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Panel 1
Wildwing: "Mallory! Duke! Save those bones while I stop Siege!"

Panel 2
Chameleon: (As old woman) "Come children, we musn't dawdle. Uncle Dragaunus is expecting us!"

Panel 3
Siege: "We hate to leave, but here's something to remember us by, duck-heads!"

Panel 4
Wildwing: "There's no way we could use our full powers with all these priceless exhibits around."
Mallory: "I think that's just what they were counting on, Wildwing."
Duke: "This is the third dinosaur skeleton Dragaunus' goons have stolen this week..."

Panel 5
Duke: (out of the picture) "What do you suppose Dragaunus wants with all those old bones anyway...?"
Narrator: down-town Anaheim, in what appears to be a normal building...