How to know when you've been on #Mighty_Ducks too long...

This is just a guide, keep it handy, you never know when you might need it.... (Disclaimer: Most of these will only make sense to the people that actually chat at #mighty_Ducks)


"You actually understand what's going on."

"You become real paranoid about coming into contact with any type of powder."

"You've created a whole persona to go along with your character. i.e. E-mail, pictures, fanfic...and *gasp* a website..."

"You insist that people call you by your characters name IRL"

"You can successfully juggle at least two RP's, with more than two characters."

"You start mixing commands from different chat programs"

"You start making sure that *all* of your vents are closed before going to sleep at night."

"Two of your characters either love each other, or fight with each other"

"You go OOC (Out of character) with both of said characters, and have a fight with yourself."

"You memorize as many time zones as possible, so you can coordinate your online time with everyone else."

"You know it's time to run when either Duke or Nosedive announces that they're bored..."

"Your character has blackmail material on one or more of the other characters."

"You become convinced that Chanserv is the first step in a orhcestrated take over the world scheme planned by Dragaunnus."

"You here anything pertaining to the 'Fridge' and you dive for cover immediately."

"If you've ever hidden in the houseplant.."

"If you've ever 'licked' the houseplant!"

"If you've ever watched a someone RP all of the ducks at once, with himself."

"Seeing The Mighty Ducks, an Ancient Dragon, a Necromancer, Negaduck, Michaelangelo, Don Karnage, And the Typodemon all in one place..and not having it bother you..."

"You remember the Hairdye/Shower incidents!"

"Remember that thing called sleep? No, no. I didn't think so."

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