff above his head. "Now you will face the wrath of our ancestors."

Fireballs, laser fire, and flying pucks zoomed around the hallway. Mallory dodged a laser blast, and returned the blast with two pucks, breaking apart two hunter drones in one shooting. Calandra side-splitted in order to avoid being shot in the forehead. Grabbing two of her knives out of her golden armband, Callie doubled rolled over her head, throwing her daggers into two hunter drones' necks, short circuiting them. After nearly another half hour of slicing and shooting, all hunter drones became nothing more than big piles of fallen scrap metal. Wraith, Siege, Chameleon, and Kirtland, with a trickle of blood flowing from his cheek, backed up against the wall.

"I--I think it's t-t-time to r--r---retreat," Chameleon said, his voice a shaky one.

"I didn't think we'd lose so easily," Kirt growled, covering his cut with his hand. "But mark these words, ducks. This isn't over!"

The foursome disappeared, leaving the seven exhausted warriors all on their own. Calandra re-sheathed her fallen daggers into her armband, cursing under her breath.

"Damn trooslevys!" Callie muttered. "IF they had HALF of the courage they'd claimed to own, they'd have fought us to the bitter end."

"And given the circumstances Drakeler," Canard snapped. "THEY would've had the upper hand on us."

"Dah; that IS true," Callie agreed, a hand pressed firmly on her hips. "But I still would've preferred a fight to the death anyway."

"Back on task guys," Wildwing ordered, his hands still firmly holding his puck bazooka. "We're here to find Sonica and leave; NOT debate over which is the best way to kill a saurian.

"Sorry," Callie apologized. She then muttered under her breath. "Although I STILL say my way would've worked better."

That comment earned Calandra an annoyed look on Canard's face. All Callie did was struggle to keep a straight face by covering her beak with her hand. Wildwing rolled his eyes at the two. He then took two steps forward, jumping slightly when he heard a noise. When he turned, his puck bazooka pointing forward, a rat scurried by his feet, into a small hole by the wall. Wing breathed a sigh of relief, then turned his attention back to the mission. Banging sounds were heard in that dusky prison. Fists banging on hard iron.

"Who's that?" Wildwing shouted into the air.

"It's me; Sonica!" Seduca lied, imitating Sonica's voice. "Dragaunus locked me in here and he took all my weapons!"

"Hold on sis!" Canard shouted, peering his head through the barred window. "We're gonna get you out of here!"

"Please hurry," Seduca pleaded. "I can barely breathe in here!"

Wildwing tried to pull open the iron door, but it refused to budge open for him. He then pulled on the door again, with Canard aiding him that time. The door barely budged an inch, though. Canard and Wildwing pulled on the door again. It budged again, but only slightly. Giving into anger, Canard punched the door....only to retract it, cursing in pain.

"That sure didn't work, DID it Canard?" Duke laughed.

"Duke!" Calandra shouted, slapping his forehead. "You don't know when to keep that big beak of yours shut!"

"Actually, that's Tanya's problem, sweetheart," Duke reminded.

Why do I even bother? Calandra thought as she sighed, shaking her head.

"Hurry!" Seduca pleaded. When she was sure no one was looking, the impersonator smirked. Hurry up and fall into your trap, Flashblade.

"The door won't budge," Wildwing said. "Grin; can you tear the door down?"

"Sure," Grin said, grabbing both ends of the door with his bare hands. "The more powerful...than metal."

As if on cue, Grin tore down the door with his bare hands, aided by his unnatural strength. Seduca walked out, holding onto the sides of the wall for support. canard quickly went to his `sister's' side to keep her from falling over, then wrapped her into a tight embrace.

"I was so worried about you, Sonica," Canard said, fighting back tears forming in his dark brown eyes. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, big bro," Seduca said, wrapping her arms around him. God; this explains why Thunderbeak is such a weakling.

"I'm glad you're okay, sweetie," Wing responded, kissing Seduca's cheek. "Let's head home now."

"Good idea," Seduca said. Bet he time you find the truth,'ll be too late.

To be continued........

The End
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