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Panel 1
Dragaunus: "Look at me, Wraith. Last of the Saurian Overlords--There are no others. But these dinosaurs are the closest thing this dimension has ever had to a race of Saurians.
They are our cousins! I must reach out and liberate them from their extinction!

Panel 2
Wraith: "But what about Seige and Chameleon? What about me?!"
Dragaunus: "Ah yes.. A thug, and idiot and a cretin.

Panel 3
Dragaunus: "No Wraith, what I need is a peer. Someone who can relate to my inherent greatness."

Panel 4
Wraith: "It sounds to me like the great Lord Dragaunus wants a little friend...?"

Panel 5
Dragaunus: "Nonsense! We Saurian Overlords are above such pathetic displays of emotion!"