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Panel 2
Wildwing: "We were so close to the Raptor and we didn't even realize it!"

Panel 3
Nosedive: "But I don't understand-- Why would Dragaunus bring a couple of dinosaurs back to life and then just let them use? What's the point?"
Mallory: "It was probably a preliminary step in some ill-concieved take-over-the-world-scheme. The important thing is that we stopped it, but whatever it was..."

Panel 4
Mallory: (Out of Picture) "...only that thick-skinned Saurian knows for sure."
Siege: "Sir...?"

Panel 5
Siege: "If you'd like, Chameleon and I can steal another skeleton and--"
Dragaunus: "No, Siege. Tell the others I just want to be left alone..."

Panel 6
Dragaunus: "...all alone."