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Calista Acarya, Kiron Vayu, Aran Vayu, Sabr Starling, Trinity, Tempest L'Orange are Copyright 1998 - 2003 to Michelle Latta.
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'The Official #Mighty_Ducks Homepage' was concepted, created and copyrighted in early 1998 by Michelle Latta and Jenny Bird aka Calista and Seline. It was the first title and draft of the current Cool as Ice website. Although the original version no longer exists to be currently copyrighted, it should be noted as part of the website's long history.

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Calista Acarya
Emily L'Orange
Karla Pomfeather

Special Thanks:

First, to Emily for helping me update this site since beyond the dawn of time. I don't know how the site would have survived without her, especially during the time period where we were getting fifteen art submissions a day and had to update weekly to keep up. And thank you for not going insane and killing me through all of that!
It's much appreciated that she still hangs around, helps moderate the board and the Chan, and continues to help update the art and fanfiction pages. (Not to mention helping my ego grow big and strong, like a bull!)

Second, to Karla for taking the deep, scary plunge and offering to re-design the site when it moved to And for lending a hand with the regular updating process. In particular, formatting tons and tons of screengrabs for the visitors' viewing pleasure.

I'd just like to mention the numerous other people from the Chan and elsewhere for their all-around greatness. This isn't meant to exclude anyone. Most of these people have/had been around the fandom for quite awhile and even though most have moved on to the 'real' world, I've enjoyed getting to know each of them more personally through the years.
Seline TruFeather, Polonious, Stephen Strange, Karai Heartfeathers, Tallant, Drake Kokuei, Shamrock, Rosyroo, Jin, Bladerunner, Crow, Grey, Sheeba, Quiverwing, Seven, Stef@n, Emily, Karla, Kimee, Switchblade, Lucus, Jackie, Nyre, Talathia, Nightbloom and Shanzi.

Also a VERY special thanks to people who continue to visit and submit to this webpage, keeping it going strong as the largest and most popular Mighty Duck hangout on the net!

~Michelle Latta, aka Calista Acarya,
site creater and owner of 'Cool as Ice'.